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Article - 'Mr.Y's GW4 Closing Mailbag' by SMOPHWoD.Y

An item about Humour posted on Mar 13, 2004


This was the final mailbag of GW4. I finally put it up!


Welcome to a very, very long Mailbag, the longest one yet, handled by yours truly! I basically took whatever submissions I could find that hadn't been deleted that I didn't recognize and threw them into this Mailbag. This thing is so long, I really SHOULDN'T make a comedic introduction.

.. but what the hey, I'll do it anyways. How will I do it? Simple! I have posted below logs of some of the IMPORTANT DIALOGUE that DROVE Gaming World to further success late in GW4's time. Enjoy these secrets I divulge now to you!

Poll Title and Author: BALLOONS, by Mr. Y
1: YES NO - 3
2: BIG FISH - 2
4: RED FISH - 2
5: BLUE FISH - 2



....WAIT, NO

Mateui: Actually, Mr. Y, this has happened to me many times when I was younger. It was just so fun getting my sisters wet with water.. They always ran after me, and one time a baloon exploded in my face as well.. It was sad..

Moriason: Blue fish.

Belross: Big fish, bitch. Biiiiiiig fiiiish.

Mateui: I feel sorry for the "Little Fish", it has no votes...

legacy001: I was thinking along the lines of bitch fish.

Pyrate: MrY, I am issuing you a warning for the offence of: "creating spam topics in the Staff Forum." Strike 2.

Mr. Y: !?!?!?!

When was strike one, sir? This is hogwash! HOGWASH, I SAY!

"Actually, Mr. Y, this has happened to me many times when I was younger. It was just so fun getting my sisters wet with water.. They always ran after me, and one time a baloon exploded in my face as well.. It was sad.." made your sister wet? Oh, and yes, this happened to me as a child as well. It sux, since ballons weren't cheap... thats why I always use the big thick GREEN GRENDADE style ones. Nev-r-brak. :>

Topic Title and Author: Gw Sux, by Ryan
Ryan: GW SUX

Bart: Wow, that hurt so much.

Pyrate: Hmph.

Faust: I like the cut of Ryan's jib! Have fun cleaning toilets in McDonalds forever :D!

Topic Title and Author: A DEMAND, by Hiretsukan
Hiretsukan: I want a cookie! :o

Mr. Y: No, you get candy, that's all I hand out.

Faust: Nuts to you bitch >:O!!!!!

lithium: *gives Hiret a cookie*

Hiretsukan: I AM SATED!


That's all I am revealing! I hope all that insight into GW's inner workings has peaked your interest. Now, onto this massive collection of submissions! Note that because of the sheer size of this Mailbag, I will not be using much text formatting besides simply italics. Sorry!

NotMekess: Hello, I am not Mekesss. GIVE ME BOOZE OR D13!

Mr. Y: YOU DO NOT SCARE ME LI... wait, no, I am afraid of you, very afraid. Here's $10, bub, go buy something to DROWN YOUR SORROWS with.

KaosTenshi: What?

Mr. Y: That is correct, ma'm.

Sully: If I was to ask you a question with two question marks would it make it more high priority??

Mr. Y: Well, your question has just been cleaned up with the rest of the unused Mailbag junk. I would say NO!

Nocturnal_Breed: Kazeuri...could you get me some towels? Pink towels?

Mr. Y: WHO IS THIS KAZEURI FELLOW? Sorry, but Kazeuri's moved away to the FUNNY FARM! Anyways, you don't want PINK TOWELS, all the fellas will laugh at you and call you gay. Get a MANLY BLACK TOWL instead, it will show you are BITCHIN' TOUGH.

o_o: Would you consider this blue?

Mr. Y: Nope. I think it is a silly question, though.

InterestedMinds: What did you use the salt for?

Mr. Y: Well, in Suikoden I gave it to a guy and eventually got this woman to join my army despite having NO useful qualities. But oh well, I guess it was worth it for the ending.

DrFunk: Hey, how when does deh pr0ject h0sterz come out maen?

Mr. Y: Since everyone is reading this with GW5's release, it's already out! GW's Premium Users may use Project Hoster now.

SuperFatObeseBird: I AM HUNGRY

Mr. Y: Aww, but you're also LOVABLE, buddy!

RPG: What do you think of Hotmogs? Do you even know what they are? And...uh, do you believe in Hotmog rights? Hotmogs are communists, btw...

Mr. Y: Well, I have heard that Hotmogs make excellent meals. But I've never eaten one myself. I wonder if they will ever return back to us on the gamemaking scene? One can dream...

Crono Fantasy: Why does no one like GZZ? I think its a awesome site with awesome games! I just dont get all the comments like "wishmoo sucks" and "GGZ sucks"! Please help me on this! GZZ it a great site! yes GW is better but GZZ is still very cool! I just dont get it!

Mr. Y: Everyone has their own reasons to dislike Wishmoo, and those reasons make them believe others' stories and dislike Wishmoo further. For example, several times I have tried to contact Wishmoo myself to hear from her why she dislikes Gaming World so much. The response? She blocked me on several programs like AIM and MSN, and also continues to delete any e-mail I send her. I have gathered that she is very paranoid, plotting, and secretive, and I've heard of several GW-GGZ conflicts in the past. However, Gaming World currently follows more of a don't-mention-it policy with Gaming Ground Zero, and Gaming Ground Zero seems to be trying to same. It is always a shame when disagreements cannot be worked out, though.

Johanz: Weee! Love yer mailbag and im a new user, and getting the hold of things, like who is posting what and how you do this and that, now to the real question,
What do i need to include to make a fun RPG??? :)

Mr. Y: Lots and lots of guns, truly. The Doom series was great because of guns. Final Fantasy 8 was great because it had swordey-gunnies. We can learn many important things from these games.

CouchFiend: I AM SENDING YOU HATE MAIL! I HATE YOU! Err.... sorry... i spazz sometimes... no..well... yess.... Mlargh... FALL BEFORE THE POWERS OF J*d*i*s*m! Yeess...

Mr. Y: Well, the previous Mailbagger is now gone, so your hate mail has FAILED, Sonny Jim!

Rhysatti: Does this qualify as crap mail?

Mr. Y: What? Nah! This is the kind of stuff we print out and mount onto our bedroom walls to dream about seeing more of someday. Why, if everyone sent us pointless mail asking if they sent pointless mail, we would be MUCH better off.

Socks: Dr. Pepper or Cherry Coke?

Mr. Y: Why do we need to pick one or the other? Why black or white? Geese, Socks, it's people like YOU that started the American Civil War, DEFINITELY not the plantation owners, slaves, or sympathizers. Sheesh.


Mr. Y: What? NO. I WILL RAISE UP A MIGHTY AMERICAN LEGION YOU DEFEAT YOU, YOU DAMN FRENCHMAN. Sheesh, all the French are rotten to the core, Alexander and Moriason included.

Angroth: 9 articles and a funeral. Should I stop doing articles now?

Mr. Y: Follow your heart~~~~ (Write articles or you're FIRED, har har)

DrFunk: Guess what I dropped down my pants last night!

Mr. Y: YOUR TOOTHBRUSH!? Well, at least Likkle Funk getting a good clean-up and scrub.

mighty_moe: Hey, I was wondering if you got my game "The Eternal Struggle"? I submitted a link it a few weeks ago and wonder how long it is going to take to get it reviewed.. if you're interested the game is available at CENSORED DUE TO GRAPHIC MATERIAL

Mr. Y: Well, games need to be added to GW before they're even considered for reviewing. And, since your game wasn't added yet when so much time has passed, it probably wasn't considered good enough by the tester that played it. So, if you still are looking for a response, please just work harder on improving it, okay?

donmiguel: Why isn't the word SPIFFY in the dictionary?

Mr. Y: Look here, Donnoh, it is!

OnionKnight: Why does it feel like night today?



Mr. Y: Well, it's pretty complex to explain, but I'll try. You see, originally our Webcams section at Gaming World was a humongous success. However, this small website called TeenHotties13-16 or something threatened to sue Bart for stealing their original ideas. Bart panicked and immediately ordered his MIGHTY staff of Webcam-providers to close 'em down. Never fear, though! You never know when TH1316 will just happen to get shut down for illegal pornography.. heh heh heh.

rpgmaster100: Does anybody know the page of the rpg maker????

Mr. Y: YES. You're DEFINITELY talking about RPG Maker 2000. I'm sorry, but the best place to read about this is a German gamemaking community, like, oh, this one? You won't understand a word they say, but look at all dem pretty pictures!

theblakeman: Why does God hate British people and love Americans? He let US win the war against them anyway, so why?

Mr. Y: Well, it's clear that even to this day, the United States stands out in this world as a beacon of hope, decency, and justice for all the poor, struggling masses of this world, whereas Britain, France and the rest of Europe (And AUSTRALIA!) are all corrupt and evil.

faust: "Why are people so retarded nowadays? I hate you and want you to DIE, now get out of my way before I bum you into the middle of next week >:O!!!" - a quote from Elton John. Isn't he the MAN?

Mr. Y: Personally, I think you're just looking for ANY man. But you can't have any! Every man alive except you and your vile gang of homosexuals is PURE-THINKING. Well, except the other sinners. So yes. Also, Elton John IS the man. He's like any other gay man, except he packs a Glock. I heard one time he shattered a glass wine battle and cut a man several times in the face until he bled to death. Yes, Elton is one tough mofo.

jumar1987: Seriously: Why do people yawn after seeing someone else yawn? WHY!?!

Mr. Y: Either it's a psychological, mutual, and friendly sign of exhaustion shared unintentionally between humans.. or, it may be the Forest Pixies. Yes, I'm definitely leaning towards the Pixies.

Random Shadows: When will the GamingW Arena be finished? It sounds pretty cool.

Mr. Y: I'm unsure at the time right at this moment when I wrote this very response, but... I'm pretty certain that the simplified GW Arena Bart's been developing should be released already with GW5's release, or maybe later. However, the GWAE, or GamingW Arena: Extended, will be coming along much longer. That one will be much larger and cooler, but will take more time!

Senior Behemoth: k i haev teh qeston!!!11
1.y m i a foget
3.u sux, lol
4.der is no for

Mr. Y:
1. Because you have contracted a LETHAL CANCER.
2. 16/m/114 bluebaker street, mercedes, ia
3. no u
5. Yes.

RPG: Uh, call me stupid, call me living uder a rock, but can you please lighten up my dark world and tell me what this word means:
"GOATSE" and "GOATSE.txcdf" or something, I'm tired of asking, and no one gives an answer, "It's better for you that you don't know" adviced somone in #gamemaker, but I can't, curiousity would kill me, I want to know, no matter how evil it is, tell me, WHAT IS IT? Or else I talk donglish >:\


Damn n00bs. If they didn't exist, we'd be enjoying things like in the GLORIOUS old days of GW. Anyways.

Jag: What type of games are there other then RPGs, Shooters, and puzzle?

Mr. Y: Well, there's platformers, fighters, and... oh my Lord. We NEED a new gamemaking engine designed to make games OTHER than RPGs, shooters, puzzles, and platformers. Well, maybe we don't need that. Still, it'd always be nice!

squarestanvel: hey, whats the rate of people joining GW per day?

Mr. Y: At the moment I wrote this, our average was about twenty new registrations a day. That is 140 registrations a week, 560 a month, and then 6,720 a year... very good for right now! But of course, that average will change. I just hope it will only go higher and higher!

DrFunk: Do you want to huggle me?

Mr. Y: Urm, no. Faust is the huggly guy, he's gay. He probably wears bright pink clothes all the time, and is always speaking really loudly in public about men named Brian that look so good in those tight Wrangler jeans. Of course, all the evidence I have seems to indicate that Faust is not anything like that, but GENERALIZATION IS FUN! It's a good skill we need to teach our children.

donmiguel: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS SPIFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111Oneoneone!!!

I shall spell the alphabet!

Ay bee see dee e eff gee ach eye jay key el em en oh pee keew are ess tea you vee doubleyou eckz why and zee!!!

Mr. Y: I'm going to leave this here. You shall now hang your head in shame over such a horribly, horribly silly submission. Now how can you ever get married and have children? Every woman you meet won't think about your personality, only the fact that you're the Guy That Spelled Out the English Alphabet.

Gwendal: Just wondering...what Warcraft 3 server do you play on?

Mr. Y: Everybody at Gaming World generally plays on the U.S. East server, Azeroth. Kazeuri does too!

GodOfDeath: Why do you lock Flame Wars on the forums? Why don't you just let one go for a couple hours?

Mr. Y: Because, the moderators govern the members like the government governs the citizens. We can't allow our members to simply fight each other openly in our forums, because for one thing flame wars generally are off-topic and ruin discussions for others. Also, generally no one leaves a flame war completely satisfied, and so it only upsets our members and further convinces them they should leave. Those are just things we don't want!

adam-x: good site! keep it up!

Mr. Y: Certainly! Positive feedback's always welcome!

Angroth: Tell the world Eer1ak is a cool guy!

Mr. Y: Eer1ak is a FAG, mate.

rapty: I want more Sphere stuff! Screw the rm2k llamas! More Sphere!

Cubes are cool too, but Sphere stuff for now! :D

Mr. Y: Hey, as cool as Sphere may be, we need to respect the wishes of the members of this community, right? If I had my way I'd make five entirely seperate dedicated entirely to myself, but I can't have my way, can I?

GaZZwa: Oh mystical Mailbag Maen. I have a question that has plagued mankind for decades. Why do Bert and Ernie sleep together? They're puppets...the very thought of it boggles the mind!

Mr. Y: The answer to that is very simple, sir. Bert and Ernie are both members of a secret dark cult, something following this Wiccan guy named Moriason or something. I don't know all the details, but in fact Bert and Ernie not only sleep with each other, but with Moriason and forty-seven other cult members in that one bed. It's freakin' amazing.

Angroth: I looked at the users online menu only to find 17 guests and 1 member.

Whats the world coming to?

Mr. Y: Hot damn! It seems the extremely obscure REGISTER button has confused yet another group of new members! Darn that Bartek! I told him again and again, he needs to just make one humongous button to register at the center of our index webpage, but he is often so busy eating porkchops, cake, and pudding that he never listens to me. I can't blame the guy though, pudding IS awfully delicious.

Nyaah: what are your thoughts on newfies? (hopefullyt that makes sense to you americans, i'm not sure if they're as legendary in the states)

Mr. Y: Oh, I Love Newfies! They are GOLD compared to all those dirty Asian and American dog trash. But then again, ol' Poodle Y beats out any kind of dog. So there you go.

jumar1987: Bored. Bored. Bored. What do you do when you are bored?

Mr. Y: Well, I take naps. That way I won't be exhausted later in the day when I do think of something to do.

lodarmull: KNIV

Mr. Y: You are BACK? I must tell Faust right away! I just KNOW you're gonna begin skinning baby kittens and sending them to his house! Oh no!

StanwoodHick: Why do most hicks screw goats, while other hicks shoot goats? Do they love them or do they hate them?

Why doesn't everyone convert to Game Maker?

Mr. Y: I believe that, having grown up in the hills of Alabama with the wild Alabamian Goats of Wildness, hicks either grow to love the goats or to fear them. The goat-lovers screw 'em, and the goat-fearers shoot 'em. That's a possibility. As for Game Maker, it isn't necessarily meant for everyone, at least not yet. Some gamemakers just take it as a casual hobby to spend maybe a few hours each week on. Also, most RPG makers are recommended to the RPGMaker 2000/3 or Sphere gamemaking engines.

Balbanes_Beoluve: Is there anyone else out there who thinks FFT had one of the greateset plots ever?ONE of,Not THE.

Mr. Y: Certainly! I loved Final Fantasy Tactics, one of my favorite games I've ever played. However, I did have a few bugs with some of the translation mistakes and what I thought was a fairly subpar ending.

Jesus: Why is it that on IRC no one believes I'm the real Jesus? It's true, you know it's true, so why does no one else? They all assume I'm blasphemous so NO MIRACLES FOR THEM ;_;! Love Faust, I mean Jesus!

Mr. Y: Oh, I believe you Jesus! From what I've seen you really seem like a very "real" guy. I have a lot of respect for you... though I respect Anti-Christ even more.

Mr. Chubbles: what is so great about first post? If I get first post does that mean that I win something? Can I get a toaster oven? Now my head hurts...

Mr. Y: Sort of like a bragging right, because the first poster is at the top of a list, and because his/her comment is seen first when someone scrolls down into the comments.

Lucavious: You guys PLEASE TAKE DOWN your RM2K Installs and resources! ASCII will not released RM2003 if you guys don't stop this crap with RM2K. yes it's a great program, but if you wanna kick open doors to better programs like RM2003, you have to make sacrifices!

Mr. Y: Hey, did you get your name from that wizard guy from the Suikoden series, Luc? Ha ha, that guy was good! I didn't use him much in Suikoden 1, but I loved that guy in Suikoden 2! You know, though, I think he's gay. Faust tells me he is not, but Luc just really looks gay to me. So I'm probably right.

LionHeartFFVIII: If u want i can give you info and screenshots on 3D game engines

Mr. Y: awesome dood, e-mail me with the details at, okay??? thanQ

Eer1ak: When did the green bunnies under my bed leave!?!?

Mr. Y: Because you RAPED the Mother Green Rabbit, you sick bastard.

Cereal Hunter: (Some stuff... I don't remember what he wrote)

I wrote this because I want to be a new style of newbie. Lol!

Mr. Y: And you have succee... no, I can't lie. That was not that neat, sir! Sorry!

DonMiguel: [Sarcasm]Yay![\Sarcasm]Mailbag! It is so cool. Yay...woohoo...

Mr. Y: Yes, it is so cool, isn't it?

Raid: Why don't people send in good questions!?

Mr. Y: Like yours? Gee, I dunno, Raidster, that's pretty difficult to answer. By the way, your name reminds me of a type of DUMP TRUCK called the RAIDSTER or something similar. Ho ho ho.

Psi: How the hell do you download files off I've found a few projects hosted there and can't seem to download them.

Mr. Y: I remember doing that once, it was terrible. Now I don't remember the exact process for getting downloads off, but I do remember the sheer TERRIBLENESS of it. That website really is a stinker.

Sephiroth2billion: Peeps need to get some freaking elven character sets, I'm having a hard time finding some, and I'm not any good at making my own. Face sets would be nice too. GOO!!!!!!

Mr. Y: No kidding. I get tired so quickly of the lack of elven graphics for the RM2K/3 game development engines. Man, they're so lazy! They should just take care of things for us. (Please note the sarcasm. Develop the ability to draw these things yourself, then do it and be satisfied. Don't be such a lazy guy!)

janitorjoon: how do you download rmk2 on this site

Mr. Y: Oh, that's simple! On the left panel of GW, scroll down and you'll eventually find a link labeled WE DO NOT HOST ILLEGAL GAMEMAKING ENGINES ON THIS WEBSITE. Click that link. Presto!

donmiguel: Why is Alex the RTP character so hated? I think Alex is COOL! Because he's the coolest lookin character in the RTP! Cool, and spiffy.

Mr. Y: Alex is disliked because he is used too often with amateur role-playing games. Also, the games seem to differ over the sort of character Al is, even though he's the same character set. For example, in one game he's a young, enthusiastic, brave, and stupid village-boy that discovers a holy sword and vanquishes the planet's greatest evil. In yet another game, Alex is a young, enthusiastic, brave, and stupid soldier that is betrayed by his country, befriends a lovely woman his exact same age that later becomes his love interest, and vanquishes the planet's greatest evil, ALONG with the corrupt and evil government that stabbed him in the back. Alex is always so different that it ruins every one of these games! It's very tragic.

RPGoddess: I love you~!

Mr. Y: Oh, please Archee, you're married! Look, you're just one of hundreds, no, THOUSANDS of women that crave my extremely manly body, amazing wit, and powerful creativity and intelligence. I'm sorry, but I'm gonna GO ABSTINENT until I'm out of high school. I'm sorry, you'll just need to live without me! Do your best!

Damied: I really don't know what this is for!! lol

Mr. Y: That's hilarious, mate! lolol

fantamcrono: I like pie flavored donkeys poo! Yum!!!

Mr. Y: I blame your parents entirely for this. Have you ever even TRIED a Whopper? That HAS to be better!

noobies2dinkies: How do I submit something to the mailbag?

Mr. Y: It's very simply. Simply send an e-mail with your message to, and it will PROBABLY appear in the next Mailbag. I'm not quite certain, though.

NotBart: We need to start a new Gaming World contest. We'll call it 'RUSH FOR THE STAFF POSITIONS'. And, the winner will be the person that gets staff positions at the most sites in one month! How many crappy RM2K websites can you staff in one month's time?! This contest would be spectacularly awesome!!!

Mr. Y: NotBart, that is an EXCELLENT idea. I will speak to the other Administrators about it immediately!

Bart: Put this in mailbag or you're fired!! >:]

Mr. Y: Ho ho ho, you can't threaten me, fatty! Me? Me? I'm going to live FOREVER (Ha ha, I just HAD to throw in that obligatory Neclord quote, it was CLASSY).

CouchFiend: I need you to do something for me, mailbag maen...... I need you to... well... you know... (Wink, Wink)

Mr. Y: Insult Pyrate? Yes, immediately. Pyrate is complete, total crap. He is so ugly he must date 69-year-old women. I would insult DarkPriest too, but sadly DP is too kool for me to even approach with a malicious joke.

squarestanvel: Hi.

Mr. Y: Yo.

T.U.G.A.: do you like,hate game maker or something? wtf? ive submitted like 3 games and none of them were put up. so you know what? take my games of your site!

Mr. Y: Hate it? We LOVE Game Maker. If there's any reason your games aren't being added, it may be because they are poor-quality. However, I think I've seen your games here before... so, I think you should just be patient and wait, you silly mongoose you!

RyanM--: HELLO. =)

Mr. Y: Oh my goodness, it's RYAN. You know, I would never suspect that this is some submission from someone other than Ryan, despite the fact that users can use whatever name they like when submitting mailbag pieces. Nope, never.

EverSoft: I'm addicted to the word FUCK! What should I do?


Mr. Y: You should say FUDGE instead. I know several Catholics that do that instead. It's true, they are very boring individuals that play board games and never get laid, but at least they're publically aware, right? Also, thanQ for the translation.. although it does ruin the fun of KNIV a bit.

Agentx: Why did the Mortal Kombat series kept going from 1 to whatever the hell is the latest installment when nobody touches that crap anymore? Only 2 and maybe 3 were good the rest are either in a trashcan broken in pieces with booger spits or collecting dust at the back of stores.

Mr. Y: I'm guessing it was all the partial nudity that was just running rampant in the later installments. You couldn't play a single match against a female opponent without seeing a beautiful womanly thigh or somewhat-revealed breast. People just don't like these games, and Mortal Kombat learned that the hard way. This series will only pick up speed again when all of the women are wearing wool skirts reaching their ankles and heavy sweaters sown by their grandparents.

FQGamer: Mailbag is funny crap, just funny.

Mr. Y: Mailbag is funny GOLD, you better appreciate it or it shall be TAKEN AWAY!

I got ROBBED: OMG , Man i feel so bumbed out ..., I got home:sniff: and this guy came in with a gun ....and stole alll ...his stuff back.

Mr. Y: Dude, that's not fair! You worked hard for that shit! Go tell the police. If you live in Canada you may not have policemen, though, so go find a MOUNTY to help you!

Xanqui: here's a question and a comment at the same time...the mailbag is so cool, but why?

Mr. Y: Well, Xanqui, the Mailbag is so cool because of the constant effort placed behind it. You see, working within Bart's house is a small team of college students, accountants, and homeless people, all researching the answers to every single question the Mailbag editor is asked. The Mailbag editor doesn't really do anything at all, except write a pointless but funny entrance and stamp his name onto it as his work. It's a bit unfair, but in return for their uncredited work all our secret Mailbag staff receive all the free vodka they want! This explains why most of the Mailbag staff is homeless college students that had studied business to become accountants.

Gleason: what's better? friends with benefits, or actual dating?

Mr. Y: Dating! You should probably discover as you get older that psychological things like love are often more important to you than the materials of life. Maybe someday with dating you'll meet the woman of your dreams and create a whole litter of mini-Gleasons?


Mr. Y: Why you little MONSTER!

Angroth: You wouldn't believe what I saw today.

I was in town and just got in the bus to go home when I saw a man running, fall over a banana.

How cliche is that?

Still, everyone laughed at him, including me!

The guy just got up and ran off liked it didn't happen and no one saw him, but we did!!

Mr. Y: That poor man! Now, if only every banana peel was mailed to the factories in Greece to be recycled into rubber..

theblakeman: Could you explain the line between equality and respect and how it can be blurred?

Mr. Y: No way, that'd bore me. You should ask me to explain something else, like how to cheat your way through Playstation games using an emulator. Yeah, I'm good at that!

Clown Penis: I will rape you in teh butt!

Mr. Y: Please, not me! Hey, Belross likes being raped, he's got a fetish for it or something. Rape HIM.

fantomcrono: Eat lots of pie for breakfast! It's good for you.

Mr. Y: You know what else is good for breakfast? Nice, warm glasses of STFU. Alright, I DID steal that from an Adam Sandler movie, and it IS a pretty odd response.. but it remains classy, fun for the whole family!

Xanqui: Do you like my tutorials...?

Mr. Y: Nah, I never read 'em, honestly. But, I DO read YOUR MOTHER'S ASS constantly, ho ho ho!

royal_duke: Darn! Damn! Suck!

Mr. Y: Suck? ... is over there? Isn't he doing a good job!?

ssjgotenks: eveyone i found a site that you can download idraw

Mr. Y: lik wear, hgamingw? i downloded that from gw slready, lol, srry

Esperboy: 8-)

Mr. Y: 9-)

Gengis Kahn: A game like no other will come sooooon

just wait and see RPG maker 2000!

More news will come soooon

Mr. Y: Oh my, possibly a game about GHENGHIS KAHN and his HORDE OF EVIL-DOING KITTEN-EATERS? That'd be awesome, but probably not. Aww, well, another amateur RPG is fine, I guess...


Mr. Y: Mwahaha, I have seen a SECRET NOTE that was OBVIOUSLY placed here to help Kazeuri CHEAT on the Mailbag submissions. Or something like that.

theCreator: What the hell is the mailbag?!?

Mr. Y: Well shit, you made it, didn't you?

Hornet: What is the meaning of life?

Mr. Y: To educate as many people as possible as to why all those Kool Katholics have the absolutely-correct religion, and why all the Protestants, Jews, Muslims, and Hinduists do not.

crazyoldman: hello

Mr. Y: Yo.

RPGoddess: I want to fuck you like an animal. I want to feel you from the inside. I want to fuck you like an animal! My whole exsistence is wrong, you get me closer to God.

Mr. Y: Listen, RG, I've told you before baby, I just can't! You are a very beautiful person, but I have sworn upon abstinence until I am finished at high school. Even then, I can't sleep with you, because then all my other thousands, no, MILLIONS of adoring female friends will attack you and tear you to bloody pieces. I am really happy that your immense lust for me has led to your new interest in Catholicism, God, and the Big J, but even so I would feel bad making love to you. I'm awfully sorry, but no! You'll need to find another lover... like your husband!

Hitler: I'm back! Just wanted to know whether Faust is male or not. Thanks.

Mr. Y: Why hello there Hitler! You sound much stronger and healthier after that whole suicide-in-a-bunker incident. Anyways, yes, Faust is a man. He is also homosexual as well, so he probably won't want to become your drinking buddy. Sorry Hitler. Maybe you can meet up with NotBart later and hang out with him, though?

Sir Great Balls of Fire: Have you ever looked up at the sky and seen a giant monkey picking his nose with a cucumber?

Mr. Y: Nope, I've never done THAT. However, I have occasionally looked up YOUR MOTHER'S SKIRT. Har har har!

EverSoft: May I take over GW? :D

Mr. Y: Evey, buddy, you can do whatever you set your mind to! Except taking over GW!

AnonymousPasserby: What are you getting us all for Christmas??

Mr. Y: Wow, TIME WARP. You are ANONYMOUS GUY before the name-change! That is super-awesomeness! Yes, yes! What? Your question? Screw that, I'm too busy REJOICING OVER THE TIME WARPAGE.

Batman: Have you seen Robin? Batman sure hopes someone hasn't taken him... Batman gets lonely at night... *weeps* Batman will find him... Batman will get revenge for Mr. Cuddles the cat! BATMAN HAS HIS OWN THEME SONG SO I... I MEAN BATMAN DOESNT HAVE TO FEEL INSECURE! SO FUDGE OFF SUPERMAN!

Mr. Y: Fudge off? From the way your relationship you have with Robin sounds, it seems to me like you'd love Superman to FUDGE YOU. And by FUDGE YOU, I mean eat a few Fudgelicious cookies, available at your local grocery store and best when dipped in glasses of milk.

DrFunk: Bart and Hitler= ONE IN THE SAME?

Mr. Y: Nah, of course not! Well, I've heard a few rumors that Hitler WAS part Polish by blood.. so maybe Bart is his descendant! Ooh, what a chilling thought!

MrsGniado: Why are you children always trying to corrupt my little Bartek? He is such an innocent little Barty-poo, at least he was until he made this site and you all made him CORRUPT! I blame it all on the homosexual Faust child and his constant chants of "Whahay!" My little Bartek just couldn't resist the temptation to look at pornography because of this. I still plan on making my son close this website so that you cannot corrupt him any further. I just want to know why you made him into a perverted little boy!

Mr. Y: Hello, misses Gniado! I think Bart's corruption is his own fault for not being strong enough with his faith in Christ. The devoted will receive salvation, and all else will be thrown into the great fire and burned. Isn't that simple to grasp?

donmiguel: What does blorg mean?

Mr. Y: Sorry, I couldn't find anything.

cloud199: How do you access rpgmaker2000?

Mr. Y: Oh, it's simple. To access RM2K, click here (Ha ha, I am just so darn CUNNING).

Sinister: Where do you download the RPG Maker?

Mr. Y: Oh, you too? To download RPGMaker 2003, the latest and the greatest version, just click here! It's simple!

Legacy_Eden: ummmm i just signed on today and this is my first post of anythingand how in the world do I get a pic on here???? o well i'll figure it out C-ya nice meetin you guys?

Mr. Y: Yes, it was definitely a nice meeting, especially with that beautiful hooker that jumped out of that large frosted cake! Hurray!

EmperorEvil: Isn't Kavoxx the biggest :| ever?

Mr. Y: Uh... YES. (Does that mean that LK is an ass or a bitch or something? Or maybe a NICE GUY? I'm confused!)

Bart: Do you love me???

Mr. Y: Urgh, you must have caught the RPGoddess syndrome. Look, Bart, I'm not even into men! I'm a heterosexual, and not only that, I'm abstinent until I finish high school! Look, Bart, maybe you should just date Faust or something? I heard Faust's moving to Canada soon, you'd make a... couple. (HAHA, I DIDN'T CALL YOU A LOVELY COUPLE LIKE I SHOULD HAVE, BECAUSE YOU WOULDN'T BE HAHAHA)

the_lord_of_death: I have a new game coming out some time in august called

Final Fantasy CN it fetures a CBS & CMS and some other things.....

Mr. Y: Really? I too have a Final Fantasy fangame in the works, called Final Fantasy: The Tale Of A Terribly-Named Guy That Tried To Use The Mailbag To Advertise His Upcoming Final Fantasy Fangame And Was Humiliated. This one focuses on a heavy sort of 'STFU' theme. Ohh yeah, and Frog from Chrono Trigger's in it too. Yeah, he rox. Frog should be in EVERY SNES RPG fangame. Him, and Magus, and Humphrey from Suikoden.

Evil_Bob: I'm an idiot

Mr. Y: What no

rm2k_lord: Final Fantasy CN is coming out in august 2004\

Mr. Y: Wow, I'm so excited sir! That is only an entire year from now! And judging from the length of development time you have planned, there is certainly NO chance of you creating a poor schedule that you'll fall behind, forcing you to delay FFCN another 6-10 months. Nossir.

Grandragora: Who do you think has the biggest ego on Gaming World?

Mr. Y: DarkPriest (Ha ha, FINALLY a DP joke). He's always bragging, running around IRC and the forums saying DarkPriest this and DarkPriest that. Oh, and he sent me a Dimmu Burger song. He must be a SATANIST.

Kaio: ...

Mr. Y: ... .... ... ...

SLiTHs: heh, just thought i might drop one in. basically give it up gamingw becuase rpg2knet is years ahead of you. steal or feautres you can but you can never take out status as number one. And a question why are you all like 14 here.

Pyrate: We can't take the status as number one, as we already have it.

kotic: how the hell do I download an english version of rpgmaker 2000 that works for free?

Mr. Y: Oh, that's simple. To download an English, free version, click here.

rm2k_lord: NEW GAME COMING UP.........

Blades Of Death

really good..........

coming August 2004

Mr. Y: Oh, awesome! Is this in addition to your totally-awesome Final Fantasy CN, due at the same time? Wow, dude, you're one busy and totally-awesome guy! Like, totally!

Hornet: Does Bart actually make games? Or is he just too busy working on the site?

Mr. Y: Bart's made a few simple Game Maker games, and he's occasionally worked on an RPG and (I think) some sort of Game Maker platforming or adventure game. But I'm unsure on that. After all, Bart is a terribly busy fella!

mewsterus: Just gimme the damn program!!!!!!!! I'VE BEEN SEARCHING THE

WEB FOR 5 HOURS! RPGMAKER 2000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Y: Oh, fine. You want RM2K3, just click here already. I just can't seem to keep this program away from ANYBODY.

donmiguel: hi

Mr. Y: Sup.

Kilimo: I can't find where to download RPG Maker 2000. Please make it more accesable.

Mr. Y: Urgh, we're sorry! Click here to get RM2K, okay? Again, sorry dude!

DrFunk: 8=========================================D

Mr. Y: Oh yeah? Mine is bigger! 8==========================================================DDD!!!!!

By the way, is that supposed to be a penis or something? That's what I've gathered from how folks have acted about it, but I've never asked anybody. Ah well.

theblakeman: Why did the ending of "Joe Millionaire" suck?!! They said it would have a shocking twist...but it was barely even a twist at the end! WHY GOD, WHY???

Mr. Y: I would blame [insert name of well-known member from the GamingW community]. That person is just [insert derogatory adjective]. Bah! I need to go [insert verb, present tense], I can't be talking about that [insert derogatory adjective] [insert name of well-known member from the GamingW community].

who givs a shit: this website sucks

Mr.Y: Oh, no kidding dude! I tried telling that to the other 11,000+ other folks that have registered here, but none of them seem to think I'm right! Isn't that absurd!? Oh well, at least I've found one like-minded individual in you!

children of the satan: fidellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, fidelllllllllllllllllllllllllll, rpg sucks


Hyper.Sonic: Sorry to put this on the mailbag but I request the admins or mods to ban "children of the satan" because he's a bothering flooding lamer and he's posting repeatively "Hyer.pSonic sucks"... Thanks...

Mr. Y: What? Ban THAT classy fella? How? COTS is just PURE CLASS. I can't harm that guy! FIDELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

neon_ml: what is a mail bag for?

Mr. Y: Hurm... this is a toughie Neon, but I would ASSUME the Mail Bag is an article where mail is answered or responded to. But, hey, I am no wizard at definitions! Trust instead!

donmiguel: I like fish

Mr. Y: Because they are so delicious? God, to have goldfish...

kermit_the_toad: Dear Mister Mailbag, I need your HELP! Please! I need you to do my homework for me! Please discuss ALL of the literary aspects of Karl Capek's WAR WITH THE NEWTS and ALL of the scientific aspects of Walter Miller's A CANTICLE FOR LEBOWITZ in 3000 words (1500 for each section). Thank you! Tell me the answer and put it in the next mail bag!

Mr. Y: Oh, Kermie, this is simple! The War With the Newts took place in 1700 B.C., between the Romanian barbarians of eastern Germany and the China-Men that lived in what is now western Russia at that time. The Romanian leader, Captain Black, fought the China-Men's leader, the Red Baron, in a fantastic duel of fisticuffs, but sadly the Red Baron was killed. Romania was soon overrun by the China-Men and completely destroyed by the parasitic rice fields and the Chinese love for opium. Tragic, tragic war. It wasn't until the Romanian War of Independence in 1824 that the China-Men were forced out of the country and the native Romanians regained control. Since then though, there have been several military standoffs between Romania and China in the past, including the time in 1989 when Romania began developing nuclear weapons. A shaky peace has remained between the two bitter rivals, but how much longer can that last? What, Lebowitz? Screw that, go do your homework Kermit. I'm having fun describing the Romanian-Chinese wars.

Natural: I see white people...


Esperboy: :(

Mr. Y: ;_;!

Musashi: How long does it take for a game to get posted here?

Mr. Y: Blame AnonymousGuy for this. Taking after the fashion of his role model Bart, AG has begun eating massive quantities of food and trying out hundreds of pairs of glasses, hoping he can someday pull off an even better BARTSTRONG pose. Unfortunately, AG has been failing miserably this whole time, yet he won't acknowledge it. Because of his new hobby of trying to best the unbeatable Bartek Gniado, AG will only add roughly 6-7 games a week, on Mondays and Fridays. Sorry!

GAMEGLOBAL: Where can I get the " RPG maker 200"

I heard it is downloadable is this ture?

I really need some help.

Mr. Y: Actually, we don't host RM2K here. But don't worry, you can find the gamemaking engine simply by clicking here. Glad to help you!

Superman: All You Are Fuck!!!!!!!!

Mr. Y: Hey Superman, the Green Goblin called, he wants his position as MOST CRUSHED BY SPIDER-MAN back. Hahaha... you know, that's funny. Cuz, Spider-Man pwns Superman, any day. Yes.

children of the satan: fuck u all


Mr. Y: Soto-style, huh? What's that!? If you're a woman, that INTRIGUES ME. Well, it would intrigue me, except I made this joke about abstinence earlier with a submission from RPGoddess, so if I said I was turned on now that'd probably hurt my credibility.. ah well. Screw it, next submission!

Yami Isis: Put my game up1

Mr. Y: No fuQ2

Yusuke Urameshi: please how do you make a custom battle system?

Mr. Y: I use Legos 9-D.

shockwave1ca: how do you post games?

Mr. Y: With cranes I make from Legos 9-DD.

Gut_The_Fish: Can I send my game to you guys?

Mr. Y: Absoballylute-ly, sah! Submit away!

fyreflie: Have you ever had sex with a horse?

Mr. Y: NO! Faust's maybe gone on a date with a man that LOOKED like a horse before, though. And Py's probably beaten the crap out of a horse once. I know for certain that this one time a horse from a local ranch sat with DarkPriest in his sauna, and folks often joke about how Bart eats like a horse. You should talk to them. THE ADMINISTRATIVE QUADRUPLETS, or something.

jetsetraid: hi my name is emu boy

Mr. Y: hi my name is MRY.

raven2k: I'm in love!!!!!

Mr. Y: I'm in ANGER over your HAPPINESS. Please, remind me to burn down your house later, I'll feel a lot better.


Mr. Y: I CONCUR!!!

Xanqui: A Better Question: Why do LifeSavers have holes in them? Is it because the company wants to rip us off?

Mr. Y: No no no, you completely misunderstand! You see, Life Savers become sticky on hot days in the summer. They were designed so that on hot days you can take two Life Savers and place them on your eyes. Then, you can show off to all your friends with your super-awesome Life Savers eyes! You'll be the envy of your school, kids!

dandy man: i'm thinking, since gazzwa's leaving, gw will need a new staff editor right??? Yes, it will, so i was thinking maybe mateui, he/she wrights good articles

Mr. Y: Ha ha, nothing like a good step back into history, eh?

Rico_banderas: rm2k3 i have the web

Mr. Y: You OWN both RM2K3 and the WORLD WIDE WEB!? Oh my gosh! Mr. Berners-Lee, it is such an owner sir! I had no idea you were a fan of both GamingW and Xenogears!

alexander_daniels: hey, where are we going to get the rpg maker 2000. without any back-talk.

Mr. Y:

I hope that answers ALL questions on where to find RM2K and RM2K3!

Grandragora: What motivates you lot to bother maintaining this site anyways? What do you think are your 'rewards'?

Mr. Y: Well, my motivation for working at GW is my food. You see, Bart has me trapped in his basement, and he only feeds me when I write stuff. I would have told you about this sooner, but Bart would have eaten my poor ol' Poodle Y... which lives in the basement with me.

Daniel J: I love this site :)

Mr. Y: And this site loves you too. However, this site is still torn over its past lover, Daniel P, who died in a car crash a year ago. If this site loves you now, will it forget Daniel P? It can never do that! So, you need to convince this site that you will not replace Daniel P, before you can get married.

Just Sentimental: Grand theft auto rm2k!! A sneak paragraph

Mr. Y: ... that must be one helluva sneaky paragraph! Not even I can find it!

StefanM: You know whats weird? I had a dream not so long ago, where I was a host on a documentary. I had this dream right after April fools and that fake news post about gaming world being shutdown because of illegal crap. Anyway I was interviewing Faust, and I was in England (does he live in england?). When we were at his place he had some male-friend over (I thought it was bart or something) and they started kissing. Also, Faust had rainbow hair... Yes I know this is damn fucking weird, but I wanted to say it because it is quite twisted and you better pay me the psychologist fee for all the damage you've done (faust).

Mr. Y: Dude, that is an AWESOME dream XD. Faust lives in England with his gay boyfriend in an apartment, and dyes his hair rainbow colors? Abruptly in the middle of a professional interview he begins making out with the boyfriend? What else, he becomes an eccentric cat lover? This is simply classy! You deserve a GOLD MEDAL for all this awesome Faust-bashing! Go you!

ATARI: Can I go home now?

Mr. Y: No, not yet. Remember, if you don't write at least 250 tutorials by the end of this year, we're going to poison your pet bunny, Carrot!

PayPal: Give me money now bitch!!!!

Mr. Y: Did you hear that, folks? PayPal is making DEMANDS! You should immediately begin making lots and lots of money donations to GW, or PayPal may abduct your little sisters!

Ryoga: Cha! Bow down to me, for you behold the words of the mighty god of small black pigletts and lost... y... ness! But enough of that. This is a very nice site, however, I've only one question to ask: What in the world (censored down to only four words, I'll have you know) does 'roxor' mean? I can find no words that possibly sound like it, nor have I come across any words with those initials. Thanks.

Mr. Y: I asked, it just didn't figure it out either!

Maestro: I am making a game with RPGMaker2000 and wish to have it on the internet so I can link to it from my own website. Would it be possiable gor this site to host it for me???

Mr. Y: Sure! We offer hosting services with our Premium Services, donchah know. And if Bartman really likes your game, maybe he'll give you space for free? Or maybe not! Just be hopeful!

bbb: bbbb

Mr. Y: In C++? iccc

game_angel: Why is this website so fucked?

Mr. Y: Why are you so French?

ProjectSpam: How come I never get in the mailbag???

Mr. Y: Dude, your name is ProjectSpam. I think that pretty much DECLARES what your objectives at GW are, right XD?

Oreo Xander: Hi. I'm seventeen, male and I have a dog, a cat and five budgerigars. I would like to win the lottery this weekend, as it is a 22 million dollar prize. If I had 22 million dollars, I'd pay back my parents for spawning me, buy a house, and put one of those little trains inside it so that I can just catch the 5:22 and get some Coke. Then, I'd catch the 5:27 to my room, and play FFVII. I've had this game for five years, and I'm replaying it for the umpteenth time. Cloud is level 64, and I'm meant to go to Bugenhagen to keep the Huge materia safe. But really, I can't be arsed, so I'm just leveling up at the place I went to level 52 at on disc one, that Coral Valley place near the City of the Ancients. You know who's my mortal enemy? RPG Advocate, that's who. If I win my 22 million, I'm going to fly to his house and kick him in the codgers, then steal all his money and his boots and his dog and if he doesn't have a dog I'll take his cat and he he doesn't have a cat I'll take his computer. It's very cold, because I'm in Australia and it's winter here. Can you please grant one wish for me? I would like that.


Oreo T. Rippington.

Mr. Y: Well, hello Mr. Oreo! Wouldn't it be difficult buying and owning a home, if you had to still keep up with school, girlfriends, and all your friends that hound you for your constant attention because you are so cool? Anyways, yeah, I'd love a mini-train too. Also, RPG Advocate has a lot of mortal enemies, due to all those crazy spelling-correction-script antics of his. So, tell Yolindo the Benevolent your wish, and it shall be granted! Ho ho ho, I am jolly! Peace, young Oreo!

Mr_moogle: Is it illegal to have RM2K3 ?

Mr. Y: Not if you buy it legally through an online store. For example, you can buy RM2K3 here, but the program is written in Japanese, so you'll either have to possess incredible intuition, or you could just pay Enterbrain the money and download the pirated English version at no additional cost. But, how far will you go to do things legally, anyways?

GroundsKeeperWilly: Shabba wabba de dap a nu nu ma shuwa bing bang ding a ding dang dong a bo ba bip a po pa na. Yah!

Mr. Y: Shoogahdah-shoo pow, ticka dow dow, ticka dow dow, ma pocka peen po plow sho show migow fow, su sugadah bah shoogahdah mao! Yah!



Pyrate: HELLO

Mr. Y: HI, BITCH. Folks, this is Pyrate, the ugly troll that runs the Interactivity Cell and eats small children. Now that he and I control the two major work groups at GW, Content and Interactivity, we have a HEATED RIVALRY. Fortunately, if this was a Suikoden game, I would probably be the really cool Pesmerga badass, whereas Pyrate would be the lame Yuber guy that summons Bone Dragons and runs away like a little sissy.

sgt.spiffeh: Do you masturbate?

Mr. Y: NO.

Xanqui: Who are you, and what is your favorite shape? Mine is the circle.

Mr. Y: Well, my favorite shape has got... wait. Oh my goodness, I just remember that guy, children of the satan, and how classy he was! Yeah, that guy was classy! FIDELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! FIDELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!

Enigma49: Bart! Faust!! Pyrate!!...?? >.

Mr. Y: Yes, yes, I am cooler than every single one of them. DarkPriest, too. I am quite simply the coolest Administrator anyone has ever had. That's a FACT, MACK... tuh.

sappling: I must say that I have submitted lots of resources, several games and tutorials and an affiliation request, I can understand some of the stuff, but absolutely jack has been noticed, why!? And don't tell me its poor quality, coz I know from other places that it is good. Also don't reply to this with some crap that doesn't answer my question or try to be funny, if you actually print this. And tehy all lived happily ever after!

Mr. Y: Look, we admit, we don't notice some things occasionally. If you think GW isn't crediting you enough with the amount you're helping us, just tell us, and we'll fix the mistake! Okay?

Tjoffe: Why aren't there any more mailbags??


Ahh, finally! If you read all of this article, you have an absurd amount of free time on your hands. Now that the show is finished, please leave! Yes, go on, leave! This Mailbag is finished! Go!