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An item about Humour posted on Jan 14, 2004


Yes, after years of research, I have come to the conclusion of the history of gw, on and it's TRUE 100%!


As we all know Al Gore invented the internet many years back. We also know that Bill Clinton created computers as we know it. As we all know, those two figures helped advancements in technology never before thought of. Yet, in those advancements comes many more advancements, so it's like a chain reaction in a chain reaction. Upon all of those statements, I thought, added them together, and decided to write my thoughts down..the history of gw.

It all started one day back in 1978, Al Gore was tired from his hard work on the internet. So, he decided that he would use his "haxor" skills to create html and php..and asp, but asp sucks. Anyway, he decided to create all of those, SERIOUSLY. Since he created html and php..and asp, he knew everything about them. So he created his own site called GamingW, since he was an avid ATARI(Not the member) fan. The site focused on the incredible two game library, and even gave guides to the games, which were very in depth. Our records even have a piece of one of the game guides for the masterpiece..Pong:

"Once you hit the ball, it'll go flying back towards the opposition, however, this is tricky, if he hits it, it'll come bouncing back to you. Repeat this process until either player gets tired of playing."

Actually, that was a whole review, OH WELL. The site was the hugest internet community at the time, it had roughly 5 members, but nothing to do. Seeing this, Al made forums, and would later invent invision. However, at the peek of the site's growth, it had around 10 members, and close to 50 posts, however it was coded in it sucked. Al shut it down, gave asp to Microsoft, and died. Thus the start of gamingw had begun.

About 22 years later...

One day, local Canadian Bartek Gniado was bored, so he got on the computer, and he recieved an email from Al Gore. "It was teh awesome maen leter dood, he gaved teh sight 2 me," says Bartek. He told Bartek to rename himself Bart, and to code the site in ASP first so that it would suck. The community was based on a new thing called Rpgmaker, which was short for RolePlayingGameMakerTwoThousand. Although it people liked the name, they called it "rm2k" and so Bart followed the trend. One day later, some guy named Lord_Gremlin was randomly hired to review non-existant games. They reviewed 30 or even 50 games a day, and magically gained 500 members. Right about this time, Al Gore came back to life to dictate terrorism, but that's a whole different story. Bart was sad, so he quit down gamingw for a long time. Everyone cried, and moved to the outside world, and turned into cool people.

20 years later...

Bart decided that he should open the site, and turn it into a giant gay-bashing utopia. And so he did, he dubbed the content rm2k, gamemaker, klik, etc. but, it was much more. People were scared under Bart's rule of horrible images, so they told others to join at the sake of their life. So Bart raked in 20000 members a day, and charged to join. Soon, the site became a Utopia, and Lord_Gremlin changed his name to Faust. The forums were now huge, and Bart decided that he should make forums for random people and create a new gw to make more money. He dubbed it gw4, and it was finished, and it didn't suck because it was made in PHP. He created new forums, and got 30000 people on his first day. Bart was amazed at how high his post count was, so he set everyones' down so his could be higher. Soon, Bart got bored with gw, and opened a place known as the Crap Shack, it was like every man for themselves, so they made a record breaker to see who could make the most posts in one thread. They got to the mystic number 1337. However, this was an overload on the forums, and they were to self-destruct in 36 hours. All the gw'ers ran for their lives, alas it was too late, thieves stole the remaining posts, and made cool forums, and everyone lived happily ever after...until gw5.


Oh yeah, I have nothing against ASP, but I had to make fun of something. Thanks for reading my low quality article.