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Article - 'RM2K Battle Systems' by Kazeuri

An item about Game Design posted on Aug 8, 2003


Kazeuri gives his opinion on the battle systems we've seen made in RPGMAker 2000 (Action,Side view, etc.) and explains the difficulty in each, do you think he's some dumb arse who knows nothing or is he right?


Ok, so you played a game that had a really cool Side-view battle system with RM2K, or maybe even a 3-d'ish Zelda system and are wondering 'Wow, I would really like a battle in my game to turn out like that!', but now have one question 'Will the efforts be worth my time?'. I will answer, to the best of my knowledge, Why, and why not, to use certain systems. So you can decide for yourself. Just take a look:

Default: This system is very similar to 'Dragon Warrior'. You see the monster in front of you, but not the character. It is incredibly simple however, since it is default with RM2K. It is simple to edit, and can include many features. A lot of people are tired of seeing this system though. It often times is done poorly though, and diverts users from using it. When done right, this system can smoothly carry a game along, and relive the creator of a lot of stress. Below I rate it:

Simplicity: 9/10 - Extremely simple. It is all in RM2K.
Time Consumption: 9/10 - Fairly simple to execute.
Fun: 6-8/10 - Depending on how you use it.
Customizable: 8/10 - It is all editable in the system!
Overall: 7/10 - When used correctly, it is probably the
best system to use.

Zelda/ Interactive: A system most likely to consume many variables, and a bit of time. It also takes some creative thinking to execute properly. The more time spent on this system, the better it can be. Even add weapons like Bombs, sword, arrows, whatever. It all depends on how well you can work with events and variables. I like this system because it is extremely customizable, and can do some amazing things. Below I will rate it:

Simplicity: 3/10 - New users might have a hard time.
Time Consumption: 2/10 - It may take an incredibly long time.
Fun: 7-10/10 - Depends on time spent.
Customizable: 9/10 - You create every scrap that goes into it
Overall: 7/10 - It takes a while to get something great.

Final Fantasy/ Sideview system: Very popular, but very hard to do. Some people use the built-in system, and modify it, others just start creating from scratch with events, variables, eneter password and more. I see no real reason to use it other than to fill us other creators with envy as green as our teeth. It can be fun though, but for the time it takes to create... is it worth it?

Simplicity: 1/10 - You better give up sleep.
Time Consumption: 1/10 - Did I say sleep? I mean Life.
Fun: 8/10 - Everyone wants it right now. HOT.
Cutomizable: 6/10 - Depend on where you make it.
Overall: 7/10 - Probably not worth the time.

So, maybe you will look at this and continue to make whatever system you are making, That is terrific. The more the better. There are many other systems in the works, and possibly even done. These are just the three major systems though. I think that you should go with what you think. If you are just starting though, I am sure this guide can help a lot. Questions? Comments? And below using Gaming Worlds custom opinion adder.