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Article - 'Evil Idol: Round I' by Xanqui

An item about Miscellanious posted on Feb 19, 2004


The first round of Evil Idol is here for you to read about! The second reality game of GW has begun!


Hundreds of miles from civilization, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, lies an island that looks as innocent as the calm waters that surround it. But just below this island is an evil lair that was abandoned many years ago. Few ever knew of its existence, but within it are riches that were once used for a truly evil purpose.

Normally, a discovery such as this would be reported immediately to the government, but we had something better in mind. Why not toy with people’s emotions and present this to an oblivious audience and give the island away to someone truly deserving?

So we have created a new reality game, where the person who is truly deserving of this island will win it. It’s up to their evil methods, and you, the audience, to decide which villain is the greatest villain of all.

Before we could begin the game, a message was sent around the world to underground organizations and crime rings about this mysterious competition. Little detail was exposed as to what exactly would be going on. The message was simple: send in a little information about yourself, and why you’re deserving of being named “Greatest Villain”, and we would allow the best to come to the island to compete.

A panel of judges: Xanqui, Mateui, MasterDarkNinja, and Belross, volunteered to decide the best of the worst. Submissions were rated from 1 to 10, with ten being the best. Here are the averaged votes:

- Kezath 1
- Xzarth 1.75
- Mr. Giggles 2
- Johnathan Rigsby 2.5
- Ed Gionagus 3.25
- Porthagiul 3.5
- Ezekeal Flint 3.5
- Exoneris 3.5
- Zeratul 3.75
- Urahashi AKA Dash 3.75
- DarkHiteryan 4
- Gadan Fernun 4
- Gilgamesh 4.25
- Argoth 4.5
- Eddy the Snake 4.5
- Jiminy Smile 4.5
- Streak 4.5
- Alarahis 4.75
* * *
- Morph Jones 5
- Amy Raine 5.25 -
- Danion Boylav 5.25
- Grey 5.25
- Douglas 5.5 -
- Jack Scoundrel 5.5
- Svendell Mavendo III 5.75
- Calt Dykes 5.75
- Prestin Mottow 6
- Gorgath Guroade 6.25
- Poultra 6.25
- Avrum Paras 6.25
- Trymclos 6.5
- Dr Marcus Stamper 6.5
- Ernie Weasal 6.75
- Celeste Winters 7
- Janella Qualnesti 7.5
- Gaberial 7.75
- Dominic Terrakin 8
- Stjanavos 8.25

All scores above FIVE were selected to go on to Round Two. Everyone below that has been eliminated. Good luck next round. Please do not ask why your submission got a low score. It was not up to me, but to all four of the judges. Those that scored above five did an excellent job and it was obvious the effort they put into them.

All submissions will be posted on the Evil Idol website. Go ahead and check ‘em out!

Click Here for the Official Evil Idol Website.
The site contains more information about each round, so if you want to know what was cut out of the article, the site contains everything you could possibly need. (Updated along with each article).

Next Week: The contestants must prove that they are capable of as much violence and sadism as they say they are! Only twelve out of the twenty participants will go on with the game! Using exclamation points makes things sound more exciting than they really are! Tune in!