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Article - 'Job Classes (Cliche)' by Anteaterking

An item about Game Design posted on Feb 21, 2004


A brief article that rips apart the common classes used in games.


Whoo. My first article. In this article I will be picking out cliché job classes and giving better ideas to substitute.

White Mage/Healer: If there is anything I hate in an RPG it's a healer. They usually have low HP and use weak staffs.
And they use the move Holy usually (Why? I don't know). It would be more original to make something like say... a Defender. This person would have moves that increased defense and give them a defense attribute. That way, you wouldn't have to heal as often. You could also give the defender a Boomerang or some other tricked out thing.

Thief: Even though this is a common job, usually they don't steal anything. Who wants to buy things at stores when they can steal it? Think of it this way: The more money you're players have to spend; the more they play the game to gain money. Throwing in thief abilities just shortens the game. Usually thieves use knives, which are throw offs of swords, which is the most clichéd weapon there is. You could remedy this problem with a ... Leech! A Leech (Job, not creature) could permanently suck health, mp, attack, etc. from the enemy. You could also throw in some Blue Mage, and have them take abilities from the enemies.

Warriors: To the most clichéd job! Warrior is usually a collection of knights, soldiers, assassins, or any other thing that fights for a government. They usually have some kind of sword, and usually are the main character. In most newbie games, the main character is a warrior, because they think Alex is original. There are so many ways to remedy this problem, but a unique one is to have them instead be a … Boxer. Boxers use fists, so you wouldn’t have to think of many weapons. They also could add elements to their punches like a Magic Knight in FF5 (Japan). A boxer could also have moves like Uppercut and One-Two.

Black Mage: Almost as bad as white mages, all Black Mages can seem to use spells. They don’t even use weapons. Just staffs. Most of their spells are in a random order. They don’t even master one category of magic. Generally, these “things” are the only people in a newbie game to use magic. Since this goes against strategy concept of all people having choices, it needs to be rendered. Like warrior, this has many options; one of the obvious ones is having them master one category of magic. Or you could have an Elementalist. They would use moves like Earth heal, (Moves From FFTA). They could be a combo healer, black magic user, defender, and others.

Archer: The final one. This is more about Archers than the Archer job. In every game with an archer, they use a bow. Usually people make the mistake of making the weapon one handed. Back to the point. No archers ever have a crossbow, which is the best-ranged weapon in my opinion. Crossbows are easily handled/fired, one handed, and are easy to aim. And somehow the programmer should actually add the effect of long range. Also, bulk up the attack of archers.

The end. If I get enough support, I might make a second edition. This is Anteaterking signing out.
~It took forever to spell permanently right.