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Article - 'Why Realistic Games Suck Butt' by Angroth

An item about Humour posted on Feb 3, 2004


Reasons why making a game ultra realistic isn't a good idea.


I used to try and make my games very realistic or have as much realism as possible because I thought it was more interesting but now I think realistic games can be bad for lots of reasons.

Firstly if a game were completely realistic, as soon as the hero got hit by a sword he would be like “Ahh uhhh I’m dying.” And so he would die. I’m sure anyone who played this game wouldn’t find it much fun at all. I know Bushido Blade was good and you could die in one hit but that’s a fighting game, an rpg would be different. No longer could you fight a dragon, kill 20 castle guards or shrug of the pain from that shotgun shell that hit your shoulder.

Secondly if the game was really really realistic it would real so it would have to be a game about something that actually happened in real life. Unless you can find some cool historical battles to make a game about where it didn’t need a main hero (because he’s obviously going to die, as I said above) then there’s no point trying to make it real.

Thirdly you could never fight mythical beasts like dragons or trolls. If dragons and trolls did exist and travelled across the land breathing flame or crushing people with boulders, how the hell would humans survive? No way is it realistic to have anything big and monstrous that destroys stuff, unless there are no humans at all or a really tiny community hidden in some caves somewhere.

Fourthly, who do you know that travels around and gets people to join him / her until there’s 4 of them, and slowly gain more powerful equipment and fight harder and harder stuff? If there’s one cliché it’s having a party of one guy who ends up with about 5 – 7 people who fight in battle as a 3 or 4. Now, if there really were 5 to 7 of them, why do only 3 or 4 fight?? Surely it would seem less silly if you only got up to 3 or 4 people. Anyway, back to the point, I don’t think ever did anyone travel around the land slowly becoming harder to kill (gaining strength, speed and health) and obtaining more powerful swords and armour. Therefore a realistic rpg would be restricted to how many people its combat system can handle and shouldn’t even have a bunch of people on a journey getting more powerful.

Fifthly yes you can stand here and say how bad ultra realistic games are for eternity so I’m going to say how realism can aid your game within the right dosage and circumstances.

Realism within weapons and armour can attract historical nerds to your games, which makes more people play it. :D

You don’t want people to be able to fly (unless you’re making a weird game) so obviously stuff like gravity should make a few appearances within your game…

I think the realistic faces sets that are floating around look so awesome, much more professional than the chubby cartoony face sets.

If it doesn’t have any realistic foundations or story as a game it’s going to turn out cack or end up more like a comedy game like ManaBat, where anything can happen at pretty much anytime.

That’s all I can think realism is good for right now. All in all you need a balance, but not half and half, it needs to be more unreal than real to make it more fun and interesting. But then again if you think a complete unrealistic game or a completely realistic game can be made interesting and good this is just my suggestion so by all means, go make it.