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Article - 'More Character Development' by TheOnlyMutantPixie

An item about Plots/Characters posted on Jul 12, 2004


TheOnlyMutantPixie gives us more info on developing your characters.


Another character development Article
By TheOnlyMutantPixie

Hey all who are reading this. As you can guess by reading the title (unless I made it too long again) I wish to dive into the world of character development since I am finished with Humour articles. This shall explain characters before the journey/adventure/mission or whatever.

Types of characters

This mainly depends on how you want your character to be like going from one extreme to the other. E.g. Serious and quiet, and by the end of the adventure, s/he becomes loud, upbeat and extremely annoying!

In Final Fantasy VII, Cloud went from a serious badass to a man who fully understood the past and his mistakes, and heroic acts. I won't mention it here.... Not fair on others who haven't got that far yet. However, Barrett from the same game went from a slang talkin' gangsta style guy to a...slang talkin' gangsta style guy...with a little less swearing. Barrett didn't develop much during the game, I'm glad Square didn't develop him so Cloud has hundreds of chances to take the total piss out of him. Anyway, Let's begin.

Taking your character

Your character is say, Alex he is an average RTP, RPGM2k3 type of guy, but since you have done nothing to him he just merely, does nothing (since he cannot blink, unless you make him) Ok...Let's give him some background...There are two ways around this...

1) Lazy ass option

Used that over used cliché story line and say he has forgotten his past and his quest is to find out what the hell happened...


2) Fully develop the idea

Say where he lives, city/village/town/city dump etc. and what he lives in (don't need to be specific but keep this in mind when writing the story so you don't mess up. The exterior of the house is one story while inside you have 2 stories.) Who he lives with (Mum, Dad, Aunt, Great Uncle, Imaginary friend etc.) What he wants to do with his life (Ideal job, wants to travel the world.) Where he is at the start of the story involved in that crash, a few yards/miles away from the meteor strike. His Love life etc. Any pets...I think you get it. Basically write down a list of everything you can think about you (not including your first kiss/date/"doing it" attempt or whatever) and try and include them for information on your hero but not exactly the same and change some details around.

Comments on the strategies
The Lazyass option


Got a story line too


Not a lot of detail
Seems like a "n00bish" type plot

The fully develop everything way


Also more information about the character
Gives a chance to explain previous history and how it affected his/her family
Allows a chance for an original story/ fresh taking on things
Seems more Realistic


Undoubtedly takes longer
No instant plot

Ok, as you can see the detailed way easily wins... unfortunately people tend to go halfway and half develop it and post on the boards at Gamingw and tend to have to answer more details anyhow. (They either fully develop it, half arse it or do bugger all really and end up getting flamed)

Say I chose the detailed option and I develop it and I’ll show you it for an example. If anyone sees a game on Gamingw starring Alex with a serious plot developed with these exact settings, I’m gonna get killed…

Name: Alex
Age: 21
Weapon: Sword (Very basic)
Brief background: Lived happily with his parents in a small village called Idiotica and then bored of his life he set off on adventure, unaware of the dangers that lie ahead… he was travelling outside of moron mountain when the meteor struck at Moronic…
Pets: A cat called Ziggy and a Dog called Super bob.
Current Status: Single after his girlfriend split-up from him for being too ugly…

Ok... that was fairly basic extend upon it with proper reasoning.

Ok, Moving on!

The Journey/Adventure/Mission

Let’s say Alex has met various opponents and has defeated various lackeys, one of them which you defeated five minutes ago comes back and kidnaps one of the characters

Option #1
Let’s say Alex has met various opponents and has defeated various lackeys, one of them which you defeated five minutes ago comes back and kidnaps one of the characters and kills them right there, or learns of his past. Alex then allows his true feelings to be shown like showing his love/ brotherhood for the dead comrade while the evil guy escapes. Alex falls onto his knees and begins to quiver. He is now feeling scared... he doesn’t want to do anything, he just wants to be alone… He briefly leaves the party and buggers off.

Let’s say Alex has met various opponents and has defeated various lackeys, one of them, which you defeated five minutes ago, comes back and kidnaps one of the characters. Alex totally black mailed has to give in, he gives the bad guy the item he desires and then the whole place begins to shake and all the characters escape apart from Alex, who the bad guy has knocked out.

Now would be an ideal time for a second lead character (preferably a female character, but hey it’s your game) starts to worry about Alex and begins to fall in love with him (Told you it was your game) while they search for him. I will leave this up to you.

After that little quest, you find Alex and he fully understands his past, mistakes, wrongs etc. and now he is full of confidence and wants to get the score even.

Option 1
He finds and defeats the bad guy and then he begins his new wondrous life with a new home/family/orphanage.

Option 2
The darker ending he could be at the funeral of his comrade who died at the hands of the bad guy.

I know the endings are kinda cheesy/depressing but it adds more of a feel to the game. Anyway, I think that is all, I might expand onto this, as in a series depending on the comments on this particular article, any more information PM me or e-mail or contact me on MSN.

- TheOnlyMutantPixie

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