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Article - 'Succubus Class' by Guest

An item about Plots/Characters posted on Apr 23, 2004


A look at the succubus class and how you can include it in your game


Alright, to begin I'll give you a basic lesson in the mythology of the succubus. That way you'll know what you are reading about.

The succubus is a creature that is said to enter the dreams of men and fufill their sexual desires. They usually appear in the form of a woman, but in fact are genderless and can change gender. It is said that the male version of a succubus is called an incubus however like I said before, the succubus is a sexless golem.

Modern Influence:
The succubus, unlike the vampire, has never really been in the mainstream knowledge. Video Game companies such as Capcom have been successful with several games that they've made featuring the succubus, Rose.

So why should I have one in my party?
The succubus is unique in that it is able to attack it's enemy through their dreams. Also, the succubus can take control of an enemy.

How should I equip one?
The succubus only needs to be able to strike an opponent when they are asleep. So your best bet for equipment would be light armor. However, there is sometimes no need for the succubus to attack depending on what skill they've used. So, it's really up to the player to make the decision.

What about weapons?
Because of the nature of this class, carrying a weapon does not have a point. It could actually make this class a little faulty because of the nature of some of the skills this class has. I.E. draining HP from your opponent while striking them is a bit awkward.

Skills Time:

Seductive Grip: When this skill is initiated, the opponent will be put in a trance disallowing any movement. To balance this skill, your succubus if affected by a condition that prevents him/her from movement. Also, each turn that goes by, the succubus will lose a set amount of MP, which when it runs out will allow the monster movement again.

Sub-Conciouse Divide: A powerful attack move that deals dark damage to an opponent. To deal damage a variable will cause damage to the opponent by multiplying the enemy's Intelligence by 2.

Demonic Revenge: When this skill is used, the enemy's major weakness is figured out by a common event and then abused by multiplying their current defense by a random number. That means that you'll need battle animations for every weakness to demonstrate this properly.

That's all done...Now what about Stats?
To put it simply, you'll only have to worry about having a lot of MP when making this class. Also, you should have someone else putting the monster to sleep as making the succubus put their victim to sleep is unrealistic.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial...I might make a couple more tutorials with mythological demons... ^_^