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Article - 'The Life and Times of GW' by Mateui

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A Look Back.


The Life & Times of GW: A Look Back
By: Mateui & Andiaz

GW – A Sprawling Metropolis

Hello, and welcome to “The Life & Times of GW: A Look Back.” Mateui and Andiaz here, to take a look to the past, present, and future of GW. We’ll explore such topics as Fads, Games, Staff and Mods, and who knows what else!

Get ready, you’re about to receive a history lesson. (And it’s huge, ultra huge!)

Fads of the Past:

Believe it or not, GW fads are like fashion, they seem to change every month. GW has been through a lot of fads, many of them involving avatars, or signatures, while others changed the lingo spoken in the forums.

I’ve tried to document as many fads as possible.. getting visual aid when needed. Excuse me if they’re not all in the right order, it’s pretty hard to note who started the fad and when, but I tried to make it as chronological as possible.

So take a train to the past.. and remember the fads that were swinging months ago.

The Gnomes:
This fad was huge in the summer of 2002. It involved placing an animated gnome creature into your signature or avatar. This gnome would walking endlessly. Many members who tried to catch on the craze would ask for others to make them gnomes. I’m not really sure who started this fad, but the most prominent member of the Gnome Age (the whole period where the fad was popular) was definitely Rusty. (A past mod who left GW, and came back not to long ago.) Even though this fad is now left in the history books, Rusty still holds true to the Gnome legacy, and has not changed his avatar since.

The Blue Box Avatars:
This fad was popular for a while, but then it quickly faded into the past. The fad involved copying and pasting the blue boxes that you get when your post count rises, and placing them into your avatar. The fad started out with only blue boxes, but then others decided to change them to various other colours such as green, red, etc.

The Eastenders:
Aww, yes – the Eastenders. Participants would select a well-known character/actor/celebrity/person and would put them in their sig. The would then create a sentence/phrase that was funny and would end it with MATE! This fad also conjured anti-fads, such as the Anti-Eastenders, and Westenders.. apparently, it was a fad pertaining to your current location, either on the east or the west.

Mr. Y Avatars:
This fad involved changing one’s avatar to match that of Mr. Y’s, and then changing it a little – either changing some colour, editing the avatar’s facial features, etc. Also, to add another effect, usually, the member title was changed to a slogan involving Mr. Y.

“I’m the New Girl” Welcoming Posts:
What became as an innocent welcome post became something more. Some members would re-register as a new member, with a different name – something that would clearly state that they were female. They would then post a new topic, clearly saying something along the lines of “I’m the new girl..”. These topics became very popular with some male members making remarks about the girl, some telling this new girl to avoid certain perverted members and so-on. This fad however, has be mostly abolished with a strong moderator’s hand.

Community Games:
A community game is usually a comedic game, where the players of NPCs turn out to be members of the community. You just submit your charaset to the creator of the game, and they add you into the story, and you either have a major of minimal part. One major classic of a community game is entitled: Easy Mac (Created by Erave).

The Not(insert Username here) Fad:
This was not really a fad, but more of a joke played by some people (mostly mods and staff members). This fad involving registering a new member name, keeping your same name (or somebody else’s), but adding a Not, infront of it. (For example, my member name is “Mateui”. If I went along with the fad I would create a new member called “NotMateui” - or I would take somebody else’s name to confuse people.)

The creator of this fad, or the person who first registered a “Not” name, was Mekesss. Today, most of these Not names are not used.. (How ironic..), except one, that likes to go around the forums at times, and confuse some people.. NotBart.. (Although I won’t necessarily reveal the member behind this name.. Muahahahaha!)

Advice Topics:
“This Seventeen Year-Old Wants to Know!”

This fad origined from one topic which I believe was asking advice about sleeping with somebody. After that topic, other comedic ones were started, each involving the “This Seventeen Year-Old Wants to Know” slogan. Eventually, topics were sent to the Crap Shack, and eventually people forgot about this. (In other words, it was not funny anymore.)

GW Plushies:
One person, (forget who) decide to create GW Merchandise, in the form of plushies. They would make graphical plushies of some of the members of GW. (A plushie is like a teddy bear, but smaller..)

GW Pokémon Cards:
The GW Plushies also brought another fad into the forums – GW Pokémon Cards. One person would create a fake Pokémon card for some of the members at GW. Some would be hilarious, while other fake cards who be serious.

Here is an example: (I couldn’t find the original ones.. apparently, the topic no longer exists, so I created my own example.. ^_^!)

That’s all the fads that I gathered from the past. I’m sure that there are more that I’ve missed, but alas, I was probably not in the community at that time.

Fads of the Present:

So, what are the current fads at GW? Since I know that these will probably change by the time of this article’s release, I want everyone to note that this are the fads at the time of around: August 18, 2003.

GW Music Circles:
This fad involves taking the “Circle” image, and placing it in your signature. A music circle is a group of people who all enjoy the same kind of music, and show this by their signature. Members of the same Music Group have the same music group image signature, sometimes with a few edits, such as the name of the member, and other things such as ranks.

Some examples include:
- The Metal Circle
- The Rap Circle
- The Real Celine Circle
- The Real Metal Circle

Seriously, I don’t know how many of them exist – there are just too many to count..

GW Parties:

Ok. Mr. Y can explain this fad better than me, so here he is. (Quote taken from the Crap Shack topic)

Mr. Y: Gaming World has split into five parties! I personally lead the wise, correct people, but all you heathens can also take up arms with other groups.

This is where all the morally-bankrupt DON'T go. The SJP is led by me, Yolindo the Devoted, and we are on a mission to PURGE Gaming World of its strong homosexual ties and lack of faith. Also, Moriason will be BURNED AT A STAKE for his DARK RITUALS involving eating babies 'n' stuff.
Graphic stolen from

Urgh, a DARK REFUGE for the homosexuals, led by the nefarious Prince of Pink, Faucet. The Mantastics hope to further spread the GAY onto others for their own vile intentions of world domination. Either that, or they're all a bunch of men-loving sissies, I'm not quite certain.

You know, me and the SMAHP get along pretty well, as long as Pyrate the Traitor Against Jesus isn't their leader. I don't think they like the sodomites either, so we SJP should get along well enough with them, hopefully. However, they are still TOO conformed to society and its evils! Curse them!

RED ARMY PARTY – Alexander
At last, all those absurd underground GW communists have surfaced to take over this... ahem, DEMOCRACY, of GamingW. Alexander's mad iron hand that squeezed the forums for so long now longs to choke the life from his corrupt Gaming World. But, Saint Nick lived in Russia, so maybe I won't care!

A bunch of COONS trying to control GW? That's disastrous! Moriason isn't even black! Ah well. The JTP is for all the soul kitties wanting to make GW groove just right without all its bad-for-the-heart influences. I wonder how they will play out...
Graphic courtesy of

All party leaders are allowed and encouraged to edit their descriptions above.

To join any party, add its banner to your signature.

To leave a party, just remove the banner from your signature.

Speak with your party leader if you want titles or anything like that.

Please don't start ripping this off and starting a dozen crappy joke parties

Mateui: And that’s it!

GW Graphical Arts Sheep War:
Well, the war ended a few days ago, but since it is very recent, I am placing it in current fads. The conflict involved primarily two members – 4DSheep, and Grindie. As you can tell 4DSheep really admires and loves Sheep, so Grindie decided to play a little joke, you may say. What he did was draw a picture of himself killing some sheep. Well, 4DSheep was not pleased – So she decided to get even with Grindie, by creating some sheep warriors. The war erupted. What started as a one-on-one conflict began to involve other artists. A topic was started where members would choose what side they would defend.

As you may imagine, the Graphical Arts forum was now filling up with so many sheep topics, that even the new art moderator, Mr. Random, was getting annoyed. Eventually, too many sheep topics were everywhere, and 4DSheep and Grindie decided that they would not want to fight anymore. The war was over.

GW Graphical Art Battles:
The Graphical Arts forum does not stop there in current fads. While Art battles are not as overwhelming as the Sheep War, they are more prevalent. A Graphical Battle usually involves two artists drawing/spriting/creating a character which will then fight against the other artist’s character. A variety of battles have been formed, with various different rules. Some go on until one artist gives up, while others are judged by a point system.

GW Gnomes:
Could it be? Yes! A few days ago, Rusty announced that he was reviving the Gnomes! He succeeded in a way, some members decided to put a Gnome in their signature or Avatar.. but, still, the fad is not as large as it used to be. But still, kudos to Rusty for reviving something from a year ago – it’s a feat unseen in major communities.. Resurrecting a fad is no easy task.

Currently Listening to ... :
This fad is another one of those music fads which seem to be ever popular at this time. The participate in this fad, a user would place a signature which would have the name of a song written on it. This would show other members what song you were currently listening to. A little pointless – but aren’t all fads, like we’ve learned?

My Current Warning Level:
This fad is fairly new, and a couple of users employ this in their signatures. Basically, every user at GW has a warning level – if it gets too high, you get banned. Well, making this into a joke, some users make pictures of the warn boxes (they’re orange) and include a + and – sign. Press the – sign, the warning level goes down, press the + sign, it goes up.

Another method of this tricks you into clicking the + sign, where you automatically get signed out of GW.

It’s all in good fun.

Mateui: And there you have it! Some fads of today. Now onto another section.

Staff Members and Mods:
Being a fairly huge community, GW has it’s share of staff members and mods. And now, with GW5 this number has greatly expanded.

Below are some of the remarks and comments of the people running and maintaining this community many of us call home.

Fighter: I started gamemaking with playstation version of rpgmaker, in around late 2001, about a few months later, I was growing tired of it, and had frequently heard of rm2k or rpgmaker 2000, wondering what it was. So, I downloaded it myself and began to mess around. Once I learned the import function, I started searching the internet in hopes of resources and stumbled across gamingw in late July. I also visited other forums frequently. I started using instant messengers more, and started using the annoying AOL talk. It was mid november that I started visiting forums rather than mainsites, and I saw these forums for my first time. I joined almost joined then, but went off to do other things. Finally, I joined in January, and didn't contribute as much until late April. I have changed greatly over the months.

And about two months ago, I had a huge 5 or 6 article spree in one day, they were all eventually uploaded, and just recently MrY gave me an offer for staff, so I took it, and become hired.

Anyway, as a new staffer, I am writing articles a plenty and plan on working hard. I am honored in the position and stuff and most of my articles will focus towards presentation.

Mr. Y: Anyways, about myself. Here's a likkle biography for you to use. I hope everybody else will write these... >_<. I swear, I will be so saddened if I discover that everyone else writes a paragraph or two!

I started out at GW about a month after Moronison joined. Everybody seemed pretty hopped-up about my articles on story-writing back then, and I was happy because I got some attention. I asked Faust if I could be a moderator, and he hired me for the General Forums group. I was having a good time, but I ran out of ideas for article-writing. Fortunately, the Administrators were able to arrange a Resources job for me. I generally worked underneath both DarkPriest and Moriason. I didn't have much time to do massive 65-piece resource updates, so I often just remained unnoticed by adding 10 resources a day. I really enjoyed the forums a lot back then, and I posted a lot and did a lot of moderating. Sometime I was promoted to Global Moderator, too, and worked right next to RPGoddess and Alexander.

Well, one day in the future around December I noticed Lithium writing reviews for GW. It looked like simple, easy work. Also, it just so happened that some of the GWers from Team Foget had asked me to play a new game of theirs, Santas Sled Racing mark II. I really loved the game, and I wrote a nice long review for it. Although I preferred writing articles and tutorials, because they took much less time than reviewing, I was bankrupt on inspiration and needed work to do. So, I set about reviewing 2-3 games a week. I never really felt like any sort of famous reviewer known in all the gamemaking communities as a fair, unbiased reviewer that rated a tad too high, but I did work towards that sort of good image the whole time. I withdrew from Resources and the write-resources-write-articles balancing act, and was back at Content.

I kept working steadily at my reviews, sometimes going nuts and writing 6-8 quality reviews in single weeks. Just as Ryan had quit his unofficial Senior Editor position at GW, the current Senior Editor, lithium, quit his job too due to a lack of motivation, and KaosTenshi was promoted. I continued working on my reviews, but I steadily lost interest in the forums. This was partly due to my withdrawel from the forums because of my constant use of time on reviews, and this was also partly due to the fact that, after having written the Forum Documentation 1.0, I had been promoted to Forum Administrator for less than a day, then demoted again back to Global Moderator. I had felt very confused and angry, especially when different people gave me different reasons for my removal. Some made it personal, like I was not prepared for the job, while others told me it was all circumstancial. Feeling dissatisfied with how the forums seemed to be working at the time, I chose to focus less on them and more on my reviews, where I was making more progress. After continued hard work and a little bit of bugging Faust, I finally got what I wanted and was promoted to Senior Editor at last. Happy, I switched any of my attention still at the forums away to work. I continued reviewing, despite spending a lot more time busy with school or after-school activities.

After so much constant reviewing, I decided I was finished with it. I dropped my reviewing, and turned once again to article-writing. Having to write just one article a week relaxed me quite a bit, but I was now assuming more responsibilities as a staff member. I wrote the Forum Documentation 2.0 again mostly from scratch, sometimes borrowing some of the 1.0's material and altering to fit the new rules document. I spent about two-three weeks documenting all of the Content asides from Resources added to GW since the GW4 release in the Content Staff Records, and I also began loose work for the MDoc, another Doc file meant to teach the Forum Moderators. I had become determined again in working towards a promotion in the forums to Administrator.

At last, my hard work began to really pay off. I was contacted by Pyrate, and I agreed to work at the new GamingW IRC network as a Co-Administrator of the Remorse server. Faust also explained at about the same time that I was being promoted to Administrator of the Content cell when GW5 was finished, and he and the other Administrators began to actually defend me as an Administrator without a title when folks questioned my authority or wondered what my jobs were. Then just a few weeks ago, when things were moving along so smoothly, trouble struck the boat when both Alexander and Moriason, two long-time GW Administrators, quit on the same day. What surprised me even more than them leaving, however, was the fact that I was trusted with their old work. I was finally hired as a Forum Administrator, and I was very happy with myself and with the folks that promoted me. Not only that, but the Resources Cell that Moriason was supposed to run with GW5 was simply combined into my own Content Cell, which was already very massive with the GW5 plans for it that had been made.

Right now, I'm just trying to do my best and help out everybody. I try to solve others' problems for them, and I also try to please as many folks as I can. I'm still very grateful to all of the Administrators that have continued trusting me, and I don't want to let them down!

(Mateui: He sure likes talking about himself, doesn’t he? HeeHeeHee.. :D)

Xanqui: Well well well...stuff about me? I have plenty to say, but I'll keep it all related to GamingWorld.

First of all, I joined GamingWorld because I used to be a very active member of, until people started hating me for posting in the wrong forums (they're so poorly labeled). Well, they were linked to GW, so I figured I'd check it out. I loved it from the moment I joined. The people, resources, and games were all very exciting, and I knew that it was the perfect place for an asipiring writer like me...Well, somewhat.

I'm not much into making games, but I am working on one. I enjoy writing much more (in fact, I've been planning out a short story series for GW5). Currently, I am working on a series of nine novels titled The IUF Chronicles, which you can read about on my site,

But if I'm not much of a game maker, why am I now staff of GamingWorld, you ask? Well, as I said, I love to write. Article writing has become something I've really enjoyed since I joined. I love to read the comments people leave, and I enjoy helping people out with their storylines. The amount of creativity and imagination in GamingWorld is what attracts me to it. This is one of the few sites I have ever been able to truly relate to the people in.

For those of you who wish to become staff, I do have a little advice. Don't ask for it, be kind, do you what you can, never pretend you know everything, and pay attention to your English teacher. I really never asked to be staff, but then MrY asked if I'd like a job, so I said yes.

As for the future of me in GamingWorld; I don't intend to leave any time soon. This is the first major site I have ever become staff for, and I don't want to give it up. They tell me I should write two articles every two weeks, but I want to do more than that. I simply love to write, and now, after five years of teaching myself, the learning has paid off.

Something not really related to GW: I am currently in the process of writing a novel, which I've yet to title. I plan to have this published when I finish it, and I would like to thank GW for the support people have given me. Eh...go ahead and consider my articles as my thanks...yeah. I'm done talking about myself.


MasterDarkNinja: I joined GW a year ago after looking around the site and downloading some games for a couple of days and looking at the forums once in a while. At one point I started to review some games at GW for fun, I used to only review the games that I really liked and just say "this is a great game, download and play this game now" in my reviews. Now I review any game and it's a normal review split in different catagories of the game (graphics, gameplay ect).

I also started to post a lot in Games and Demos and download games there to play for fun and get ideas from for my own game. I then started to point out bugs and give tips to some people on how to improve their games in Games and Demos.

Then later on when I was a regular member at GW I was shocked when I was given an offer to be a moderator. I had thought that I'd never become a mod at a big site like GW, even if I was a good member that never really caused trouble and helped others out. And so I accepted the moderator offer. According to the PM date I've been a moderator at GW for about 8 months now, I'd say that usually its pretty easy being a moderator. However it really depends on just how active the forums are that you moderate, how often that trouble usually happens there, and how many other mods usually moderate the place for how difficult it is.

As for being a GW5 staffer what I'll be doing for those of you who don't know is this. I will be reviewing some games and I'm also going to be the assistant Game Adder. I was surprised that I got that position instead of a reviewer like it originally was going to be when I was chosen as a GW5 staff candidate. I guess that reviewing two or three games while waiting for them to make their decision about the GW5 staff paid off.

ATARI: Aprox. three years ago, I was looking for some charactersets, and discovered a sight called Rpg2knet. I got on and searched for the graphic I wanted, but didn't find it. So I looked into many other sites through affiliates. I eventually came here to GW. At the time, it was GamingWorld Version 3. Like the other sites, I searched for the graphic I wanted, and found something close to what I wanted. Impressed, I started coming to GW3 for all my graphic needs.

After about 3 months of doing so, I started reading the news, and reading the comments that was with them too. I started reading more and more GW news. After about 6 months of getting resources, and reading news, I decided I would try my hand at joining. I created an account, "Rabid-Toothbrush." Of course, I only posted about 3 posts total. I felt a little out of place, so I stopped posting, but I still keep coming to GW and read the news and such. (Of course, I didn't read the newses with [goat-censored] in them, thanks to DP's warnings. :D)

After a while, I noticed GW didn't seem to be there anymore. This was when GW was going to GW4, and I had become attached to GW in a strange way. I wasn't part of it, but yet I still wanted to get on to GW. So I waited until GW4 came out. For about another year I checked up on it, but never actually joined up with GW, or anything like that.

Finally, I decided to try again at joining. This was the second time I joined, and since “rabid-toothbrush” no longer existed, I went under a new name. “Super-Alfalfa.” (Who still exists here by the way.) I still felt I was a little out of place though, because I was a young little newbie, who wasn’t even in Junior High. I decided I would rejoin GW later, when I was older. I did a couple of posts with SA, but never got far at all.

About 3 months later, I struck again. This time I was more mature, and thought about using a more “serious” name. (I mean really, “rabid-toothbrush?” “super-alfalfa?”) Of course, I had no idea what usernames were being used at the time. I was thinking about something like “Assemble,” “Monotype,” “Head.” “Seven,” but before I any of those, I choose a name that I was positively sure had been taken. Without a doubt, I thought it would be one of the first registered names ever. (I had never viewed the forums, so I didn’t know how many people were actually at GW.) I wanted to see the screen that said, “This name as already been taken,” or something. So I typed in “ATARI.” In all capital letters. And ATARI became member #4267. I was stuck with the name. A name I liked.

My 1-200th, posts were on the GW mainsite. I have no idea where my first post was, but my 6th was in one of lithium’s posts, asking why I could get a working avatar. About that time, I decided to write a tutorial, I was curious to see if it was to get added, and I had always liked writing. So I wrote a tutorial on variables. It got added. So then I wrote another tutorial. It got added. I wrote a few more, and those got added. I didn’t think there was anything unusual about constantly writing tutorials. I had no idea how some certain people were really looking into my tutorials. I thought a whole lot of people were constantly writing tutorials.

I decided to try my hand at the forums. I had about 210 posts, so I figured I wouldn’t be total newb, so people wouldn’t treat me like a n00b. I started getting active in the community. By my 500th, posts, I hadn’t made any friends, but I recognized many people in the forums. So I pretty much stayed decently active, and wrote a lot of tutorials.

By my 600th posts, I discovered I had the most tutorials on GW. I was impressed, the only person near me was “blue-moggle.” Of course, I still wasn’t widely known on the forums, but I did get a couple mentions about my tutorials during the tutorial updates. (Sometimes “Hatricks,” as Faust called them.)
So I just stayed active, and wrote a couple tutorials, and I popped on IRC a few times.

In between the time of my 28th tutorial, and aprox 600 posts, I became involved with a lot more people, including a group of people that used the recordbreaker topic a lot. (This is where demonmist happened) After that, I didn’t get very active in forum discussions and such, until I wrote my 28th tutorial.

On my 28th tutorial, Bart posted this, asking me to join staff. I was pretty surprised, because becoming staff was the last thing I thought would happen to me. I, of course, did the obvious, and send Bart a PM, asking to join staff, and telling about myself. (Just like it says on the staff page! I followed directions.) I still have the PM saved if you want it. I never clean out my PM box.) Two days later, Bart PMed me back, saying that I was staff, and that I should do a couple to tutorials so when he gave me the stuff to post on the GW mainsite. PMes flew back and forth, and I officially became a GW staffer, and was the youngest of all GW4 staffers. I went back to being active in the forums, and started getting on IRC again.

The rest is history. Writing tutorials, and trying to help people understand.

Angroth: My tale is only a short one compared to many of the staffers and mods. It all began a long time ago (only about 1 and a half years) when I got hold of Rm95 and began making games. I got it from a website which is no longer existing.
Eventually, searching throught the affiliates I came across Rm2k, which was radically better. By this time I was making genuinely good games and visited websites often to get resources.

One day, searching the internet I found a website... Gaming World! One thing I noticed was how much better this sight was than the rest. I signed up to it just over a year ago in 2002 July as Angroth. For some reason I ended up ditching the account (password didnt work) so I rejoined as Borgoth. Only Borgoth was an odd account, It didnt post messages properly and didnt seem to work. Eventually the time came when I re-registered as Angroth which was exactly one year ago.

I saw the articles and tutorials and became fascinated with them, I also liked seeing interviews. So I decided to write an article myself one day, at the time I didn't think much of it but at the end of the week it was uploaded onto gaming world. Everyone thought the article was great and it really inspired me, especially for a first article. From then on I vowed to myself that I would try to get 100 articles onto the site. I also vowed myself to get interviewed because it was so cool.

So, time passed and every article I wrote got posted. I wrote more and more and before I knew it I was writing at least 3 each week. Upload updates would be mainly my own work. After short while i remember Bart mailing me and asking me if I wanted to be staff. I was so happy at the time and I greatly accepted

After this I kept posting into the submission box for some reason but eventually came around to my senses (thanx Faust) and began uploading like a proper staffer and not some n00b hybrid.

So, up until very recently I had been posting article upon article, some tutorials and the odd review. Most of my articles people enjoy, some people love and a few people think don't particularly like, but I have never had any horrendous reactions from my writing.

After 2 weeks of hollowing out with only 1 peice of writing im now back on track, slowly heading towards that big 100 article number and completing my rm2k games for uploasion whereby I can get that interview.

Overall I definately feel I have tried hard on my work. Some times I know I'm slacking, people know when you slack and its just no good. But fortunately I think I have created some decent, innovative articles which i hope I will be remembered for.

Mateui: Hey, now it’s finally my turn. I was going to be lazy and search for a topic where I practically wrote my whole GW History, but alas, it’s gone forever, and must have been deleted.

Oh well, I guess that now I’ll get to write something new, and innovative. This is my story. (OMG.. that sounds soo dumb.. >_>..)

It all started in the Summer of 2002. I was on Gamefaqs, becoming increasingly bored. I stayed on the Survivor board for a while (playing interactive Survivor Games with some other members, but it soon got stale). Eventually, and I don’t know how I found GamingWorld. But the process was a long one.

I have always wanted to be a programmer, but I just never really got around to learning any computer languages.. so I decided to do a search on the Internet for any Game Making programs. I narrowed down the search for RPG making programs, and I downloaded the RPG Toolkit. I tinkered around with it, but found it slow, and the battle system annoying. So I searched around again, and found a link to Don’s site, where I got Rm2k. I found the graphics refreshingly better compared to TK, as well as the learning curve.

I started an RPG entitled Dream Catcher, and frequented Don’s Board for awhile, occasionally asking annoying newbie questions like “How do you make a CBS?” I continued to read the Rm2k helpfile, and it helped a lot.

Somehow, I managed to find GamingWorld, and I found the layout very professional looking. (Yes, Bart is amazing.) I read a lot of articles, and tutorials, but I didn’t really sign up.

On August 20th, 2002, I finally signed up (While writing this, my anniversary is in 2 days! Go me!). I talked in the forums, and glued myself mainly to the RPG Maker Support Forum, where a lot of helpful and friendly people were there (Rusty, Sephiroth115, Skullfire, Rast, to name a few).

Eventually, I decided to write a few articles to contribute to this wonderful community. Eventually I began to contribute every week or every other week, and I was beginning to get noticed. My biggest and best work, for me, at least was “A Guide to Foreshadowing”. Faust called it: “One of the best articles we have at GW In Faust's opinion; an excellent and very in depth piece on how bets to utilise foreshadowing in your game!”

I believe that that article got me the spot in the staff hierarchy. A few weeks later, Bart mentioned in a News Post that GW was looking for new staff members. I decided that I was going to write another article and submit it to him so that I could become a staff member. But that was not needed – instead, Bart PMed me, asking for me to become a staff member. My dream had come true. (Here’s a tidbit of info: I Became a Staff member 2 Months 18 Days after joining GamingWorld. (Specifically: November 7th, 2002) Yes.. I’m obsessive.)

And so, now months into being a staff member, I’ve had my ups and downs. I’ve been lacking in the past with my updates, but now, I’m right on track and contributing more than ever.

What are my plans for the future? Eventually, I hope to become a moderator in the forums, or to work my way up higher in the GW Staff Hierachy. I guess that for now, I can until continue to work hard, and to see what the future brings for me.


Well, that is it for the Staff/Mod biographies. Now you know many of us better, and some of us way too much.. But we can’t help it, we just love to express ourselves.. ^_^!

Game Releases:

Mateui: This section was written by Andiaz. He has spent a lot of time writing it, and it is very interesting to read. So without further ado, here is Andiaz! :D


Andiaz: Note - All these games are the ones that are featured here at GW (I’m talking about all the demo’s/fullversions at the main site). I decided to pick all the ones with creators I knew hangs around at GW, and write a little about all these. So enjoy.

RPG Maker 2000

Bobs Big Adventure - By Rast

Bobs Big Adventure was the first game Rast, the dragon man we all know, finished. Instead of playing the casual hero, you actually played as a monster! I think it was a cool game, being released in 2001 and all. It featured lots of puzzles, and was an all-round challenging game. If you haven’t played it, you certainly should.

Bubble Bobble Challenge - By KnifeH

This game was released quite recently, in June/July if I’m correct, and it’s one of the best rm2k platformers I have seen so far (too bad it’s a demo), and the GW member KnifeH made it. Very impressive indeed. I managed to get a hold of him, and asked him a few questions:

“Andiaz: What made you decide to do a platformer in RM2k in the first place? I mean, rm2k wasn’t actually designed to do other games than rpg’s in the first place, so how come you didn’t choose GameMaker, or something similar?

KnifeH: BBC is my first try at making a decent platformer in RM2k. In all the other platformer games that I’ve seen (the rm2k ones, that is), the graphics were either no good, or the gameplay just sucked, or else they were just too buggy. I didn’t intend to make it in RM2k in the first place, but the reason I made it in this program is because I don't know any other programing languages yet. At first I tried to make the game in GameMaker, but I didn't have the skill to program it, so I gave up on that maker. And since I will be teached basic c++ programing in school the next year, I thought there was no need to learn the coding language yet just for the games cause. So, Rm2k turned out to be my maker of choice, mainly because I have used it for more than 3 years, and it's the only program I can make something decent in at the moment.
I started to make a few rough design sketches on a paper to see how the game would look like. The first thought I had in mind was to be able to jump whenever a key was pressed, but that would require a lot of coding, and alot of time. So I skipped that part...
The sketches turned out really well, and I started to think out a few ideas at the gameplay mode. Some of the ideas I came up with, for example, was the option to choose your character, multiplayer, a paint program (yes, how stupid it may sound, I actually thought of that) and much more.

Andiaz: Why did you choose to make a platformer based on the famous Bubble Bobble games?

KnifeH: Actually, I just decided to play the old game Bubble Bobble one day. When I had played for a while, I thought that maybe I should scrap the characters I had done earlier, and use Bubble Bobble characters instead! So, I started to rip the characters from Bubble Bobble 2. It turned out to look quite nice, so I added the characters to my game. After that I added a few voice effects (taken from Bubble Bobble, of course) as well. Eventually I started to rip more and more Bubble Bobble graphics, and since then, I still use these.

Andiaz: Does BBC have a story of some kind? Also, why did you submit it to GW?

KnifeH: BBC does not have a story and it was never meant to have one. The game was just made to be fun, and at first, I didn’t intend to release it officially. So, you might wonder why I submitted it to GamingW... So I'll tell you why.
After I was done with a few levels (3), I thought my friends should at least have a foretaste of how the game would be like, so I gave out a few examples. It was really nothing special, but the next day I got a call from my friend who asked if he could publish my game on his site.
So I sat down and thought if I should really let him release my game... And I decided to do so (Note from Andi: Thank god.) So, I took a few screenshots, wrote down a summary of the basic gameplay, and posted it in a topic in the forums. The replies I got seemed to like what they saw, so I just thought: ‘Yeah… why not?’ However, I wasn’t still pleased with the current graphics and level layouts I had done, so I decided to put the release of the game on hold for a small amount of time. I worked on the graphics for a while… And a few weeks later, the graphics were good enough to be playable, so I sent a demo to Bart, who asked me for an interview.

Andiaz: How's the full version of the game coming along?

KnifeH: The full version is coming along nicely. The progress is slow, however. I still need alot of help to complete my game. I'm not an expert at making graphics, but I'm doing my best to make the game as fun and nice looking as possible...

Andiaz: Finally… When do you think the game will be released?

KnifeH: Well, right now I think it might be released somewhere around my birthday, which is in November, or in the beginning of 2004.”

Demon Legacy - By Nightblade

Demon Legacy, another cool game by a well-known GW member. I had the opportunity to ask Nightblade, the creator himself, a few questions about his game: “Ah yes Demon Legacy, The 1st version was my very first game, and despite countless attempts at other games, I always seem to go back to this game. About the only think that remained constant in every game is the Firebrand and the Characters.

Anyway, enough nostalgia; The current (and final incarnation... I PROMISE) follows the same general story that complete does, with a few tweaks that make the story flow a lot better.

A young, clumsy and overall inexperienced soldier accepts a mysterious artifact (as a gift) from a traveling merchant who can't seem to get rid of it no matter what. This seemingly useless event causes a chain reaction that sends the main character and his annoyingly vulgar peer Rhea into the outside world, fleeing from a ruthless warrior who persues this artifact for unknown reasons (It's actually a log written by a long dead prince of the kingdom they live in. However, it’s in a very poor condition, with a lot of missing/ripped pages).” Let’s hope that this game will be finished as soon as possible. Can’t wait to play the final release of it.

Excalibur: Destiny Quest - By RPG

Another quite old game, made by the Avalanche Studios member RPG. “Excalibur was my first serious RPG Maker 2000 game ever, I started working on it in July-August 2000, and worked on it for the next 2 years, it might look outdated compared to most RPG maker games out there…” Still, outdated or not, it’s a game worth checking out.

Dragons Destiny - By Rast

Being the professional gamemaker Rast really is, you can’t dislike this game! Ever since it was released in July 2002, it has been one of my favourite rm2k games. Featuring lots of puzzles, and 40 hours of gaming goodness as well.

Easy Mac - By Erave

Ah, Easy Mac, how I loved that game. Especially the part when MrY starts to sing (like the Chrono Trigger robot). Erave had this to say about his game:

“EasyMac started out as a contest against my good frined Doppleganger on AIM. We got in an argument over EasyMac. He claimed that the stuff was shit, and I had to argue. We decided to settle this in an Rm2k contest. Needless to say, none of us finished our games, and the idea dropped. A month or two later, I was looking through old games, and I picked up the game. I then started working no it, out of boredom. I got on IRC one night, and with the help of three other guys (BlackMage, Shad0cat, and Kanimaster.) I started to make a shallow plot for the game. They were to be the main heros, along with me. I hurried and through a craptastic intro together, and took screens. I showed Mr.Y them one day on IRC, and he loved them, and urged me to finish the game. We sat down and made the whole EASYMAC plot. He was to be the villian. His motive was, his old Candy Business was destroyed when Erave invented EasyMac. And Mr.Y groups together a disgruntled group of lamers, to help strike back at Kraft, including his rival and brother, Safari Goku.

With his (Mr.Y) support and advice, I posted looking for people to join my game. I finished the game and released it around Jan. 18, 2002.”

And as soon I finished playing this game, I started to think about how the sequel would turn out (if Erave was planning one), like…

Easy Mac 2 - By Erave

…Easy Mac 2! These are Erave’s words of wisdom about it:

“EasyMac2 wasn't originally planned. With EasyMac's secret ending left opening for a sequel. People were bugging me to make a sequel, so I considered it. I started, with the help of DrFunk. But I soon, got tired of working with him, and kinda distanced myself from him. He knew I was still working on it, and that led to disagreement. Eventually DrFunk got banned, so I finally started hyping my game, in peace. It was a secret project for a LONG time, and when I finally showed screenshots from it, people were very impressed. I racked up around 150 NPCS from GamingWorld and Skytower, a very impressive number. My miain motivation was to make THE COMMUNITY GAME. One that is respected for being funny and nicely made. I pushed myself so hard, that it became frustrating. My progress slowed down, and the game process was no longer fun. Mad at my progress, I cancelled it, and released a demo of it.”

Even if this game is a demo, I REALLY liked it. It’s a shame that he cancelled it… Oh well.

Easy Quest - By Real

Easy-Quest was, if you ask Real, as much as a joke idea as a serious game. He just had an idea to make fun of how cliche some games can follow by (defeat evil warlord, do this, do that) and how the hero is always "destined" to slay a dark lord who threatens to take over the world, capture the princess, or whatnot. And that’s what the game is about… And as you can figure out from the title, it’s easy as well. This is what Real has to say about his game:

”If I recall right, EQ1 was about a hero named Hero who slays an evil lord who captures the princess and threatens the world. The sequel is where the hero named Hero (new hero, not the previous one) wants to defeat the evil lord whom wields the great weapon The Sword That Can't Be Found But Was Found, which has a very long name that will change throughout the game. The 3rd, being the longest of the 3 pack, is about the hero named Hero and his brother Brother and sister Sister who use the sword from the 2nd one to fight an evil maniac who reincarnated the 2nd game's boss to find the Shield of Much Defensiveness.

The series continued to another game (after so many people became raving fans and wanted more). I made this game for those who wished another game to be in the series, not those who hated it the first time which I'm not sure why they bothered downloading it if they did despise it so much… Just to rant about it? I suppose so.

Anyways, Easy Quest 4 was simply about the hero named Hero (as always) goes out with the sword and shield from the previous 2 games to slay Darth Vader whom, in the 1st game I believe it was, slayed the first Hero in a grueling battle. To avenge his ancestor, Hero will defeat Darth. It also included a bonus game "Easy-Quest DX" which many who enjoyed Easy-Quest games loved. I think more liked that than Easy-Quest 4!

I also plan on making another Easy-Quest game with a similar plotline as the others, but actually a challenge. Names and story or really anything hasn't been figured yet, but heads up will be given.”

Edens Saga Demo - By Majikuru

Edens Saga is a now abandoned game that was being made by Majikuru. It was his first public attempt at making an rpg, and its story is about an elven boy who was considered to be the last of his kind, and a sorceress who wanted him dead. A cool game if you ask me, with very well designed maps. As I said, it’s now cancelled, but do not fear. Majikuru is now working on a new project called Eternal Rhapsody, which will hopefully be just as good as Edens Saga, if not better!

Everybody Hates Bart - By Various GW Members

This game was made as a birtday present to Bart himself. It’s a quite funny game, and it’s basicly about Bart (duhr) that is depressed, since it seems that various well-known GW characters have forgotten his birthday… However, all of a sudden, a hacker attack occurs, and Bart rushes to the defence of his friends. Play out to find more.

Fantasy Battle - By Rusty

A very impressive game, I’d say. This is what the creator himself got to say about it: “Fantasy Battle was released in January 2002. I made it for a couple of reasons: 1) I knew I would probably never finish a full-length RPG... but I knew I could finish this. 2) Custom Battle Systems were beginning to become more frequent in games... I wanted to go one step further and create a game that was completely custom from the default interface of RM2K.
3) A 2-Player RM2K game had never been heard of before.”

Indeed, Rusty. This, my friends, is the best Custom Battle System I have ever seen… It’s in the top three, at least. And since it’s a 2-player game, it’s as twice as fun (yay)! So check it out; it’s a shame if you haven’t already.

James Bind - By Ragnar

A very original game, made by another kick-ass member of GW, namely Ragnar. Don’t be scared away by screenshots or anything like that; This game was made to be fun, nothing else. Ragnar left a note to me as well: “It was always a dream of mine to make a video game myself. I was so excited when I found RPG Maker 2000 3 years ago. I started James Bind because I was starting to feel like there wasn't much left to do with the program. I knew I would have to do something big and different to get out of my slump, so I decided to do a full-on real-time action game. The James Bind thing was actually a comic book I made up as a kid about a spy who was obviously a parody of some well known secret agent, so I decided to make a game based on it to try and expand the idea beyond its simple beginnings. I'm not so sure how well the game actually came out, but my main goal was to try as many new things as possible and I think I accomplished that pretty well with James Bind. Like it said in one of the reviews, this is one of the few RPG Maker games that you can actually play more than once. Plus, even though the game didn't look the best graphically, at least they were all original, and new kinds of effects were done as well that weren't commonplace at all, so overall, it might not even feel like an RPG Maker game to some players.”

Naufragar - By Legacy001

Naufragar is a very neat game being made in rm2k, by our wellknown global moderator Legacy001. “I made Naufragar mainly as a hobby; call it an entertainment device for me. If I got nothing to do on Saturday, this might be one of things I'm working on (for about 2.5 years now, i keep updating)… The story is a bit complicated. It involves themes of resurrection and duplicity. If you ever seen "Pet Cemetary" by Stephen King, it's loosely based around that. The future for Naufragar is fairly bright. I redid some of my scripts and storyline, and will probably start working again. However, I can't say the same for the production speed, I guess you can just hope that I better have nothing to do on Saturday nights.” is what he said when I asked him about his game. Indeed, keep spending your Saturday nights at making games, man!

RPG Maker Story - By DarkPriest

Ah, rpg maker story, another one of these community games. Not that I know many of people in it (since I wasn’t an regular, hanged out at instead in these days), but regardless a neat game. This is what DP has to say about it:
“The original RPGmaker Story was my first game ever. It was totally inspired by IRCPse (downloadable at GW), the very first rm2k community game (as far as I know). So, coincidentally, RMS was also a community game. It features people from back then, so it might not open that easily to (especially new) GW members.”

RPGmaker Story 2 - The Cards Of Destiny - By DarkPriest

RPGmaker Story 2 was DarkPriests fourth and last game made in rm2k. It used the basics from the prequel, but this time it was based off GW. “In my opinion, RMS2 is superior to the prequel in every way (except in lenght) but some seem to disagree. I still have the complete plot outline and other stuff for the game, so I just might finish it some day (rm2k or not).”
To sum it up: Another great game by DarkPriest.

RTP Unlimited - Silent Thoughts - By Erave, continued by Fighter

RTP Unlimited was the first game the guy we all know as Erave started to work with. This is what the maker himself has to say about it: “It started last summer, when I was a young, niave GWer. I had no real rm2k experience, and I was just following the fads. Cbs,Cms, and a developing team. Needless to say, I accomplished a little bit of all of that, but they all fell through in the end. The story basically reveolved around the default RTP characters, the main being Alex. Alex is quite the smart ass you see, he taunts a local gyspy to the point of aggrivation. The Gypsy, furious, knocks Alex out with a spell, and leaves. Alex wakes up to find himself in his room. This is just the beggining of the problem, because everyone can hear his thoughts! Good goes to worse, and Alex is fighting for survival in a deserted forest, trying to get home. Through his journey to discover his curse and remedy it, he meets a funny case of indivduals. Helen, a young elf, seeking her parents. Brian, a self proclaimed "mind reader," who follows Alex to pursue his dream. Carol, a stuck up, attractive mage, and much more! Sadly, I lost interest in the game, and quit. The game is now in Fighter’s hands, and I think he is doing a great job.” Sure, Erave may have been new to rm2k, but regardless of that I think that’s a quite neat game. I also think the same as Erave, when it comes to letting Fighter continue the game that Erave lost interest in: I think he’s doing a great job.

The Chain Game - Various GW Members

This game is a full game that was passed around to many different people, where each person had to continue the game within a limited amount of time. A quite funny game, if you ask me… If I’m correct, The Chain Game 2 is now in production. Let’s hope that it’ll be just as good as its prequel, shall we?

The Quest - By IceSage

The quest is a nice game by IceSage that didn’t get much attention at all when it was released at GW… A shame, really. If you haven’t checked it out, please do so. IceSage decided to tell me a bit more about his game, by the way: “I decided to make my game, ‘The Quest’ after I finally realized all my other games that I've created in the past, never really got much attention, and didn't have a storyline at all to begin with. I wanted to implement some of my own personal ‘game features’ into the game as well. Such features are the ‘Custom Teleportation System’ and also the ‘Teleport / Time Travel Effect’ (Which isn't in the version of the one gaming world yet, but will be.) Also, it's not new, but I have a new version of a ‘Capturing Monster System’ where you get to capture monsters, then use them in battle as you please. (And, if it sounds like a good idea, take care of it, feed it, take it out of it's storage unit.. etc...)

Basically, the storyline hasn't really been revealed in the Demo yet, but I guess I can explain it now. It features an orphen nicknamed ‘IceSage’ because of his odd talents of controlling ice. He later on discovers he's not from the world he was raised in, but from another dimension full of Magic and other mystical things. The story also features Leyora, whose story starts in the other dimension; she has some odd abilities as well, for example... To take other people's forms, and to also gather and take monster's abilities. Both of them set out in the other dimension on ‘The Quest’ of the vast world where IceSage finds himself lost in. You'll notice, however, that when the time comes for the story to develope, you'll find odd spoofs of ‘The Way’ in which are humorous, in a sense. (I had asked LunC's permission and he said go right ahead.) The goal for IceSage is to gather crystals, and return home. The goal for Leyora is to set out on her adventure to stop someone from her dimension, from going to the other world and destroying it piece by piece.

Oh, there’s one last thing I must say. The game has many optional things you may do, that affect the game later. If you save one person's life, it may later reveal that they'll help you... or, it may also be dangerous to do so. It has its ups and downs, and it's up to you to make that choice. One unique thing about this is that, whatever you do as IceSage, will effect Leyora's quest, and whatever you do as Leyora, will effect IceSage's quest, both after you finish each other's quest.”

Game Maker

Alien Kill - By Lith

Alien kill is a game that was made by Lith. It consists of 4 levels of repetitive, colorful, alien-killing mayhem for your playing pleasure. I asked Lith he could describe why he decided to make a game, and he gladly accepted:
“Well, I started Alien Kill for a small one hour competition Erave did. No one knew about it, except for IRCers. Erave just happened to say "Hey, let's do a one hour compo!" and we said ‘Okay!’. I believe it was Erave, Turkpimp, and maybe one other person and myself who participated. I was quite proud of the little game I had produced in that short hour that I decided I'd go ahead and polish it up. So three days later, Alien Kill was finished.” If you haven’t played this game, go download it immediately.

Chrono Trigger Arcade - Zenan Defence - By Leotaku

I don’t think I really need to describe this game (except that it kicks ass), since Leotaku said all you need to know about his game when I asked him: “I've been trying to develop games for quite a while, downloading and fiddling with everything from RM2k, to MUGEN, and of course, Game Maker, which CTA was developed in. I have lots of game ideas floatin' around in my head, and I just HAD to bring them to life by actually going out and making them. Of course, CTA is just Space Invaders, but it WAS my first game, so I needed to start out easy. But I could still personalize it by throwing the game into an environment that I was fond of. So really, a fangame. You see, while I CAN make my own graphics, I think too big with my games and would in turn need LOTS of graphics, which I'm too lazy to make on my own. Or maybe I just don't have the time. Yeah...let's just say that. So I found some sites that had nearly EVERY Chrono Trigger sprite ripped, and I was quite fond of the game. There. With ALL those, I wouldn't have to worry about making anything myself. So, I thought of how I could implement my game ideas into the Chrono Trigger universe. Finally, I just settled on a Space Invaders game starring the knight character Frog, defending Guardia Castle from the Mystics (you'd understand all that if you actually PLAYED Chrono Trigger, of course). I'm really bent on authenticity if I make up a fan game; I just HAVE to make it so that it could've actually happened in the REAL game (as a side story, or maybe an alternate path). So, before the Space Invaders thing, I had other ideas, which I was writing on paper, reading through some Chrono Trigger sites to refresh my memory of the story and ensuring I could work something out into a story that would make sense for my game. But I was getting in over my head, trying to make something TOO diffiuclt for a first game. So the Space Invaders thing was what i settled on in the end. Even then, I had to cut out quite a bit in my Space Invaders idea cause I was going crazy, spending so much time on it and running into so many errors. Making it worse was the fact that my PC is crap, so it takes a LONG time to load my game to beta-test, and often even freezes up. You gotta get in my shoes to see just how close I was from pretty much quitting cause it was so frustrating trying to make sure everything worked.. Oh, a few things that were cut out:
-the normal enemies were to originally have their actual amount of HP they had in the real game
-Frog could perform combo sword attacks (it's actually in the demo, but was cut because I felt it would be too frustrating trying to pull off the combos during the heat of battle)
-There were going to be extra boss-like duels unlocked after you beat the story mode of the game (of course, in the end the story mode was just the whole game. After you beat the right extra boss battles, you unlock something that would be carried out into the story mode, based on the real game ( the real game, as in the actual Chrono Trigger). Examples:
Beat Masa, Mune, then Masamune, get the Masamune, a more powerful sword
Beat the frog King, get the Hero Medal, which powers up the Masamune attacks
-Cyrus was going to be unlocked as a playable character (forget how I was planning to have you unlock him), who was going to have different strengths and weaknesses so playing as him would differ from playing as Frog.
…The truth is, I haven't even played my own game in its final form cause of my crappy PC. What a tragedy, the game is apparently pretty good.”
Apparently? It IS pretty good.

Fogetron - By DarkPriest

Fogetron is DarkPriest’s first completed solo Game Maker project. All graphics, except the explosions, and music in it is original. So, unlike DarkPriest’s previous rm2k games, it really is a game by HIMSELF. “It all started as a simple shooter practice session, and quickly became a full game. I still am not that happy with it though, since I could've done a lot better. Especially since I was supposed to "prove GMs power" to some people. In their opinion anyway.” is what DP had to say about it when I asked him.

Santas Sled Racin mark II - By Foget Factory (Pyrate, Faust, Moriason, H3Who and DarkPriest)

If anyone remember, DarkPriest did a game called Santa’s Sled