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Article - 'MTCII: Episode 8' by Mateui

An item about Miscellanious posted on Jun 1, 2004


Entitled: End of Innocence
The game heats up as the alliances and competition increase. Another person is voted out of the game.


Making the Cut II: Episode 8
By: Mateui
Episode 8: End of Innocence
Players Still in the Game:

Edoni Tribe:
Sarah Heiderman
Friedrich Nietzsche
Randy Tahkoer
Jennifer Sweeney
Joey Mury
Johanus Bartholomew
Natalie Kink
Ian Murphy
Evan Muse

Voted Out:
Amanda Tingay
Earl Oldson
John Doe
Jason Lucca
Mark Grant
Alexander Cromwell
Foyle Aber

Over at the Edoni Tribe:

Randy: Turns out Foyle was the one voted off. And... I received 3 votes that night... allow me to guess who these three were: Foyle, Johanus, and... Jennifer I believe. Things are beginning to get rough... so I believe it is time to forge the alliance.

My Letter to Evan, Sarah, and Friedrich:
It's time to form an alliance between the members that have been together since the start: Friedrich, Sarah, Evan, and myself. I don't know if any of you realize, but all the other original Shindor tribe members are gone. Why? Because the second Shindor tribe (mostly consisted of original Maladon members) picked each one off. If the four of us stick together, we can ensure that the remaining four Shindor members are the only ones left. However... even with a 4-member alliance, we are still outnumbered 5 to 4. So we start a secondary alliance with the second Maladon tribe. We vote off the three remaining members who we've never been allies with: Jennifer, Joey, and Johanus. With them gone, the odds are in our favor (2 to 4). When we are in this current position, we must then vote off Natalie and Ian to make it to the Final Four. What lies afterwards? That is unknown to all of us, for we are not sure if we will make it that far without a solid alliance. PM me back with your thoughts.

Friedrich: Speaking of Randy, Sarah, Evan, and I received a forum PM from him right after the Round 7 voting results were announced. He basically wanted to form an alliance with us since we were the only remaining members of the first Shindor tribe. It’s an obvious bid to protect himself; he got a few votes last time, apparently the target of an opposing alliance. This happened at just the right time; we can use his anxiousness to get his vote this round, under the premise that if he doesn’t vote along, he could get voted off. And then next round, he is gone. Actually, I’m not sure if voting him off next is a wise choice, but Sarah seems to want to. And he has been unpredictable and uncooperative so far. Ah well.

Ian: Natalie and myself have been chatting a lot on MSN lately. It gives me a lot of confidence to have at least one person in the game that I can talk to without fear of them turning around and betraying me. I know how she’s going to vote, and she knows how I’m going to vote, but I’m not tying myself down with any alliances.

Joey: This round started off normal enough, but soon, things got pretty ugly. Things seemed normal, playing truth or dare which turned into, of course, a lesbian “who would you sleep with” thing. Nothing new. *Grins*

Natalie: Foyle’s gone, leaving me in a good position. At this point I really don’t care about winning, as long as I get high enough up that I become famous! Heh heh heh. But the thing is, I really don’t know where my true loyalties lie, if anywhere. So if it came down to a few people that I liked, I don’t know who I’d go for. I guess the time will come, if nobody realises my scheme. It’ll probably rely on the biggest threat to me.

Every man is his/her own island right now, and we’re not really interacting for anything other than tactics and alliances. So I think it’s important that I really look out for people that might not trust me, because anyone like that is a threat.

Pre-Immunity Challenge:

Working in teams
Yet playing very alone
Proceed to the stations
And one will be overthrown

If you get there first
You’ll get to decide
Who’ll be eliminated
Left out from the ride

Be the last left over
And snatch the opportunity
Don’t fall in the water
But gain Immunity

The challenge will be held tomorrow at the regular challenge time. But, before that, you all need to do something - get yourselves into 3 teams of 3.

Jennifer: Well we need a team of three for this challenge, so far the only team formed is Fred, Evan, and Sarah. Natalie and Ian are going to be in a team and asked Johanus if he wanted to join their team. Assuming Johanus says yes I will be with Joey and Randy. Quite ironic I'm going to probably be with the one who I voted for last round, I shall have to lie about who I voted for if it just happens to come up. I doubt it though. One thing that puzzles me however is that it sounds like only one person can win and not all three. I am starting to wonder if our teams are really groups that fight against each based on the be the first one there part. Either way I just hope that Fred doesn't get immunity again. And perhaps someone will go looking for a puppet that gets in my team and tries to recruit me.

*All 9 Survivors paired off into 3 groups, and left for the immunity challenge.*

Immunity Challenge:

Team One:
Friedrich, Evan, Sarah

Team Two:
Ian, Natalie, Johanus

Team Three:
Jennifer, Joey, Randy

Welcome to the eighth Immunity Challenge. Today, you’ll be playing in 3 teams of 3, yet, you’ll still be playing for single Immunity. You will be racing from station to station, dropping one person from your team each time you arrive at a station.

Eventually, only one person from each team will be left. When that occurs, those three will race against each other to determine the winner.

There are 3 stations. Each team will start off by running across a field to the first station. The first person from each team to arrive will get to chose which other team member must be eliminated. That person is out of the challenge, and can no longer participate.

From that first station, once the decision of who is dropped out is made, the remaining 2 team members will swim out into the water, and cross it, and then proceed to the second station. The second person from each team to make it to the second station will be eliminated.

Now, when the command is given, the final three will run off from the third station, and get inside a boat. They will then paddle off into the finish line.

The first person to cross the finish line will gain Immunity.

Immunity is at stake.. Ready? GO!

*Natalie, Joey, and Ian took off, and had an early lead.*

*Natalie arrived at the station first from her team.*

Natalie: Umm, is Johanus even here? Well, I want a challenge, so I eliminate Johanus.

*Joey next arrived.*

Joey: First here, I'm eliminating Jenn. Sorry, Jenn.

*Friedrich reaches the station, and eliminates Evan.*

Friedrich: Sorry Evan, but you aren't around to participate and a burden at this moment.

*Joey makes it to the next station*

Joey: Made it! You're out, Randy...

Mat: Joey, you have made it to the final round. Take a break and wait for another two players to arrive.

*Friedrich reaches the second station.*

Mat: Friedrich, you’re now also part of the final. We’re looking for one more person. It’s either going to be Ian or Natalie.

*Natalie makes it to the second station.*

Mat: That’s it. Our final 3 round.

*Natalie, Joey, and Friedrich stand at the starting line, anticipating the start*

Mat: On your mark. Get set... GO!

*All three get into their boats and begin to paddle*

*They paddle furiously, trying to reach the finish line.*

*Friedrich takes the lead, and continues to push forward.*

*Natalie almost catches up, but Friedrich begins to paddle harder.*

*One person crosses the finish line…*

Mat: Thus, the winner of immunity is, for a second time in a row: Friedrich.


Friedrich: *Friedrich rubs his sore muscles and props himself upright.*

Thank you for the congratulations. I'm surprised that I won again. Well, I just hope that no one decides to make me a target because of these wins.

Back at the Edoni Camp:

Friedrich: It was hard to plan for this challenge. What I mean is that you couldn’t really coordinate who would win and who wouldn’t. But that doesn’t matter… Apparently I am good at this sort of thing, since I won. It’s quite easy, actually; all you have to do is open the Control Panel and keep a close eye on the Forum Time. Is this “cheating?” I don’t really think so. After all, Mateui actually said at the beginning that backstabbing and cheating is encouraged.

I hope this doesn’t make me a target in the game. So far, just about every person who made themselves stand out has been voted off. I must rely on my alliance to protect me. After this, there will be 8 people in the game. Sarah and Evan are assured votes, at least as far as I can tell. Natalie seems sympathetic to us also. Ian can probably be swayed. Right now, we are going to vote Johanus off this round. Sarah and I have decided to eliminate Randy next round.

So, at this point, Sarah and I are pulling the strings. Evan is tagged along, thinking that he us right under me in the alliance, and Sarah is right under him, while in reality he is being manipulated. I wonder if he suspects. Meanwhile, Natalie appears to just like us and want to work together. She apparently will go along with voting Johanus off since she doesn’t like him, plus he single-handedly voted Mark off. Randy is whirling and should be easy to get rid of at the moment. Well, I guess we shall wait and see what happens…

Jennifer: Well once again I've been eliminated from a challenge before I even got there. It's quite ironic from how much I look at the MTC2 forums too. It looks like Fred has won immunity once again in MTC2. I'm going to have to try to get rid of one of his allies for now.

Natalie: I came pretty close to winning, but nah. I don’t care anyway, they’re not gonna vote for me. Nobody’s gonna vote for me this time around. If all goes well, everything should fall exactly where I want it. I no longer trust Sarah’s alliance, so I’m leading a secret revolution from the inside of this alliance. If I can get everyone else to vote for Sarah, the alliance will be buried, and nobody in the alliance will know it’s me, because I’ll have voted for Johanus, like the rest of the alliance.

Why don’t I trust the alliance anymore? Because Sarah said she wanted the final four to be Evan, her, Friedrich and I. Why would that be a bad thing? Because one, they’re quite likely to turn on me! And two, I trust Ian a helluva lot more than I trust those three. So it’s best to pick them off and be left with the others than be left with the original Shindor crew. God no. Besides, with any luck it’ll be me and Ian left in the final two. A two-person alliance would go along way, as long as it had people to help them along the way.
But Randy is taking a while to come around. This could spell trouble. I’ve left the choice in his hands and hopefully he will make the right decision. Yeah. if he knows what’s good for him.

Joey: I arrived there early, having formed our teams, myself with Jennifer and Randy. We learned that is was somewhat of a relay race, but the first person to arrive at each station and complete it could eliminate someone. I was really into it, and was eager to actually win this time. I gave it my all and was able to accumulate enough points to pass the first round quickly, and eliminated Jen, since she’d be a threat. Then went on to the next station and was able to eject the ever dormant Randy. I was the first to reach the last station, where the final three would compete for immunity. Jennifer arrived in time to see she had lost. Randy never showed. In the final leg of the race, we all gave a furious effort, but Fred beat me by two seconds, winning immunity again.

I knew what this meant: Fred is now going to be considered a threat. For now? I guess I’ll go ahead with Randy, as I told Jennifer after the challenge. We discussed the vote, she decided she was going to do the same. Might as well, he never shows up and he has some votes cast against him already. I told her pretty much the same stuff I mentioned to Natalie. We also agreed the Fred will be a nice target for next round. He’s a threat, plus, he’s been labeled as an immunity snatcher. His days are numbered.

Then, things started to get messy. Natalie approached me, asking if I had voted. I told her, and she covered her face and groaned. I asked her what was wrong, and she explained the situation to me. It was what I had feared, and never wanted to have happen in this game:

There is an alliance.

She was pulled into it to keep protect each other and survive to the final four. But she doesn’t trust them, and wants out. They plan on getting rid of Johanus. “They” are Sarah, Fred, and Evan, currently. She wants my help to destroy this alliance before it starts. I agreed to do what I could. I told Jennifer of the situation, since she’s in danger too. Mat let me change my vote to Sarah, who we agreed to target to break up the alliance. Natalie left and went off to warn the other members.

I sat down and sighed. An alliance has been my priority to avoid this whole game. It could be a death sentence for us all. I pondered any possibility this could be an elaborate trap. Perhaps she made the whole thing up to lure me into a trap, since she had gotten to know me. But the whole situation seemed unlikely. I had told Jen about it, who would probably talk about it among other people. Time to take out the knife: it’s time for some backstabbing.

Sarah: I'm pretty sure this is the end for me...I just got word that everyone is allying against me for some reason. Natalie was planning to betray me, but that figures, since I was going to betray her. Oh well. I guess my immense power put me in this position. The Maladons tricked me.

I'll do my best to stay in, but I can't make any promises.

Friedrich: Randy just contacted me. He had vital information. Natalie Pmed him, urging him to betray us. She told him to vote against Sarah and hinted that he would be voted off later on by us. This changes everything; we thought that Natalie was the deciding vote which gave our alliance the deciding factor. Now this turns out to be wrong. By this time, Johanus, Jennifer, and Joey have already voted, obviously, for Sarah. Ian is the only one who hasn’t. He is our only hope, so I sent him as convincing and eloquent a letter as I could, asking him to vote for Johanus. There is nothing more we can do… we were blindsided. I can only wait to see what happens.

(The following is the PM Randy forwarded me from Natalie:)

Natalie: You have to vote for Sarah or you won't stand a chance... I'm leading a secret uprising against the alliance including Sarah before it's too late. I'm a double agent, and I assure you that you're quite possibly the next to be going after Johanus, if you don't vote for her.

I have to send this now so it gets to you before it's too late...
Randy: Who else is in the alliance Sarah is in? (For there are certain people who I definitely know voted for me last time)
Natalie: Friedrich and Evan. They (and I) voted for Foyle last round.


Randy: Well, it seems everything is in plan. Allow me to quote myself " I now promise that Johanus will be the next to go..." I may be one round late but, after discussing things with Sarah and Friedrich, Johanus will be our vote. I was surprised when Natalie wrote me a letter. It was hilarious that she was clueless that I was part of the alliance she wished to break up. I played dumb in reply, and told her I would join her and change my vote... she fell for it.

The game is becoming tense... and I know I will have to betray Sarah and Fred once it comes down to the final four. I will tell Evan that Sarah and Fred have too much of a bond to want to betray one another, so we cannot trust them to vote the other off... he'll fall for it...

Ian: Whoa, this is getting intense! Just before I came online today I thought everyone was getting along just fine, and that there really wasn’t that much plotting going on around me. Now suddenly everything is different. It seems like everyone hates everyone! Okay, here’s the deal. Fred, Sarah and Evan have an alliance, right? And Natalie is supposedly a part of this alliance. But, Natalie is betraying the alliance. But what she doesn’t know is that they KNOW she’s betrayed them! It’s sort of becoming a case of Shindor vs. Maladon.

Natalie: I think today was a BIG turnaround. The balance of power has shifted. The tables have turned. The storm has begun… anything could happen now. *smiles*

And I LOVE it!!

As long as I cause a memorable stir, I’m don’t mind if I get voted out. Heehee! And I certainly think this was a memorable stir.

Tribal Council:

Mat: Welcome to yet another Tribal Council.

*The Edoni tribe took their seats.*

Now, first, I'd like to ask Friedrich a question: You're becoming quite an immunity snatcher - do you really need immunity badly? Do you feel that because you have less of an original tribal minority that you could be picked off without that precious necklace around your neck?

*Friedrich stands up and proceeds to the voting device. He stands thinking for a few minutes... This round's choice is even harder than the last one. Which unfortunate soul will recieve his vote? Finally, he makes a choice. Sighing at the need to eliminate a fellow player, he sits back down.

Now in his chair, Friedrich responds to Mat's question.*

Friedrich: Immunity snatcher? Well, that's not what I intended, but I guess that's how it has been for the past two rounds. Frankly I'm surprised my old bones had it in them. In truth, if there were an option to pass immunity to someone else, I would probably do that. I actually don't feel like I need immunity right now... but if I didn't do my best to get it anyways, I would be disappointed in myself. It is better to get the immunity so that a potential enemy can not. I can only hope that people won't take offense at my short-lived streak. That would be rather counter-productive.

Mat: What about you, Joey and Natalie? Were you disappointed that you didn't get immunity?

Joey: Well, I was more disappointed about losing. I'm still not too concerned over immunity, I just haven't been that close to winning a challenge in awhile. So yes, this game did get my hopes up, and I was disappointed. But I'll be alright.

Mat: Everyone else, do you feel like you are totally safe? Or do you have your doubts?

Jennifer: As for the question I don't really feel 100% safe, there's always the chance that I might get voted off since I don't have immunity. However I feel pretty confident that I'm not gonna be voted out this round.

Randy: I believe everyone is a target... I mean, in a game in which only one person can win, you could only rely on yourself.

Sarah: I honestly don't know what's going on in this game anymore. I've made friends with a few people, but only a few of them seem at all trustworthy. Even so, they could be leading me on.

Well, whatever happens, happens.

Mat: We'll soon find out.

I'll go tally the votes.

*Mat left the area, leaving the 9 players sitting on the two benches to ponder over the outcome. Everyone knew that is was going to be close.. Mat finally returned*

After the votes are read the decision is final - the person voted out will be asked to leave the area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

1st Vote:
Ian (Received vote due to inactivity)

2nd Vote:

3rd Vote:

That's one vote Sarah, one vote Johanus, and one vote Ian. *The three all looked at eachother, but Ian felt pretty safe at this point.*

4th Vote:

5th Vote:

Now that's 2 votes Sarah, and 2 votes Johanus.

6th Vote:

7th Vote:

Now, that's 3 votes Sarah, and 3 votes Johanus

8th Vote:

4 votes Johanus, 3 votes Sarah. Only one more vote to go..

*Sarah and Johanus eyed eachother.. They knew 2 plans had gone down tonight - and only one would be successfully - the question was, which one? Everyone was worried about that outcome..*

9th Vote:

Mat: Please bring me your torch.

*Johanus stood up and brought his torch over to Mateui. He was angered at the fact that an insurrection had failed. A plan to get rid of a potential threat had faltered, and he was now cut from the game.*

Johanus, the tribe has spoken.

*The torch was snuffed.*

Now, remember, Johanus is now our first juror. He will be one of the 7 people who will decide who wins in the end. He will come back to every tribal council to observe - nothing else, and in the meantime, he will be housed in the Jury House.

*Johanus nodded and smiled.. and finally left.*

The rest of you 8, head back to camp.


Sarah: Vote: Johanus Bartholemew

A lot of people don't seem to like him, and I'd like to do what others want.

Johanus: Due to a recent event occuring, I must request my vote be changed from Randy to Sarah. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Jennifer: New Vote: Sarah
Reason: Well Natalie and Joey IMed me and after talking told me about Sarah's alliance, it seemed I guessed most of their members correctly except for Evan. And since Sarah is the leader (not Fred like I guessed originally) I might as well switch my vote to her since Natalie is secertly trying to make their alliance fall apart. Plus it fits my role as a puppet, with a master who gave me late orders.

Joey: I just realized your birthday is one day and one year after mine... Mat..

Well, I'm voting for Sarah. Natalie informed me of a secret alliance. I planned on voting for Randy because i thought he'd be a likely person to be kicked out. But, Nat told me there is an alliance that she doesn't trust. I hate alliances, and for mine nat and all other friends safety, we must destroy it now

Evan: Johanus
You are a threat to my alliance. Sorry.

Friedrich: Vote: Johanus
Reason: He was initially a preliminary target. Now it is essential that he is voted off. If he is not, there will be enough votes to off my ally Sarah. I don't think my alliance would hold after that from simple lack of enough votes. It has also come apparent that Natalie was lying to us. Oh well... I await the outcome.

Natalie: I'm voting Johanus. However, this is only a strategic move to make sure I stay a 'trusted' member of the alliance that will soon hopefully be shattered.

Randy: Vote: Johanus
Reason: I have a list of people I'm going to get rid off, and Johanus is one of the top three. If all goes according to plan, I know who the final four will be in this game. Yet, I also have the hunch that the ones who are "my allies" may be putting up a front in order to cover my eyes from seeing the truth. With that in mind, I still rely on their words. Why? Because either way, I know who are gunning for me.

Did Not Vote:
- Ian Murphy

The Big Reveal:

Johanus Bartholomew = Safari

- Mat