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Article - 'Making the Cut: Episode 4' by Mateui

An item about Miscellanious posted on Jan 14, 2004


Entitled: Falling Through
Two alliances go head to head, yet one will fall apart at the hands of the majority.


Making the Cut: Episode 4
By: Mateui

Falling Through

Welcome to the fourth episode of Making the Cut (MTC, in short.)

(To make this whole document easier to understand, I will post the actual words that were spoken during the game, to help shape the episodes and occurrences.)

(The Players Still In The Game:)

Fire Mage

(The Current Jury:)


And so, 16 have signed up for a journey of epic proportions, including serious backstabbing, secret alliances, revengeful actions, and voting one another out of the game, in essence, 'cutting' the other members out, who will wait until the last round, to vote for one of two people, who will become the ultimate survivor of Making the Cut.

3 are already cut, and they have become the first few members of the jury. In this episode, another will be cut, and will become the fourth member to join the jury that will select the winner in the future.

(Round #4 Info)

Mateui: This is going to be a round just like the first two. Just vote for the person you want to cut.. there's nothing else to it.. no hidden surprises or anything.. well.. that is, if you entirely believe me.. To believe or not to believe.. that is the question.

*Everyone is relieved – well, almost everyone. Safari had enjoyed that last round. Earlier, he had said: “I think this idea is great. The only people who wouldn't like it are people who are afraid they might get cut because of an "accident". This is just like gambling. Stop whining about it and play the game. If you happen to get cut, then you lost the gamble. Oh well.”*

Mateui: You may now begin voting.

*Sitting in the back of the row, Erave whispered something to a few others beside him – he then pointed at someone sitting near the front. What was he talking about? His alliance’s next victim? Or harmless small talk? Regardless, someone was going to fall this round, and voting in unity may preserve one’s life in this game.*

(The Votes Are Received)

*Erave gets up from his seat in the back – a few people in the front row had already gotten up and have voted, and it was his turn to cast a vote. Picking up the pen, he writes something on the card in front of him.*

“The name is hidden from the camera’s view”

Erave: He is a big player in this game. I also know he has an alliance backing him up. This is only strategic, I like him a lot, but I play to win, and win I shall.

*Erave smiles to himself – everything will go according to plan, unless someone decides to take matters into their own hands and to betray the alliance.*

*Humigotchi now walks up to the voting platform. He seems to have everything laid out and in order. A name is written*


Humigotchi: Because me and my allie have a stradegy worked out and thats the decision we finally came upon. HAHAHAHA

*Humigotchi walks back, and almost cannot keep from laughing – he does though, as he sees the serious looks of some of the other people here. Why are they looking at him?! Is he the next to go? A little scared, Humi sits down quietly in his seat.*

*There is a slight pause – but Safari gets up a slyly walks up to the voting platform. He smiles, he just knows that however he votes for will fall through this vote, and will be cut. He deliberately waits for a moment though – he doesn’t want to act to suspicious..*


*Erave continues to talk to some other members of his alliance. It appears the most of the participants of the game have separated into two different sections. A bunch of people sitting with Erave, and a bunch of other people sitting with DarkPriest. Both groups are eyeing each other intently – the question is, however, which group is in the majority?*


*Safari now writes down his vote, and holds it up from the camera to see*


Safari: There's a sort of alliance that I'm sure others have pointed out to you, and I know that he had pin pointed me as one of his targets with Faust, so it's almost a grudge thing. NOT TO MENTION THAT I LOVE BACKSTABBING! HO! HO! HO

*The silence of the participants sitting in the seating area is pierced by the laughter of Safari. “Why is he laughing like Santa?” Some ponder.. “Why is he mocking us?!” Some others think. Nevertheless, Turkpimp goes up to the voting platform, and writes down a name.”


Turkpimp: Because DarkPriest told me to.

*A simple reason to vote for someone. The two alliances are voting against each other – someone will fall, but who?*

*Turkpimp walks back and sits down, while Geno_SMRPG goes up to vote*


Geno: He's one of those admin dudes who should go early, before he grabs the biggest alliance. Erave has told me this.

*Geno folds his vote ballot and puts it in the chest. He walked back down, all the while DarkPriest was going up (The last person to vote). They eyed each other evilly – They knew that they were mortal enemies – it was the two alliances that made this true.*

*DarkPriest sighed as he wrote down a name.*


DarkPriest: Although I doubt it'll do any good. I guess I got backstabbed, lied to and kicked in the groin... but hey, that's the purpose of this game, right? ^_____________________^

*DP realized that he had little chance to survive the cut. He walked back to his seat, and sat down. Would he survive? Or would he be cut?*

Mateui: Everyone has voted. I’ll go tally the votes.

*The participants were tense, yet some were sure that they would survive.*


Mateui: Alright, once the votes are read the decision is final – the person cut will be asked to leave the area immediately.

1st Vote:

2nd Vote:

3rd Vote:

4th Vote:

5th Vote:

6th Vote:

7th Vote:

8th Vote:

9th Vote:

10th Vote:

11th Vote:

12th Vote:

13th Vote:

*Mateui walks up to the area a few meters in front of the seating area. A long bamboo branch is hanged between two tree branches, and 13 name cards are suspended by single strings. Long below, is a blazing fire. Mateui walks up to the place where the name “DarkPriest” is written on the card. Mateui reaches into his pocket, and takes out a pair of scissors.*

*DarkPriest was expecting this to happen.*

*Mateui then takes the scissors, and cuts the string that holds his card. The card begins to fall, slowly fluttering in the wind, until it enters the fire underneath all the names, and is burned to a crisp. Only ashes remain.*

Mateui: Well, clearly one can see that by a landslide (9 votes), DarkPriest has been cut from the game. You now join AnimeGod, Faust, and Bujiro in the jury. Do you have any final words?

*DarkPriest nods, and takes a deep breath before speaking*

DarkPriest: Well, what is there to say?

Erave told me this'd happen a while back so it really didn't come as a surprise. My mistake was taking the came too lightly in the beginning - if Faust and I had tried to get more people to vote Erave out in the 2nd round things should be quite different, but it didn't happen so scratch that.

All in all I had fun (and hearthrobbing) time "playing". Definitely a change from the usual forum stuff, so thanks to Mateui for that. I'll be keeping an eye on the game and I'll also be looking forward to the article once this is over.

Now, what'd I'd like to say to the remaining players -

Watch out for Erave - he got both Faust and myself out quickly so think about him before he thinks about you. -.^

*Some participants raise their eyes and look at Erave.. Is he their friend? Or a future threat?*


(This section will inform you about various things – things such as who voted for who (and for what reasons), who allied with who, the strategy that was used by some participants, and generally, what was happening in the heart of the game. The members speak out.)

MDN: While this round ended up with us having it in the bag by far I was still worried. I thought that Cawin and Deluge were gonna vote for someone else again and that the other 2 that Erave got to vote for DP might not vote for DP. And then we won by a landslide and while we were waiting for the results after we were certain that we had won that round me and Erave started to plot for Round 5.

Faust: (When talking in the forum, about the results)
Exactly! Heehee, you're obviously going to turn against each other soon! Just like Battle Royale - One Winner, so your alliances may be good for now, but what about in later rounds? Who will be the puppetmaster then eh? XD

Bujiro: (Also discusses results in the forum)
This is getting very very interesting, with the lack of numbers, I wonder how all the alliances are going to do things, pretty soon it'll be person against person, not allies against axis.

Well I'm glad to see this is all entertaining, I just can't wait to come back and make you all pay!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!


(This section simply points out who everyone voted for in this episode. You can really figure out who was allied with who by examining this info.)

Koromai777 -> DarkPriest
Humigotchi -> Cawin
MasterDarkNinja -> DarkPriest
Safari -> DarkPriest
Turkpimp -> Erave
Gamewolf252 -> DarkPriest
Geno_SMRPG -> DarkPriest
deluge -> DarkPriest
Cawin -> DarkPriest
DarkPriest -> Erave
Fire Mage -> DarkPriest
dark_crystalis -> Erave
Erave -> DarkPriest


- What will happen to the remaining member(s) of DP’s and Faust’s Alliance?
- Will DP’s final words persuade some to turn on Erave due to his immense power and control in the game?

All this and more in Episode 5! Tune in next time.