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Article - 'Character Themes II' by Blue Typhoon

An item about Plots/Characters posted on Aug 9, 2004


Blue Typhoon is back! He brings us some good tips and templates for characters, by explaining basic themes. Good, long article.


Character Themes Volume II
This is BT! This time, we're covering supporting character themes, villain themes,
and a theme for your game! This time, I've hired several kirbies to hold up titles (-_-...)

Character Themes... what are they?

We'll be picking up directly where we left off...

(>^_^)>|Supporting Character Themes|<(^_^<)

Supporting Characters range from your best friend, to your mother, to your party members.
Depending on how much they're used, you'll want to give them a theme. I'd say if they're
party members, throw in a theme. If your best friend follows you throughout the game, give
him/her one too. If your mom just stays at home and bakes cookies for you, she doesn't deserve
one(just kidding... but that isn't important enough). You should know the basics from
Character Themes I, so now depending on personalities, you should have an idea of some themes.
But, to be useful, I'll give you some...

I'm Hyper Characters
|Nothing pleases them more than going on an adventure with your hero. They can range from
|a kid from your village who looks up to you to groupies that join you later. *NOTE:
|These are party members. Not NPC's.* Their themes are often bubbly and techno-like.

_-_-_-Theme Example-_-_-_
{Character: Arche, from Tales of Phantasia}

I'm Cool & U Know it
|These characters have a more common name that is vulgar and shouldn't be posted here.
|Yes, I know you know what it is. These characters are similar to the "I don't care"
|heroes, and are only traveling with you to teach you how to fight, for money, or for
|some selfish unkown reason to be revealed later in the game. I wish I could describe
|this kind of theme, but it varies.

_-_-_-Theme Example-_-_-_
{Character: Eagle, from Advance Wars}
{Character: Hawk, from Advance Wars 2}

Friendly Characters
|These characters don't stand out in any way apart from being most like normal people.
|They aren't temper-mental or over-emotional. They befriend your hero, and usually end
|up becoming more brave by joining him/her on their journey. They are at a good pace,
|fast enough to keep you awake, but not too slow to put you to sleep. These themes are
|usually like-able.

_-_-_-Theme Example-_-_-_
{Song Only: RPG2K3 RTP, "2003-Flight"}
{Character: Sami, from Advance Wars}

Those three examples combined with the first article should be able to give you a theme
for most characters in your party. Mix and match.

(>^_^)>|Villainious Themes|<(^_^<)

Ahh, the villain. Can't have a good game without one. I shouldn't really need to help
you find something evil enough for your main villain, but the villain's group of soldiers/
servants, whatever, will need a theme.

|Simple enough. An army with an evil plan. Dark, booming sounds, drums, guitars... you
|get the idea.

_-_-_-Theme Example-_-_-_
{Group: Desians, Tales of Symphonia}

|A small group of minions. Not enough to qualify as more than a band of evil people. If
|you don't understand that, I'm talking about groups like in the original Final Fantasy,
|with Lich, Marilith, Kraken, Tiamat, and Chaos. Themes here are usually chilling, with
|organs and the like.

_-_-_-Theme Example-_-_-_
{Character: Kuja, from Final Fantasy 9}

(>^_^)>|Game Themes|<(^_^<)

Game themes... title screens, world maps, and vehicles. Perfect examples. Title screens
can have the world map music play, and actually have a good effect.

Worlds and Titles
|No description necessary, one would hope. Orchestral stuff, and some brass make great
|themes... I guess there isn't much to be said.

_-_-_-Theme Example-_-_-_
{Theme: Tales of Symphonia Orchestral Opening}
*Also used in the trailer*

Boats, Animals, and other Small Vehicles
|These themes are usually bright, but not as dramatic as the famed airship theme. They
|give you a sense that you've accomplished something, but you're not done yet. Yes, Chocobo
|Theme, I'm talking about you.

_-_-_-Theme Example-_-_-_
{Theme: Chocobo Music, any Final Fantasy Game}

|Who doesn't like the airship music? Very bright and cheery, makes you feel accomplished.
|I haven't played a game with bad airship music. If you've played any good RPGs, you know
|what they sound like. I'll highlight my favorites, though. (yes, that's a lot.)

_-_-_-Theme Example-_-_-_
{Theme: Final Fantasy 6 Second Airship (Falcon)}
{Theme: " " 7 Airship}"Highwind"
{Theme: " " 8 Airship} Ragnarok: "Ride On"
{Theme: " " 9 Airship Hildagarde III}
{Theme: " " X Airship Farenheit} "Attack"
{Theme: Tales of Phantasia Airbirds} "Aviation"
{Theme: Skies of Arcadia-Delphinus}
I would hope you get the idea now... but they are all very high quality songs. My favorite would be the Hildagarde III and the Falcon music. (favorite of the favorites). But you probably don't care.

I've hopefully enlightened you a bit more about character themes... will there be a Character Themes III? Depending on your requests and comments, we'll see! And if not... good luck with your games and make me proud!!!