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Article - 'MTCII: Episode 3' by Mateui

An item about Miscellanious posted on Apr 1, 2004


A third person is voted off the island.


Making the Cut II: Episode 3
By: Mateui
Episode 3: Losing isn’t Easy

Over at the Shindor Tribe:

*The castaways walked back to camp. This was their second time to Tribal Council and now they were down 2 people compared to Maladon. Most of them were depressed over their losing streak.*

Jason: Most people would have put Randy on their hate list by now, but I still like him. He apparently is helping me bring down the tribe slowly. (Yes, I am hoping to bring down the tribe. Then when there are less people, get on their good side, and they’ll get rid of everyone else.) (Well, maybe not, I just like having the joy of making people mad).

I wonder if Sarah got shook up, considering I was the only one who voted for her. It was a majority on Earl. No one votes for me. Oh am I sneaky :)

*The castaways were now sitting by the fire. Friedrich began to speak.*

Friedrich: We have to get our act together. Maladon has been whooping us since Day 1, and we still haven’t tasted victory. I can’t stress enough how much we need to work together. We can’t just go off our own ways this early in the game.

Sarah: I totally agree. We need to defeat Maladon.. and soon.

Over at the Maladon Tribe:

*It was now the early morning and a few of the castaways were awake.*

Alex: (Talking to Ian) Man.. this is like a vacation. The sun’s warming us up, and I’ve got little worries.. Aww..

*Ian nodded and looked away.*

Ian: I haven’t talked too much with the “outcasts” of the group, Johanus and Alex, but I have no real qualms with them or anyone else. Still, should we go to Tribal Council anytime soon, they’ll be on the chopping block.

*Mark Grant had just woken up a few minutes earlier, and now he was up walking to the treemail. He retrieved it, and soon read it to the rest of the tribe.*


Stranded on an island
No hope of escape
Until a plane flies over
And you’re in no shape

Time to make a signal
Make it large and grand
Capture the attention
Food will not be bland

Natalie: Hmm.. seems like we have to make a distress signal.

Mark: Wait. There’s more written.

Each tribe will have to make a distress signal. It will be graded upon its ability to attract attention as if a real plane were flying overhead. The plane will fly by both camps this afternoon, so get working.

The reward to the winning tribe is a set of various spices, to help add more flavour to your various foods.

Jennifer: Let’s get to work!

*Both the Maladon and Shindor tribes began to work on their distress signals. Maladon was busily working together, yet Shindor was having a couple of organizational problems. They were arguing over what design to use and how to place the signal. A few hours passed, and a plane was sent to check out the distress signals.*

*The Shindor tribe looked up to see a plane fly by – it soon left. The plane then flew to Maladon, and promptly left. Minutes passed.. A decision was made. The plane flew back and dropped the cargo.*

*The Maladon tribe cheered! They had won! Shindor on the other hand was once again disappointed.*

Over at the Shindor Tribe:

Friedrich: It’s just so sad. If we would have worked together we would have succeeded. But no. Some people were working away in this corner, others in that one. No one apart from Sarah and Evan listened to me. I’m just disheartened. We could have won.. we really could have.

John: We lost. I blame it all on Friedrich. I don’t think that he’s a competent leader. All he does is yell and tell people what to do. I think that he’s just a control freak. I’m not going to listening to him.

*A few hours passed and Jason walked to check up on treemail for the Immunity Challenge. He retrieved it and read it to his tribe.*

Running into the water
Swimming with the rest
Dive into the water
Retrieve the treasure chest

Keep your breath steady
Pull with all your might
Get the chest to the platform
All winners delight.

Fail to hold you breath
The other tribe will proceed
Pull the chest further
You’ll need to succeed.

Sarah: It’s going to be a swimming challenge. I think that we’re all pretty comfortable swimmers. We can do this!

Immunity Challenge:

Mat: You are all standing on your respective tribe mats. Before you, the water is calming moving, but that will soon change as you swim in.

Everyone who is participating will need to follow these following directions. First, swim into the ocean water, and proceed to your tribe flag. Once there, dive down, and grab hold of the treasure chest.

Pull it toward the beach, until you run out of breath. Once you do, swim back up to the surface, get some air, and swim back down to continue the process.

With all your tribe members helping, you should finish quickly. Once your treasure chest is out of the water, and onto your tribal mat, you win immunity.

Immunity is at stake.. Ready? GO!

*Both the Maladon and Shindor tribe burst into speed and ran into the water. All of them began to swim to their respective flags.*

*Shindor now had the lead.. but seconds later, Maladon snatched it away.*

*Both tribes dived down into the water, and a few tribe members began to pull on their treasure chest.*

*Natalie was doing the most work for Maladon, while on Shindor, Friedrich and Sarah were working hand in hand.*

*Time passed and both teams’ treasure chests were inching forward. They were only a few meters from the tribal mats now.*

*The Shindor tribe pulled and pulled as hard as they could. Maladon was falling behind.*

*Shindor managed to get their chest onto the sand, and they pulled it on their tribal mat*

Mateui: Shindor wins Immunity!

*The Shindor tribe jumped up an cheered. The Immunity Idol was given to Friedrich, and he kissed it. Victory was sweet.*

Mateui: Maladon, I’m afraid you’ll be seeing me tonight at Tribal Council. Everyone else, head back to camp.

Over at the Maladon Tribe:

Ian: I’m just going to come out and say it – I want to go to Tribal Council!! This isn’t due to a great desire to eliminate anyone in particular; I just want to experience it. And I guess that I will get to in a couple of hours. Now, who to get rid of? Someone who just doesn’t help out in the tribe – that’s what I’m basing my vote on tonight.

Jennifer:. I think this will
be a good opportunity for us to remove some dead weight from our team however.

Joey:. At camp, everyone was really depressed. I don’t know what happened, but JB (Johanus) seemed to be blaming himself. Naturally, it had to be raining too. I wasn’t too depressed. I mean, come on. We lost one.

I don’t know who to vote for tonight.. I’ll have to talk to some other people.

*And so the Maladon tribe began to strategize with one another, and alliances began to form.. someone would be going home tonight.. and that someone was all alone.*

Tribal Council:

Mateui: Welcome to Tribal Council.

*The Maladon tribe walked into the Tribal Council area for the first time.*

Mateui: Alright. Everyone grab one of these torches and dip them into the fire. In this game, fire represents life - As long as your fire is still burning, you're still in this game. If your torch is snuffed, you've been voted out, and are no longer playing.

*The Maladon tribe took their torches, dipped them in the fire, and sat down on the two benches available before them*

Mateui: Before we get to the vote, I'd like to ask some of you a few questions.

Mark, has your tribe appointed any kind of "leader" to give out tasks, give directions, etc, or is everyone on an equal plane leader-wise?

Mark: I don't think there is any 'definite" leader. I think we're working as a strong team that makes decisions together.
The most we've done is give out duties to specific people and to make it fair everyone has a duty, which works really well and helps get things done. Its organized too.

Mateui: Foyle. You guys have won 4 challenges in a row, but tonight, Shindor took their first win. Do you think that you guys did something different this challenge that cost you your victory?

Foyle: I do not think we did anything differently. Our tribe has been strong and still is, Shindor just beat us to the punch (The shindor player mounted his flag as I was counting our votes). It was just whoever started counting first, and obviously, that came to Shindors mind first. We are still a strong tribe!

As for how I am voting tonight. I will be voting on the premise of activity. There have been a few lazy tribe members and I feel they should go

Mateui: Natalie or Jennifer. How do you feel being the only 2 woman in this tribe? Is that an advantage or a disadvantage to you?

Jennifer: Well I don't know about Natalie but I've been noticing that we seem to stick out more then the others have been and what we've done has been noticed a bit more by our tribe members. Usually however we've been treated pretty much the same way that the others have been. I don't think that I'm really at a disadvantage from being a girl since I've still been pretty active, I think that if I were to hardly ever show up people would notice me more then they would a man who isn't showing up much though. Besides that and physical disadvantages. I don't think that I'm really at a disadvantage overall.

Natalie: Well, I haven't really found that it's had much of an effect on the others. Though I may just not be perceptive enough to notice. The only disadvantage, I think, would be period pains.

*Natalie laughed*

My vote'll be based on virtue. That's really all I'm gonna say...

Mateui: Ian, what will your vote be based on tonight?

Ian: My vote tonight will be....or, err.....was...based on who has been participating and making an effort.

Mateui: You may now vote.

*The castaways went to the voting area one by one to cast their votes. After a couple of minutes, they were finished.*

Mateui: Alright, the majority of you have voted.

I'll go tally the votes.

*Mateui leaves the area and comes back shortly carrying a container. He sets it down. A trickle of rain begins to fall.*

Mateui: Once the votes are read the decision is final - the person voted out will be asked to leave the area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

1st Vote:

2nd Vote:

3rd Vote:

Mateui: That's 2 votes Alex, 1 vote Johanus.

*The rain started to fall faster and harder*

4th Vote:

5th Vote:

Mateui: Johanus, still 1 vote, Alex, 4 votes. Alex only needs one more vote to be voted out.

*The rain was really pouring at this point.*

6th Vote:

*Alex stood up and gave his torch to Mat. By some weird coincidence, his torch was already extinguished by the rain.*

Mateui: Alex, the tribe, and Mother Nature has spoken.

*Mat snuffed out the torch (as was the custom anyway), and Alex looked back for a final time, leaving the other 7 people still in the game.*

Mateui: Guys, head back to camp - the rain is pouring down hard on us, and we might be enduring a tropical storm.


Ian: Alexander Cromwell
Reasons: A sheer lack of activity. I don't think he has more than 20 posts at this time. I know he said he's been busy and all, but we have to cut the members that are costing us the most. Also, even if he is unavailable at the exact time the challenges go up, he hasn't even been role-playing throughout the day at other times, so I vote him out.

Natalie: I'm going to vote for Alexander, 'cause he broke his promise to participate in the next challenge. Sorry Alex, you seem nice enough, but you're just not involved enough. And again, you broke a promise and earned distrust from me.

Mark: Well.. As much as I hate to do this, I'm going to vote Alexander. I just don't feel that he has worked as hard as the rest of the team. Sorry Alex.

Jennifer: Johanus Bartholomew
Reason: Well he has just 19 posts and Alex has 16, He only posted once in the last 2 days saying that he wasn't going to be here (I did a post search). He's just too busy to help us and play it seems so he has to go.

Foyle: Vote = Alexander Crownwell

Joey: Good thing we do this through PM, that way I can send my my vote early in case I'm busy.

*walks up to confessional*


*writes, holds up paper*

llewmorC rednaxelA


*flips over paper*

Alexander Cromwell

Yeah, good guy and all, but my only basis right now is who is most active. I like everyone, we all pull our weight, this is regrettably the only real way I can vote tonight. Shame, I don't mind the guy...

Johanus: Foyle. That prick doesn't do much anyways and he's only 16.

Did Not Vote:
- Alex

Final Words:

Alexander: I guess I could say that I learned something... or maybe not. If there was any moral to this event it’s probably something like “Stay up 24/7 if you don’t want to miss anything.” If I followed that moral and found some way to create my own coffee, I’d probably would have stayed in this cheesy game for a while longer. Ah well, I got a free vacation and it gave me something other to do than lift weights and play the stock market while delivering fat people the pizzas they didn’t need.

The Big Reveal:

Alex = Bakusan


- Mateui