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Article - 'RM2K Of The New Year REVEALED' by Kazeuri

An item about Humour posted on Aug 8, 2003


Read this article to discover what the year 2002 has in hold for everyone! It is certainly a joyous event for Game Makers world-wide!


RPG Crafter V1.0

Many of you may have heard of the popular RPGC by means of udnerground e-mails in the community. If you have not, this article is for you! Many people are awaiting unofficial systems from single persons, RPGC is an official product, by an official company. Let's discuss it here, it is a pretty amazing program.

First off, it is not like RM2K. Event construction is much easier now, and is just made by filling in pre-set blanks... don't worry though! There is tons of customizable features! These include features like:

* Custom Battle System (Over 20 implemented styles to choose from, even some you will never have seen before)

* Fast Speeds, even on slow computers (Supposedly it can still breach 45FPS constant on a 200mhz PII)

* Infinite color support (This allows for high quality images, as seen below)

* Multi-Platform support (It is available to all OS except MacOS, and FreeBSD systems, not to mention DOS is not supported for obvious reasons)

* MP3 support (Every type of music file is pretty much supported, even old Mp2 and Midi files)

* Compression (the system uses a compression method, when you "close" your files together, it packs them all in a .jok file, with alternative "e" compression systems, this means even games with multiple MP3 files, and alrge maps may take up only 5kb)


This is pretty amazing and will shatter the market. Here is some more info:

* Fast paced development.

* Open source program.

* Great help and tutorial files.

* Established and developed by professionals.

* Thousands of underground testers.

Here is some of the amazing screens, I, Kazeuri, managed to gather through swift talking, presented here for the FIRST TIME:

Here is an example of the high image quality, obviously supported by the fast paced system. Over 900 billion colors?

See? That is just amazing! I guess that graphic could be sued for an item graphic as well, since the game has Bi-linear resizing, code-named by their team the "UIDIET" Ultra Image Definition Incorporation of Expandable Transformations. Anyway, on to the more amazing screens!

This is the import screen, where you can later set transparent colors, alpha layers etc. (Supposedly this is an early beta screen shot of the implementation) I was also told that this screen shot was for a vehicle. The water and sky were GENERATED BY THE SYSTEM. Amazing, simply amazing.

This is the amazing scene editor. I wish I could see the rest of the screen, but all of these were sent from the IN-CREATION Screen Shot system, nick named RPG (obvious meanings) 2000 Next Entering Turbo SUX, which I'm not too sure what that means but it handles most of the image things, and is their custom DX 9 language compiler and communicator.

This is certainly one of the better examples, created later and sent to me more recently. This is either the enemy, or character development screen (as you can see) I doubt it is enemy though, since there are so many battle systems! I guess the top picture is like a Face Set, they are all imported seperate.

The rest of the details are HIGHLY CONCEALED by the company producing it (Which I will hint at here) The companies I will clue in are the following:




(Undiclosed Team)

Or, your last choice is that all of these are trick answers to confuse you.

Anyway, in any case, we can all look forward to the RELEASE DATE which I have been told is DEFINITELY going to be released, no doubts, FOR FREE on the date of April 1st, 2002. I guess we will all anxiously await that date with a glimmer of hope in our hearts for the next RM2K!