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Article - '25 Ways To Annoy Admins and the Public' by Fighter

An item about Humour posted on Jan 14, 2004


This nifty article will make MrY and the crew mad, and make you staff, so read now. Warning, don't try these at gw, this is just a funny list.


Okay, so, MrY made you mad by acting all superior and saying things like "I admin you suxor, I'll fuxor ur account d00d". Well, not to fear, because here are some ways to irk them, and bribe them to give you an honorly position. So, here are 25 ways to bug an admin.

1. Pm them using 1337 language.
2. Pm them asking for a raise.
3. Pm them while making fun of them.
4. Publicly announce how bart sucks [insert insults here].
5. Post a link to warez.[If you want to be banned.]:)
6. Say Nu Metal is better than metal.
7. Publicly disgrace metal or as they say "tru" metal in any way shape or form.
8. Make an account at gw with the same name as a hated webmaster of another site.
9. Act Racist towards everyone.
10. Call them a n00b while using improper spelling.
11. Talk about how cool dbz is.
12. Suggest that an admin should be banned.
13. Call an admin.
14. Say you are 13 in every post.
15. Flame an admin for no reason.[and get banned.]
16. Tell gamingw to move over to Russia, and try and continue communism.
17. Spam.
18. Tell them you are overlord, and could ban them.
19. Call them nerds.
20. Change their name into something insulting.
21. Call Bart fat.
22. Post links to tubgirl and the like.
23. Post GwStaff Fanfiction.
24. Post fanmail to gw.
25. And last... Ask for authority over them i.e. ops or adminship, and if they say no, do all 24 of the previously mentioned ones.