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Article - 'Mailbag #29' by DrFunk

An item about Humour posted on Apr 25, 2004




It’s been awhile since the mailbag has been done. Well, Xanqui did one recently, but he is shit so it doesn’t count. So presuming not many people read his crap mailbag, I am so awesome and will teach you about the history of the mailbag.

It all started off with Kazeuri, a little fag, who probably would still be working on the mailbags today, but he left on a mystical quest to become a rapper.

After being turned down several times, he attempted to start his own rapping career at Gaming World, which failed, and he left again.

Then Faust decided to take the wheel, and many laughs ensued! This was back when we had a humor train, before the resources people hijacked it.

Then lithium magically started doing the mailbags, and his were so shit I won’t even give you an image for them. :D!

And that all leads up to Xanqui’s ice cream topping of shit, issue number 28, which the other mailbags should like, lock in the basement and throw scraps of meat down through a gutter or something.

Anywho, here, in all it’s majestic glory, is MAILBAG #29.

MasterDarkNinja failed clown school and says:
Why did my water company stop giving me water when I sent the $100 dollars I owed them in through the GW mailbag?

And who was the n00b that was dumb enough to send in the $100 dollar bill that Xanqui took? :O

I think you are probably trying to make some connection between those two 100 dollar bills you have mentioned, but I really don’t care enough to try and figure our what the fuck joke you are trying to make, because it won’t be funny anyway. Hi.

rpgsmo adjusts his pocket protector as he says:
Is it tradition that you waste your life coming to gw and answering mail bag questions like this one?

Is it tradition that you send, like, fifty thousand e-mails to the mailbag per day?

rpgsmo is building a wheel chair like Stephen Hawking’s as he says:
Is there such thing as infinity x 1?

Why don’t you whip out your hyper calculator and figure it out fag? What kind of comical response to you think I could fucking reply to that question with?

The Puppet Master is MasterDarkNinja as he says:

I guess you thought I would go HAHA NEWB SHIT or something as a reply to this, but you are just MasterDarkNinja. Also, there was this pretty awesome guy at rpg2knet named The Puppet Master. Did you like, get hit by a truck and lose your memory of all social things, change your name, and join Gaming World?

dosmaen wonders why he never gets anything when he searches for lesbinan, but also says:
was mother teresa lesbinan?


abyssal_leviathin is such a trooper and says:
How do you submit stuff to the mailbag? I'm kinda confused. I bet you get that question a lot. Lol. BtW, hav you scene the Passion of the Christ? That one had Jesus loll.

Well, for one, I have no clue how to submit stuff to the mailbag either, but I have the feeling you know!

Yeah, I have seen the Passion of the Christ, and it was funny since it had Jesus in it especially. Jesus is one funny man. He must have been Jewish, like all comedians. Damn is he funny as hell!

koworu creams his pants to Picasso paintings as he says:
No-one like me :(
Why doesn't anyone like me???
Please help!
Please like me!

Here’s what you do. Go outside, take off all your clothes, douse yourself in battery acid, and get a tan on your front yard. After that, everybody will like you.

Lothion made the smart move and went to the mailbag for help, and he says:
My GW mail is very buggy and broken. It doesnt seem to work, and to make matters worse I cant send an email for help to Bart or anyone.
For that matter, my entire user panel seems to be slightly disfunctional.
Why? WHY ME!
Oh, and how can I change my avi? It doesnt seem to work either... >:|

Whoa, slow down buddy! Let’s take this one step at a time.

For one, GW Mail is not buggy. You say it doesn’t SEEM to work, but that’s just because the mind can only comprehend the things around him that occur psychronaturally. Open your mind.

About the user panel thing, I think it is just because you need more ram.

To change your avi you must go to your user panel, link to c://k://

AzureFenrir is being taken out by Russian terrorists as he says:
Should I worship ATARI or Xanqui?

You shouldn’t worship either you piece of shit. ATARI is a stupid fag who isn’t funny at all and ejaculates to lines. Xanqui is a pansy who is afraid of round objects.

Jake_The_Theif is on a vacation to last year while he says:
I have an odd question. If I suck and everyone hates me, can I still save money on my car insurance with Gieco?

No, because you would

AzureFenrir is thinking very clearly as he says:
Who is guest hosting this mailbag?

I dunno.

Ruthless_X fills us with joy as he says:
mi i twiches adn i cant stop it :(

plz healp


Zakusan is in Japan right now and says:
hey you guys im kinda new but if ya wanna gettonnes more business get Naruto srites and stuff from the game .Naruto is one of the biggest animes in Japan right now!

Well, we could use tonnes more business, and if Japanese people like it, I’m sure everybody here at Gaming World will like it too! Thanks for the tip!

And so that wraps up the mailbag. I’m not sure how to end this, so