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Article - 'Making the Cut: Episode 15' by Mateui

An item about Miscellanious posted on Jan 14, 2004


Entitled: Endgame
The winner is revealed in an exciting conclusion to Making the Cut.


Making the Cut: Episode 15
By: Mateui


Welcome to the 15th and Final Round of Making the Cut (MTC, in short.)

(To make this whole document easier to understand, I will post the actual words that were spoken during the game, to help shape the episodes and occurrences.)

(The Players Still In The Game:)


(The Current Jury:)

Fire Mage

And so, 16 have signed up for a journey of epic proportions, including serious backstabbing, secret alliances, revengeful actions, and voting one another out of the game, in essence, 'cutting' the other members out, who will wait until the last round, to vote for one of two people, who will become the ultimate survivor of Making the Cut.

13 are already cut, and they have become the first few members of the jury. Tonight, one more person will be cut, and only 2 will be left. The remaining 14 who have been cut will then decide upon the winner.

(Round #15 Info)

*The final three walk into the seating area and take their seats. Over the past few weeks, they have come here often, each time to get rid of one person. They are very restless, for tonight, a winner will be found.*

Mateui: MDN, Deluge, and Gamewolf, all of you have made it to the final three, and tonight, one of you will become the winner. But first, one of you must leave, and become the last member of the jury. This is the last time that you will be able to control the game. After this vote, all the power will go to the jury, and they will decide who will emerge victorious.

*The members of the jury that were sitting above to the left of the final three grinned – they were ready to see who the winner would be, and it was nice to have a say in this matter.*

Mateui: Now, before you begin to vote, I must tell you the name of this round. What you take it as, is completely your own decision.

This round is entitled: Triad Twister.

Like I said, you can take this one way or another.. Is it an ultimate twist? Or I am just messing with your mind? That’s a decision that you will have to make yourself.

*The three looked at each other. Was this a twist? Or was it not?*

Mateui: It is time to vote. MDN, you’re up first.

*MDN stood up, and made his way to the voting area. He had to vote either for Gamewolf or Deluge.. But which one would it be? He stared down at his ballot, and finally wrote down a name.*


MDN: Well it's the only thing left to do, but the word twister in this round's name makes me nervous that it could be a repeat of Safari's first time at getting PA power. But voting for my ally would be foolish.

Well for now I'm just hoping that there are no twists in this round since like I said the name makes me nervous. If it has no twists then I'm predicting that Gamewolf is gonna win the next round since DP and his old alliance is mad at me more then him since I kind of took over the leadership role after Erave was out. But I don't care if I lose the round of 2 I'd only care that I made it as one of the final 2.

*MDN was indeed a little nervous, but as he made his way back to his seat, he put on a smile of confidence – he didn’t want anyone else to see him uneasy.*

Mateui: Gamewolf, you’re up.

*Gamewolf stood up, and walked to the voting platform. He quickly picked up the pen, and wrote down a name.*

The Name is Hidden from the Camera...

Gamewolf: ...Yeah.

*Gamewolf put his vote inside the container, made his way back to his seat, and sat down. Deluge looked at him suspiciously.*

Mateui: Deluge, you’re the last person to vote.

*Deluge looked back at Gamewolf and MDN for a last time, and made his way to the voting platform. He wrote down a name.*

The Name is Hidden from the Camera...

Deluge: Because he wanted me to. =P

*Deluge put his vote inside the container, and walked back. He sat down on his seat.*

Mateui: Alright. I’ll go tally the votes.

*Mateui left the seating area, leaving the final three to wait for minutes, which seemed like an eternity to them.


*Mateui came back into the seating area with the canister in hand. He placed in down on a table in front of himself.*

Mateui: Alright, once the votes are read the decision is final – the person cut will be asked to leave the area immediately.


1st Vote:

2nd Vote:

Final Vote:
3rd Vote:

*Everyone in the seating area is shocked!*

Mateui: It appears that the final three decided to pull a stunt on each other or me. It's a three-way tie – so, I will need to look back on past votes to decide.

PAST VOTES: (They’re in white font, so highlight them)
MasterDarkNinja - 7
Gamewolf - 4
Deluge - 2

Mateui: Alright, with 7 votes against him, MDN has just been cut from the game. The title was just something I made up that I thought would confuse you, and apparently, it did for some part. There is no twist, just a regular cut. I'm sorry MDN, but you've just been eliminated from Making the Cut, and have now joined that jury as the last member.

*Mateui walks up to the area a few meters in front of the seating area. A long bamboo branch is hanged between two tree branches, and 10 name cards are suspended by single strings. Long below, is a blazing fire. Mateui walks up to the place where the name “MasterDarkNinja” is written on the card. Mateui reaches into his pocket, and takes out a pair of scissors.*

*MDN can’t believe that his ally, Gamewolf, had betrayed him.*

*Mateui then takes the scissors, and cuts the string that holds his card. The card begins to fall, slowly fluttering in the wind, until it enters the fire underneath all the names, and is burned to a crisp. Only ashes remain.*

Mateui: MDN, you may state your final words.

MDN: OMG You voted for me Gamewolf.

*Dies of shock*

I was telling the truth about what I told you during the reviving round that I would of done if me you and Erave ended up becoming the final 3.

*Dies of betrayal*

*Walks off to decide who he should vote for in the final round when it starts*

Mateui: Well, congratulations Gamewolf and Deluge, you have made it to the final two. You each now have a 50/50 chance on becoming the winner of Making the Cut. But the jury members will be the ones to have the ultimate say in the matter.

*Please leave the area and rest up.. the jury and I need to talk. You may each then make a confessional at this point*

*Gamewolf walked away to get some rest, and Deluge stood up and walked to the confessionals. They were both relieved and joyful that they had made it all the way to the end.*

Deluge: Final 2. Wow. Can't believe I made it.

I really didn't use any sort of strategy until the last 5 rounds... After then I came up with a plan that had a 90% chance of working, without ever having to backstab someone even once... Unfortunately, I forgot to create a plan for the final round... Oh well, I guess there's not much I can do at this point... other than wait. :/

*Deluge now too left.*


(This section will inform you about various things – things such as who voted for who (and for what reasons), who allied with who, the strategy that was used by some participants, and generally, what was happening in the heart of the game. The members speak out.)

MDN: I never dreamed that Gamewolf would betray me in the 2nd last round of the game. I wasn't even going to try to win in the last round if I was in it. Right when I saw the 1st two votes for me and Gamewolf (and the one for gamewolf saying because he told me to) I knew I was out. I was only shocked that Gamewolf had betrayed me not mad really.

Ironically Gamewolf probably would of won if he had voted out Deluge instead me, I was the one that more people were mad at for making them fall not Gamewolf. So therefore I feel that Gamewolf is probably gonna lose the next round from that which is ironic since he betrayed me to win the next round.

Gamewolf: Hehe... This was were I became SNEAKY. MDN and me were planning to get rid of Deluge, no problem :P But then I got my own ideas... I started thinking "Maybe I can win this thing"... Deluge PM'ed me (Or I PM'ed him, not sure) about an alliance, and that we'd get rid of MDN :D I lied to MDN about voting for deluge, and HIS FATE WAS SEALED :D...Oh yeah, I allied with deluge, since it seemed Id have more of a chance winning against a lesser known member (Erave had told me once, that he would vote for me if it wasn’t MDN and me in the final round... otherwise :/)

Deluge: It was obvious that MDN and Gamewolf would vote for me. I only wanted to finish in the top three, but then I looked at the title of the round, "Triad Twister," and decided to use it to possibly go a little further... I tried to convince Gamewolf that Mateui had some secret twist for this round, like that whoever you voted for, the vote would go to someone else, so maybe he wouldn't vote for me. Thankfully, he came up with the idea of voting for each member once, which would make MDN out almost for sure (he had the most total votes out of all of us).


(This section simply points out who everyone voted for in this episode. You can really figure out who was allied with who by examining this info.)

MasterDarkNinja -> Deluge
Gamewolf252 -> MasterDarkNinja
Deluge -> Gamewolf


- The jury gets to ask the final two any questions they please? How will Gamewolf and Deluge answer?
- And finally, the winner is revealed in the exciting conclusion to Making the Cut

All this and more, next!


A few minutes elapse, as commercials are played. Of course, the companies whose commercials are these had to pay a lot of money to get into a slot right before MTC.


Mateui: Welcome to the final part of this episode. Tonight, we will find out the winner of Making the Cut.

*The jury members walk into the seating area and sit down. A few are missing, as they have quit for personal reasons. This is a letdown, but the final judgment must be made.*

Mateui: And now, we’ll bring in the final two.

*Gamewolf and Deluge walked into the seating area, and sat down, facing the jury.*

Mateui: Now this is how this is going to work. Each of the jury members will come up, one by one, and ask you each a question. Then, both of you will answer the question(s) you were posed.

We will begin right now. Erave, please come up and ask your question.

*Erave got off his seat, and now stood in front of the final two.*

Erave: If you were stranded on an island with a snake, an alligator, and a Dog. Which would you eat first? (considering you are STARVING and there is NO other food.)

Deluge: I would eat the snake first, for it’s the one that would be the most likely to attack me in my sleep.
Gamewolf: ...They'd probably eat me first XD Uh... I would have the dog HELP me kill the alligator... Since the snake may be POISONOUS... or something :P

*Erave sat back down in his seat, and Safari now asked his question.*

Safari: Gamewolf: 2 + 2 = ?, and Deluge, SIN(45) = ? (In radians)

Gamewolf: WAIT... I know this one.... Hold on... 27! No >.< 4 (Four :P)

Deluge: Approximately 0.8509…

*Safari grinned and sat down in his seat. Bujiro now posed his question.

Bujiro: Deluge, how did you survive though out the game? Gamewolf, What did you think when I was cut by Chance?

Deluge: Through luck, the assistance of only one ally at a time, and posting in the main topic as little as possible, to avoid being noticed.
Gamewolf: ;_; <--My exact feelings... Since you were in my alliance, it made it harder to follow through with our plan... Plus, it really sucked cause it really couldn’t be avoided ;_;

*Bujiro sat back down in his seat, and it was now MDN’s turn to ask a question.*

MDN: Gamewolf the alliance you were in was voting out everyone in Faust and DP's alliance, just why did you vote out each of the people that you and some others figured were with them (Faust, DarkPriest, Humigotchi, and Dark_Crystlis) even after the remaining people were no longer a threat since there were just 2 left (Humigotchi and Dark_Crystlis)?

Gamewolf: ...Im not sure if I understood that... But, if I remember right, you TOLD me to vote 'em out... It was just how we had planned things... (Note: Really not sure about this question.. You kinda worded it funny ^^;;;)

*MDN wasn’t please with Gamewolf’s answer.. Putting the blame on the person deciding your fate was not a really good idea at all.*

MDN: Deluge, You've said in the Making the Cut topic that your goal was to try to win the game without backstabbing anyone, and you pretty much did even though you listened to your ally Cawin in round 2. Doing this must of been difficult, in just what round do you think you were the closest to being removed from making the cut from being voted out or a twist getting rid of you?

Deluge: Around round 3, when Fire Mage talked to Cawin about our (Cawin and I’s) alliance… I was expecting he and his allies to vote out Cawin the next round, and then go for me.

*MDN sat down in his seat, and now Fire Mage asked Deluge and Gamewolf a question.*

FireMage: Who do you think should be in the opponents spot? Or do you think it's right how it turned out?

Deluge: I think it’s right how it turned out. Gamewolf and I seem to have very different ways of playing the game… This should make a pretty interesting final round.

Gamewolf: Erave, he really did try to plan EVERYTHING out from the start... He woulda deserved to at least make it this far... If not win.

*Fire Mage sat back down, and DP stood up to ask his own question.*

DP: Who do you think should have won Making The Cut? You can't choose neither yourself nor your opponent. Also tell why.

Deluge: Koromai, because he was one of the more honest players of MtC, and he played smart by not posting in the topic often, which few players did.

Gamewolf: Erave. For the same reason I just mentioned before, in Fire Mage’s question.

*DP sat down, and Cawin stood up.*

Cawin: Deluge - I'm a wave but not an ocean wave, and certainly not that of a microwave. I have feelings, I have thought, I'm on the opposite side than your sock. If all this is true, than what does 2+2 really equal?

*Deluge thought about this for some time, and then finally answered.*

Deluge: 5.

Cawin: Gamewolf - Sand shifts through fingertips, as dust turns slowly grey. That is the fall of one that is great, as prophesied by me. Who am I?

Gamewolf: ...Time? (Oh, and Julia sux0rs kthxbai :D)

*Cawin was a little disappointed – he was sure that Gamewolf would be able to answer his question correctly. Cawin sat down, and then Turkpimp asked a question.*

Turkpimp: What person in your life do you most admire? Why? Write a brief, well-constructed paragraph explaining your choice.

Deluge: Well, I’m awful at writing, but I’ll try my best…

Who in my life do I admire most? I’d say my grandfather. Although he isn’t really in my life anymore, he still remains in my memories, and in my mind, that counts just as much, if not more to me. He was capable of being in a good mood no matter the situation, and could make a joke out of anything. Some of his jokes went a little too far, namely the ones he made when he was dying from lung cancer. Back then, I was too young to understand the greatness of being able to be happy like he was… There was a lot I could I could have learned from him, especially how to value happiness while you still have it.

Gamewolf: I thought I was out of school ^^;;
I really admire my martial arts teacher ^^ He's sorta like a father to me, since my parents are divorced and I live with my mom. And he's really encouraging and disciplining (is that a word? sounds weird O_o), but still strict on me at the same time.
Uh... not really much of a 'paragraph' but that’s all I can come up with.

*Turkpimp thanked both Gamewolf and Deluge for their answers, and sat down. Faust now stood up*

Faust: Why should I vote for either of you? Traitors and miscreants. Give me a reason why you should win, despite causing my alliance to break up.

Deluge: Honestly, winning this doesn’t really mean that much to me. I just think it’d be interesting to prove that it’s possible to succeed without having to sacrifice others. That’s all I really have to say…

Gamewolf: Because you LOVE ME :D...And Ill give you candy :D

*Faust looked closely at both Deluge and Gamewolf, and then sat down. Humigotchi now stood up to ask a question.*

Humigotchi: IF 3030 + 5610= 10000, what would
8375+1392 equal?

Deluge: Hmmm, no clue. I was thinking either 11127 or 11304.39814… But that would be too logical. Oh well, I’ll just guess 11127.

Gamewolf: Your mom... Seriously, I have no idea... 9767 :/

*Humigotchi sat down, and Koromai, the final juror present, stood up to ask a question.*

Koromai: If you would have the chance to do this over again, what would you do different?

Deluge: Pay closer attention during the first few rounds. All I really did was just pick a person and vote for them with my ally.

Gamewolf: Not backstab MDN if I could help it :P

*MDN looked blatantly at Gamewolf and was not very happy with Gamewolf’s attempt at winning over his vote. Koromai was satisfied with the answers, and he sat down.*

Mateui: Alright, all the questions have been asked. Now, the jury will be voting for the winner of Making the Cut.

*The present jury made their way to the voting platform one by one, and cast their vote for the person they believed should win. Of course, you will not be able to see how they voted for, only during the time of the revealing of the winner.. But that will happen, right now.*


*Gamewolf and Deluge sit anxiously, waiting for the winner to be revealed. The jury too are anxious, for they have waited months to find out the winner.*

Mateui: After waiting a long time, and watching all the episodes of Making the Cut, we have finally come to an endgame, and either Deluge or Gamewolf will be crowned the winner.

I will now reveal each vote, along with the person who placed that vote, and what they said. In order to win, since there were 10 jury members voting, you need to acquire at least 6 votes.

Are you ready?

*Everyone nodded.*

Mateui: But first, I would like Deluge’s and Gamewolf’s final words before the winner is revealed.

Deluge: I was rather surprised that I made it to the top 2, as the most I was hoping for was the top 3. I knew that, due to my lack of popularity, most people wouldn't want me to win... But due to Gamewolf being known for his sneakiness in this game, I figured I might have some sort of chance... >:]

Gamewolf: Final Round - MWHAHAHAHA! I actually made it this far XD. I didn’t really expect to make it past round... 7 at most :P All the others planned WAY more than me... Hell, It seemed like I was just a pawn for MDN and Erave :P ^^;;

So, I had to answer THE QUESTIONS, that would make the jury choose me... They were all.. interesting questions... But the one that made me ULTRA SAD (;-(was the one from Cawin (A riddle, you'll see it/you've seen it). I had NO IDEA... but when I heard the answer... I practically cried... See, we'd had discussions before... Me being a huge Cowboy Bebop fan, and him saying to me how "JULIA SUXORED" and that Spike should have gotten with Faye- But I digress ^^;; Him, knowing about my love for it, gave me a riddle conscerning the series... It was insane how I didnt even THINK about such a thing, and just looked at it as "just another riddle" :/

Should I win? Hell, I don’t know :P And my excitement about the game has kinda died down... But its cool to know I made it this far, and my congratulations to whoever wins.

Mateui: Thank you. We will now begin.

*Mateui took out the voting container, and pulled out a vote ballot.*

Erave: I cast my vote for DELUGE.

My original vote was for GameWolf, but something clicked. This dude won, fairly. He didn't lie (like me), he didn't try to control everyone (like me), he didn't boast or speak loudly (like me), he just lied low, and made it to the end. I respect him a lot, and I now see why I'm not the winner ;)

Anyways, GameWolf was too much of a cheater/schemer, which IS the point of the game, BUT, he only voted to revive me to be a damage magnet (so he could save his own hide.) So he loses my vote, sorry. And he voted out MDN, the only guy I trusted, sorry man ;(.

*Mateui now pulled out another vote.*

Turkpimp: I vote for Deluge to win, Gamewolf to lose.

Mateui: So far, Deluge 2, Gamewolf 0.

*Mateui reached in again, and took out a vote.*

MDN: I vote for Deluge to win making the cut. Out of the paths of the two left in this game he has taken the much more risky and dangerous path, being a pawn to others and hoping that he doesn't become some puppet master's next target or victim. His path was much more dangerous to victory so he deserves to win more then his opponent Gamewolf who had to backstab over 1/3 of the players in the game to survive this long.

*Mateui pulls out yet another vote.*

Safari: Well, as you probably already know, my vote goes for:


Deluge couldn't get the damn question right, so he loses. No, I'm just kidding about that, but I really do think Deluge should lose. Gamewolf has been a member here at GW for almost forever and he is one of the coolest/nicest people here. He also played the game very well and deserves to win for that.


*Gamewolf smiled. He was glad that Safari voted for him.*

Mateui: Ok. Deluge 3, Gamewolf 1.

*Mateui reached in again, and took out a vote.*

Fire Mage: GAMEWOLF!

I don't know why, I think even though he backstabbed a lot... he played the game correctly. Also, he and I are a bit more close since I've never really noticed Deluge until this game. (Sorry Deluge :( )

*Gamewolf was happy again. Another vote for him, but Deluge, on the other hand, was slightly disappointed. He believed that the winner shouldn’t be based on personal relationships with the voter, but how that person actually played the game.*

*Mateui pulled another vote out.*

Cawin: Deluge wins.

He got his question right and played VERY well.

Mateui: Deluge 4, Gamewolf 2.

*Mateui reached into the container again, and pulled out another vote.*

Bujiro: Game Wolf... all the way!

Mateui: Deluge 4, Gamewolf 3.

*Mateui reached in again, and pulled out another vote.*

DP: My vote goes for deluge. Why? Well, both of them got this far pretty much by chance (although in a game like this one, I fail to see any other way -.^). The major difference was that Gamewolf had betrayed a bunch of people (including myself). I value honesty and fair play to an extent, and even though lying and backstabbing were indeed a part of this game, they cost Gamewolf this vote.

*Gamewolf, frowned.. he needed to get some more votes – and besides, he thought, lying was indeed an integral part of the game.*

Mateui: Deluge 5, Gamewolf 3. Deluge only needs 1 more vote to become the winner of Making the Cut.

*Gamewolf and Deluge both looked at each other.*

*Mateui reached in for another vote.*

Time seemed to stop...
*Mateui got the vote, and looked at it closely.. The anticipation was killing everyone.*


Mateui: Congratulations! You’re officially the winner of Making the Cut!

*Deluge cannot believe it. He wasn’t expecting to win at all. But it had happened. Gamewolf was a little disappointed, but he was happy to have made it to the final two, and he congratulated Deluge.*

*The jury stood up and applauded, it was a marvelous conclusion.*

Concluding Words:

Mateui: Well, it was a great experience for everyone, and a nice change to the daily forum life. Making the Cut has had a very great success, and there are now plans for a second season. Watch the forums to know when applications will be taken. (The current plan is to have MTC 2 start during December – January.. or something of that nature, but that could change.)

Anyway, like I said, it’s been a blast. Also, I made an image/sig/banner of the MTC winner. A little souvenir, to remember.

Well, I guess that’s it. I’ll miss writing these kind of articles. But you know that famous quote:

All good things come to an end..