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Article - 'MTCII: Episode 5' by Mateui

An item about Miscellanious posted on May 10, 2004


Entitled: All Tied Up
The 5th person is voted off the island.


Making the Cut II: Episode 5
By: Mateui
Episode 5: All Tied Up

Players Still in the Game:

Maladon Tribe:
Alexander Cromwell
Sarah Heiderman
Friedrich Nietzsche
Randy Tahkoer
Mark Grant
Natalie Kink
Ian Murphy
Evan Muse

Shindor Tribe:
Amanda Tingay
Earl Oldson
John Doe
Foyle Aber
Jennifer Sweeney
Jason Lucca
Joey Mury
Johanus Bartholomew

Over at the Shindor Tribe:

Joey: Well, John Doe was taken out last night.. It wasn’t much of a surprise really. The Old Maladon has the advantages on this tribe now, and if we happen to lose again, Jason will be on the chopping block. I feel very safe.

I’m feeling like a real castaway now. This small tribe is adrift, Jennifer Sweeny keeps about the only company I have. It really sucks, this tiny tribe after coming from a strong, close knit tribe, I still don’t quite feel like a Shindor member, except for the hopeless losing part.

Jennifer: The original Maladons are very close with each other, with the exception of Foyle. I don’t really trust him yet. Right now, I’m just going to focus on relaxing.

*Jennifer swings in a hammock for a while, and then closes her eyes.*

*Meanwhile, in the nearby bushes, Foyle and Jason are discussing something.*

Jason: Tell me straight out – you guys are going to vote me out at the next tribal, won’t you?

Foyle: Well, to tell you the truth, yes.. but.. I don’t really like my situation here either. I’m not that close with my other past tribe members, so I have to look out for myself, you know.

Jason: I get your drift.

Foyle: Don’t worry, we’ll see. We may just win immunity after all.

*Johanus was coming out of the ocean water, and approaching the pair. Foyle noticed and quickly changed the subject.*

Foyle: Those coconuts sure are tasty, aren’t they Jason?

Johanus: Hey guys.. What are you talking about?

*Jason glanced down, but answered*

Jason: We were just talking about being really hungry.. and picturing various meals. Like pizza..

*Johanus felt like something was out of place, and eyed both Jason and Foyle.*

Johanus: That’s interesting.. Yeah, so.. I can’t really waste my time with the two of you. I’ve got better things to do. I’m going to tan – I can’t let my physique go out of shape or style. I still have to make movies after this game show.

Foyle: Have fun.

*Johanus leaves and lies down on the sand a couple of yards away.*

Johanus: My agent actually recommended that I sign up for Making the Cut. Supposedly I’m not attracting as many fans as in the past, and I have not reason why. I mean, I’m sexy, good looking.. how could you not want me?

*Johanus makes a devious stare and smiles*

I’m not to worried. I’ve got to worry about winning this game for the moment. The rest of the players may think that I’m truly not playing the game, but boy are they wrong. They’ll see the true me in due time.

Over at the Maladon Tribe:

Friedrich: Now my alliance must try to integrate as many members of the new tribe into the alliance as possible. We must be strong for when the merge comes so that we, and myself, can survive for as long as possible. I still think Sarah is trustworthy, and I think she’s gotten a little suspicious of Randy as well. Only time will tell.

*Ian and Natalie went to get the tree-mail.*


Have you filled your heads?
Or emptied them out?
Have the knowledge to win?
Or is there self doubt?

Be sure to know lots
As lots their will be
Get the questions right
You’ll receive Immunity

Ian: Ohhh....questions, eh? *warms up with some, um...mental exercises*

Mark: Well, this certainly sounds interesting. I can't wait.

The Immunity Challenge:

Welcome to the fifth Immunity challenge in the game. Today you're not going to have a very physical challenge, only a mental one. But, since you're now in your newly formed tribes, you will be forced to work together if you want to succeed.

Each tribe will be given 5 identical questions. You will have to answer them all in order, however, it is not as easy as that. Each question is multiple choice - pick the right choice, and follow the instructions that choice gives. You will find another question at your next destination, choose the right answer, and proceed to the destination the answer tells you. Keep on doing this for all 5 questions. In the end, both tribes should end up at the same destination.

When you are sure that you are correct, post your answer in this topic. Just post your final destination (and the answer to the FINAL QUESTION). If you are correct, your tribe wins immunity. If you are incorrect, however, you will have to wait another 30 minutes before you can try again. So, weigh your final answer carefully, and consult other tribe members.

Here are the official questions:

Which one of these is not one of Indonesia?s natural resources?
a) Petroleum (Up 1 Space)
b) Bauxite (Down 1 Space)
c) Silver (Right 1 Space)
d) Sodium (Left 1 Space)

At how many metres is the elevation at its lowest extreme?
a) -50 m (Down 2 Spaces)
b) -25 m (Right 1 Space)
c) 0 m (Up 2 Spaces)
d) 25 m (Left 1 Space)

What is the female life expectancy at birth?
a) 71.47 years (Right 1 Space)
b) 66.54 years (Down 1 Space)
c) 74.69 years (Down 2 Spaces)
d) 70.74 years (Left 1 Space)

What is the percentage of population below the poverty line?
a) 29% (Left 2 Spaces)
b) 28% (Up 4 Spaces)
c) 27% (Down 4 Spaces)
d) 26% (Right 2 Spaces)

What is the Indonesian currency called?
a) Indonesian Javian (Down 3 Spaces)
b) Indonesian Indonei (Left 2 Spaces)
c) Indonesian Dollar (Left 1 Space)
d) Indonesian Rupiah (Right 1 Space)

Which one of these pictures belongs to your final answer/destination?

(If your answer does not match up with your destination, you likely have the wrong answer. 2 possibilities are eliminated, because one of these 4 is the right answer.

To state your final answer first write:
1) The Location
2) The answer for the last question (a, b, c, or d)

But answers must be correct in order for your tribe to win.

Here is the game board:

Immunity is at stake.. Ready? GO!

*Immediately the Survivors raced off and tried to remember the facts they have learned about Indonesia. Some studied before their arrival on the island, while others slacked off.*

*Maladon was answering the questions, and moving along the board to a final square.*

*Shindor was close behind, and after getting all the answers, they tried to discern which picture belonged with the destination. Jennifer whispered to her tribemates that the location was known for its large port, so that it must have one in its picture.*

*Friedrich took a guess.*

Friedrich: Denspar, B

Mat: I am sorry, that is incorrect. You know have to wait 30 minutes before guessing again, or wait until Shindor attempts.

*Shindor nodded, and Jennifer spoke.*

Jennifer: Makassar, D

Mat: Nope – that answer is not correct. Both tribes are even and can both guess.

*Both tribes scrambled, and eventually a person spoke.*

Ian: Here goes nothing: Makassar, A



Shindor, you're heading to Tribal Council, once again. I’ll be seeing you tonight.

Over at the Shindor Tribe:

Joey: We lost our challenge where we had to answer trivia. I thought I had this one sealed, I recognized that the information Mat asked us to supply was very similar to that I found when I was told to research a country on the CIA World Fact Book. My hunch was right, and I quickly had all the answers to every question. But as it would turn out, the final question was the only important one, which my former tribe-mate Ian was able to jump on. I’m not sure how his answer turned out to be correct, but it doesn’t matter.
This tribal council… I dunno… certainly not Jennifer. Her and I carry a lot of work here, so I’d never vote for her, and I doubt she or anyone else will vote for me. I’m probably voting for Jason. For one, we don’t know him as well, and we all want to destroy the original Shindor. Hell, we’re going to probably pick off the Shindor in future councils. He’s also not been on all that much. Perhaps just a bit more than Johanus. I can predict a structure of voting here:

Me -> Jason
Jennifer -> Either Jason or Johanus. Depends on her motives. Jason hasn’t been on much either, it’ll likely be him.
Jason -> Johanus, possibly Foyle.
Johanus -> Jason
Foyle -> Probably Jason. Same reason as Jennifer.

I feel quite safe myself, I worry more about the future of my tribe and the people I want kept around…

*Jason and Foyle were talking with each other once again in secret.*

Jason: Well, looks like I’m screwed. I’m the last original Shindor left, and I just may well be Pagonged.

Foyle: Try not to worry, I’ll try to work something out.

Jason: Alright, I’ll trust you – it’s not like I have anything else.

Tribal Council:

*The Shindor tribe walked into Tribal Council once again, sulking.*

Mat: Come on in guys.

*The Shindor tribe sat down on one of the two benches*

Mat: Shindor, out of 5 rounds, you have attended 4 Tribal Councils. Why is that?

I realize that most of you have been switched over from Maladon, yet you still continue to lose, even though most original Shindor members are now on Maladon. What's the reason for you losing? Is there a Shindor curse?

Jennifer: Part of the reason for losing is from how inactive and busy most of our tribe members are.

Me- I'm usually pretty busy but luckily I'm not at the moment from getting time off from school.

Foyle- Ever since the merge he hasn't shown up, he used to be pretty active, he did show up day 1 in the challenge we changed tribes though.

Johanus- Took a few days for him to come back but he finally came back a few hours before the challenge was supposed to start (but I guess he was busy or something tonight and couldn't come to the challenge).

Jason- He's been here but wasn't during the challenge, I guess he had to work or something.

Joey- He was here during the challenge.

That's our problem this team got some of the busiest people in the game.

Mat: Joey, how frustrating was this last Immunity Challenge? Was your tribe functioning well as a team, or do you need to get your act together?

Joey: Ahem, sorry.

Well, I just don't know what to think. It seems this tribe isn't functioning. I can only try to sit back and hope we hold out until the merger. I don't see any problems here that we didn't have in Maladon.

Mat: Jason, do you feel threatened being the last original Shindor tribe member left?

Jason: Of course I’m threatened. I’m the last one of my own kind left, and that could well be a big enough reason to get rid of me. I hope the rest of the tribe considers their decision tonight. I’m giving my heart into this game.

Mat: Alright, you may now vote.

*The castaways all proceeded to vote.*

Alright, the votes are in. I'll go tally the results.

*Mat leaves the area - while the Shindor members speculate the outcome in their minds. Anyone can be voted out.. After a while, Mat returns, with the vote canister in his hands.*

Once the votes are read the decision is final - the person voted out will be asked to leave the area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

1st Vote:

2nd Vote:

3rd Vote:

Thats one vote Johanus, one vote Foyle, and one vote Jason. Only 2 more votes to be read.

4th Vote:

Final vote.

5th Vote:

We have a tie. Now, under normal circumstances, I'd look back at past votes, but when I did that, it had resulted in another tie. (Both one vote, from not having submitted a vote in the past. Any votes that you have received from another tribe member that were not actually posted in a Tribal Council result were not shown. It's like you never received them, because you never saw them.)

Now, judging my the comments of this tribe, you all want to be more active in the challenges. Foyle and Jason have been the most inactive out of all of you, so I will make this preposition.

The first person out of the two in question to speak up and to actually show up here will save themselves, resulting in the other person’s departure from the game.

Since they’re still not here, we’ll have to wait.

*The players sat for a couple of minutes and soon grew impatient. It was disheartening to be losing because of a few inactive players.*

*Finally, footsteps were heard…*

Foyle: Kaboom!

Mateui: Jason, please bring me your torch. But since you’re not here, I’ll have to do that myself.

*The torch is brought over*

The tribe has spoken.

*The torch is snuffed.*

Well, looks like even the Maladon members are turning on each other. You've got a long day ahead of you tomorrow; head back to camp and get some rest.


Jennifer: Vote: Foyle Aber
Reason: Well after knowing we had lost it took some thinking, it was him or Johanus, Johanus has been on the verge of getting my vote twice now. Since he finally posted today however and Foyle didn't I decided to give him one last chance, otherwise I'll probably be voting him out in the next challenge unless he does something for us in it. Foyle hasn't been here for 3 days now so he isn't exactly helping us.

Foyle: Johanus Bartholomew

Why? Because in Maladon he was the least around

Johanus: I'm voting for Foyle once again. He's the only one who's been at least, if not more, inactive then I have and I truely don't want to vote for myself. So he gets the vote.

Joey: Sorry. Had to work all day. I'm voting for Jason.

Did Not Vote:
- Jason

(TIE! But was resolved - Foyle saved himself from being cut.)

Jason’s Final Words

Well, ending round 5 results in me being voted off. Suprised? No. I didn’t show up (I was busy) and wasn’t able to do anything. It turned out to be a close one between me and Foyle-man. Oh well. Ntohing much to say here, other than I hope Fredrich or Sarah does NOT win MTCII, and I hope they get voted out next round, pronto.

Oh well, I had fun. Nothing against the people who voted me off or anything.

The Big Reveal

Jason Lucca = ATARI

- Mat