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Article - 'Battle Systems, Top and Bottom.' by Fighter

An item about Miscellanious posted on Jan 14, 2004


Fighter goes into different battle systems and how to enrich them.


Hello again, this is Fighter, on my next article, this time concerning
Battle Systems

This article has been done before, at least I think, but not only am I refreshing you memory, I am adding
another section on my own battle system ideas, or ways to modify other already been thought of battle systems.

For all you newbies, don't get too excited, I am not gonna tell you the secret to making a custom system,
but I am gonna tell what kind of systems there are and many even unique system ideas to get your creative
juices flowing. This article contains ideas to systems that might confuse newer people to any game maker,
but if you are experienced in the gamemaking world, read up.

First, in this article, I am gonna discuss already been created or ABC battle systems, which have been
undertaken many times before and could start some rants from the picky people of the communities,
but they are still a massive feat and can take time and patientance. Anyway, on with the list.

Side View Battle System:

The following is a battle system that is most commonly made by rm2k'ers, it is used in professional
and amatuer games alike. In this, the player must wait for his partys' atb gauge to fill, once
filled, the character can do a small array of moves. The following screen is from Final Fantasy Crystal Wings by:TK
This system is done too much, but is a good backbone for a battle system you plan on creating, also the sideview battle system
is featured in rm2k3.

ABS or Adventure Battle System:

This system is a somewhat used gem. Usually laggy and poorly structered, these battle systems are very infamous if not done
correctly. In this, the hero fights enemies in real time by swinging a sword or weapon at an enemy, if he hits, the enemy
gets hurt, however it the enemy hits you, you get hurt. Such games that used this system are the Zelda series for various
Nintendo consoles. This image is an old abs that me and former gw'er The Reaper Man worked on modeled in gameboy style.
There are many other elements to this system, such as shields or projectile weapons.

The Tatical Battle System:

This is a rarely used system, but one of my favorites. It is almost a spinoff of the abs, but with a huge twist, you have turns,
and range of movement per turn. Once near an enemy, you can attack or do the other same old same old,
There are usually Juggernauts, Magicians(weaklings at physical attacking), Clerics(Healers), and some sort of
projectile fighter. Keeping balanced, this battle system can be one best out there and most recognized, but
be advised, this isn't easy to make. The game in the picture is: Fantasy Battle by: Rusty.

The Front View AKA Default Battle System:

This system is the default for the rpgmaker 2000 game creator. It
is the same as the sideview, but you do not see the characters, but
instead, you see flashing weapons, or if enhanced enough, a character
walking up to the enemy and slashing. This, however, has no atb bar, the
course of who's turn is planned from the beginning and is used in commerical games
such as phantasy star. The picture is from the sucky game Easy Mac, I just couldn't find any other
thing, but please try not to make it suck as much as something Erave does.
Nah, just kidding, Erave is a cool dude. This system is often text based, due to lack of characters.
There are other versions of this system, such as monster catching/breeding, but I will talk about those

Cleaning Up

Now, that you saw the battle systems, it is time to learn how to make them more than just battle systems...err..
well, in a way yeah, but these are just ideas, you don't have to directly copy.
I will now list all the battle systems, and some new ways to make them better or more original.

Side View:
Try making transformations, or specially obtained skills, you could make weather/nature effects,
monsters that run or monsters that come in mid battle. You could make it so you can attack objects i.e.
trees and then have that effect the enemies or you, i.e. apples fall on the enemies. Maybe you can make
duals where the characters go one on one, or where you can move the hero to a different position on the
battlefield. Maybe even lose gold when you escape. There are many possiblities, but that should ignite some ideas in your dust infested mind.
Try adding counter attacks, skills, or object attacking. You could make blinking, or maybe the
hero occasionally trips or his sword breaks from too much abuse. You could make it so that hero
cannot fight without a weapon, almost making it a cat and mouse situation.
Weather systems, nature and object systems, counter attack systems, stealing systems, dueling,
fall damage, maybe slow falling hp, like in earthbound, where you can attack while your hp is falling, just
to name a few.
Monster Breeding system, i.e. a system where you can catch and breed monsters, yet again, a nature
system. A food system, i.e. you can harvest certain plant like enemies that actually don't fight, a
limit system, maybe a talk with enemies system, a converse with fellow party members option, a gambling system,
A counter attack system, and possibly a search system. To name a few.

Okay, now that I named some remedies for lack of creativity and named some various battle systems, I must conclude
this article of mine. First, I would like to thank, Erave, Real, & Mouser for being my 3 favorite members at
gamingw, the support I have from them is great, and cannot be forgotten. I would like to thank Faust, and MrY
for motivating me and giving me this wonderful position that I am currently working under now, and Bart for
making this utopia that has drained hours from my life. I would like to thank my friends and family and whoever
else made this possible, blah blah blah. Anyway, I can be contacted on IRC, or on AIM:Rm3kgw, or MSN:Fighter.
Expect An article on various creatures from me sometime soon, just a sneak preview of what's to come.
This is Fighter over and out...for now.