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Article - '"Horobu Norsaki`s Quest", Part 1!' by Guest

An item about Plots/Characters posted on Jan 14, 2004


RPGenius begins a story of a samurai named Horobu, who is being followed by a mysterious pursuer! An interesting piece of fiction!


Heya everyone. The RPGenius is here to tell you a story. It features a man named Horobu who is travelling throughout Japan in the samurai era. This is not essentially an article, and it's definitely not a tutorial. This is what I hope to be the start of an entertaining series of a continuing story. Please note that even though this is a game making/developing site, we can still have a little bit of good old entertainment. I guess it could be like GaZZwa's "Eric Umley" series (I hope he's doing fine).

Horobu Norsaki scanned the horizon with his keen eyes. If they were here, then they were being very quiet. He tried to listen for them, but couldn’t concentrate hard enough. He scolded himself for not listening to his masters as a child. They would not have let his skills go to waste. But he had decided to leave that life behind, and he became a ronin, a masterless samurai who walked alone.

He was a tall man with shoulder-length black hair. He wore a traditional kimono robe, and twin katanas were strapped to his waist. His cold eyes surveyed the dusky hills before him. Where are they? he thought, And what do they want with me? He knew that someone was following him. In fact, he’d known for about three days. He had tried to shake them off as he travelled through the Japanese countryside, but could not. He ran through forests, under waterfalls and below the earth in the dark tunnels that were dug by the renegade Kai-so clan, but still he was tracked.

Well, then, he thought as he sat down in his meditating position, we’ll see who cracks first. He let his mind go free and ignored the sounds of rustling birds and mating insects, pushing all his thoughts to the back of his head. He sat there, feeling as if he had entered a void, a deep space in his own mind where every thought was clear and each decision right. He lost himself, and did not wake for several hours.

When he finally woke to the warm night, the moon was shining its fullest in the inky blackness and the rice fields were blowing in a hot, calm wind. Have they gone? he asked himself. No, I can still feel them. What do they want with me?

He decided that he had time to wait until his enemy made the first move. It was as his previous master Karobu had told him; “Study your enemy’s moves. If he does not make any to study, sit as a stone until he does.” Feeling that sitting as still as a stone would not help him in this case, Horobu practiced his ninjitsu. His fluent movements and graceful blows to the air sent his adrenaline pumping. He let himself go and entered a state where he did not fully control his actions, letting his instinct guide him through his training. He leaped off trees and bounded five feet off the ground, he performed amazing sword techniques with his twin katanas and did what most men would find impossible. No doubt they are watching me, Horobu thought. I hope they are intimidated by what they see.

“Come out,” he finally called in his confident voice. “Whoever you are, come out and face me or be gone. I know you have been following me. Tell me, what do you seek? Answer now or you will become the hunted.”

But his threat had not made his watcher move an inch. “I can hear you breathing,” said Horobu. “You cannot hide from me. I can smell you in those bushes. I am coming now.” He walked confidently towards the bushes. He plucked up his courage, remembering what else his master had told him. “When in doubt or fear, remember courage and what you have to live for, which is nothing. To die with nothing to live for is not to die, merely it is to fade away as unimportant as a grain of sand.”

Decided, Horobu pushed back the bushes. He could not believe what he saw.

Gasp! What does he see? Stay tuned for the next installment peoples!