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Article - 'Using Common Sense' by lamorea

An item about Game Design posted on Jul 19, 2004


An average article about adding common sense to your games. It's not spectacular and it's a little on the short side, but a good read nonetheless.


Using Common Sense
By Lamorea


Here are just a few suggestions to make your games more realistic, and possibly more Interactive/Fun.
Thanks in advance =D -Lamorea

-------------------Creature Drops---------------------------

Alright, This may be because I've been playing Ragnarok too much, BUT, Is it just me, or is it kinda odd that creatures drop money?

Oh yes, "I killed a wolf, hey look! It had 3,000 Gold!!!!!" Where exactly do you hide that?
Hmmm? My Proposal, is that creatures drop ITEMS.
"Hey look! That wolf dropped a 'Wolf Pelt', We can sell that for 3,000 Gold!!!!!!" All you have to do is fix the prices and its fine!

-A small problem I encountered with that is that if you want creatures to drop healing items, then you can't have it drop a Pelt and a Potion, so you could compromise, make it a little more valuable, and add a healing effect, so instead of a Wolf Pelt, you could have a Wolf Meat. it's still worth money, but it can be used to heal if you need it!

---------------------NPC Speech-------------------------

Another thing that is VERY important, is that you make speech Realistic. "Ahhh, A dragon." doesn't sound NEAR as scared as "Oh My Lord! Is that A Dragon?! RUN!!!!! Please don't let it eat me!!!!" See? I could be a writer.

If you're going to make an RPG, PLEASE make sure that you enforce the story, and the characters in it. Which brings me too....


At the begining of the game, you should try to shell out your characters, explain who they are, what they want... etc.. Try to set-up a mood of the character. If he is rude for the first half of the game, DON'T make him polite all of a sudden. (Without good reason). If your going to change how a character acts, do it THROUGH THE STORY. That is what most RPG'ers want. They want to see the character evolve and change, as the story moves forward.


Maybe not so early in the game as the Main Character, But explain WHY the villan acts how (s)he does.
And PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! don't use the cliche "Villan under-estimates, or spares the victim.. Etc.. etc.."
I mean, honestly, if you had the chance to kill someone who had been pestering you for SOOOOOOO long, would you leave it up to two pathetic minions? Or have the pleasure of ripping their skulls out of their heads and juggling them?
I know which one I'd pick. =D

Thats all I've got for now, But, I'll be back =D
(Sorry for any run on sentences =P)