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Article - 'Angroth's Collection 1' by Angroth

An item about Game Design posted on Jan 19, 2004


101 Beastations, Armoury 3, Armoury - Materials, Armoury - Prefixes and Suffixes. 13 wordpad pages worth, all included and improved nicely.



Skeleton The bones of a dead creature that have somehow come back, most likely for revenge. Usually a necromancer is the one who reanimates the bones.
Zombie / Braineater The true walking dead. Rotting and festering, they are mindless and look for flesh to eat.
Frankenstein’s Monster This beast was created by Dr Henry Frankenstein. Built with bits of odd men and the brain of an executed murderer, a large electrical charge aided the birth of this creature. The Frankenstein monster is immense in power and is extremely tall.
Lich Not all skeletons lose their souls. Some hold on to their existence in this world through sheer force of will. Unwilling to pass on, these stubborn souls remain in their rotting bodies, festering in the hatred that is the only focus of their new existence. They have a maleficent disgust for the living. A Lich is a powerful creature with the ability to rain down vast amounts of damage on its foe. These undead creatures are feared on the sea as widely as on land. Liches can also be sorcerors, if so they favour death and wield dark magic.
Berbalang The berbalangs were said to have wings and cat like slits for eyes, but in everyother way they looked human. They needed human flesh to live and spent their time digging in graves and eating the bodies that they could find there. Their eyes can be seen sparkling like fires from a distance. Dwelling with the dead for so long berbalangs have basically become dead themselves. They can hide by lying down and holding their breath. They enter a trance and visibly vanish from our planes. If you hear a berbalangs evil and cruel moan begin to attack behind you as they are never where they seem!
Banshee No one has evidence of the banshee’s shape so it is assumed that she has none. She is merely a screaming wailing voice that haunts the night. Her mournful cry or keening usually signifies a death in the family if heard.
Ghoul Pale and crave for blood. Ghouls are similar to zombies but they are stronger. They have a deep desire for human flesh.
Ghost / Spectre The spirit of a dead person. They haunt people and tend to linger in their houses. Ghosts are in more movies than zombies (I think).
Death Knight Death Knights are generally undead slain knights. Although some however can be tainted humans that are also learning the ways of necromancy (or something like that). Another name for the death knight is the anti-paladin or wight.
Wight Also known as Barrow Wights, these creatures are vastly old skeletons that usually guard locations such as tombs and so on.Always armoured and carry weapons. Wearing armour and being the knight of the dead, wights are basically death knights.
Vampire They must stay alive by drinking blood (usually from neck). People who have lived from a vampire sucking their blood are prone to turn into a vampire themselves! However, you are liable to turn into a vampire if you are one of the following: People who commit suicide, witches, the seventh son of a seventh son, people who tell lies (ut oh!), children who havent been baptised (oohhhh nooo!!), criminals (bugger!), a child born of a mother who has been looked at by a vampire.They are said to be able to transform into beasts (like wolves and bats) but fear not, they may not enter your house unless you invite them in and, to kill them:A wooden stake made from aspen or hawthorn wood must be driven through the vampires heart or navel, small stones or grains of incense must be placed in the coffin so the vampire had something to nibble if he awoke, to delay him elaving the coffin, arlic must be stuffed in his mouth, millet seed must be scattered over the vampires body for he could not leave his tomb until every grain had been counted, vampires body must be buried face downwards, Wild thorny roses must be strung outside the coffin inorder to hinder the vampires progress from the grave.
Tomb Guardian Amongst the most powerful of the undead. Tomb Guardians are the protectors of dark kings, great necromancers of anyother evil powerful figure. They are fully armoured and have large halberds in which they can manouevre swiftly to dispatch anyone who gets in their way.
Flesh Devourer Much like ghouls, only they are more twisted and deformed. They are boney yet muscular creatures that’s skin pulls tightly upon their bodies with a light blue hint. They devour flesh of other creatures to sustain their own vitality.
Witch Witches became very popular at a certain period in history and were used as a means of keeping people happy by aimlessly killing off others.However, witches were similar to necromancers but their female counterparts. These bat and broomsticked associated female fatales were masters in the arts of black magic. A black cat was always said to signify that its owner was a witch…. That’s me buggered!
Wraith These undead creatures were once great sorcerors (or necromancers) that achieved a deadly powerful state. Upon their death they have such magical power that they have returned in a spirit like form to once again wreak havoc upon the land.

T’ao T’ien (Monster Face) T’ao T’ien are a horrible sight; its monstrous head is connected to one body on the right and one on the left. Usually they have six legs. It’s face is more often seen without its body and can be a dragons, tigers, mans and it is often called an ‘ogre’s mask’.
Balrog Made of flame and smoke, they wield a whip and a sword. Accompanied by two large wings, this beast is to be feared.
Demon / Daemon Big large red beasts who are muscle bound. They often wield a pitch fork or some kind of spear. These evil monstrosities come from the underworld (hell) and are quite hairy (might have beards or mains). They have immense power and can even breathe flames. They usually have to large horns on their head. However this is only the stereotypical demon. Daemons are known to come in many forms and work in many ways. Daemons can be both manipulative and deadly.
Changeling Strange mutated beings. Their location and history is a mystery. However they are a very mischevious race. They can easily immitate anything they have touched. Usually hired by others to assassinate people by immitating a close one.
Warg (hell hound) Larger twisted versions of wolves. Wargs can be referred to as hell hounds. They are much larger than an average wolf and are more ferocious. They have a wider jaw with large penetrating teeth.
Naga Half human, half god, nagas take the form of snakes. It possesses great wealth and very strange powers that no one really understands. People dreaded and feared it; they thought it could cause or prevent rain which of course meant life or death to the Indian people (its origin). Female naga’s are nagini’s and are very beautiful and divine. Naga’s have the supreme power of the sea and many other magic powers.
Manticore/ Manticora The most favoured description is a mans head with pale blue eyes and three rows of teeth which fit into eachother like the teeth of a comb. The face and ears are bright red and it has a lion’s body with a scorpion’s tail with stings either side which can shoot of like arrows. It moves swiftly and is fond of human flesh. In other descriptions it is said that a manticore has magical powers.
Cerberus In greek mythology it guarded the entrance to Hades (the underworld). It was said to have 50 heads but it was soon taken down to a mere 3. It was a ferocious beast that would rip apart any tresspasser it could find.
Chimera A greek monster made up of three creatures. Sometimes it had a lions front end, a dragons rear with a she-goat’s head embedded between. Sometimes it is said to have all three heads at the front or with a head at each end and one coming out of its back. The chimera was said to be able to breathe flames.
Gorgon The gorgons were snake haired women whose looks were so terrible that anyone who looked on them turned to stone. Medusa is the most famous of the gorgons. They have sharp pointed teeth and deep glaring eyes.
Imp The lowest level of the demons (could be debated whether they are actually demons). Imps are short and frail with small fangs, claws, and very short wings. They are mindless and are scavengers that are usually gathered in groups.
Jinn Jinn is the plural of a genie, who were beings made of fire. There are supposedly good and evil Jinn as well as male and female ones and they are aerial beings with transparent bodies that can take on various forms. At first they sometimes appear as swirls of black smoke (like pillars) and they gradually compress into the form of whatever they wish to take. Jinn have immense power. Egyptians said it is the work of an evil genie (jinn) that causes their sandstorms. There has been a debate on Jinn being Genies or not and they ARE, I’m telling you this! (maybe not if you refer to different legends and myths). Jinn are sometimes called Efreeti, Ifreet, or Ifrit.
Bore Demon / Bludgeon Beast Bore Demons are a race of demonic beasts that inhabit cave like areas. They are relitively large and have spiked heads.They are a very aggressive race who almost always carry a large spiked club around with them in which they bludgeon people to their doom. Hence their second name!
Daemon Sabre / Death Sabre Death Sabres are cat like people. They are very agile and fast yet have a creditable strength and power.Wielding all forms of polearms, they have two large sabre tooth tiger like fangs that span to the bottom of their chins. They are not to be dealt with lightly.
Dragon Ogre Dragon Ogres are fierce warriors that are very dangerous in combat. They possess a degree of intelligence however brains aren’t exactly their strong point. Dragon Ogres have an ogres upper body with the scaly legs of a dragon. A true monstrosity!

Dragon Dragons tend to be large winged beasts. They are difficult to describe; they vary so much from time to time and place to place. Nevertheless western dragons are usually heavy-looking serpents with wings and claws. They can be any colour, even black, as long as it is huge, has scales that shine and can belch forth fire and smoke.Dragons of the east are too numerous to count for, they are everywhere where there is water. They populate the deepest seas and the shallowest river to the tiniest drop of rain. They are completely in charge of weather conditions. A flash of lightning is the dragon flashing its eyes, the wind is its breath and the storms at the sea are caused by the tearing of its claws. Dragons come in many forms from large to small and many colours such as red, golden, black, green and blue. If in a certain colour it usually represents certain elemental powers or prowess.
Wyvern Little is known about the wyvern but it is a flying serpant similar to a dragon, but with two eagles legs and it has a barbed dragons tail. A wyvern without wings is usually called a lindworm. The appearance of a wyvern was supposed to herald a war or an epidemic of fatal disease like bubonic plague.
Tiamat One of the earliest legendary dragons. She originated in Babylonia and was supposed to be the beautiful, female dragon of confusion the dwelled in the sea.
Kraken One of the most terrifying and heavily believed in beasts was the kraken. It was especially famous in Scandinavia. It was of mammoth size and often 1.5 miles long with multitudes of tenticles waving about. Many stories tell of the beast and it dwelled in deep sea’s where it would attack and slay sailors.
Minotaur Son of the Queen of Crete and a beautiful white bull that Neptune brought from the sea. It had the head and horns of a bull (I wonder why!!) and the body of a man and was so hideous to look at that the queen constructed a special maze for it.
Roc The roc is a gigantic bird that resembles a huge eagle. It lingers in deserts and feeds its young elephants (or anything of its size). Roc’s are not evil but when provoked, because of their size, the can be a dreadful enemy.
Werewolf Werewolves are wild, vindictive creatures that tear men to pieces an lap up their blood. One way of becoming one is to be bitten by one. Soon after the victim goes through a series of changes (basically they begin to itch and grow hair, then a pentagram appears on them). According to the legend on a night when wolfsbane plant is in bloom and the moon is full, the person turns into a wolf. Its superhuman strength makes it impossible to contain.. At day break the werewolf turns back into its human form and remembers nothing of what happened.
Griffon / Gryphon / Griffin It is a half bird half mammal with large wings and the head of an eagle. It also has the hind legs and tail of a lion. It is a very large beast that is said to be immensly strong (as strong as 100 eagles).
Gargoyle One of the most deceiving beasts possible. At day a gargoyle is merely a statue upon a building top but by night the stone sheds from its skin and the creature is let lose. Most gargoyles seem to have wings and an overall monsterous look. At night a gargoyle loses control and causes havoc to those in its path. Before day returns a gargoyle will return to its original location only to look like it has not moved.
Hippogriff / Hippogriffin These were the offspring of a griffon (half lion, half eagle) and an ordinary mare. The hippogriff had a horses body and the tail combined with the claws, wings and beak of an eagle. The uncommon creature was apparently found in mountain regions.
Golem Generally large, magically animated creatures formed into a human shape and standing as tall as a building or even a giant. Golems posess immense streangth and are very, hard to destroy. They are however, completely mindless and only do what their controller / creature commands them to.
Grendel The monster of the fens. Grendel is described as being a mighty, monstrous fiend who patrolled the moors and fears near the stronghold of the Danish King Hrothgar.
Mind Beast / Nightmare These ferocious creatures are only visible in the mind and attack you from within. They drive you insane with their nightmarish antics inside your head. They can look like everything or nothing, they bring to you and show you your worst fears and exactly everything you wouldn’t want to see in the highest quantity.They can even effect your reality judgement making you halucinate and think certains things are happening that actually aren’t.
Bull Centaur Bull Centaurs are very dumb and slow creatures in the sense of the mind however they are the bottom half of a horse and the top half of a chaos dwarf.
Cockatrice Its body is a fearsome and grotesque sight which is littered with feathers and scales. Its face has a huge beak and it can turn people to stone with its magical gaze. Where it will swoop down and tear them in half.
Quarrybeast Huge rock eating monster that is stumpy but quite bulky and has a line of bushy fur trailing down its back.. Uses victims as slaves to quarry rocks for him to eat.

Hydra A water serpant born to Echidna, a beautiful woman who was half serpant herself! The hydra is a scaley serpant creature that is a horrible and hideous sight. No one ever agreed on the exact number of heads it had; some said one hundred, some said fifty but most people believed it to be nine. The probable reason for this was after each head was severed, two heads would immediately sprout in its place making it almost invincible. The centre head was said to be immortal so in essance, the hydra WAS invincible. It was so deadly it reaked havoc for a long time until killed by Hercules. When it slept the pollution it breathed out would easily kill a nearby man.
Garuda This creature has 2 human like legs that end in claws, an owl like body with thick wings that appear to be like those of a phoenix but less firey. It has a wide tail and a crocodile or Kayman like head covered in yellow feathers with a red feather rim at the top/back of it. Of all the great birds (Angelina Jolie, phoenix, roc, senmurv) the Garuda was the father of them all. It was the divine bird of India and described as ‘destroyer of all, creator of all’.
Hanuman The ancient Indian god which had the head of a monkey but the body of a human. He also had a cows tail and his body was a greenish colour. He had a tribe of monkey followers who could come to his aid when necessary. He was said to be the son of the wind god Vayu. He was very swift, strong and brave.
Angel Angels are messangers of the light. Commenly known as human-ish apearing creaures with a pair of white beautiful wings. The “regular” form of angels are generally messangers although they do posess quite some power though. They are also said to have many eyes and many wings, and radient faces that by just looking at one, would shock a mortal with awe or possibly kill.
Arch-angel Put simply, an arch-angel is a warrior angel. Angels typically with armor and large, flaming swords. Some though are said to have very large, golden wings and some even with animal-ish features.
Tengu Long ago in Japan the Tengu claimed to own the whole world. A race of monsters, half man, half bird, they had gigantic claws, wings and red beaks. Their eyes were so ferocious and glittering that one glance in your direction felt like a flash of lightning.
Elemental Immortal beings made of an element, these creatures possess complete power over their element. Being complete masters of their own element, they are difficult to destroy.
Ku Ku came from hawaiian legends. He was a dog-man who had the ability to transform into any form he desired. He was strong and devoured all who fought him.
Titan Titans are basically a higher level of giant. They greatly resemble a giant but generally wear armor and have the ability to toss lightning bolts right from their hands. They could be considered to be demi-gods and therefore immortal.
Marduk He was the supreme god. He could use a bow very well. His powers were great and it was he who defeated tiamat (in babylonian belief).
Kujata An ancient monster god from moslem mythology. He is a vast bull with 4000 eyes, ears, nostrils, mouths and feet. Supposedly it would take 500 years to travel from one eye to another and from one ear to another.
Centaur Centaurs are horses with the upper body of a human. They are immortal beings that are very knowledgable. Some tales tell of noble and kind centaurs, others tell that they were a mischevious race who played tricks on people.
Harpy The harpy is a winged creature with the head and breasts of a woman but the body and talons of a vulture. They are noisy and ravenous creatures continually tormented with fierce hunger. They are filthy and have matted hair. They are also deathly pale from starvation. They are called the birds of hell. They swoop from their dwellings devouring anything possible. Despite being on the brink of starvation, they are unable to die and cannot be killed.
Phoenix The bird of the sun. There is only ever one at a time. The phoenix lives for a thousand years and is then reborn. Its feathers are a mixture of gold and red that glisten in the light. They never eat or drink and live purely in the air. It was a similar shape to the eagle but much larger.
Senmurv A descendant of the griffin. It was an immortal bird mammal that is said to have wings that can darken the skies. Later on it was said to have the tail of a bird and the head and paws of a dog (senmurv actually means dog-bird). In the beginning the senmurv was a friend to humans.
Sphinx Sphinxes have come in many shapes and sizes but there are only two sorts. The egyptian version is the oldest with a lions body, the head of a man and shoulder length straight hair. The greek sphinx however had a womans head and breasts and the body of a lion with birds wings. The most famous sphinx is the sphinx of Thebes or the sphinx or riddle. She asked passers by a riddle and if they could not answer she devoured them (this sphinx was also greek).
Satyr Satyrs are gods of the forest who are usually associated with fertility rites. The greeks called them satyrs but the romans called them fauns, pans and sylvans. Most pictures usually show them as having the hind quarters of a goat and a human body, head and arms. They are thickly covered in dark, curling hair and have short horns on their head. They also have pointed animal like ears and hooked noses.
Ramuh Little is known of Ramuh but apparently he is a sort of sageous arch-mage that has so much power it is questionable if he is still mortal or not. It is debatable if he is actually a mortal but being as powerful as he is I would have thought not!
Titan Super huge humanoid creatures. Their vastness cannot be compared to that of mere pathetic mortal races. Titans can be of different elements eg. You could get an Ice Titan who’s skin would be blue and would live in sub zero temperature. Or a water titan who would dwell in the seas, etc.
Kali Kali was a dude with four arms and a liking for a sword for each arm, yes, that’s right, four swords. Kali is of Hindu religion and is one of their God like figureheads. A serious contender for hardass competition.
Anubis Egyptian jackal demon. Worshipped as a god. He is extremely fast and can teleport himself telepathically.
Grim Reaper For some reason people die when he’s around. Bad news!

Human These mortals can vary vastly. They are excellent at adapting to different environments. There are many classes of human from knights and squires to bandits and necromancers (not to be confused with other races). I’m sure you know the rest or have plans of your own.
Halfling Halflings resemble children. They are small and similar to dwarves yet they do not have the muscular and chunky build of the dwarves, they are more streamline. Halflings are a peaceful race but will fight to survive.
Dwarf Usually said to dwell in cave area’s and wield axe style weapons. A dwarf is smaller than a human and much more bulky. They usually weigh a fair amount and are a very stubborn race.
Giga A giant creature that slightly resembles a dwarf, they have different colourations, elemental properties and features depending on their personality and origin.
Elf There are two kinds of elf. Firstly there is the pixie styled elf who is small, slender and has pointed ears. And then there is the version where they are just as tall as humans but more athletically built and once again have pointed ears. Either way they are commonly ascociated with bows, magic and forests.
Beastmen These creatures resemble goats. They are half goat, half man. Sometimes called goatmen, these beasts have two large horns pretruding from their forehead. Their origins are unknown but they wield large axes and are never found alone.
Kobold Best discribed as humanoids with canine features. Their society is based on a matriarchical system with a high regard for warriors. They have fur, a tail and their heads resemble dog’s heads. They speak human with a typical accent. Arguments suggest that Kobolds could quite easily be a lizard like creature. However the canine Kobolds are favoured.
Cyclops The word cyclops means ‘round-eyed one’. Cyclops were a race of giants who had one eye in the centre of their forehead
Goblin Little scavangers. They are small, green and come in great numbers. They have a huge tradition in skandinavian mythology. Goblins can vary much but are featured in many myths and legends. From Lord of the Rings to mere Games Workshop games.
Orc A persisting enemy to the humans. Orcs a muscular and resemble large goblins.
Hob(o)goblin Somewhere between goblins and orcs.
Troll They come in many varieties, river, cave and forests etc. Some are even known to have intelligence and utilise magic. Generally trolls are similar to giants and ogres. They are large lumbering beasts, or so thought to be!
Giant / Ogre Ogre is the western name for a man eating giant and most countries have tales about them. The most fearsome ogre to walk the earth was Oni of Japanese origin. It was incredibly evil in appearance and temper. It appeared as a giant size human with long elephant tusk like teeth. Female Oni were often reffered to as Yamanba.
Banaspati Indonesian demon that resembles a naked giant walking on his hands with his feet dangling in the air. It has sharp claws and an adapted neck that allows him to turn his head nearly 360 degrees while bending his neck backwards, it uses a long pre-hensile tongue to drain the blood of an evil victim.
Lizardmen Reptilian humanoids. They dwell near the sea. Little is known of their origins or history (maybe they’re linked to merfolk).
Merfolk Merfolk are simply mermaids and mermen. Mermaids are a mysterious yet romantic reature. She is beautiful and is usually happy. Her beautiful hypnotic song has been said to have lured many sailors to their doom. If a mermaid becomes angry her howling can turn the sunniest day into a storm which lashes out at nearby sailors. It has been pointed out that the final point is connected to the story of Siren’s. From my research, maybe the two have been slightly blurred and connected myths.
Lamias They were beautiful women from the waist upwards but writhing serpents from below the waist. They were greatly feared as witches and monsters. They could not speak but were able to sing a beautiful song in order to lure lost sailors before devouring them.
Troglodyte There are many variations of troglodytes maybe due to living in different areas. Nevertheless all of these creatures are cave dwellers, strange folk who hide away in the shadows with no communication with outsiders. They are very sensitive to the light but have a hightened sense of smell, like that of a dog. Some troglodytes are merely human like creatures with hunch backs while others are fur ridden beasts with pointed ears and have a bad temper.
Draconian The Draconians or Draconi are a race which is half dragon and half man. They look serpant like but are actually a completely separate race to the lizardmen. These creatures are very rare indeed and have an evolutionary league table you could put it. Once dead, they evolve and are born again as the next stage. There is only ever one lord Draconian who, once dead, turns into a dragon. The lord is then replaced by the next powerful.
Buteo The Buteos were a race of winged men. They were similar to eagles but looked very human.They were said to have lived in the clouds and fly in the skies like we sea birds fly. They could often be considered a heavenly race being up in the clouds (heavens).
Gnome No, these are not your average garden gnomes, this is a race very much like dwarves only pacified. They are similar to elves in beliefs and their ways of magic. Gnomes are always a friendly race who are very small and very cute….
Chaos Dwarf Chaos Dwarves are known as the anti dwarves. The opposing force of the small stubborn race. The look just like an average dwarf but tend to have thick bushy hair that forms into a kind of main around their necks.

Animals Wolves, lions, snakes, basically anything REAL.
Pixies / Faeries / Nymphs / Sprites / Cherubs Basically these creatures are all the same things. I could endlessly describe them but put simply they are small elf like creatures who usually dwell in forest area’s. They have small features like children and have sparkling wings.Usually occosiated with light and holyness they can be evil and a sign of death. They are always magical creatures nevertheless.
Catoblepas In Ethiopia there is said to be a beast called Catoblepas. It moves very sluggishly and has a remarkably heavy head which the animal finds almost impossible to carry. Fortunately it is unable to lift its head high enough to look at anyone. This is a good thing as all who look into its eyes drop down dead.
Carbuncle The name Carbuncle, meaing ruby or garnet was given to a very mysterious creature by the spanish conquerors. It was because no one had seen it long enough to know its shape, or whether it had fur or feathers. One man in Paraguay described it as a smallish animal with a shining mirror in its head like a glowing coal. Another peson said it had a mirror of light shining out of the darkness that was similar to the precious stone dragons were thought to have hidden in their brain!
Unicorn With the body of a sleek white horse, the legs and hooves of an antelope and a lions tail, unicorns had a large horn ontop of their head. It was twisted and said to be four feet long with a white base, black middle and red tip. It was said to be such a powerful horn that anything the unicorn pushed it up against, it would be torn to pieces.
Yale The yale is shown on various coats of arms as having the head and body of a horse, a goat’s beard and a large boar’s tusks. It has spots and tufts of hair all over its body, cloven hooves and a tufted tail. Its most amazing feature were its horns which were long and curled in the most peculiar manner.
K’i-lin Basically this creature is the chinese version of the unicorn. It is a animal of good fortune and is still loved by the people. It is said to be so gentle that it only eats dead grass (not living) and be’s careful not to tread on any creatures (such as insects). It has the body of a large deer, the tail of an ox and the hooves of a horse. It’s horn on its head is smaller than a unicorns and is made of flesh.
Yeti Not much is known about it, except that it may be an evolved neanderthal.Yeti's are discribed as gentle but inhumanly powerfull creatures that appear to resemble a white haired huge manape. Its other names are the abominable snowboarder, sorry, snowman but the Indians call it Sasquatch, Wauk Wauk or Ice Giant. In Africa it is reffered to as the Nandi Bear or Chemosit. In England it is usually called Bigfoot.
Fox Spirit In appearance, these Chinese fox differ little from foxes from everywhere else in the world. They are said to live anywhere up to 1000 years and each body part has a different magic power. A fox spirit can transform into many different forms and is considered a very bad omen. Supposedly they can create fires just by banging their tails on the ground.
The Squonk The saddest beast known in legends. Little is known of him except that he is extremely depressed due to the ugliness of his skin. It is said to be covered with warts and moles.
Screaming Pod Merely a dangerous plant. However screaming pods are a large breed of plant that has large clapping mouths that screech when they clamp on something. Thorned spikes litter their ‘mouths’ which are capable of tearing a mans entire head off.


Here’s a general categorisation of weapon attack types:
Daggers: Edged & Pierce
Swords: Edged (Two handed swords can crush also)
Axes: Edged & Crush
Polearms: Stab (can have slash such as a scythe)
Ranged: Pierce
Clubs & Staves: Crush


Short Sword: Str=2 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Spatha: Str=4 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Rapier: Str=5 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=Two Hits
Longsword: Str=8 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Cutlass: Str=10 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Firangi: Str=11 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Shamshir: Str=13 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Bilbo: Str=14 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Foil: Str=9 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=Two Hits
Shoto: Str=15 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Falchion: Str=17 Spd=-1 Int=0 Extra=None
Epee: Str=13 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=Two Hits
Shotel: Str=18 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Kora: Str=19 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Catchogre: Str=21 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Khopesh: Str=21 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Kunchomer: Str=24 Spd=-3 Int=0 Extra=None
Wakizashi: Str=24 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None

Great Swords
Broadsword: Str=9 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Katana: Str=13 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Executioner: Str=18 Spd=-3 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Schiavona: Str=15 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Claymore: Str=20 Spd=-1 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Flamberge: Str=22 Spd=-3 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Onimaru: Str=25 Spd=-6 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Faust: Str=28 Spd=-9 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Bastard Sword: Str=26 Spd=-3 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Masamune: Str=30 Spd=-4 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Great Sword: Str=35 Spd=-3 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Nodachi: Str=39 Spd=-3 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Rondracomb: Str=41 Spd=-3 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Murasame: Str=43 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed

Dagger: Str=2 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Ballock Knife: Str=4 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Jutte: Str=6 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Khukuri: Str=7 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Dirk: Str=8 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Scramasax: Str=10 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Kudi: Str=12 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Rondel: Str=14 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Stiletto: Str=15 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Kris: Str=16 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Basilisk’s Tongue: Str=17 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Baselard: Str=18 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Menglibar: Str=19 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Cinquedea: Str=20 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Jamadhar: Str=22 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Rhomphaia: Str=23 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None

Hand Axe: Str=4 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Crowbill: Str=7 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Hatchet: Str=10 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Skraja: Str=12 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Bullova: Str=13 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Battle Axe: Str=16 Spd=-5 Int=0 Extra=None
Crescent: Str=16 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Large Crescent: Str=20 Spd=-3 Int=0 Extra=None
Chamkaq: Str=23 Spd=-6 Int=0 Extra=None
Tomahawk: Str=17 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Double Blade: Str=34 Spd=-6 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Twin Axe: Str=36 Spd=-8 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Halberd: Str=38 Spd=-6 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Balbriggan: Str=40 Spd=-6 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
War Axe: Str=43 Spd=-7 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Bardysh: Str=46 Spd=-10 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Tabar: Str=48 Spd=-8 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Lochaber Axe: Str=53 Spd=-9 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Great Axe: Str=56 Spd=-12 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed

Spears / Polearms
Jerid: Str=5 Spd=2 Int=0 Extra=None
Javelin: Str=6 Spd=3 Int=0 Extra=None
Pilum: Str=7 Spd=3 Int=0 Extra=None
Spear: Str=12 Spd=3 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Yari: Str=14 Spd=3 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Spetum: Str=16 Spd=4 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Sickled Spear: Str=18 Spd=4 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Spontoon: Str=19 Spd=4 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Scythe: Str=20 Spd=5 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Glaive: Str=21 Spd=5 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Trident: Str=22 Spd=5 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Corcesca: Str=23 Spd=5 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Brandistock: Str=24 Spd=5 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Voulge: Str=26 Spd=5 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Fuscina: Str=26 Spd=6 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Pike: Str=28 Spd=6 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Fauchard: Str=30 Spd=6 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Lance: Str=30 Spd=7 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
Partizan: Str=32 Spd=7 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed
War Scythe: Str=34 Spd=8 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed

Maces / Clubs
Club: Str=4 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Maul: : Str=6 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Mace: : Str=8 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Ball Mace: Str=11 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Spiked Club: Str=13 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Sickle: Str=15 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Warhammer: Str=19 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Griever: Str=21 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Flanged Mace: Str=23 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
War Maul: Str=27 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Mjolnir: Str=30 Spd=-3 Int=0 Extra=None

Hanbo: Str=1 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Jo Staff: Str=2 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Quarter Staff: Str=2 Spd=0 Int=2 Extra=None
Wand: Str=3 Spd=0 Int=2 Extra=None
Clergy Rod: Str=5 Spd=0 Int=6 Extra=None
Bo Staff: Str=10 Spd=0 Int=2 Extra=None
Sages Cane: Str=6 Spd=0 Int=8 Extra=None
Bec de Corbin: Str=6 Spd=0 Int=11 Extra=None
Shamanic Staff: Str=6 Spd=0 Int=15 Extra=None
Summoners Rod: Str=7 Spd=0 Int=17 Extra=None
Enlightenment Wand: Str=8 Spd=0 Int=20 Extra=None
Master Wand: Str=9 Spd=0 Int=22 Extra=None

Sling: Str=4 Spd=3 Int=0 Extra=None
Blowpipe: Str=5 Spd=4 Int=0 Extra=None & Preemptive attack
Shuriken: Str=6 Spd=5 Int=0 Extra=None
Throwing Knife: Str=7 Spd=4 Int=0 Extra=None
Throwing Axe: Str=10 Spd=3 Int=0 Extra=None
Franciscia: Str=11 Spd=4 Int=0 Extra=None
Short Bow: Str=4 Spd=4 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed & Preemptive attack
Bow: Str=7 Spd=5 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed & Preemptive attack
Gastraph Bow: Str=12 Spd=5 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed & Preemptive attack
Crossbow: Str=20 Spd=-4 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed & Preemptive attack
Longbow: Str=13 Spd=7 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed & Preemptive attack
Edge Bow: Str=11 Spd=11 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed & Preemptive attack
Cranequin: Str=12 Spd=11 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed & Preemptive attack
Composite Bow: Str=16 Spd=8 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed & Preemptive attack
Target Crossbow: Str=33 Spd=-5 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed & Preemptive attack
Windlass: Str=19 Spd=8 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed & Preemptive attack
Great Bow: Str=23 Spd=9 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed & Preemptive attack
Battle Bow: Str=27 Spd=9 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed & Preemptive attack
Siege Bow: Str=30 Spd=10 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed & Preemptive attack
Repeater Crossbow: Str=44 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed & Preemptive attack
Arbalest: Str=36 Spd=11 Int=0 Extra=Two Handed & Preemptive attack

Flail: Str=5 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=Two Hits & Hits all
Whip: Str=10 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=Two Hits
Chain: Str=13 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=Two Hits
Nunchaku: Str=10 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=Two Hits & Hits all
Spiked Whip: Str=15 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=Two Hits
Poison Whip: Str=20 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=Two Hits
Goupillon: Str=20 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=Two Hits & Hits all
Chain Sword: Str=25 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=Two Hits
Morning Star: Str=20 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=Two Hits & Hits all


Leather Cap: Def=1 Str=0 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
War Hat: Def=3 Str=0 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Skullcap: Def=5 Str=0 Spd=-1 Int=0 Extra=None
Sallet: Def=7 Str=0 Spd=-1 Int=0 Extra=None
Chain Helm: Def=10 Str=0 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Spangenhelm: Def=10 Str=0 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Bone Helm: Def=12 Str=0 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Barbut: Def=14 Str=0 Spd=-3 Int=0 Extra=None
Casque: Def=16 Str=0 Spd=-4 Int=0 Extra=None
Burgonet: Def=17 Str=0 Spd=-4 Int=0 Extra=None
Closed Helm: Def=19 Str=0 Spd=-5 Int=0 Extra=None
Basinet: Def=21 Str=0 Spd=-5 Int=0 Extra=None
Hoplite Helm: Def=22 Str=0 Spd=-5 Int=0 Extra=None
Grim Helm: Def=24 Str=0 Spd=-6 Int=0 Extra=None
Horned Helm: Def=26 Str=0 Spd=-7 Int=0 Extra=None
Burgonet: Def=27 Str=0 Spd=-7 Int=0 Extra=None
Cyclopes Helm: Def=26 Str=0 Spd=-7 Int=2 Extra=None
Great Helm: Def=30 Str=0 Spd=-8 Int=0 Extra=None

Body Armour
Quilt Top: Def=2 Str=0 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Leather Jerkin: Def=4 Str=0 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Cuirass Mail: Def=6 Str=0 Spd=-1 Int=0 Extra=None
Banded Mail: Def=8 Str=0 Spd=-1 Int=0 Extra=None
Segmentata: Def=10 Str=0 Spd=-1 Int=0 Extra=None
Brigandine Armour: Def=12 Str=0 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Ring Mail: Def=14 Str=0 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Scale Mail: Def=16 Str=0 Spd=-3 Int=0 Extra=None
Chain Mail: Def=18 Str=0 Spd=-4 Int=0 Extra=None
Arbestos Armour: Def=19 Str=0 Spd=-4 Int=0 Extra=None
Jazeraint Armour: Def=20 Str=0 Spd=-4 Int=0 Extra=None
Hoplite Armour: Def=22 Str=0 Spd=-4 Int=0 Extra=None
Breastplate: Def=24 Str=0 Spd=-5 Int=0 Extra=None
Plate Mail: Def=26 Str=0 Spd=-6 Int=0 Extra=None
Light Field Plate: Def=28 Str=0 Spd=-8 Int=0 Extra=None
Field Plate: Def=30 Str=0 Spd=-10 Int=0 Extra=None
Fluted Mail: Def=32 Str=0 Spd=-11 Int=0 Extra=None
Full Plate: Def=34 Str=0 Spd=-12 Int=0 Extra=None

Leather Shield: Def=1 Str=0 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Buckler: Def=3 Str=0 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Scutum: Def=4 Str=0 Spd=0 Int=0 Extra=None
Pelta Shield: Def=6 Str=0 Spd=-1 Int=0 Extra=None
Quad Shield: Def=7 Str=0 Spd=-1 Int=0 Extra=None
Targe Shield: Def=9 Str=0 Spd=-1 Int=0 Extra=None
Circle Shield: Def=10 Str=0 Spd=-1 Int=0 Extra=None
Palade Shield: Def=11 Str=0 Spd=-1 Int=0 Extra=None
Grim Shield: Def=12 Str=0 Spd=-1 Int=0 Extra=None
Tower Shield: Def=13 Str=0 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Casserole Shield: Def=14 Str=0 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Heater Shield: Def=15 Str=0 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Round Shield: Def=16 Str=0 Spd=-2 Int=0 Extra=None
Pavise: Def=17 Str=0 Spd=-3 Int=0 Extra=None
Kite Shield: Def=18 Str=0 Spd=-3 Int=0 Extra=None
Hoplite Shield: Def=19 Str=0 Spd=-3 Int=0 Extra=None
Spiked Shield: Def=19 Str=1 Spd=-4 Int=0 Extra=None
Oval Shield: Def=23 Str=0 Spd=-5 Int=0 Extra=None
Jazeraint Shield: Def=24 Str=0 Spd=-5 Int=0 Extra=None
Great Shield: Def=26 Str=0 Spd=-7 Int=0 Extra=None


Here’s a general categorisation of weapon attack types:
Daggers: Stab & Slash
Swords: Slash (Two handed swords can crush also)
Axes: Slash & Crush
Polearms: Stab (can have slash such as a scythe)
Ranged: Pierce
Clubs & Staves: Crush

Weapon Materials
Wood: Very basic material. Mainly used for training weapons.
Tin: A very weak metal. Not really worth using however I thought I'd include it.
Aluminium: Similar to tin, also not available in ancient times (couldn't separate it from its ore).
Copper: Another weak metal.
Bronze: Stronger than the above materials. This metal was used for a long time until...
Iron: Widely used metal. Relatively durable material.
Steel: Much stronger than iron. Lighter and tougher.
Damascus: Hard flexible steel, decorated with wavy markings.
Obsidian: A very hard stone. Made mostly of carbon (almost as hard as diamond).
Adamantium: Another non-metal substance. This stone is defined as 'unbreakable'. A very powerful material. Adamant in its raw form and adamantium as the material.

Other materials could be diamond however seeing as only lasers and diamond can cut diamond, would you really be able to forge a blade from it? Gold and Silver are usually used in fantasy medieval games. Nonetheless the truth is these materials are very weak and can easily bend and brake, 'fools gold' and 'fool silver' are the same but combined with a stronger material such as aluminium or iron. Despite this they are still feeble materials. In Vagrant Story they use Hagane which is apparently the japanese name for steel. And don't forget you can use bone which would be ultimately cool for a weapon and actually quite practical.

Armour Materials
Leather: Basically thick clothing. Not much defence.
Wood: Only really used on shields.
Tin: Not worth using for a breastplate because it is liable to break.
Aluminium: Similar to tin again, it will be easy to destroy.
Copper: Better than tin but still very weak.
Bronze: An old metal that can provide moderate protection.
Iron: Vastly more durable to blows than Bronze.
Steel: Even lighter than iron and more durable too!
Damascus: Hard flexible steel, decorated with wavy markings. This makes it good for arm and leg armour.
Obsidian: A very hard stone. Made mostly of carbon (almost as hard as diamond).
Adamantium: Another non-metal substance. This stone is defined as 'unbreakable'. A very powerful material. Adamant in its raw form and adamantium as the material.

Once again, diamond, silver and gold seem to be useless here. Hagane could be used here though. If your intending to have fantastical armour and enemies you might consider using things such as hides (bear, dragon scales and so on). This would mean that you could have a dragon shield and dragon scale armour. You could even have daemon armour. Another definate material would have to be mythril as this is used in all fantasy things. It would be below Damascus in material order (because mythril is better). And don't forget there is also a possibility of bone which would be really cool.

Weapon Types
This is the same weapon types as my article The Armoury. Check the latest version to see actual weapons within these categories.
Swords (one handed)
Greatswords (two handed)
Great Axes (two handed)
Mace / Clubs
Spears / Polearms
Ranged (bows, crossbows, slings etc)
Flexible (whips, chains etc)

Armour Types
Some of this is from my Armoury article however this isn't too difficult and everyone should know about different bits of armour that cover different bits of the body.
Helmets (head)
Gorgets (neck)
Body Armour (main body)
Shields (body / arm)
Vambraces (arms)
Gauntlets (hands)
Greaves (legs)
Boots (feet)


80 prefixes (before item) and 80 suffixes (after item) which when combined will help you create your own enchanted or magical items. I am also giving examples of what these could do to the weapon or armour. For creating magic items you could do something whereby you pay money to enchant an item and it randomly generates a number between 0-80 (0 being nothing).Whether you use this for your own custom engine for smithing weapons and armour or just extra special versions (rare ones) of your average gear which you can pickup when going through your game (if you’re lucky).

Name & an example of what they could do:
Carbuncle X2 sell price
Dragon X2 damage against dragons
Angelic X2 damage against evil/undead
Hex X2 damage against good/living
Daemon X2 damage against daemons
Grandmaster’s X2 damage
Volcanic Adds fire element to attack
Avalanche Adds water/ice element to attack
Tornado Adds wind element to attack
Earthquake Adds earth element to attack
Spark Adds thunder element to attack
Sharp Increases original strength bonus by 25%
Deadly Increases original strength bonus by 50%
Massive Increases original strength bonus by 75%
Titanic Increases original strength bonus by 100%
Slithering Increases original speed bonus by 25%
Quick Increases original speed bonus by 50%
Ultra Increases original speed bonus by 75%
Tireless Increases original speed bonus by 100%
Apprentice Increases original mind bonus by 25%
Witch Increases original mind bonus by 50%
Mage Increases original mind bonus by 75%
Grand Magi Increases original mind bonus by 100%
Soldier’s Increases original defence bonus by 25%
Knight’s Increases original defence bonus by 50%
Lord’s Increases original defence bonus by 75%
King’s Increases original defence bonus by 100%
Tiger’s Increases original hp bonus by 25%
Lion’s Increases original hp bonus by 50%
Bear’s Increases original hp bonus by 75%
Mammoth’s Increases original hp bonus by 100%
Rational Increases original mp bonus by 25%
Mindful Increases original mp bonus by 50%
Logic Increases original mp bonus by 75%
Sorceror’s Increases original mp bonus by 100%
Seething Critical Hit = 25%
Vicious Critical Hit = 50%
Malicious Critical Hit = 75%
Cruel Critical Hit = 100%
Malevolent Attacks twice
Gargantuan Attacks all enemies
Insubstantial Increases dodge rate
Ethereal Increases dodge rate + 5 speed
Solid Ignore monster evasion
Gaea Ignores terrain damage
Safety Prevents Critical Hit
Prepared Allows preemptive attack
Poisonous + Poison 50%
Pestilant + Poison 99%
Quiet + Silence 50%
Silent + Silence 99%
Confused + Confusion 50%
Bewildered + Confusion 99%
Dark + Blind 50%
Sightless + Blind 99%
Curse + Death 50%
Hades’ + Death 99%
Shock + Paralysis 50%
Freezing + Paralysis 99%
Heavy 1 hand = 2 handed
Feather 2 hand = 1 handed
Straining Attack Costs +2 MP
Draining Attack Costs +5 MP
Releaving Attack Costs –2 MP
Fulfilling Attack Costs –5 MP
Hawk Hit Chance = 100%
Willing Everyone can use it
Stubborn Nobody can use it
Vaccinated Prevents Poison 50%
Cured Prevents Poison 99%
Screaming Prevents Silence 50%
Wailing Prevents Silence 99%
Clear Prevents Confusion 50%
Understanding Prevents Confusion 99%
Bright Prevents Blind 50%
Shimmering Prevents Blind 99%
Mortal Prevents Death 50%
Immortal Prevents Death 99%
Dancing Prevents Paralysis 50%
Energetic Prevents Paralysis 99%

Name & an example of what they could do:
of Gold X2 sell price
of the Bahamut X2 damage against dragons
of Angels X2 damage against evil/undead
of Hexing X2 damage against good/living
of Hell X2 damage against daemons
of Brilliance X2 damage
of Flames Adds fire element to attack
of Icicles Adds water/ice element to attack
of Squalls Adds wind element to attack
of Tremors Adds earth element to attack
of Lightning Adds thunder element to attack
of Slicing Increases original strength bonus by 25%
of Hacking Increases original strength bonus by 50%
of Slaying Increases original strength bonus by 75%
of Destruction Increases original strength bonus by 100%
of Speed Increases original speed bonus by 25%
of Quickness Increases original speed bonus by 50%
of Haste Increases original speed bonus by 75%
of Teleportation Increases original speed bonus by 100%
of the Mind Increases original mind bonus by 25%
of Truth Increases original mind bonus by 50%
of Souls Increases original mind bonus by 75%
of Spirits Increases original mind bonus by 100%
of Blocking Increases original defence bonus by 25%
of Defiance Increases original defence bonus by 50%
of Dodging Increases original defence bonus by 75%
of Invulnerability Increases original defence bonus by 100%
of the Body Increases original hp bonus by 25%
of Force Increases original hp bonus by 50%
of Life Increases original hp bonus by 75%
of Immortality Increases original hp bonus by 100%
of Power Increases original mp bonus by 25%
of Enhancement Increases original mp bonus by 50%
of Mana Increases original mp bonus by 75%
of the Magi Increases original mp bonus by 100%
of the Seether Critical Hit = 25%
of Viciousness Critical Hit = 50%
of Maliciousness Critical Hit = 75%
of Cruelty Critical Hit = 100%
of Reprisal Attacks twice
of the Boomerang Attacks all enemies
of Dodging Increases dodge rate
of Invisiblity Increases dodge rate + 5 speed
of Mass Ignore monster evasion
of the Earth Ignores terrain damage
of Security Prevents Critical Hit
of Readiness Allows preemptive attack
of Plagues + Poison 50%
of Bile + Poison 99%
of Quietness + Silence 50%
of Silence + Silence 99%
of Grief + Confusion 50%
of Dullness + Confusion 99%
of Haze + Blind 50%
of Mist + Blind 99%
of Disease + Death 50%
of Death + Death 99%
of Stillness + Paralysis 50%
of Numbness + Paralysis 99%
of Weight 1 hand = 2 handed
of Easiness 2 hand = 1 handed
of Irritance Attack Costs +2 MP
of Sucking Attack Costs +5 MP
of the Mages Attack Costs –2 MP
of the Wizards Attack Costs –5 MP
of Sure Seeing Hit Chance = 100%
of Planets Everyone can use it
of Runes Nobody can use it
of Medicine Prevents Poison 50%
of Purity Prevents Poison 99%
of Loudness Prevents Silence 50%
of Noise Prevents Silence 99%
of Clarity Prevents Confusion 50%
of Understanding Prevents Confusion 99%
of Watching Prevents Blind 50%
of Sight Prevents Blind 99%
of Ressurection Prevents Death 50%
of Miracles Prevents Death 99%
of Cures Prevents Paralysis 50%
of Movement Prevents Paralysis 99%