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Article - 'Web Layouts Part 3 The Layout' by Fighter

An item about Miscellanious posted on Jan 18, 2004


The last part of a 3 part series made to help create a site.


So, you know the basics, and you know what to do with interaction, but what about the layout itself? Layouts aren't exactly needed, but it'll taking your website the extra mile if executed correctly. However, layouts can also be poorly done, and there's nothing worse than rummaging through a mess of links and wrongfully placed pictures.

First things first, what a layout should have:

-Organization, generally links on one side, content on the other.
-Style, sometimes if you add your own unique touch, it'll make the site a lot more enjoyable to browse through. By style, I mean theme.
-Compatibility, test and arrange so that the site works on different browsers, resolutions, etc. other than the ones you use.
-Staying Healthy With Images, that sounded odd, but what I mean by that is don't overdo the site with fancy images and the like. Not everyone can fork out the big bucks to get high speed internet each month!
-Start Simple, don't strive for something huge, just keep it simple.

Ways of Making The Layout:

There's many ways to make a layout, and piecing it together. As you know, there's fancy image editors and the like, or you could just make the site with pure html, no fancy images, nothing.

-Photoshop, Paintshop: Two great image editing software titles. If you want to make a fancy layout, look no further. Just don't go overboard with the images.
-Flash: Great for making dynamic sites, games while loading..etc. It has its own scripting language(I think), so you have to read up. Flash, to my knowledge, is not an image editor!
Html/Web Site Building: You'll have to use html one way or anything, so you better get used to it. However, what I'm referring to with html is by skipping all of the fancy graphics, and blending colors and the like together.

In that part, I simply listed a few ways, I didn't list pros or cons for a reason, it's all based on your preferences.

Piecing a Layout Together:

Layouts can be tough to make for a site, but assuming you're done, you're not out of the woods yet because you have to tie it in with the site.

Here are some things that make a site easy on the eyes:

-Try blending colors together, different shades, even patterns!
-Make sure the layout doesn't clash with the content any, ensure that there's enough space.
-Once again, don't make it too complicated if it's your firsts shot at a site.
-Keep it this article is so repetitive.

Although this article didn't explain too much, you probably got the picture from previous articles. Although this article add some purpose, if any, the moral is KEEP IT SIMPLE AND ORGANIZED. Just don't strive for too much.

This is Fighter, out.