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Article - 'Making the Cut: Episode 5' by Mateui

An item about Miscellanious posted on Jan 14, 2004


Entitled: Longevity Rising
Another player is cut, while for others, longevity rises – or so it appears.


Making the Cut: Episode 5
By: Mateui

Longevity Rising

Welcome to the fifth episode of Making the Cut (MTC, in short.)

(To make this whole document easier to understand, I will post the actual words that were spoken during the game, to help shape the episodes and occurrences.)

(The Players Still In The Game:)

Fire Mage

(The Current Jury:)


And so, 16 have signed up for a journey of epic proportions, including serious backstabbing, secret alliances, revengeful actions, and voting one another out of the game, in essence, 'cutting' the other members out, who will wait until the last round, to vote for one of two people, who will become the ultimate survivor of Making the Cut.

4 are already cut, and they have become the first few members of the jury. In this episode, another will be cut, and will become the fifth member to join the jury that will select the winner in the future.

(Round #5 Info)

Mateui: This is a regular normal round. Vote for the person you want.

*Some are suspicious.. But still, a regular round is a good one. There’s less of a chance of being cut if you’re in an alliance.*

Mateui: You may begin voting.

*A lot of people begin to look at each other. Some express looks of concern, while others, looks of pride and power.*

(The Votes Are Received)

*Humigotchi stood up from his seat. In the last two rounds, he had lost both his allies – Faust and DarkPriest. Now all alone, he was scared for his life in the game. No one was with him to back him up. Nevertheless, even if he was alone, he was certain that his vote would still do some damage. A name is written, in big bold letters, symbolizing how much Humigotchi wants this person to leave.*


Humigotchi: ERAVE NEEDS TO BE VOTED OUT BECAUSE HES A FUNNY MAEN, I actually have no strategy, so meh.

*Humigotchi sighed. He was now unsure if his vote would even amount to anything.*

*When Humigotchi got back to his seat, as if he knew what Humigotchi had done, Erave looked at him closely, and stood up. He began walking to the voting platform. He wrote done his target.*


Erave: This round is an important round. If our alliance doesn't all vote, I am gone for sure. Which sucks since, people in our alliance have been having computer trouble and can't access the computer.


I vote for Humigotchi.

He's been quiet the whole game, and hasn't received many votes. He was with DP, and I think he is a threat and needs to go.. BYE!

*Yes. Erave had a justifiable reason to get rid of Humigotchi. Threats need to go, and that is that.*

*Safari now stood up and went up to the voting platform. He was unsure of decision, for the first time in the game. But needless to say, he had chosen.*

Safari: I hate to say it, but I'm voting for: Erave.
He's just got too much influence, and I hate to turn on him and all, but he must go lest I be gone soon.

*Safari put his vote inside the jar. It was final. He walked back down to his seat, and now it was MasterDarkNinja’s turn to vote*

MDN: Well until when there are 9 people left assuming things go our way our alliance of 5 can easily wipe out the remaining people, but for now Humigotchi is our next target, it was hard to make the choice though.

The reason is because he was working with DP and possibly Faust so therefore he's going down if we can get enough votes. Plus he never voted our way once.

*Having explained fully, MDN voted and sat down again. Deluge was now up on the voting platform – He wrote down a name.*


Deluge: After DP's final words, I'm betting a lot of people will be trying to vote him off, so I might as well help.

*Deluge was pretty sure that voting with the majority would secure his place. But he didn’t want to make it that obvious. Deluge wanted to play the game, but he wanted to play the game with honesty and integrity – not backstabbing anyone – this was the main reason why he didn’t want to form a major alliance with anyone. He knew that eventually, those in alliances would have to turn on each other, and he didn’t want to be in that position. Better to play it low and under the radar.*

*Turkpimp was already on the voting platform. He wrote down a name.*


*His reason is plain and simple.*

Turkpimp: Erave told me to vote for him.

*Turkpimp was not a leader. He felt that following a majority, and being submissive to a leader would keep him around, at least for the time being.*

*All the rest of the participants went up and voted, until there was only one left to cast a vote – Geno. Who would he vote for?*

*A name was written. Geno holds it up, but the vote is hidden from the camera’s view.*

Geno_SMRPG: He’s a kind person who can easily gain a good alliance. We can't have that, can we?

*Geno sat back down in his seat, where some of the participants were uneasy and a little annoyed.*

Gamewolf: Come on! The vote! DO IT NOW. DO IT NOW. I’m impatient.

Mateui: I’m sorry, but we have to wait until Dark_Crystalis votes.

MDN: Just how much time does dark_crystalis have left to vote? It's hard to tell when this round started but it's certainly been the longest round ever.

Mateui: Well, yes. I guess the round is indeed over now. I gave Dark_Crystalis more than enough time to vote, but I guess that he just wasn't around.

I’ll go tally up the votes.


Mateui: Alright, once the votes are read the decision is final – the person cut will be asked to leave the area immediately.

1st Vote:

2nd Vote:

3rd Vote:

4th Vote:

5th Vote:

6th Vote:

7th Vote:

8th Vote:

9th Vote:

10th Vote:

11th Vote:

Mateui: Humigotchi = 5, Erave = 4. Will this round include the first tie in the game? Only the last vote will tell.

Keep Scrolling
12th Vote:

*Mateui walks up to the area a few meters in front of the seating area. A long bamboo branch is hanged between two tree branches, and 12 name cards are suspended by single strings. Long below, is a blazing fire. Mateui walks up to the place where the name “Humigotchi” is written on the card. Mateui reaches into his pocket, and takes out a pair of scissors.*

*Humigotchi again sighs. It was inevitable.*

*Mateui then takes the scissors, and cuts the string that holds his card. The card begins to fall, slowly fluttering in the wind, until it enters the fire underneath all the names, and is burned to a crisp. Only ashes remain.*

Mateui: I’m sorry Humigotchi, but you have just be cut from the game. Do you have any final words?

*Humigotchi shakes his head.*

Mateui: Very well then.

*Humigotchi leaves the seating area with his things. Mateui now turns his direction to the rest of the participants.*

Mateui: First Faust, then DarkPriest, and now Humigotchi. It seems that an alliance has prevailed over the rest. But what will happen when only the alliance is left? Will you really be safe? Who can you trust? I’ll let you think about that.

*The participants look around themselves. Some players are beginning to feel unsure about their situation and position in the game. Changes need to be made, for the sake of survival.*


(This section will inform you about various things – things such as who voted for who (and for what reasons), who allied with who, the strategy that was used by some participants, and generally, what was happening in the heart of the game. The members speak out.)

DarkPriest: Aww, Humi was still around. I totally forgot that in my last post. One more falls in front of thE Rave.

Oh well, now the evil DPFaustHumi axis is TOTALLY gone. IS THE ALLIANCE SHAKING UP ALREADY ?

MDN: Me and Erave were having a hard time deciding who to target for this round. I was considering Cawin but Erave didn't feel like it from how Cawin had reacted on AIM when he thought that Erave didn't trust him. We also thought about Safari but decided that he wasn't that big of a threat at the moment. And then we thought about Humigotchi. We were certain that Humigotchi had never voted for who we were targetting in any rounds and we started to think that he was allied with Faust and DP. We chose Humigotchi in the end and then set to work at getting others to vote for him as well. It was starting to get more difficult to do that however and I was starting to wish then that Bujiro was still in the game since we need 2 others to vote for Humigotchi to make sure that he was out.

Safari: I must be pretty close to Erave in the total of votes I've had against me. Could you possibly put up a list of how many votes everyone's gotten so far or something?

Votes Against People (As of the end of Round #5):

Koromai777 - 3
Humigotchi - 7
MasterDarkNinja - 2
Safari - 6
Turkpimp - 4
Gamewolf252 - 3
Geno_SMRPG - 1
deluge - 0
Bujiro - 3
Cawin - 2
aNiMeGoD2727 - 4
DarkPriest - 9
Faust - 6
Fire Mage - 0
dark_crystalis - 3
Erave – 12


(This section simply points out who everyone voted for in this episode. You can really figure out who was allied with who by examining this info.)

Koromai777 -> Humigotch
Humigotchi -> Erave
MasterDarkNinja -> Humigotchi
Safari -> Erave
Turkpimp -> Humigotchi
Gamewolf252 -> Humigotchi
Geno_SMRPG -> Humigotchi
deluge -> Erave
Cawin -> Erave
Fire Mage -> Safari
dark_crystalis -> dark_crystalis (DID NOT VOTE!!)
Erave -> Humigotchi


- Will Erave be the target once again for some people, or will he still dominate the game power-wise?
- How will some hold out when a twist in gameplay occurs?

All this and more in Episode 6! Tune in next time.