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Article - 'IRC Escapades! Episode 2!' by PUNJABIBLOOD666

An item about Humour posted on Jan 14, 2004


Senior Behemoth leads another mad charge into the fiery depths of DALnet to bring you a wonderful, funny new article! Hooray!


Alright, we all know that DALnet is a huge conglomerate of people. A conglomerate of REALLY stupid people. In fact, these people are so stupid, whenever we see them, we just have to bully them for making our lives a hell of a lot worse by knowing of their existance.

So, a bunch of fellow GW peoples and I infiltrate the great unknown! This is a series of encounters from the dates of September 25 to September 27, and it shall surely shock you into believing that humanity, as whole, indeed sucks. To the maxxx even.

And just for the referance-

Diggity = hotnsexychick6969, Superanalsexformen, man_with_a_monicle, WholesomeMan

Senior Behemoth = sexgoddess69, SUPER_SEXY_GIRL, seckseygurl

Woman = hotgrrl, Sexbot

Anybody else= I don't know, I forget. = Something really disgusting

That dumb language that some of them speak=Malaysian (I think)



(Rendy`20) yah plzz kakak nongkrong aja disitu

(Rendy`20) plzzzzzzzzz banget deh

(man_with_a_monicle_o_Q) ummmm

(man_with_a_monicle_o_Q) are you a crazy foreigner?

(Rendy`20) plz donk masuk yah

(man_with_a_monicle_o_Q) because im racist

(man_with_a_monicle_o_Q) and i have a gun

(Rendy`20) yah tolong donk kak

(man_with_a_monicle_o_Q) stand back

(man_with_a_monicle_o_Q) im warning you

(Rendy`20) ok yah ku tunggu loh

(Rendy`20) janji yah mau datang kesini, ingat loh

(Rendy`20) kak masuk donk ke chanel regeneration yah

(Rendy`20) penuhilah permintaan adek mu ini hehehhe

(man_with_a_monicle_o_Q) ofjskdja hfihsid

(man_with_a_monicle_o_Q) thats Diggitorian for "i hate all ppl who are not my master race"

(man_with_a_monicle_o_Q) opsdajs sodkajs osdjsan

(man_with_a_monicle_o_Q) "go and die"

(man_with_a_monicle_o_Q) i guess i showed you


(Armani-benz-) hiya

(superanalsexformen) hello :)

(superanalsexformen) did u pm because of my nick?

(Armani-benz-) yta

(Armani-benz-) ya

(superanalsexformen) sooooo, you like the anal?

(superanalsexformen) :D

(Armani-benz-) oh ya baby...

(superanalsexformen) thats what i like to hear

(Armani-benz-) where u frm honey

(superanalsexformen) im from Texas

(Armani-benz-) mm nice..

(superanalsexformen) you like oral too?

(Armani-benz-) wud u like t if i rim my tongue all ova ure asshole make it nice n wet for mah shaft

(Armani-benz-) ohh ya baby all nyte:)

(superanalsexformen) what?

(superanalsexformen) my asshole?

(superanalsexformen) its anal sex FOR men

(superanalsexformen) not FROM men

(superanalsexformen) im a guy, honey

(Armani-benz-) ya

(superanalsexformen) ya?

(superanalsexformen) so u get me?

(superanalsexformen) i mean like

(superanalsexformen) we could take turns


(BLUEBELL) hows the weather there

(WholesomeMan) its a little GAY if you know what i mean ;D


(BLUEBELL) i don't get it

(WholesomeMan) (sigh)

(WholesomeMan) no one ever does

(WholesomeMan) no one ever understands me

(WholesomeMan) listen to me


(WholesomeMan) before they claimed it, it was MY DOMINICAN REPUBLIC


(WholesomeMan) understand?

(WholesomeMan) pass on my wisdom

(BLUEBELL) fine whatever

(WholesomeMan) good

(WholesomeMan) grood


(WholesomeMan) i dont think your giving this convo the commitment it deserved

(BLUEBELL) ure still studying

(WholesomeMan) studying?

(BLUEBELL) yes in college

(WholesomeMan) college?

(WholesomeMan) no

(WholesomeMan) im actually a professional wrestler right now

(WholesomeMan) they call me "Loco Lucidor"

(BLUEBELL) ure not continuing ure study

(WholesomeMan) naw


(BLUEBELL) by the gtg i have a class

(WholesomeMan) i decided that it wasnt worthi it after i lost my left eye


(WholesomeMan) ok



(badsha) hi

(WholesomeMan) hi

(WholesomeMan) why am i here?

(WholesomeMan) why are you here?

(WholesomeMan) they call me a philosopher

(badsha) i dont no

(WholesomeMan) hmmm, well you should think about it

(WholesomeMan) thinking is a good thing

(badsha) i dont no

(WholesomeMan) i once thought about how to get cereal out of a box and i got it out isnt that amazing?

(badsha) who call u philosopher

(WholesomeMan) my friend steve

(WholesomeMan) hes also my bed fellow

(badsha) yes i agree with u

(WholesomeMan) good

(WholesomeMan) now, you must become my disciple

(WholesomeMan) where do you live anyway?

(badsha) ok asl

(WholesomeMan) no i asked YOU first

(badsha) ok i m 18 m pak and u ?

(WholesomeMan) im 18 m and i live on a small island, u probly never heard of it

(WholesomeMan) its called Diggitoria

(WholesomeMan) hello :(

(WholesomeMan) ahhhh, cmon badsha

(badsha) where it is

(badsha) i asked where diggitoia

(WholesomeMan) it is along the southern tip of Africa

(WholesomeMan) why do you ask me?

(WholesomeMan) why badsha?

(WholesomeMan) donnot leave me hangin!

(badsha) sorry there was some problem with light

(WholesomeMan) thats ok

(badsha) hello

(WholesomeMan) anyway

(WholesomeMan) i msut instruct u in the ways of philosophy

(WholesomeMan) stand by me my apprentice!

(WholesomeMan) or not

(badsha) ok what r u ding

(WholesomeMan) i am trying to figure out how to transcend the boundaries of this world

(WholesomeMan) but it is difficult


(imtz) hot

(imtz) do u like sex

(WholesomeMan) i think that my topic kinda SPOKE for itself

(WholesomeMan) i mean DUH

(WholesomeMan) sex with 3 men at once?

(imtz) have u do sex

(imtz) how long your deep gay

(WholesomeMan) i have do sex actually

(imtz) so what was your feeling that time

(WholesomeMan) my feeling that time?

(WholesomeMan) i was...

(WholesomeMan) hungry

(WholesomeMan) adn tired

(WholesomeMan) i ate popcorn during the whole thing and fell asleep twice

(WholesomeMan) it was rockin tho

(imtz) have u fell any blood from your gay

(WholesomeMan) im sorry ur gonna have to speak english

(imtz) what happen

(WholesomeMan) i fell and broke my nose

(WholesomeMan) nearly killed me

(WholesomeMan) yep

(WholesomeMan) good stuff


(bigcock69) hey :)

(hotnsexychick6969) hey big boy

(hotnsexychick6969) so

(hotnsexychick6969) you PMed my friend sexgoddess69 too?

(hotnsexychick6969) we like to get it all hotnsexy together

(bigcock69) oh yeah

(bigcock69) :)

(bigcock69) wassup

(bigcock69) asl

(hotnsexychick6969) want some pics?

(hotnsexychick6969) :)

(bigcock69) sure

(hotnsexychick6969)theyre pretty sweet

(bigcock69) k

(hotnsexychick6969) some of our best work ever

(bigcock69) k


(hotnsexychick6969) theres one

(hotnsexychick6969) you like?

(bigcock69) pretty gross

(hotnsexychick6969) :o

(hotnsexychick6969) you are MEAN

(hotnsexychick6969) i HATE YOU

(bigcock69) ?

(hotnsexychick6969) gross?

(bigcock69) yes

(hotnsexychick6969) well then maybe your just a fuck head


(Elegius) you have a nice suggestive nick... ;-)

(hotnsexychick6969) you know it

(Elegius) so, sexy, what do you look like, and more importantly, what do you like to have done to you?

(hotnsexychick6969) well...i got some pics to answer both questions


(Elegius) perfect

(hotnsexychick6969) there

(hotnsexychick6969) you like?

(Elegius) Uhh, you're a hermaph?

(hotnsexychick6969) i sure am

(Elegius) not my thing, sorry


* {A}{H}{M}{E}{D} hmm ssalam

({A}{H}{M}{E}{D}) sosoryy 2 desturb u

({A}{H}{M}{E}{D}) im m ...

(hotnsexychick6969) im this




(Rwp_PhoneGuy) Can anyone give me address of a group of college gals living in a flat in rwp? plz msg in Pvt.

(sexgoddess69) ok

(sexgoddess69) i have a link

(Rwp_PhoneGuy) in pakistan?


(Rwp_PhoneGuy) islamabad or rawalpindi

(sexgoddess69) did you find it? it's on my friends site which he is hosting

*Rwp_PhoneGuy quit IRC*


Watch out, people trying to roleplay mothersex is may lead to lung trauma and severe cases of mental retardation.

(Robert^^) mom is that you?

(Robert^^) cause shes super hot too

(SUPER_SEXY_GIRL43) ...yes

(Robert^^) mmm

(Robert^^) how are you today mommy?


(Slyman_GC) hi there

(sexgoddess69) he

(Slyman_GC) care 2 chat or 2 buzyz ?

(sexgoddess69) y

(Slyman_GC) care 2 chat or 2 buzy ?

(sexgoddess69) i care 2 chat

(Slyman_GC) great!

(Slyman_GC) whats ur asl ?

(sexgoddess69) 15/f/ca

(Slyman_GC) california ???

(sexgoddess69) why do you need to know i don't even know you ):

(Slyman_GC) yeah , but i would like to get to know u

(Slyman_GC) if its ok with u

(sexgoddess69) really?

(sexgoddess69) asl

(Slyman_GC) 19 m leb

(sexgoddess69) my mother always tells me to watch out for sexual preditors so i'd rather not get to close irl

(Slyman_GC) i just wanted to know where u r from

(sexgoddess69) k

(sexgoddess69) yeah californaia

(Slyman_GC) i agree with you

(Slyman_GC) but dont u worry coz im far from u ,

(Slyman_GC) so u wouldn't have to worry

(sexgoddess69) kewl

(Slyman_GC) so r u really a sex goddess ? :)

(Slyman_GC) ?

(sexgoddess69) yeah

(Slyman_GC) and what's the 69 for ?

(sexgoddess69) hehe you know

(Slyman_GC) hehe

(Slyman_GC) u like that position ?

(sexgoddess69) do you?

(Slyman_GC) yeah

(sexgoddess69) hehe

(Slyman_GC) and u ?

(sexgoddess69) yeag

(sexgoddess69) f

(sexgoddess69) whoops

(sexgoddess69) yeah

(Slyman_GC) do u like to do it alot ? :)

(sexgoddess69) yeah

(Slyman_GC) with me ?

(Slyman_GC) ;)

(sexgoddess69) well maybe

(Slyman_GC) maybe ?

(sexgoddess69) you can judge for yourself when you see my pic 8-)

(Slyman_GC) okay , r u gonna send it ?

(sexgoddess69) no url

(sexgoddess69) like it?

(Slyman_GC) what's that ?????????

(sexgoddess69) me

(Slyman_GC) ur pic ?

(sexgoddess69) wait, what was that? you seem shockkd? did i give you the wrong url?

(sexgoddess69) it's really

(Slyman_GC) i dunno

(Slyman_GC) so r u gonna send it or not

(sexgoddess69) my pic?

(Slyman_GC) yeah ur pic


(sexgoddess69) accept

(Slyman_GC) it didn't arrive

(sexgoddess69) you need to accept

(sexgoddess69) Awaiting reply

(Slyman_GC) accepting sent , connection failed

(sexgoddess69) sending again

(Slyman_GC) something's wrong with ur connection

(Slyman_GC) i dont seem able to accept it

(sexgoddess69) why not? do you have your dcc optionss set up right?

(Slyman_GC) yes

(Slyman_GC) and urs?

(sexgoddess69) yes but have you been able to recieve files?

(Slyman_GC) yes

(sexgoddess69) weird

(sexgoddess69) well, do me a favour then

(Slyman_GC) i received an important file from a friend of mine few minutes ago

(Slyman_GC) sure , what's that ?

(sexgoddess69) let me tell you something I have never told you before...I am a man.

(sexgoddess69) do u still love me)

(sexgoddess69) ?

(Slyman_GC) then why is ur nickname is female one ?

(sexgoddess69) well

(Slyman_GC) well what

(sexgoddess69) i wanted to make u love me for my personality so youd fuck me even if i was a man

(Slyman_GC) r u gay ?

(sexgoddess69) ...yes

(Slyman_GC) well im not

(sexgoddess69) y?

(Slyman_GC) coz im not !!!!

(sexgoddess69) y?

(Slyman_GC) why dont u join the gay channel

(sexgoddess69) cuz i wanted a hot guy all the guys in there are gat

(sexgoddess69) y

(Slyman_GC) well u can be like them


(Coolie_^) hi

(sexgoddess69) hey

(Coolie_^) how are you today/tonight/toimorrow?

(sexgoddess69) relly good

(Coolie_^) cool...where u from o godess?

(sexgoddess69) canada

(Coolie_^) ok cool..I'm Mike from sweden

(Coolie_^) what's your name?

(Coolie_^) ?

(sexgoddess69) patriccia

(Coolie_^) ok

(Coolie_^) what are u looking for in here sweetie?;)

(sexgoddess69) somesex

(Coolie_^) u ever met a gut u talked to IRL?

(sexgoddess69) no

(Coolie_^) u want to?

(sexgoddess69) really?

(sexgoddess69) you can come over to my house and have dinner with my parents :D

(Coolie_^) yeah ...suppose u met a cute canadian guy who turned you on on the net ..would u like to meet him IRL?

(Coolie_^) u live with ur parents?=

(Coolie_^) =)

(Coolie_^) ?

(sexgoddess69) yeah...

(Coolie_^) how old are u?

(sexgoddess69) 18


(Coolie_^) u got a pic?

(sexgoddess69) yeah

(Coolie_^) can I see :)


(Coolie_^) ok cool

(sexgoddess69) aren't i a fucking sex beast?

(Coolie_^) so..are u single? (--SB Note: I'm pretty sure he saw the pic before asking this.

(Coolie_^) u are a guy?

(sexgoddess69) no

(sexgoddess69) i swear i am not


* You were kicked from #FAMILY_CHAT by Muerte[a] (Please leave all those bad channels u are in.10«02WARNING BAN10» 04Pervert Kick 2F4C13-6Ĺ2K4ď13©2k4 6.0)


Notice that he knows something. Is this showing that DALnet is evolving to rid itself of pests like us? Nahh..I think he was still fooled by the site, haha.

(Mr_BiG^D) how are you

(hardcoregurl) fine

(Mr_BiG^D) thats good

(Mr_BiG^D) asl pls?

(hardcoregurl) 11/f/norway

(Mr_BiG^D) 11 sure

(hardcoregurl) asl?

(Mr_BiG^D) sorry i know your full of shit

(hardcoregurl) really? after seeing this u will know im real:

(Mr_BiG^D) how about you go fuck yoursefl

(Mr_BiG^D) yourself

(hardcoregurl) did u see it?


(Girls_Talk_To_Me_Plz) hello

(hardcoregurl) hey

(Girls_Talk_To_Me_Plz) asl?

(hardcoregurl) 13/f/norway

(Girls_Talk_To_Me_Plz) awesome

(Girls_Talk_To_Me_Plz) pic?

(hardcoregurl) asl you first

(Girls_Talk_To_Me_Plz) 17/m/usa

(MrSaturdayNight) are you still there?

(hardcoregurl) yeah

(hardcoregurl) !

(hardcoregurl) 13/f/norway

(MrSaturdayNight) ok

(MrSaturdayNight) do u have a pic

(MrSaturdayNight) ?

(MrSaturdayNight) pic?

(hardcoregurl) yeah

(MrSaturdayNight) can i c?

(hardcoregurl) no

(MrSaturdayNight) y not?

(hardcoregurl) because I heard u are gay

(MrSaturdayNight) um ok

(MrSaturdayNight) who told you that?


Do YOU have a cybersex permit? man_as doesn't, and he is about to pay the price!

(man_as) hi there babe

(man_as) wanna chat sex

(secksygurl6969) ok

(man_as) so wat ru wearing now babe?

(man_as) ;)

(secksygurl6969) everything

(man_as) so wats ur tits size

(secksygurl6969) the real question is...What are YOU wearing?

(man_as) onli my tshirt

(secksygurl6969) Cool.

(secksygurl6969) Does that way.

(man_as) y?

(man_as) r u there

(secksygurl6969) I'm just wondering iff you have a cybersex permit, which has been instated by the wonderful U S of A

(man_as) ???????????????????????

(secksygurl6969) Yeah, didn't you hear the news?

(man_as) nope

(man_as) i'm not from usa

(man_as) i'm from malaysia

(secksygurl6969) Doesn't matter, the rumor has it that the US owns the internet, therefore appling to everybody...although I cannot confirm irt

(man_as) really????????????

(secksygurl6969) Yeah. Weird stuff, eh?

(man_as) yap

(man_as) juz 4get it

(man_as) u wanna sex chat or not

(man_as) thats the onli question i'm asking

(secksygurl6969) Ok, I will, but you should read up on the new rule at

(man_as) hey how did he put his dick in his ass

(man_as) u know it pains

(secksygurl6969) I don't know, my friend, but I hear he meditated before hand

(man_as) k

(man_as) so wats ur tits size anyway

(man_as) my dick is 9 inch long

(secksygurl6969) Really? I never knew. My dick size is 12 inches long...but do not worry! It only comes out on the full moon. It's like, a werepenis but I am a girl so it's really weird.

(man_as) k

(man_as) so how about ur tits size

(secksygurl6969) Do you still wanna do me?

(man_as) u have tits

(secksygurl6969) Yeah

(man_as) wats the size

(secksygurl6969) 50,50,50


(the[Awie]) iii

(secksygurl6969) hiii

(the[Awie]) boleh berkenalan

(secksygurl6969) wuts up?

(secksygurl6969) I dun understand your funny language

(secksygurl6969) ok?

(the[Awie]) ok

(the[Awie]) how are u

(the[Awie]) where are u came from

(secksygurl6969) cambodia

(the[Awie]) truli

(the[Awie]) i think u are from malaysia

(secksygurl6969) Oh really?

(the[Awie]) yap

(the[Awie]) coz u are i kl channel

(secksygurl6969) got me. I am in Malaysia

(the[Awie]) where

(secksygurl6969) I am from San Disino

(the[Awie]) where

(the[Awie]) where are u now

(secksygurl6969) San Disino!

(secksygurl6969) Have you been there? Great place.

(secksygurl6969) Probably my favorite in Malaysia.

(the[Awie]) oic

(the[Awie]) im in malaysia now

(secksygurl6969) So am I

(the[Awie]) what kind of place in malaysia u are in

(secksygurl6969) San Disino

(the[Awie]) i never heard that

(the[Awie]) u have phone no may i call u please

(secksygurl6969) No, here in San Disino, all of our phones are down due to a tropical storm.

(the[Awie]) oic

(the[Awie]) then how can i contect u please

(secksygurl6969) Drive

(the[Awie]) where

(secksygurl6969) San Disino

(the[Awie]) i dont know where it is

(secksygurl6969) No? Drive North

(secksygurl6969) From where you are

(secksygurl6969) Keep going and you should reach it.

(the[Awie]) i dont know

(secksygurl6969) You duno how to drive? Then walk ):

(the[Awie]) how old are u

(secksygurl6969) 21.

(the[Awie]) are u virgin

(secksygurl6969) Yeah

(the[Awie]) truly u never have asex

(secksygurl6969) No, I haven't. Is that wrong?

(the[Awie]) are u normal

(secksygurl6969) Yeah, why?

(secksygurl6969) Do you have a problem?

(the[Awie]) nop

(the[Awie]) are u female

(secksygurl6969) Yeah!

(the[Awie]) u dont wanna have a sex

(secksygurl6969) What? I never said that!

(the[Awie]) im ask u la bodoh baghal

(secksygurl6969) I don't understand!

(the[Awie]) fuck u

(the[Awie]) stupid foolish

(secksygurl6969) What? All I wanted was love.

(the[Awie]) u are not in my place

(secksygurl6969) No, I am not.

(the[Awie]) mail me if u wanna give ur fone no to me

SB's note- Please e-mail him, he needs your fonenumber!



(^^HE_MAN^^) hi

(hardcoregurl) hey he man

(^^HE_MAN^^) how r u?

(hardcoregurl) are you really he man

(^^HE_MAN^^) :)

(^^HE_MAN^^) how r u?

(^^HE_MAN^^) yesssssss

(^^HE_MAN^^) i am strong

(hardcoregurl) 13/f/norway

(^^HE_MAN^^) 16 m Russia

(^^HE_MAN^^) what is ur name?

(hardcoregurl) russian, eh? you MUST be strong!

(^^HE_MAN^^) hey

(^^HE_MAN^^) wanna have cyber sex?

(hardcoregurl) sure

(^^HE_MAN^^) ok..............

(^^HE_MAN^^) think that i am in ur room...........

(^^HE_MAN^^) i am approaching to u slowly..............

(^^HE_MAN^^) slowly......

(^^HE_MAN^^) and kiss ur neck.............

(^^HE_MAN^^) then ur lips........

(^^HE_MAN^^) very passionately

(^^HE_MAN^^) areu there)

(hardcoregurl) hmmm

(^^HE_MAN^^) areu there?

(^^HE_MAN^^) dear..........

(^^HE_MAN^^) why don't u answer me?

(hardcoregurl) i start to touch u

(hardcoregurl) then i pull out my knife, and stab u in the chest to see if ur really he man.

(hardcoregurl) ARE YOU? I JUST HAD TO KNOW?

(^^HE_MAN^^) speak only to me........

(^^HE_MAN^^) because we are having cyber sex.........

(^^HE_MAN^^) yes.............

(^^HE_MAN^^) i am putting off ur dresses slowly slowly........

(^^HE_MAN^^) and kissing ur tummy......

(^^HE_MAN^^) yeah..........

(The rest was cut off because it consisted of him trying to cyber. Nobody needs that.)


This is quite possibly the scariest one yet.

(fat_guy) i bet your farts smell so good

(secksygurl6969) I bet you....shut the FUCK up


This log is only funny if you realize one thing- I didn't send him a picture.

(HornyDudeinThongs) hey baby, asl?

(hardcoregurl) asl yuo first

(HornyDudeinThongs) 22 m canada, u?

(hardcoregurl) 13 f norway

(HornyDudeinThongs) ?

(hardcoregurl) what?

(HornyDudeinThongs) whut do u look like?

(HornyDudeinThongs) i bet ur sexy

(hardcoregurl) that is waht my bf said

(HornyDudeinThongs) well then it must be true....what do u look like?

(HornyDudeinThongs) you there?

(hardcoregurl) lemme give you a pic

(HornyDudeinThongs) ok, cool

(HornyDudeinThongs) u gonna email it? or send it?

(hardcoregurl) link


(HornyDudeinThongs) that underscore is supposed to be there

(HornyDudeinThongs) u gonna send it now sexy?

(hardcoregurl) yaa

(HornyDudeinThongs) ok, cool

(HornyDudeinThongs) you look fine

(HornyDudeinThongs) whut u wearin right now

(HornyDudeinThongs) ?

(hardcoregurl) a blue shirt with no pants and panties

(HornyDudeinThongs) your pussy looks nice and tight in that picture....wouldnt mind sticking my dick up there

(hardcoregurl) hehe

(HornyDudeinThongs) why dont u take off the tshirt for me?

No such nick/channel



(MonstaC0CK) hey

(Hotgrrl4543) Hi

(MonstaC0CK) asl? :)

(Hotgrrl4543) 19/F/CA

(Hotgrrl4543) u/

(Hotgrrl4543) r u ther

(MonstaC0CK) kewl:)

(MonstaC0CK) 20 m fl

(MonstaC0CK) yeah

(MonstaC0CK) hi

(MonstaC0CK) =)

(Hotgrrl4543) col

(MonstaC0CK) u got a pic?

(Hotgrrl4543) yes. :)

(Hotgrrl4543) Let me get it real quick

(MonstaC0CK) k


(MonstaC0CK) u got aim?

(Hotgrrl4543) there

(Hotgrrl4543) No, sorry, my mom says aim is the devil

(MonstaC0CK) hah um ok

(MonstaC0CK) u phone?

(Hotgrrl4543) she says it was programmed by satan and satan is evil because he eats babies

(Hotgrrl4543) Nah, can we just cyber here?

(MonstaC0CK) i dont cyber

(Hotgrrl4543) Then why HE FUCK are you in a channel called #cybersex?

(MonstaC0CK) haha

(MonstaC0CK) good call


(Hotgrrl4543) this second time he cummed twice as much and it shot down my throat, unhhhh!!

(dannyd) i start pushiong my dick all the way in until it can't go in anymore

(dannyd) mmmmmmm my dick so hard now

(Hotgrrl4543) I cant take it anymore. I tear the left leg off the dog and start eating it. YUMMM OH I LOVE THE TASTE OF DOG MEAT!

(dannyd) ohh yeah my sperm cumming out

(dannyd) where u want it babe?

(Hotgrrl4543) WHAT THE FUCK!



(dannyd) that good

(Hotgrrl4543) NO GOD DAMNIT

(Hotgrrl4543) *I punch you across the face*

(dannyd) want do more babe?

(Hotgrrl4543) GOD DAMN YOU

(Hotgrrl4543) *I pile drive your head into the ground*

(dannyd) let have more sex babe?

(Hotgrrl4543) Your neck breaks, instantly killing you, blood is all over.

(Hotgrrl4543) I take your carcass and carve a costume out of it.

(Hotgrrl4543) I slip on the skin outfit and dance around the bedroom in it

(Hotgrrl4543) YAY

(Hotgrrl4543) r u ther baby

(dannyd) yeah babe

(dannyd) why?

(Hotgrrl4543) u seemed to be gone

(Hotgrrl4543) i get down on al 4s and lick up your blood.

(Hotgrrl4543) IT TASTES SO GOOD!

(Hotgrrl4543) r u going to respond?

(I forgot who HotSexayWoman was. Too bad)


(hrnyguy21) id like to see if i could get u a little wet by tellin u what i would do to u if u were here wid me right now;)....interested?

(HotSexayWomen4u1981) and what would you do to me?

* hrnyguy21 holds u in his arms tight...locks his tongue with urz....then pushes u down on bed..gets on top of u..kisses u long...then starts kissin u all over ur neck and shoulders...goes to ur ears...bites at ur lobes

* hrnyguy21 continues kissin u...while he takes his hands down to ur boobs..starts caressing them..cupping them...rubs ur nipples....squeezes them....pinches themm...tryin to get them nice and perky:)

* HotSexayWomen4u1981 flips you over, pins you down, grabs a bottle of lube, pulls my dress up, lubes up and shoves my 9 inch cock up your TIGHT VIRGIN ASS ;)

* HotSexayWomen4u1981 thrusts in and out, harder and harder, loving your screams, enjoying the rough, hot MANSEX



rastamaan encounters Flik. RESULTS?

(rastamaan) whose mom are u fucking?

(Flik) Mine.

(rastamaan) ur dad knows?

(Flik) Yeah.

(rastamaan) he let u?

(Flik) We share her.

(rastamaan) gangbang/

(rastamaan) who ur mom lkes more?


Upon realizing that there was a channel on DALnet known as #incest, we immediately went there hoping to cause a rukus. Unknown to us, that no matter what we did, it all seemed natural to the average DALnetter, so we were foiled. Ouch.

(Hotgrrl4543) HI

(SUPER_SEXY_GIRL43) how do i tell her?

(Incest-Khi-Lover) any ammi lover from khi????????????/

(SUPER_SEXY_GIRL43) wtf is khi?

(HotSexayWomen4u1981) Hmmm.... you should get her to shower with you, then take her into your room, lather her with chocolate sauce and eat her out

(Incest-Khi-Lover) Karachi

(Hotgrrl4543) I SECOND THAT

(HotSexayWomen4u1981) I should know, I did it to my daughter ;)

(SUPER_SEXY_GIRL43) Wow, that sounds GREAT!

(SUPER_SEXY_GIRL43) Thanks for the ideas there

(_lilgal_) hi ppl

(SUPER_SEXY_GIRL43) hi do u wanna fuck your mother? u cam eto the right place!

(Hotgrrl4543) I touched my little brother's thingy while he was asleep

(SUPER_SEXY_GIRL43) really? im proud

(Hotgrrl4543) it got perked up and spat milk at me

(SUPER_SEXY_GIRL43) weird stuff

(Hotgrrl4543) I know, what the FUCK was up with that?

(HotSexayWomen4u1981) Yeah, my sons does that after I play with it under the table ^_^

(SUPER_SEXY_GIRL43) All you wanted to do was feel your brother~! And you got milk! HOW RUDE!

(SUPER_SEXY_GIRL43) cool have any of you fucked yur father?

(_nukem) hi ppl

(SUPER_SEXY_GIRL43) hi nukem have u fucked ur dad be4


(Hotgrrl4543) oo ooo I have!

(_nukem) not gay

(SUPER_SEXY_GIRL43) your motherr?

(Hotgrrl4543) He took a dump on my chest then I ate it with a spoon!

(_nukem) nah

(SUPER_SEXY_GIRL43) Awesoem pics?

(HotSexayWomen4u1981) MMM.... he was a REAL GOOD RIDE, my Father was....

(_nukem) i would likke to do my sis tho


(SUPER_SEXY_GIRL43) that's sort of...weird


(Hotgrrl4543) Yeah, what the FUCK is up with that?

(_nukem) weird...thats relative

(Guest53199) ANY MOMS HERE

(Guest53199) any moms frmo india



(HotSexayWomen4u1981) I ALREADY HAVE

(HotSexayWomen4u1981) IN THE ASS

(Incest-Khi-Lover) any ammi lover from khi?????????????????

(HotSexayWomen4u1981) I am a 39 year old transvestite from Russia, anyone want to cyber with me??? I enjoy long walks in the park and a well lubed man ;)



(HotSexayWomen4u1981) WHAT HAS THIS WORLD CAME TO?


(HotSexayWomen4u1981) WILL NO ONE BE MY FRIEND???????????????????????????????????

(HotSexayWomen4u1981) THIS IS NOT FAIR ;_;

(HotSexayWomen4u1981) =((((((

(Voytek) hi

(Voytek) does anyone want to trade pictures of their mother?

* nice_one has joined #incest

(Hotgrrl4543) OO

(Hotgrrl4543) I HAVE ONE


(SUPER_SEXY_GIRL43) Hey sexbot!

(SexBot_v1) Hi I'm SexBot, interact with me for fun! :)

(cAm^LhR27) Any Body want chat with male 27 (Lahore) having self-pics, and Digital Web Cam as well you can discuss any topic or any personal matters or thing which u like to share with nice and decent and educated person from Lahore. Msg me in pvt or mail me at will provide u PTCL number later after intro. This offer is Exclusive for ladies of any age and marital status who have confidence to express its self , frankly and friendly


So, in conclusion, mass genocide never has looked better.

Oh yeah, you guys who didn't make it in- I didn't get your logs, or this was already big enough or something. Maybe next time, k?