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Article - 'Just Another Article' by Angroth

An item about Miscellanious posted on Jan 14, 2004


If you're ever going to write another article, you should take a look at this first!


Articles In General

Articles are a great thing for many reasons. Firstly it gives a website a whole extra section to include and the more articles, the bigger it gets and the larger the site will become. Secondly is that it involves the users and staffers with the site more so than a non-article site. This is definately a good thing, us staffers like nothing more than seeing your articles and writing. Most people write general articles on rpgs and related topics. Sometimes some people (especially myself!) like to try delve into strange sub-topics on occasion, or at least turn a mundane article into a strange freakish one.

Naughty Bastardising Theft

Obviously it would have to be said that with all these articles flowing out, someone is bound to steal one to get some form of recognision. The problem is forgery can be difficult to decipher. It can be a real shame because sometimes two or more people will merely write some similar article(s) and one of them is uploaded (why have both if they're similar) and then the people whom did not get an uploasion will claim it was stolen. Theft can sometimes be very obvious and in your face. Some people make crappy spin-offs of an older article which hopefully 'the people will have forgotten about', or something like that anyways. It is definately a clever idea but forgery, cloning and theft in my mind just shows that people have no creativity and nothing interesting to contribute to GW and so they should either shut up or bugger off.

The Giant Cycle

'oh please! thats been done before you lam0r!!'
Close to copying is unintentional reproduction. Someone makes and article, someone a while later who joins the site might think of the same idea, its not theft; they didn't know, its merely annoying. People get irritated by article mass production (and tutorial mass production). Such as a tutorial about Banking or maybe Night and Day System people these days are sick of the same old stuff, so why do people still do it??
I think it's liable to be somewhere on the lines of a basic thought process. It sounds like a clever idea at the time and 'good for n00bs' but basically they come from n00bs or new writers. The giant Cycle is my term for the ongoing tedious cycle of articles being made, then the same ones, slightly-reworded made later etc etc. It's really quite bland and most articles like this shouldn't get uploaded at all (but some do). Understandably you have to start somewhere but seeing as its already done, you might not get a good response unless most people glide throught the text and hastily post a comment. I for one began writing a few all too standard articles and have now realised what I have done thus changing my general writing to be as innovative and original as I possibly can. Anyone can write but few can do it originally!
What's worse than the cycle is that it has limitations. There is only so much you can write about and so many things you can say. Some may disagree with me but unless you yourself have made loads and loads of articles, you know what i'm talking about. Unless you're doing something like Mateui's MTC or some other series of articles, you will slowly have more and more trouble writing them/

See The Problem?
So, there's a little problem here eh? With there being only a certain amount of things feasably writable its only a matter of time before expert article writers fade out of the scene and new ones arrive. And as said earlier, new people repeat all old articles (unintentionally) thus eventually becoming experts themselves before fading away for a newer generation. I'm not sure if you would see this as a problem but I personally do. Its sort of like a large laborious sky, it just doesnt finish anywhere.

Maybe There's An Answer!
There must be some form of answer lying around somewhere. Debatably a website could only accept one kind of each article type eg, one on developing characters etc. But this way someone might write one better and it would also be hard to define a line between one of developing characters if it delved into other aspects too. And even if one website were to do something other ones surely wouldn't follow. So as we can see, there is always going to be 'hey whenever I write articles someone steals them and theirs gets posted instead' and 'thats some lame, you n00b everyones done one of those, this is crap!!'. Therefore next time someone does one of these, don't complain; there's no point.