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Article - 'MTCII: Episode 10' by Mateui

An item about Miscellanious posted on Jun 24, 2004


Entitled: Solitary Pairs
The 10th person is voted out of the game.


Making the Cut II: Episode 10
By: Mateui
Episode 10: Solitary Pairs
Players Still in the Game:

Edoni Tribe:
Sarah Heiderman
Randy Tahkoer
Jennifer Sweeney
Joey Mury
Natalie Kink
Ian Murphy
Evan Muse

The Jury:
Friedrich Nietzsche
Johanus Bartholomew

Voted Out:
Amanda Tingay
Earl Oldson
John Doe
Jason Lucca
Mark Grant
Alexander Cromwell
Foyle Aber

Over at the Edoni Tribe:

Joey: It’s become quite apparent that Natalie is my key to survival. She’s accepted that. She knows she’s forfeited any chance of winning for agreeing to help me. Why did she do that? I guess after we became friends, she found herself in this situation, and is happy with her progress now. It’s also apparent that even though the alliance is gone, they still exist on the other side: The jury.

Natalie: Heh heh heh. 3 votes for me, huh? Well, they do have some intelligence after all. They threw me off the scent by telling me they were going for Joey, but I’ve still got enough friends to pick me over Friedrich.

But Randy, what a clueless guy. I believe he was the third person that voted for me, AND alerted the alliance to my uprising.

What an idiot! He was gonna get voted out after he was no longer useful, for Pete’s sake. Clearly he didn’t believe me, but it no longer matters. He’ll stay in it for a while- but, he won’t last. He’s dead weight, he can stick around as long as the real players are taken away. Without the rest of his “alliance”, he’s nothing.

Ian says he was the anonymous voter that picked me over Fred.
He tells me he voted Evan because he didn’t want to be part of an alliance. I guess he eventually had to choose one, though. But… he says he will help pick off Sarah and Evan with me, Joey and Jen now… thank heavens. But, I believe I want to get immunity anyway, just in case :S

Although it is a burden, it could be a lifesaver for me. I think it’s basically clear who is on what side now. The next few rounds will likely go forward with little event… I hope.

Sarah: There's not much to say, really, other than the fact that I'm still in, and I don't know why.

Pre-Immunity Challenge:

Odd or Even
It’s really all the same
Unless you’re the odd one out
In which it really is a pain

So choose your status wisely
Alone or in a pair
Which one is better
Which one is unfair?

But if no one here
Satisfies the role
You’ll all be losers
Stuck in a hole

Joey: I’m scared...

*The treemail continues*

“There are seven of you left in the game. You must all make a grand choice. “Alone” or in a “Pair”.

For the first part, simply state whether you rather want to be “Alone” or in a “Pair”. If you post “Pair”, someone else who also posts “Pair” will need to join up with you. State your partner if you choose “Pair”.

If you choose “Alone”, just post that, and that is all you need to do.

After everyone has chosen, the challenge will proceed tomorrow. (If someone does not post before the start of the challenge, they will be given one of the two choices randomly).

I will now wait, as you post your decision.”

Sarah: I'll be alone. It's probably my only chance...

Randy: Alone.

Jennifer: *Follows the choice of the other two who posted before her*


Ian: Pair. Someone buddy up with me.

Natalie: All right... pair.

Evan: Alone.

Joey: I guess this means that I’m alone as well.

Jennifer: We have to be in pairs or alone, it seems that one of them will be more powerful then the other. I don't wish to anger anyone from how I intend to lose on purpose so I shall be playing alone. This challenge is going to sure mess up some plans, if the pair team doesn't win then Natalie is out for sure, however Sarah can still be defeated in the next round if she isn't immune, also we could go for Randy after that. I am going to not post at all and pretend to have been busy with school work which made me miss the challenge.

Immunity Challenge 10: Odd Man Out

Mateui: Alright. Everyone has made their decision. These are the people that choose:

- Sarah
- Evan
- Joey
- Randy
- Jennifer

- Ian
- Natalie

Today, we will be heading into another twist - the de-merge in a way. That’s right, If you choose Alone, you’ll be in the tribe with everyone else who chose Alone for a short time, and if you chose Pair, you will be in a tribe with everyone else who chose Pair. (This is only effective for after this challenge’s Tribal Council - after that, everyone will be in one tribe again. This will only affect the tribal council actually.)

Basically this is how everything will play out. The Immunity challenge will be played. If the “Alone” tribe wins, they can vote out one of the two people on the other tribe. If “Pair” wins, they must both decide who will be cut.

This is how the challenge will go.

Ian and Natalie will have to throw a ball to each other. One partner must start out, and post: “Throws the ball to ”. Now, the other partner must post: “Catches the ball from ”. After that, in another post, the partner that just caught the ball now throws it to the partner, who will catch it, and then throw it back.

Each time the ball is thrown, and successfully caught, that pair receives a point. To win, a pair must gain 10 points.

Now, this is what the alone people must do. Your job is to intercept or block the ball that is thrown between the pair(s). After you see one of the pairs throw the ball, before their partner catches it, post: “Intercepts ’s ball”. Each time you intercept, you get a point. For you to win, you have to gain 10 points. (In total)

If you are playing in pairs, and an alone person intercepts your ball, one of you must re-throw the ball.

First team to 10 wins Immunity. (After that, future instructions as to how we’ll proceed will be given.)

Immunity is at stake.. Ready? GO!


*Natalie and Ian began to throw the ball back and forth to each other. They had no opposition, except for Randy, who kept fighting to intercept the ball. In the end however, Natalie and Ian prevailed, and won immunity for themselves.*

Natalie: We did it!

Jennifer: Looks like I missed this challenge, and I checked to see if this topic was posted yet before I started to work on my science lab report to and I even stayed logged into MSN for this.

Congratulations you two.

Jennifer: Well, Sorry for not showing up, guys. I didn't think the challenge would be posted this early. Quite a twist, indeed.

Of course, when I say a twist, I refer to Randy actually showing up for a challenge! :D

Back at the Edoni Tribe

Natalie: Whoa! What an awesome challenge! Randy was as quick as lightning, but luckily me an’ Ian won, so now we get to decide who to get rid off this time around. Heh heh heh.

Jennifer: I truly viewed it first. Hmm it turns out I didn't realize at first if they post at nearly the same time and have their posts pre-typed that they could win. And indeed they have 10 to 3.

Joey: The challenge, I again, came too late, and again, good thing I did. We were put in groups, pairs and singles. The pair (Ian and Natalie) had to pass a ball to each other without the singles (me and the rest) intercepting it. Ian and Natalie quickly managed to start off the challenge, with Randy surprisingly being the one to stand in their way. But he failed to stop them, so that meant that Ian and Natalie decided who would be voted out. Otherwise, we’d have to decide if either Ian or Nat would go. Thank God I avoided that predicament. Bye bye, Sarah…

Tribal Council

With the challenge over, the immunity decided, and Mat nowhere in sight, I (Joey) must take it upon myself to do the Tribal Council ceremony.

(Mat Note: So I’m not perfect, and I couldn’t make it to Tribal Council on time. I have other things to do as well, such as eating Dinner :P. But anyway, I showed up after a while..)

Joey: With the tribes divided, two people are safe and must decide the fate of the rest. So, with your character, survival, as well as mine, *gulp* let us begin.

Ian and Natalie, how do you feel being able to single handedly defeating the larger group? (while only one showed up) Do you feel like you can take on the challenges ahead?

Natalie: Well, I knew I didn't stand a chance if I lost so determination was what fueled me, and now I feel pretty relieved. I don't know about future challenges, I'm just glad I could get through this one alive.

*Goes and votes with Ian*

Joey: Sarah, are you at all worried about any of these two? Do you think you may have stepped on many members’ toes by this point in the game?

Sarah: I already know exactly who is out to get me, and I won't be surprised at this outcome. I never stepped on anyone's toes. I never had the chance to. A lot of people seemed to be interested in my plans, but I should have just kept my mouth shut. However, since I made such a large impact in this game, I'm satisfied. I'll just say that this would have been much easier my way...

Joey: Joey, how do you feel about writing the Tribal Council? Do you think Mateui will get mad?

*Mat finally arrived at Tribal Council, after his sister had taken away the computer before.. :D*

Mateui: Alright, Ian and Natalie, since this is a special one time occasion, you have to power to vote out whoever you both agree on. Please get up and walk to the voting platform to discuss this tremendous decision.

*Ian and Natalie both stood up, and walked away to vote. Everyone else was worried... their fate rested in two peoples' hands, and there was no way to control what they would do.*

*Finally, after a couple of minutes, Ian and Natalie returned together and sat down*

Alright, I'll go tally the vote.

*Mat left to retrieve the vote canister and promptly came back.*

Once the votes are read the decision is final, the person voted out will be asked to leave the area immediately.

I'll read the one vote.

And the 10th person voted out of Making the Cut II: Indonesia is:

Mateui: Please bring me your torch.

*Evan stood up and gave his torch to Mat. He was disappointed by the outcome, but at least glad that he had made it this far. He would now be joining Johanus and Friedrich in the jury.*

Evan, the tribe has spoken.

*The torch was snuffed, and Evan walked away.*

We're getting down to it. Only 6 of you are still alive in this game and things will only go downhill from here with all the scheming that is bound to go on.

I'll let you head back to camp.


(Obviously, only Ian and Natalie voted this round, due to the outcome of the challenge. Because of this, I will also include a few comments by people when they discovered that Evan was cut.)

Natalie & Ian: We Vote: Evan Muse

Reasons: Evan has been very inactive lately. Of the people we considered getting rid of, we decided that any of the others could be dealt with later anyway. So, we are getting rid of Evan because, simply, it'll stop Tribal Council being held up waiting for delayed votes...I hope.

Joey: After the challenge, Nat told me they were going to get rid of Evan, the other alliance member. Fine by me, although I’d really like to see Sarah gone. I have some fears she can still be a threat, but that’s just me. Really, she’s pretty much harmless now. Afterwards, we discussed what would happen in later game. I won’t really know until after we destroy the alliance. I do know that a good way to guarantee a win is to keep Nat around. If we are the final two, I’ll win without question. The alliance on the jury will make sure she never wins this, and she’s accepted that. How I’m going to get rid of the rest, I’m not too sure of yet. Evan is now gone, so it’s on to the next round…

Evan’s Final Words

*Evan stands, dissapointed but not a bit surprised at the outcome. The single vote from the last round was a clue that he wouldn't be around much longer. There might have been a chance at turning the game around if they had won immunity, but as soon as they lost he knew his time had come.*

I wish the best of luck to the people who have been with me from the start. I hope you find a way to turn the tables so the game isn't so one-sided, but if not, I look forward to the day when the Maladons have to start voting each other off. Goodbye.

The Big Reveal

Evan Muse = Hornet