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Article - 'Basic Html' by Fighter

An item about Miscellanious posted on Jan 18, 2004


Yes, just the beginning.


Html for Idiots (Like Cless) V.1

I am not using technical turns for one the two reasons.

A) I am too busy rushing through this.

B) I forget.

C) I'm trying to keep is easy, if they want the technical terms, I'll make a technical addition.

Okay, as you know by now, html is the basic, and slightly more advance, but nonetheless easy, way of making sites that don’t use the annoying sitebuilders. It is easy to use and learn, and will get you on your way to make much more customizable sites, in no time!

Random Question:

What does html mean?

Html means hypertext markup language.

Okay, now off to the first lesson, TAGS, tags are what make up html, they are made like this <> with a sort of command typed in the center. Most tags must be closed by doing but putting the command name after the /. So, I’ll give you the basic tags, without further ado.

Image: (needs no ending tag)

Linking: Insert the phrase people can click here.

Must haves: and end with Body of page.


different font
Okay, that was extremely broad, and misleading as those tags can through you off unless used properly, but first, about to space.

Html is weird, it won’t go down a line when pressing enter if you view it with IE or any other browser, so here’s how you do that, use the
tag which needs no ending, and will create a space. Use the
tag in the fashion as the
take, but it just adds a line break or a vertical line across the screen.

Special Tags:

Bold Text

Now that you have a basic idea of tags and the like, time to jump back up about 30 lines to those various tags. With an tag, there is nothing to show a link to the picture, so inside the tag you add a space and an src=”insertlinkhere” so it would like the src query thing is a local finder, so you can link into local things, meaning folders that are in the same directory of your webspace without adding the whole your As for the tag, you must add a href piece, which bears the same attributes as the src piece I explained about earlier, it too can link to local directory. So, it would be click here

No isn’t that easy? Of course it is, and this the end of part one, you are already well on your way, but I’ll give you a few useful tags first.

Puts text in center

I am changed font, whee.
This is a marquee, test it out yourself.(only in IE)

You have the basics, so open up notepad, and get testing, also, save it as a .html after it for these to work, and open in IE or your favorite web browser for it to work.