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Article - 'Implementing Unique Ideas' by Bolt

An item about Game Design posted on Jun 24, 2004


A good article briefly discussing a few unique ideas that can be added to one’s RPG.


Implementing Unique Ideas

You should put some new ideas into your games, especially battle events. So I'm here just to give you a few new ideas....

The Ability to Unlock New Jobs/Abilities:
The Old Magic Learning systems is okay, but what
if you had this place where you went to receive training
for your profession? As an example, if your were a Black
Mage, you would go to the Black Mage academy to unlock new spells, instead of just learning them there on the battle field. And once you have an amount of training done, you could probably move up in job rank.

(Ok, so I got this off the Rpg2k/3 board) You should include a journal, like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.
It tells about your journeys, because if you came up to someone and said "I saved the world" would they believe you?

Mission System:
This gives your game a few more extra play hours.
For example, have a "Find my lost purse snatched by
a thief" mission. Have only one character go on the chase,
because only they are fitted for it.

Split Up Story Scenarios:
Like the one in FF3 , where either it was Locke's Scenario, Sabin's, or Terra's. Mix the story up a bit.

Have a NewGame+ or something. Play a game a few times and unlock a new mission, or a town, or a boss, or something that will give your game a few more playable hours.

Developer Room:
If the player has beat the game a substantial amount of times mabye they deserve to go to the Developer Room,
where they can get the best equipment or something.

Riddle Boss:
A boss that asks you riddles and cuts your HP in half every time you get one wrong. Make it a sidequest for a joke weapon.

Unique Boss Battles:
Beat up the boss gets quite old fast. Add a twist to some battles as if the Boss were to put up a barrier that could only be broken by a unique sequence of attacks.

Chalice Aura:
If you plan on doing a FF:CC type game, you should try to include a Chalice Aura switch. For example, if you choose to have your chalice's aura Earth, it would protect against blind and poison.

Terrain Interaction:
If you are fighting in a blowing desert, let one of the characters get inflicted with blind. It's unlikely to just stand there and not get sand in your eye. (Or is it? I'm not sure).

Smart Thinking:
Let's say for example the party has to go to a forest. And the trees there are able to suck Magic/MP/Mana from other people, and that is the way they stay alive. Make an event that makes a magic user automatically weaker if they enter the area..

Article by Bolt, ideas inspired/based by many different people from the various RpgMaker2003 boards...