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Article - 'How to make a Crapshack Worthy Topic.' by Fighter

An item about Miscellanious posted on Jan 14, 2004


I'm too lazy to make my own article..err..I mean this is a direct copy of my crapshack sticky.


Okay, so, there's all this confusion about what's hot and not about the shack, but it all comes down to is is your topic lame like a couple of members' topics, or gold, so I am gonna provide you with a nice template.

Think of a Subject:

This is important, start off by thinking of something that can be molded into a humerous thread, since this is the shack, it shouldn't be serious at all, that's what the general forum was made for. Usually some good ones have to do with social things, or funny to-do ideas, or EDITING.

What is EDITING?

Editing is turning a stupid or useless or plain picture into something worthy(in the crapshack that is). A prime example is to put a mustache on a little kid's face, or put Faust's face on some sort of photo. But, make sure it's not a CLICHE which will be discussed soon.

A crapshack CLICHE?

A crapshack cliche' is usually posting Faust's face on some picture, or making fun of lamers, which usually turns you into one. Well, a crapshack cliche is usually a lame overdone joke, like:"I secksor lol!1111". If you see a frequently done topic idea in the shack, it's this simple, DO NOT DO IT! Oh yes, box jokes are only classy at certain times, but they too follow a cliche' when people mess them up.

Some cliches are:
Post Count threads
Stupid large text threads.
1337 7411{ threads.
OMg111! threads.

Just to name a few.

A DO NOT DO IT! what's that?

That is an example of lameness, which is the next subject here. Lameness ties in with making a stupid talking, or being an idiot, see, they all are the same in word usage, and being an idiot is lame, whether you can control it or not. Also, many people use the common "It was a joke." to cover up being lame. I am not being elitist, just saving you.

Smilies, too much?

Okay, you saw some threads where people post a lot of smilies, and that's all, well, it you're new here, you'll probably follow the fellow people, DON'T be original, think of something classy or funny. Class usually comes with humor, humor comes with time, remember, don't spam, or make fun of people, it isn't funny, try making twisted stories, or refer to people like DrFunk and Hundley's posts to see what's classy and what's not.

What is some of this "classiness" you speak of?

Well, search for posts by people like Rast, Trash Head, or Hundley, or sometimes LORd to see what true classiness really is. It almost gives you an idea of how you should make a shack thread. Funny webpages are usually of some class, I guess. Also, be prepared for moved threads, they appear a lot.

What is spam?

Just about anything I said not to do.

Any Questions?

Too bad, I am not like the head of the forums, I am just guiding people in this corrupt society ruined by a select few. And no, I am not referring to any people, and or judging anyone, I am helping. I am being as nice as I can, and trying to help turn the shack into a better place. We wouldn't wanna delete a somewhat corrupt historical landmark now would we?

Okay, that's all, I think I covered a bit, but it could help some 'shack newbies.