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Article - 'Making the Cut: Episode 6' by Mateui

An item about Miscellanious posted on Jan 14, 2004


Entitled: Short Circuit
A change in gameplay causes the round to finish very quickly.


<Making the Cut: Episode 6
By: Mateui

Short Circuit

Welcome to the sixth episode of Making the Cut (MTC, in short.)

(To make this whole document easier to understand, I will post the actual words that were spoken during the game, to help shape the episodes and occurrences.)

(The Players Still In The Game:)

Fire Mage

(The Current Jury:)


And so, 16 have signed up for a journey of epic proportions, including serious backstabbing, secret alliances, revengeful actions, and voting one another out of the game, in essence, 'cutting' the other members out, who will wait until the last round, to vote for one of two people, who will become the ultimate survivor of Making the Cut.

5 are already cut, and they have become the first few members of the jury. In this episode, another will be cut, and will become the sixth member to join the jury that will select the winner in the future.

(Round #6 Info)

Mateui: This is not going to be a regular round.

*Some of the participants exchanged looks with each other.. Would this ‘twist’ be as unnerving as the one in Round 3?*

Mateui: Do not fret, though. This round will be played out exactly the same as most of the past rounds, except for one change.

*Relief is on the player’s faces, yet some are still a little suspicious as to what this ‘little change’ will be.*

Mateui: Do you want to know what the change is?

*The player’s nod.*

Mateui: Alright, you will all still be voting for the person you want cut. The only thing that is changed is privacy. You will all be voting in the wide open, in front of everyone else here.

*Whew.. Some thought that there would a bigger twist, but this was fine.*

Mateui: I’ll remind you though of one thing. Since you’ll be voting publicly, everyone will see who your allies are. If you’re keeping a secret alliance or two, you could be in trouble.

*Some look around suspiciously.*

Mateui: I’ll let you commence voting now. Any volunteers to go first?

*There is some hesitation, but Erave bolding stands up.*

Erave: I vote for DARK_Crystalis

Every round, he has voted for me, and he just seems like a good pick.

SO A/S/L 8-)?!?!?!

*Dark_Crystalis was a little shocked – he had hoped to stay under the radar as much as he could. Now that Erave had voted for him, he knew others would be as well, for Erave’s alliance with many was known to all, and none could stop it.*

*Koromai now stood up.*

Koromai: I vote for Dark_Crystalis too...

I think he needs to go, because he takes to long to vote, and it's making me impatient.

*Koromai sat down, and MasterDarkNinja quickly stood up*

MDN: I'll vote for dark_crystalis.

The reason why is he took WAY too long to vote last round and I got impatient.

*Safari now stood up.*

Safari: I was just going to sit back and watch for a while, but since everyone seems to be choosing the same person I was going to anyways:


*Gamewolf then followed*

Gamewolf: Dark_Crystalis.
Hes just... newbie-ish... I dont like him :/

*Gamewolf sat down, and then Turkpimp stood up*

Turkpimp: I'm voting for Deluge. Why? Because I felt like it... I went down the list and chose somebody.

*Deluge now stood up, apparently a little annoyed that he had just received his first vote in this seemingly easy round.*

Deluge: Dark_Crystalis.

He takes forever to vote, so maybe if he's out, then it won't take so long for a round to end...

*Deluge sat down, and Cawin jumped right out of his seat to get a chance to vote for somebody.*

Cawin: Dark Crystalis.

He just ins't participating.

*Mateui looked around, hoping somebody else would vote.. but nobody else did..*

*Deluge interrupted the silence*

Deluge: You know... Dark_Crystalis has 7 out of 11 votes. He's already out.

Mateui: Yes.. I realized that. Which means, that the round is over!

*Mateui walks up to the area a few meters in front of the seating area. A long bamboo branch is hanged between two tree branches, and 11 name cards are suspended by single strings. Long below, is a blazing fire. Mateui walks up to the place where the name “Dark_Crystalis” is written on the card. Mateui reaches into his pocket, and takes out a pair of scissors.*

*Dark_Crystalis is nowhere to be found..*

*Mateui then takes the scissors, and cuts the string that holds his card. The card begins to fall, slowly fluttering in the wind, until it enters the fire underneath all the names, and is burned to a crisp. Only ashes remain.*

Mateui: Well, since Dark_Crystalis hasn’t arrived yet, he can’t really give any final words.. In order to bypass the confusion that the votes may have caused this round, all the votes in this round will be erased, or in other words, not considered in ties in the future. This means that the one vote Deluge has received is gone forever – Deluge is still vote free.

*Deluge seems relieved – he now has a clean slate.*

Mateui: Well, that is all. Rest up until the next round.

**A few hours later.. Dark_Crystalis arrives and says his final words**

Dark_Crystalis: Its been fun. I didn't have any alliance and I made it this far... Even though I know nobody from this board thank you everybody who made making the cut possible.


(This section will inform you about various things – things such as who voted for who (and for what reasons), who allied with who, the strategy that was used by some participants, and generally, what was happening in the heart of the game. The members speak out.)

MDN: Well we had decided earlier to get dark_crystalis this round but due to how long he made us wait in the last round it helped us make up an reasonable reason to vote him out.

Deluge: I'm glad he was cut, he was really slowing things down.

That's all I have to say. :P

Gamewolf: DC wasnt important really... He was easy to take care of... especially with an alliance to help you out... But he was an easy target from the beginning (due to his newbie status :P)

Erave: This round didn't worry me too much. We already had a target, and the only obstacle was to get the word across. They told us to vote inside the topic, which was actually a GOOD thing. If people see a person getting the majority, they'll join the bandwagon. MDN and I were among the first to vote, and soon many others voted DARK CRYSTALIS. This was by far the easiest round.


- With pressure building up, how will some react to a great situation?
- Will power still stay on the great Erave alliance? Or will it be changed drastically?

All this and more in Episode 7! Tune in next time.