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Article - 'The Short Story Exchange' by Xanqui

An item about Miscellanious posted on Jan 18, 2004


The first Short Story Exchange! Written by the Staff of


Game, Fish, Tin Foil, Bread, Chocolate. Those are the five nouns that I had you, the members of GamingWorld, choose for me. What was this about, you ask? Well, it was for a little thing that Mateui and I came up with that would show how, with five words, any number of different stories could be written using them.

The rules were simple, and so was the task. In fact, the only challenge thus far was getting the five nouns from the members. Although I say that the participants volunteered, the truth is that I locked them in a dungeon for six weeks, fed them nothing but salt, and beat them daily until they gave in and joined. Those who didn’t…well, you won’t be seeing them around anymore.

Anyway, here are the rules they had to follow:

The idea is this: the members will choose five nouns, and the staff will write stories that revolve around these words. Nothing crude here, folks. Words like ‘Zebra’ or ‘banana” will be fine. The stories will be very short, consisting of one to four paragraphs. However, there is no maximum to how much you may write. But please, no less than maybe half of a Word page.

But here’s what makes this interesting: everyone must have a COMPLETELY different story. No participants may discuss their story with anyone else. I don’t care if the story is crap, or if it’s worthy of whatever book awards there are. There are no limits as to what genre, setting, or characters exist in the story. Everything is up to the writer.

Since the stories are meant to be short, I will only allow three days for everyone to write their story. If anyone can’t make it in those three days, tough. It’s really not that hard to write three paragraphs.

A few more rules: the stories must have some sort of plot, and it must be based on those five words. Those words must be significant in some way. Also, you may not use a word like ‘banana’ to name a character. The character could have a pet banana, but he or she may not be named that.

And finally, have fun with it. Take it seriously, but show some enjoyment in your work. I will allow people to vote on which story they like the best each time, and I will use those later on for something else .

Oh yes, and thanks to the following members for their nouns:
1. ZeldAfREak for “Game”
2. Eliuker for “Fish”
3. The Winkler for “Tin Foil”
4. Thorn for “Bread”
5. Psychospacefish for “Chocolate”

The Participants were:
1. Mateui (All Tied Up)
2. Xanqui (Bron the Shot Putter)
3. Dn7 (The Dildofish)
4. Atari (The Fallen)
5. Humigotchi (Two Idiots)
6. MasterDarkNinja (Bill the Chef)

And now, without further adieu, here are the stories!
The first story comes from Mateui, and is entitled All Tied Up, and you will see why.

One day, in the Kingdom of Lidia, lived a young girl, named Killam. Ever since she was young,
she had always wanted to go out on an adventure, but that never happened - her brother always had the fun. Meanwhile he was out of the kingdom fighting monsters, and collecting loot, she was stuck taking care of the family business.

"Varlum's Scrumptious Eatery", was the sign hanged over the edifice. Killam sighed - She wished that she could get out of her duties as soon as possible. Needless to say, this would come sooner than she would expect.

It was now 5:40 PM, only 20 more minutes till closing time. Her usual round of customers had already come and gone, and now she played the waiting game. To pass time, she would throw two dice, and then move some salt and pepper shakers according to her roll. She played the game for awhile.. it wasn't very enthralling - in fact, it bored her, but it was routine - just like the rest of her life.

*Ding Ding*

The door opened. Killam looked up to see a mysterious man, dressed in black, approaching her. She had never seen him before, but he did look a little familiar..

"Heya, Darling." He said. "Hook me up with my supper.."

Killam stared down on the floor..

"What's the matter?" He asked, a little impatient.

Killam kept silent - for some reason, she just couldn't move.

"Oh, I see.. So if you don't want to give me some service, I'll take some myself.."

Killam was shocked. The man grabbed her, and pulled her behind the counter. He tied her with some rope to a chair, and covered her mouth with tin foil.

"Sugar, I'm going to leave for awhile.. don't do anything stupid.. I wouldn't want to hurt your pretty face."

The man went outside. Killam tried to escape, but she couldn't get free. Hmm.. She thought - there must be some way to get out of here. She looked around. In front her, stood three items: Fish, Bread, and Chocolate. She would have to use these three items to escape.

Boldly, Killam forced her weight to one side, causing the chair to fall down. She grabbed the fish with her mouth, and swung it to and from side to side. She was trying to get some attention from the outside. It worked! Scruffy, her dog, smelled the fish, and came inside the restaurant. On seeing Killam, Scruffy chewed through the rope. Killam was free.

Now to get out as to not attract attention from the man dressed in black - he could be anywhere outside. Killam had an idea. She took the bread and chocolate, and stood by the door. She waited a few minutes, until she heard someone approaching. She placed the chocolate in front of the door.

The mysterious man walked through the door and noticed the chocolate on the floor. He bent down to pick it up. Now was Killam's chance. He took her hard bread and hit the man on the head. He fell unconscious.

Killam reported the man to the local enforcement agency, and they took care of the rest. The man in black was a serial killer, whom the agency was after for a long time.

Killam now knew that adventure is not always a good thing. In fact, she was now happy to have her post in the store - uncertainty and danger are not her specialty.

All significant spelling errors were corrected…by me in this one. Otherwise, I enjoyed this story. It had an interesting moral at the end, and there was even character development!

Secondly, comes my story. Some of you probably read it in #gamemaker when I accidentally posted it…anyway, it is titled Bron the Shot Putter

It was a blissful day when Bron awoke in his hammock tied between two pineapple trees. The sun was shining brightly, baking his skin slowly. As he sat up and opened his eyes, he felt the cool wind blow past his face. Then came the sound of a diesel blasting its horn, only several feet from him.

Bron’s hammock flipped over as he lost balance, due to the shock of waking up to a diesel horn. He landed on his face, in the soft dirt. His white clothes were covered in the dust, and no matter how hard he tried to wipe it off, it was still clearly visible. As he stood up, he looked down the road to see what was the cause of all the commotion.

Several children across the street, running alongside the highway were throwing their arms in the air, begging for truck drivers to blast their horns.

His head ached with severe pain. “Where was I last night?” he asked himself. Suddenly, like a brick falling on his head, which is what actually happened the night before, he remembered. “Those pesky construction workers,” he said. But there was more to the story than he thought. For Bron had been out all night drinking with a group of strangers.

As he looked back at his hammock, he noticed the red brick, lying beneath it. He immediately picked it up and threw it in a random direction, which just happened to be towards the highway. Like a brick flying through the air, which is what it was, it soared across several lanes, over the grassy medium, over the next set of lanes, and directly into the face of one of the screaming children.

Bron stared in disbelief, unsure of what to do. All he could think of doing was running, but he was too stunned to do even that. The cries of the other children as they ran towards the injured child struck even more bewilderment in him. “I just threw a brick over an entire highway!” he cried as he jumped with glee. “I should join the shot put team!”

He turned around and walked with pride across the grass, past the trees the hammock was strung between. He walked with his head held high through the city, ignoring traffic along the way, even if the drivers had to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting him. He walked until finally, he was in front of the city stadium, where the Olympic tryouts just happened to be taking place that day.

With the amount of force he used to throw the brick, he thrust the door open, breaking it off the hinges. The door swung open, and struggled to fall over. It wobbled for a moment, with only half a hinge still holding it in place, but eventually the weight of the door broke it. The door fell to the floor and the glass panes within the frame shattered upon impact.

By the time the door’s destiny had been met, Bron was already up the stairs, on his way to join the shot put team, if there was one.

“I’m sorry, the shot put team no longer exists in this country,” the woman at the reception desk said after Bron told her his story.

“You’re kidding!” he yelled.

“No,” she said with a sarcastic tone, “I’m not.” She reached beneath her small desk and pulled a small object, wrapped in tin foil and set it on the desk. “For your hard work, here’s a chocolate bar,” she said with no enthusiasm.

Bron snapped it off the desk quickly and turned around, and headed towards the stairs. “There has to be somewhere I can play this game,” he said to himself. “I’d be the best there ever was at it!”

And so, for the next seventeen years, Bron searched the city to see if he could find a team. But as he neared the first month of the seventeenth year, he realized that there was more to the world than just the city. He decided to search elsewhere.

With a hefty beard and worn and torn clothes, Bron walked along the highway, with his thumb sticking out. It had been seventeen years since he had been here, where he discovered his abilities.

After several hours, he was beginning to lose hope. As he lowered his thumb, he began to turn away from the highway, when suddenly, a bus pulled up behind him. A man poked his head out the door and yelled, “need a ride, buddy?”

Bron whirled around and saw the bus, and couldn’t have been happier. Along the side of the bus were the words “The Atlantis Shot Put Team”.

“Yes!” he cried as he ran towards the bus. The door opened for him, and he quickly ran up the steps to see his team. Of course, the Atlantis Shot Put Team only had one other player, so there was only one passenger on the bus. A tear dripped from Bron’s eye as he sat down next to the man. “Hello,” he managed to say.

“What brings you here?” the man asked.

“I’ve been trying to get on the shot put team for years, but there is no shot put team in this city. So I decided to search elsewhere. Of course, I haven’t seen my family or friends for seventeen years, but I have what it takes.”

“And I’m sure you’ve been doing a lot of training for it too,” the man said.

“Training?” Bron asked. He had never even though about that. He had forgotten to train for all these years. But he didn’t lose hope, or his ego, “I need not to train!” he said. “I am the best there is, and I shall never be defeated!”

The other shot putter looked at Bron as if he were the most idiotic person alive. “Right,” he said. “Let’s go then. We still have another year before the Olympics begin in the great city of Atlantis.”

For several months, the bus drove around the world, until it finally came to a stop at the great city of Atlantis.

“Here we are,” the man said. As soon as the door opened he rushed out, unzipped his pants, and stood behind a tree.

Bron slowly walked out, and was blinded by the bright lights. He hadn’t seen the sun for months, since the bus’s windows were tinted. But as soon as his vision cleared, he could see what he was waiting for all these years: the Olympic stadium in which he would be competing.

“I’m here!” he cried as he fell to his knees.

The other man, who still hadn’t mentioned his name, took Bron by the hand and pulled him towards the stadium, where the competition to find out who would be the representative for the Atlantis Shot Put team. Thousands of people cheered as Bron and the other man stepped onto the playing field, where several heavy led balls lay on the ground.

“Led balls?” Bron asked. “I thought we were throwing bricks!”

“Have you even ever thrown a led ball?” the other man asked.

“Of course!” Bron cried, even though he was lying.

The other man reached down for his ball, positioned himself to throw it, and heaved the ball hundreds of yards across the playing field. The ball smashed into the ground, leaving a wide crater. “Two hundred, twenty yards!” Bron heard over the megaphones. “It is a new world record!”

Bron reached down for his ball, but not before remembering his chocolate bar in his pocket pants. He pulled it out, but the chocolate smeared his hands, and the tin foil was sharp enough to slice his fingers a bit. His hand was injured, but he couldn’t let anyone know. He reached down for the ball, positioned himself to throw it, just like the other guy did, and thrusted it forwards with every bit of strength he had.

Just before he released it, he noticed a giant fish running around in the field. The fish was the mascot for the Atlantis Shot Put team, but it was enough to distract Bron. The ball slipped from his fingers, and soared over the field until it was roughly three yards from Bron, and it landed softly in the ground.

“Two point seven yards,” the megaphones said. Bron heard the laughing from the thousands of people in the stands. The game was over, and Bron had lost miserably.

“I need to go home to my family,” Bron said quietly.

The other guy put his hand on Bron’s shoulder and smiled, “look, you did your best, which, well was pretty bad. But here, you deserve this,” the man reached into his pocket and pulled his bread medal that he earned when he won a competition in the Olympics many years before. “This is the bread medal. I haven’t eaten it yet, but you can.”

Bron took the bread with a smile and turned away from the other guy. “Thank you,” he said as he looked closely at the poorly-made designs on it. But when he turned around, the other man was gone. All that remained was a puff of smoke. “I made it,” he said. “I achieved my goal.”

Usually, I don’t write short stories, which is why this ended up being so…random. I won’t rate my story, but I will say that it’s the best short story I’ve ever written. I know, it’s not saying much, but I’m more into writing novels. This was a very fun experience though.

Next, we have a story from Dn7, which has the interesting title of: The Dildofish.

The Beginning.

In times way back then, even before the invention of tin foil, there were fish. Those fish once roamed the seas for thousands and thousands of years... However, this once so mighty civilization of fish came to an end quickly when the dildofish (hence it's shape) started experimenting with the arts of baking. This story is about the father of all mammals,

The Dildofish.
It was 1000 BD (Before Dildofish), the fish got bored by swimming and tried to create some sort of a game. This game first had sexual intentions, but later on, it logically became baking orientated. Baking was a hard and dangerous thing to do when you live under water, but that's why it was so fun. You had dildolators (fish-like gladiators) which would sacrifice their lives just to bake bread. Why it was so dangerous? Well, because you can't bake bread under water (hence the water), the fish had to go on shore, if the fish stayed too long, the fish would die, so that's why! So one day, 2 fish were baking bread, and it went totally wrong. "The dildofish" (we do not know it's name, it's like God) was having a swim along the arena and suddenly felt like taking a walk. Then, "God knows what magic" gave him chocolate feet, and "The Dildofish" found out it could walk with no problems at all! (hence the feet). However, the flare of the sun blinded his smallish eyes and he fell against a piece of bread. Then, this bread fell in the ocean and absorbed all the water in the ocean. Quickly, all fish died except for The Dildofish.

All there was left was The Dildofish with his feet and the water soaked piece of bread. The Dildofish quickly realized it did not want to live a life without any other fish. So he ate his chocolate legs and died in the sun (hence the heat and lack of water).

Then, "God knows what magic" made the fish rot, but the tin foil like skin remained. The rotting made all kind of terrible and obscure bacteria appear, and poof, the human was evolved (hence human are terrible and obscure). Then, when the human was finally there, the first thing it found was the silver thin foil skin of the rotten dildofish. This was the first invention of men; tin foil! Later, men would use this invention to preserve chocolate and pack bread with.

The End (hence there's nothing to say anymore).

So that’s how we came to be. Now we can rewrite the Bible! Or, not. Anyway, this was written in a very interesting way, and used the words in a way I never really expected to see, but it worked. But, I asked for a wide variety of writing styles and skills, and this encyclopedia-esque story definitely increases the range.

Next is ATARI’s [exceptionally long] short story, titled The Fallen.

Andy Garreth looked out of his office window and the city of Sumicfield CA. He found proud of himself, and as if he had all the power in the world. Andy was the new CEO of the game making company, Gizzard Productions. It was his first day on the job, and he was already working to improve things for the company. The last for years of Gizzard Productions was terrible. They weren’t able to make any commercially viable games, and they still hadn’t, until the old CEO got sick of the job, and handed the job to his mailman, Andy Garreth. It was 5PM, and the day was over for Andy. He left work, and drove to his house in his newly acquired Cadillac. He turned on the ignition, and drove for an hour until he got to his house.
Andy was unmarried, and did not have a girlfriend, and his family lived across the sea in Australia. (He had moved to America to get away from them.) so he was surprised when he opened the door to see a person in his kitchen. He stepped inside.
“Uh... why are you in my house?” Andy questioned. The person stood up from the table. He wore a mask, and a dark black hood with blue jeans.

“Get on the ground,” He said.


“Get on the ground,” the man repeated once more, pulling out a .38 Chief’s Special handgun. Obliging to the situation, Andy went on the ground.

“What is this about?” Andy asked.

“Shut up and stay on the ground!” the masked man replied.


“You heard what I said!” Andy was silent. The masked man then walked through the kitchen, pointing the gun at Andy. “Don’t make any moves, or your dead,” the masked man told him. The masked man the proceeded to strike a match, and put it on the wooden floor. Then the masked man bent down and said to Andy, “This for everyone you took away from me.” He then pulled out a small container of gasoline he had put in the house. “My life has been over for a long time, but now your coming with me to burn.”
“You wouldn’t actually do this.,” Andy said.

The masked man stood up, and went to the wall, taking down a fish which Andy has caught on a fishing trip when he was 18 years old with his father. The man then pointed the .38 at the fish and shot it. He then said to Andy, “I could shoot you now, but fire is so much more fun.” He stomped out the match, and opened the container of gasoline. He poured it all over Andy, the kitchen floor, and the remaining on himself. He then struck a match, and threw it down. The floor was filled with fire, with Andy and the masked man in it. As the flames engulfed the room, the masked man laughed and laughed. Within an hour, the small house had been engulfed by the flames. The only remains of the masked man, and Andy was small pieces of ash.

A cold numbness shifted throughout Andy’s body. He opened his eyes. He knew he was dead, and was confused by the feeling of life around him. He looked around the room, and saw a few people in white uniforms. The first thought that came to Andy’s mind was that they were angels.
“Am I dead?” Andy asked. “Is this where the dead go?”

“Not usually,” came a reply from one of the people in white. “You aren’t dead. You are in the future 200 years from where you come from.”


“You and a man named Daryl Martel were consumed in a large house fire that burnt down your house, and eventually set many other houses on fire. The fire killed out 50 people total.”

“Is this supposed to be a joke?” Andy asked.

“Do you want it to be a joke?” came a reply.

“Not really.”


“Where am I though?”

“The U.T.T.F. United Time Travel Facility.”

“Time travel? I guess that explains how I got to the future.”

“It sure does,” came the reply.

“Why am I here though? Are you trying to make me alter the past to change the future? I’ve already seen this episode of the Twilight Zone.”

“This isn’t the Twilight Zone.”

“Sure it is. The guy goes back into history, tries to take down Hitler, prevent the bombing of Hiroshima. Don’t you know that he failed and ending up going to the past to live?”

“I don’t watch the Twilight Zone.” Replied the man in white who had been talking to Andy. “My name is Evan. We managed to go back in history, and capture you before we were actually killed.”

“Why? 50 people isn’t that many,” Andy said.

“No, but 20 million is.”


“Did you know that your next door neighbors, Gerald and Lucy Edwards
both are undercover FBI agents, investigating a strange mutation in people?”

“And let me guess!” Andy said sarcastically, “Chicken’s eat Tin Foil for dinner, and my car is secretly a bomb.”

“Don’t get sassy,” Evan said.

“I’m not getting sassy.”

“Anyway, they had discovered that mutations, were not mutations at all, they were aliens.”

“I’m still confused about these mutations,” Andy replied.

“These mutations...,” Evan said, “There were about 100 people with strange arms and legs. Like, they were odd colors, or longer than there other arm..., things like that..., yeah. So the FBI sent some agents to check it out. They killed one, did an autopsy, and found nothing human in them at all.”

“Making them aliens?” Andy asked.

“Yes. Did you remember any attacks on people recently?”

“What? In my past?”


“Well, there were a few, about strange attacks that couldn’t be explained. I wasn’t suprised.”


“I guess so.”

“They found that 75 of the alien people...,”

“How did they discover that?”

“...they had a list of all the people suspected of being alien..., well, 75 of them worked at Gizzard Productions.”

“That’s where I work!”

“You’ve worked there for day. What does Gizzard have to do with anything though?”

“You know the history of Gizzard Productions?” Evan asked.

“Not really. I’m just a garbag eman, who got hired on the street.”

“The history of Gizzard will explain why you got hired on the street, previously being a garbage man with no experience in running a business or anything of the sort.”


“Shut up. Anyway, 2 CEO’s ago, about seven years ago actually, before Gizzard stopped making commercial quality games, the old CEO, Barry McDuggle, died a strange death. Unexplainable. The only explanation that they could come up with was that he was zapped by a strong energy field.”

“Like a Phaser?”

“Whatever you would call it.”


“Anyway, they suspected that the person that killed Barry McDuggle was his neighbor, Tim Smith, mainly because they hated each other so much. Anyway, the next day they went to Tim’s house, knocked on the door. He wasn’t home, but they saw through a window the body of a strange alien looking creature with a strange black object in it’s hand. They found a driver’s license on the body, belonging to Tim, as if to say, ‘This is Tim Smith,’ or something like that. They found the same cause of death, large energy beam. The black object in his hand, was what police thought might be a weapon.”

“A phaser.”

“You watch to much television.”

“I’m a garbage man.”

“What is that supposed to mean. Shut up and listen. Anyway, the next CEO, Tessa Gerring, was contacted by the FBI, to report anything strange to them. About a year later, right before the company started to go downhill, she discovered a strange part in the building. It was identified to possibly be a regeneration chamber, used by these aliens. Anyway, they managed to compile the fact that these were indeed aliens, and how to destroy them. Unfortunately, Tessa had to retire soon, before she was killed by the aliens. She gave the job to her garbage man, you, hoping you would ruin the company. The information was going to be sent to the Military, but they were burned down because of our little friend Martel.”

“So you want me to go back in time to the day where I “died” and negotiate things with Daryl or something?” Andy asked.

“No. You’re going to fix what you did to his family.”

“I never did anything to his family.”

“You killed his parents, raped and killed his sister, drowned his two brothers, burned down all their possessions.”

“I never did any of that!” Andy yelled.

“You did.”

“NO!” Andy shouted. He stood up.

“You don’t remember it, because you were being controlled.”


“The aliens were controlling you.”


“They knew what was going to happen if they made it what they made it.”

“Still, that would alter my future, and I would remember doing that stuff.”

“Not if they brainwashed you.”

“Oh please no!”

“Yes. You’re going back in time to kill that alien that brainwashed you.”

“Why can’t you do it?”

“Because, that alien is Bobby Laude.”

“My best friend?! Big Buck Bob?”

“He was an alien, as was, and always will be. You’re with us. You’re teaming up with the United Military Personal to destroy him.” Evan led Andy into a nearby room and got him dressed and ready. “We are sending you with 5 other people. You’re mission is to kill Bob. No exceptions.”

“I can’t believe this.”

“You must. Or would you rather at 20 million people die at your
hands. The blood would be on your palm.”

“Fine.” Andy replied, still in disgust.

“Take this.”

“What? This is an AK-47! Surely you have something more powerful that this by now!”

“You don’t need to draw too much attention to yourself!” Evan
said. “Do, and your dead.”

“Shut up.” Evan smiled.

“Listen. Put this on.” Evan said, handing him a big loafy vest. Andy
put it on.

“I feel like I’m wearing a loaf of bread with this thing on!” Andy

“:P” Replied Evan. “Anyway, aim for the gut. That’s where the heart is. No head shots.”

Andy held his AK-47 with his right hand, and looked behind him and saw two military personal carrying MP-5 Submachine guns, and three in front of of him, carrying AK-47’s as well. It was the dead of night, and they were going to simply raid Bobby’s house. Andy did not want to go through with it, but he knew that 15 million people were counting on him. He was the only one where Bobby’s house was, and where they would most likely find him if he wasn’t at his house. There was no traffic in the street. They all crossed silently to Fourth Street, a block away from Bobby’s house. They then ran quickly until they saw the large house, Bobby’s House. Bobby’s father was a millionaire who won the lottery, allowing the Laude’s to get a huge mansion. Andy had been in many times, but he didn’t know if anything had changed. He’d been over in the area, but hadn’t been in the house for five years. They went up to the door. The young woman behind Andy held a lockpick. Andy tried to open the door. It was unlocked. Silently the opened, snuck in, and closed the door. The waved their guns around, looking for anything that moved. They didn’t have to worry about killing any of Bobby’s friends or family, because they were all dead, except for Andy of course.

“He’s not in this room,” The man in front of Andy whispered.

“All clear,” Andy whispered to the two behind him. “Let’s go to his room.” The climbed a path of winding stairs, looking for any signs of movement that were not their own. They came up to the bedroom door, which was closed. They heard a faint whispering sound, almost like snoring. One of the men in front of Andy quietly opened the door. They flashed a light in the room, and saw Bobby in bed, with strange green markings on the side.

“Regeneration pod,” the woman behind Andy whispered to him.

“How do you know this?” he whispered back.

“We’ve already made contact with the aliens. We upset them, and that is why the went into the past and decided to attack us.”

The man in front of Andy raised his gun and pointed it at Bobby. All of a sudden there was a jerk from Bobby’s body, and he got out of his “bed.”

“What is THIS!?” Bobby asked! “Andy! What are you doing here!? What’s with the guns?! Are you going to kill me?”

“To save 15 million people, I might,” Andy said back. Bobby picked up a black object beside him.

“It’s a Vesper Energy Weapon,” whispered one of the men.

“You mean a phaser?”

Bobby picked up the phaser and fired on the man in front. He fell down, with blood all over himself. The two men, the woman, and Andy fired their weapons on Bobby. Bobby fell over, and started to stand up again. He then rushed in and tackled Andy. He quickly fired his phaser on the other three military personal. There was blood and the smell of the dead all over the room. Andy kicked Bobby in the chest. Bobby grabbed his foot and threw him against the wall, and then charged and tackled him again. Andy grabbed Bobby’s arm, and kicked him hard into the wall. He then head-butted him in the stomach. Bobby groaned, and quickly kicked Andy in the face. Andy felt two of his teeth fall out. Andy quickly fired his weapon on Bobby. Two of the shots hit Bobby in the stomach. Bobby fell over, blue blood squirting from his mouth.

“I never... liked you.” Bobby groaned.

“I know.” Andy said. Aiming the weapon.

“It was all to control you. For the future of the Androsseans.”

“No future now.” Andy said. He fired the weapon. A determined
Bobby Laude jumped on top of Andy, punching him in the chest and face with all his strength. Andy felt blood dripping from his broken nose. Andy grabbed Bobby’s arm and flung him into the dresser. Bobby groaned but then jumped up once more. Andy picked up the fallen phaser, and aimed at Bobby.

“Farewell.” Andy fired. Bobby fell to the ground, with bluish blood squirting from all over. Andy said a small goodbye to his fake friend, and ran to see if the others were okay. The young woman was breathing, and two of the men had pulses, the third had died instantly.

Five hours later, after traveling back into time, to when he was coming home from work, exhausted about what had happened during the day. He thought about Bobby, and how everything was fake. He slowly pulled into his two-car-garage and opened the door. No one was inside. Andy smiled and got into his car again. He decided to go out get a burger and a chocolate milkshake, instead of waiting, in case Daryl somehow appeared again.

The End.

Although it didn’t really follow the rules of using the five words significantly in the story, leaving this one out would have been mean. ATARI mentions, however, that he wrote the story in thirty minutes. This was an interesting story with a strange plot that went over my head until I reread parts several times. Anyway, poor Andy…

Fourthly, is Humigotchi’s story, which I titled Two Idiots…you’ll see why.

Once upon a time there were two complete and udder idiots.
They couldn't add up 2 + 2, or spell two in the first place.
But one thing they loved was Games.
Video games, Board Games, PC Games, word games, and every game ever.
Okay, so they didn't like word games, or X Box games, because they basically aren't good in any way.

But one day, as Greg and Scott were coming home to their apartment, they found all their games gone!
Their game systems too!
They looked everywhere, the kitchen, the bathroom, well yah that’s about it.

"Well I found some old tin foil."
Scott proclaimed.

"So no games huh?"

Greg responded.

There was a long silence.


"So you want to play GameCube?"
Scott asked


They skipped along the short path to their den while whistling follow the yellow brick road.

"Oh man, I just realized......"
Greg said


"We never play games without our lucky fish of doom, we always kill the most awesome baddies in Windwaker while shaking the fish at them.

"You are so totally right"
Scott said.

So they went to the kitchen and got the fish, it was wrapped in tin foil, which is also a word excessively used in this story.

When they came back they found the games weren't there, but they figured out they already knew that and went to the mall to play games at the local EB.

They didn't know an evil man was there.

They got the front desk at the EB.

"So we need, some games..."
Scott said to the EB employee.

"I'm talking all the games we had"

The employee had a weird look on his face.

"Dude, I don't know what games you had man, you could have had "The attack of the bread warriors" for all I know."

Greg bumped in.

Scott bumped in too.
"I was better, [I am a bigot], or "Super Bread Warriors Magnificento Max" "

Just then, an Evil Chocolate peddler bumped Scott’s head and made him bleed, they both died afterward.

The End

No, it wasn’t quite as long as the others, nor did it have much of a plot, but there was a deeper meaning in this story…you just have to look for it. Anyway, the Story Thingy was created to allow both amateur writers, as well as non-writers to participate to show a wide variety of writing styles, skills, etc.

Anyway, the last story was written by MasterDarkNinja called Bill the Chef.

Bill was just another person living in the town of Saradush, however he was well known for making the worst foods of all times. Bill had tried to be a chef in the past but had burnt and messed up every single piece of food that he tried to cook, even ones with the simplest ways to cook such as putting it in the oven for a certain amount of time.

Bill had tried to save his job as a chef by trying to make a new food to present to his boss to sell, he tried to make a chocolate pizza but he burnt the pizza and the chocolate melted in the oven. So Bill tried other foods with chocolate such as chocolate salads but those failed to and when his boss got back from a game tournament he fired Bill.

Weeks later Bill was in his home playing some 1 player card games by himself when someone knocked on his door, Bill answered the door and saw it was his old school friend Sam.

"Hello Sam what do you want" asked Bill.

"Hey Bill did you hear about the weird food contest" replied Sam.

"No tell me about it" Bill said, now starting to get quite interested.

"Well you see the mayor got bored so he made this weird food contest." said Sam. "The contest is to make the worst tasting piece of food ever, but you've got to use only edible stuff. You can do stuff like burn your food throw in a ton of sugar or salt, it's gonna be a weird contest, you should enter it Bill since he has a 500 dollar prize to the winner."

"Wow Saradush finally has a contest that I can win based on what happened when I was a chef, I'll go make something right now" said Bill eagerly.

Sam left and then Bill went to the kitchen and got right to work at trying to make the worst tasting piece of food ever, first he got some Bread and Fish out and then he chopped up the fish and put bits of it in the bread and tried to make a bad sandwich. The sandwich still tasted pretty good though so his first attempt had failed.

Next he tried to make his old chocolate pizza but this time it came out unburned and unmelted and actually tasted good, Bill couldn't believe it. Bill tried a third time by burning a whole loaf of bread and then putting some chocolate in the oven to melt it and putting some melted chocolate on the bread. Then he threw some pieces of a burned fish on the chocolate and finished two sandwiches of his creation and he tasted one of them. It tasted horrible at last.

Bill then ran out to buy some Tin Foil and wrapped up his bad food in the Tin Foil and stored it in a cupboard for the contest day. One week later he later he brought his stale and burnt food to the contest. When the judge looked at his food he asked Bill just what kind of food he was trying to create from it.

"Oh I was just trying to make the worst piece of food ever since that's what the contest was" replied Bill.

"What are you some kind of a bad joker? The contest isn't to make the worst piece of food ever it's to make the best tasting new food ever" said the angry mayor.

"Hey Sam lied to me then" roared Bill as he started to look for Sam, he found Sam close by and asked him why that he lied to him about what the contest was.

"Well I thought that you'd know that it was a joke man, and if you didn't I figured that you might actually manage to make something that tastes good for once" said Sam nervously.

Bill angrily left the contest and went back to his house to continue his card game without knowing who won or waiting for him to be disqualified for bring in a burnt piece of a food that's supposed to taste bad.

An interesting story by MasterDarkNinja, which I actually enjoyed. The moral to the story is: things never go the way you want them to. Ever. Well, that’s at least what I gathered from it. So remember, no matter how hard you try, you will always fail…or you will succeed, and it will turn out you succeeded for the wrong purpose, and in the end, you failed.

Well, that wraps it up for the very first Staff Story Exchange. Eventually, this will be known as the GamingWorld Short Story Exchange (GSSE), but for now, only the staff may participate. You can, however, help out by contributing nouns (and other things later on). Right now, these are the rules, but there will be future Exchanges with different rules that will be quite challenging.

Please, don’t ask me if you can participate unless you are staff. I will not accept any submissions, nor will I post them in future articles. Until the rules are set, and all the loopholes are worked out, this will remain a staff event.

I will be willing to accept ideas though. These are the default rules for SSE’s in case I forgot to come up with something original. Otherwise, there will be an interesting twist in every issue.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed making it. People have been very supportive with this event. Lastly, I would like to thank Mateui for the general idea for this, and allowing me to host and write it.

Alright, this article is friggin’ long enough. I’m going to end it here. This ended up being 14 and a half pages on Word, and that was before adding in all the HTML tags. And…rock on.

FINAL EDIT: I wrote this article roughly four months ago, so some information is changed/wrong. The current SSE accepts all members. I just don’t feel like going back and fixing it.