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Article - 'Character Generator' by CronoEdge

An item about Game Design posted on Apr 23, 2004


Explains creating a name for your chatacter


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This is a tutorial on character generation. It explains creating a name for your character, without a name generator. As well as figuring out your characters personal information. It also goes over determining your characters attributes, and developing an intriguing history. I hope that at least some people enjoy this. I put a lot of time into creating this article/tutorial.

Table of Contents

.:: 1.0 ::. Creating a Name for your Character
.:: 1.1 ::. Creating a Male Name
.:: 1.2 ::. Creating a Female Name
.:: 1.3 ::. Other & Suggestions

.:: 2.0 ::. Finding your Characters Personal Information
.:: 2.1 ::. Finding a Charset / Faceset for your Character
.:: 2.2 ::. Your characters Personality/Attitude
.:: 2.3 ::. Determining your Characters History
.:: 2.4 ::. Basic Class Chart (Cliché)
.:: 2.5 ::. Basic Elements Chart
.:: 2.6 ::. Basic Races Chart

.:: 3.0 ::. Creating your Characters Attributes.:: 1.0 ::. Creating a Name for your Character

for some of you creating names may be rather hard, for others it could be a walk in the park. I find it farely easy all it takes is practice. For those that have trouble after reading this guide, I suggest searching Google for a name generator. Or just search for “ The Everchanging Book of Names “, it is the best name generator out there today. At least that’s what I think. To start off I will go over creating a male name for your character.

//- .:: 1.1 ::. Creating a Male Name

I find creating male names easier, being one my self. There are a few methods I recommend; I have developed these for the matter of myself. I am not claiming the rights for it. Many people have probably done the same in the past. These are just the methods I have decided on writing, and mostly the only ones I know of. What I do to create a male name is get a scrap piece of paper and write down three too five names for each letter of the alphabet. Like so;

A B ---------------------------> Z
Adam Brad Zee
Andrew Blast Zeromus
Andil Baren Zalantra

What I find from this method is that your imagination will slowly increase, I find it works for me because then you get to recognize the weird things. Which ends up with you being able to make names of the top of your head. Another way I use is to choose a few of your favorite names, then take segments of each of them to merge into one awesome name. That is how I got the name “ Ryo “, for my main character.


Rancid + Yen + Orcus = Ryo
Rancid + Yen + Orcus = Renus
Rancid + Yen + Orcus =Rus

I bolded and underlined all of the letters used so you can easily identify the way to use this method.

//- .:: 1.2 ::. Creating a Female Name

I honestly have great trouble creating a female name. The same method used for creating a male name works, I will just show an example again for a reminder.
A à C à N
Anita Cris Nora
Ashlyn Cat Nikita
Aya Ceena Noreen

The combination technique works well with female names too.

Nina + Eron + Para + Hira = Nephrabinth

//- .:: 1.3 ::. Other and Suggestions

These are not the only ways to generate a name. A way that always seems to work best… inspiration. Inspiration is the best tool for creating names, but it could also be the worst. If you copy names directly it does not become original. But if you use some of those names and build on them, the outcome is extravagant. This is open for constructive criticism. I do not say that I own or created these methods. So don’t post a rude comment, or send me hate mail. Just live with it please. Its not so bad when someone admires your work is it?

.:: 2.0 ::. Finding your Characters Personal Information

This part gets a little bit tricky. It takes lots of thought and time into these tenders parts of character generation. I suggest Tom’s Guide to making a deeper game. He goes over this very nicely.

//- .:: 2.1 ::. Finding a Charset / Faceset for your Character

First of all finding the charset is all instinct. Try to choose one that fit’s the name, as well as the type of weapons your character uses. Also try to choose depending on your characters attitude. Then decide on a faceset that matches the charset you chose. Make sure the expression of your faceset fits your characters attitude. This is sometimes one of the hardest steps. Especially when you suck at creating, or editing charsets to your needs. You must search the web hopeing that someone has made the charset/faceset you desire. It gets kind of tedious.

//- .:: 2.2 ::. Your characters Personality/Attitude

this is another step that greatly affects your game, and the way it plays. This is determining the way your character acts, the way he behaves, and such. You have to make him with a solid attitude or personality. No super sudden mood swings, well not constantly at least.

//- .:: 2.3 ::. Determining your Characters History

Creating a character history is like creating a plot or storyline. Everything revolves around it. You got no character history. You got no character. You got no plot…you got no game. Creating histories is hard, unless you have a giant imagination with no limits. Too start off think of a basis for your history. Did the main characters parents die? Did he live alone? Did he grow up as a pansy with his parents that never fought or divorced?

Next is figure out the locations of these events. Do his parents die in a great war? Was the main character a demon that was resurrected from hell? And so it continues.

Another main part is too not have your history too cliché. Don’t always make the mistake of having all of your hero’s parents dieing. Then everyone basically revolves around the same history, kind of stupid.

That is about all I can tell about histories, I am not very good at them myself.

//- .:: 2.4 ::. Basic Class Chart (Cliché)

Archer Dark Knight Knight
Assassin Dragoon
Arch Mage Disciple Mediator
Bandit Foot Soldier Monk
Black Mage Fire Breather
Blacksmith Ninja
Gambler Samurai
Calculator Geomancer Squire
Chemist Holy Knight

//- .:: 2.5 ::. Basic Elements Chart

Dark - Earth - Fire - Light - Electric - Lightning - Holy - Water - Wind - Ice - Metal - Death

//- .:: 2.6 ::. Basic Races Chart

Human - Elf - Half-Demon - Angel - Orc - Spirit - Vampire - Demon

.:: 3.0 ::. Creating your Characters Attributes

Creating your characters attributes, or stats if you wish, are rather easy. Unless you are determined to develop them in a precise manner, then it becomes a tad bit hard. You could also just use the pre-made stat generator buttons, or create a curve. Take your character’s class in recognition when you are developing their stats. You shouldn’t make an axe wielder with full agility. It just doesn’t fit. Another thing I would like to say is too not have your characters with max stats at their maximum level, if makes your game too easy… and we don’t want that. If you do decide to create your own stat curves, try to make it so they go up by… anywhere from 1-5 stat points in the respected categories. This makes it so your characters wont be gods, which makes your game a challenge. Try to make your characters good in an innate field. What I mean by this is that think of a mage for a minute. Mages don’t have max hp, but they have very high mp. So give your mages high mp, but low hp. While a brute warrior would have high hp, and low mp.

.:: Outro ::.

This is about all I can tell you about character generation. I am currently working on a version 2 of this guide. I hope this helps some of you people. If you wish to complain or give me suggestions email me at