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Article - 'The Life & Times of GW (II)' by Mateui

An item about Miscellanious posted on Jan 19, 2004


Continuation of the first part.


The Life & Times of GW: A Look Back
By: Mateui & Andiaz

GW – A Sprawling Metropolis

This is part II of the first article (Which was too long to be placed all by itself into one article, and got cut off at the end. Hence, here is the second part)

Santas Sled Racin mark II - By Foget Factory (Pyrate, Faust, Moriason, H3Who and DarkPriest)

If anyone remember, DarkPriest did a game called Santa’s Sled Racin quite a while ago, with rm2k. This game is the sequel to that one, and what really makes this game special is that it was made in 72 hours (!) for the Hours of Verge competition, by Pyrate, Faust, Moriason, H3Who and DarkPriest (also known as foget factory). I love this game, hehe, and I think it’s really good being made in such a short amount of time and all. I wonder how it would had been if the Foget Factory was given unlimited time to make another game… I think it would have been brilliant then, to be honest.

The StarZ series - By Jag

I decided to interview Jag about his StarZ games, to get more information about them, and came up with this:

Why did you decide to make a game?

Well, I had been visiting GW reguarly for about 6 months, and had already moved on to Game Maker (from RM2k)...
I hung out in the GM support forums a lot, and noticed that there where a lot of spam topics, due to the fact that the forum had NO moderator at the time... (I think Seph was suppose to mod it, but he never did anything. Ever.)

So I PMed Bart, and said, "I want to be a mod in the GM forum". To my surprise, he said, "Ok, but send in a game showing your ability to work with the maker". That's how StarZ was born.

What is the story about?

StarZ is a game about the future of the human race.
In the not so distant future, Earth is attacked by a far superior alien race, known as the "Kha-Oss". Earth leaders have been working on a special space ship for quite some time, that they planned to travel to Mars & Pluto, etc with.
But now they have switched this ship over to be a lean mean alien killing machine.
That's the basic gameplay, control the StarZ ship, and destroy everything that moves... and if it doesn't move, destroy it anyway, it's probably evil in some way... probably.

Something else you’d like to add?

I've been working on StarZ for a very long time; I've released about 5 demos, and got great user feedback (I was even nominated for "Best Game Maker" in the 2003 GW Awards). I enjoy working with it, and adding things to a simple game idea that make it an awesome playing experience like nothing GW has ever seen before.

Indeed, StarZ is an awesome playing experience, hehe.

And that concludes the ‘Gaming Releases’ section. For any feedback, please send a PM/mail to Andiaz.

GW History:

The Biography of Bart at Gaming World

I was told to write a biography about myself for Mateui’s article: “GW Life and Times”. Then I realized that my stay at GW has not been for a year, or even two years. It’s been since the beginning. So what I’m going to try and do is explain the most I can from start to present as best and as short as I can. There is so much to explain in these three years GW has been in existence and I’m going to miss out on a lot of things so don’t kill me if you weren’t mentioned somewhere.

The story begins though, on January 28th, 2000. The week before this day I had noticed one of my friends making a website. He made a Dragon Ball Z website using the Geocities pagebuilder. I kept my eye on his site and how he did it and soon enough I made my first mark on the internet. I was a crazed pokemon fan at the start of my teen years and I had pretty much never used the internet yet. So to match up with my love for the Pokemon, my new internet alias became “Squirtle13”. I don’t know if I was actually 13 at that time but I think I was. Yes, the name is embarrassing to look back on but it’s all about growing up! Either way, I began my journey on making a website and loaded up the Geocities website, created an account with the PageBuilder and created the site known as “Gaming World”.

At that time, GW was a bit…different, it didn’t have anything to do with makers, it didn’t have a domain, and the last thing on my mind was “Will this site be around for years to come?” I just did it for fun and was guessing this would be a one-week fad like so many others. I continued do develop my new site with sections like “PICS” where I would place random pictures of Nintendo characters and all those other things. I had a lot of other stupid sections that had nothing to do with, well..anything! As I continued to work on my website, I talked more often with one of my friends named Chris. I soon discovered he had his own Final Fantasy website and he had done it not with PageBuilder but with something called HTML! I looked at his website and was amazed at how nice and clean it looked. Luckily for me, Chris did the one thing that would probably change my life forever and introduced me to his HTML book.

This book had it all. It introduced a person to HTML and it covered even the advanced stuff like “Tables” Which at the moment I had no clue about. So I begin my second draft of the Gaming World website, this time in pure HTML and no more PageBuilder! My site changed around a little bit. It now used frames to hold a menu so it would be easier to manage and I had little tables for content. Also, since I had to explore a bit I decided to throw in a midi player. At this time, a lot of things happened that would influence me to make the first ever Gaming World that focused on RPGMakers.

I began to go into the Yahoo chatrooms. But not to do dirty things with 50 year old men but to HELP people with HTML. I sat in the HTML help room and just answered questions all day long. I also met a guy named “Pircan” in that room who ended up becoming a long-time friend and an HTML-Buddy. At this same time I stumbled upon Don Miguels RPGMaker site. From what I remember, I can give credit to Chris, who just typed in “rpgmaker” one day in Yahoo! Search and ended up finding the site. We were all be-dazzled by this rpgmaker thing we read so much about and soon enough we downloaded our first rpgmaker, RPGMaker 95 from Don Miguels site. Finally, there was one more big moment that changed GW’s path. I applied to get hosted at but was rejected when they told me my layout was not good enough and I needed a specific focus on content. I was saddened, but not down.

And so began, the first ever version of Gaming World that dealed with RPGMaking! I renovated the site to a huge extent. It was organized and it had a lot of influences from other sites that I enjoyed visiting as a new rpg maker. It was blue, my favorite color. But not just blue, about 5 different shades of blue spread around the website making an easy-on-the-eyes website with easy navigation. (It had a left menu and a main content window in the center, pretty simple). This was my big masterpiece that I worked days on end for and I ended up being very pleased with it. Now came the moment of truth. I asked for hosting again from and to my luck, I got it! GW was now and it would stay like this for about a year.

Over this period of time, a lot of things happened. I kept on building up GW with more resources and more everything. I got a forum, but not many people posted and I eventually changed layouts a lot. But one of my biggest steps was entering the site known as At that time, it was the utopia of rpgmaking, to put it bluntly. Everyone was there, it was THE place to be for anything you needed and I became quite influenced by this in many ways. I began posting a lot there and soon enough I became a Moderator. At this time, I met DarkPriest who became not just a long standing member of GW but a great friend up to this day. After I became a moderator I just chugged away in two different places. I kept GW pretty quiet and didn’t boast about it all the time at and I kept to my moderating business as I should have. was still going strong but it’s RM95/RM2K section started lagging. RPGWizard and Hiei, the current managers of the site stopped updating it on a regular basis, sometimes not updating for weeks. I asked if I could help out with the site and I was given the job, as the new manager of the website! I decided it would be best if I took my already huge amount of resources at GW and Sychronize them with the RM2k Site. Since I did not know PHP, ASP or anything of that like yet all I did was copy/paste the HTML from my site and then do a Search/Replace so the copied HTML matched that of the RM2k site. Within days the RM2k site was getting updates on a daily basis and people were pleased.

But around this time, a lot of controversy came around not only me, but as an entirety. You can say it all started when I met Nate. He was the creator of this new rpgmaker called “LiveRPG” and he had dreams for it being big. Sadly, he was not very popular with the crowds for many reasons (Gay-bashing, Arrogancy, etc.). I noticed all this and decided it would be best if I help out Nate, so I built him a website for LiveRPG and had it placed at GW. Now came my separation from RM.Net. Many fights occurred and since most of them were over IRC, I decided it would be best if I remove myself from their channel. I did, but I did not remove myself from IRC all together, I created a new channel called “#rpgmaker”. At that time it was the REBEL channel. People who were thrown out of RM.Net or did not enjoy it came here. Amazingly, it grew to nice amounts quickly and I had created my first ever community.

At around this same time, RM.Net was having problems in many areas. Both financially and in terms of web hosting. They got hosted by Enron and within a week or two of becoming hosted by them, the company shut down operation leaving dead on the web. It never came back and Rast had proclaimed it being done.

Now was my opportunity to hit the big light! I had already formed a small community of people and it kept on growing. My forums were filling up with people and my GW site was constantly growing. Then, at around December of 2000, I did the one thing that has stuck with GW to this day. I registered the domain “” and redid the site with a whole new layout and ASP coding. It had now focused on so much more: We had games of all kinds (RPGMaker 95, Klik, RPGMaker 2000 ). The site was now automated with updates and a lot of things changed. At this time, I also hired another great GW’er. I had hired Faust, who at the time was known as “Lord_Gremlian” He started doing reviews for the games we placed on GW and we would have contests to see how many games we could review in one day. Some days we had placed more then 9 games on the site all together, and as I recall, Faust holds the record for most games in one day of about 12! Although these reviews were not the greatest and we were going overboard with all of it, it was still fun and games at the time!

The Future of GW:

So, what’s in store for GW? No one knows for sure, but we can all make predictions. Here are what some Staff and Mods think about the future of GW.

Xanqui: As GW continues to exist, new Internet technology will allow Bart to transform this community into a very interactive, fun place. This will spark interest in many people, and members will become more active. The staff population will increase accordingly, preventing an overthrow by the members.

Obviously, this means more jackasses and spammers, but with the new AI technology, eliminating spam will be as simple as pressing a "Remove all spam" button. Banning will be more frequent as well, but in general, the people will be nice.

As for the community itself, I don't think it has long to go before it's something completely different. With people showing more interest in things other than games, such as literature (or movies?), GamingWorld will be more like MediaWorld, only it probably won't be changing its name. Soon, the geeks shall inherit the Earth, and many of us will have GamingWorld to turn to when we need a break from life.

Whether or not this happens doesn't matter. What matters most is that we stick together, even if the site does go down some day. Many people I've known here are more than just chat buddies; they are my friends. I hope to continue knowing them for years to come.

MasterDarkNinja: Once Rm2k/Rm2k3/otherRm#k#'s made in the future end up dying out later on GW will end up having a repeat of the "GW is dying period" that happened when Alexander and Moriason left. The only way that it wouldn't happen is if a different maker took over as the main choice of makers used around here.

Game Maker users will outnumber rm2k/rm2k3 users since so many people have been quitting rm2k/rm2k3 and going over to Game Maker (I myself have done so already) which could change the site a lot in the future (mainly the content on the mainsite).

In one or two or possibly even three more years GW6 will come.

Kuro: Lately, GW has been getting bigger and bigger. Its so massive, I think eventually, Bart will go mad with power and decide to turn it into something like!!!

j/k... seriously, GW is just going to grow and grow. More and more talented game creators are showing up in the ranks, and this only going to make GW even bigger, not only as a website, but as a community. Yeah... A few years from now, I'll be able to say, "I was there when GW entered a new age, and I'm damn proud of it. God bless.


Well – you never thought that the article would end, would you? Well, it’s already at a whopping 34 pages in Word, and I just had to stop writing – any more, and I would be afraid that no one would actually sit for a few hours and read this..

I hope you had a really fun time reading this – it was actually fun probing through GW and exploring the past.

To the future - and to GW,

Live Long and Prosper.

- Mateui