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Article - 'How to make the DBS original 2' by lamorea

An item about Game Design posted on Aug 9, 2004


lamorea is back! I'd suggest reading part 1 first, of course. :)


Making the DBS Original! Part 2
by lamorea

This is a follow up article to the 1st one in the series.
This article will go over how to make your characters a little more interesting.
This will be a 4 part article
Part One: Classes

Part Two: Skills

Part Three: Combat messages

Part Four: Equipment

At the end of each part, I'll put a sample for you to enjoy. Sorry if this article is a little long, I happen to run on my sentences sometimes.

This tutorial applies mainly to RM2K(3) But, the ideas here may be used in any maker, so, knock yourself out!


Classes are what describes your characters fighting style. Some of the "Default" Classes are: Fighter, Mage, Healer, Theif, Rouge/Theif, Summoner.

Most people will look at these classes in your game, and will laugh. Originality is the key! You want to make things up, and make people say "Wow! I wish I thought of that!"

A Class will most likely define the characters, stats and skills, and maybe even attitude.

If your character has a firey, cruel attitude, His/Her class should reflect it. By looking at the characters skills and stats you should be able to make a basic guess at their personality. For example. if a character has a high strength and low intelligence, and his class is something like Barbarian, it's probably safe to assume that the character is short sighted, tough, and maybe even a little crude.

When creating a class, keep in mind the balance of the game, test everything, if a character is to weak/powerful early on, and/or too powerful/weak later on, you're probably doing something wrong. Your characters should always be challanged by what they're facing, but they should usually be able to beat them.

Here is an example of a character and a class.
Jade Ridell HP: Med-Low Defense: Med-Low
Age: 28 MP: High-Med Speed: Med
Race: Human Attack: Low
Sex: Female Magic Att: High

Class: Druid

Druids are physically weak but mentally strong, they have the power to change shapes and become stronger at certain characteristics. Drudic magic is a combonation of medium healing, and medium offensive spells, they also have a small selection of spells that allow them to raise statistics. A small setback that druids have is that they aren't allowed to use weapons and armor made from non-natural materials. for example, a druid may use a wooden sword, or a club, but not a steel sword, or a Steel Mace.


Skills are also a huge factor in most RPG's, they can make the difference between a weak character and a strong one, or a boring character and a fun one.

Again, skills should reflect the characters class and attitude. A Cold icey hearted villian wizard should probably have some spells with the cold element.

although our great big book of cliches says that melee characters don't get MP or skills, we should probably ignore this, even the basic fighter might have a trick or too, he might even know a spell! Sure, it's probably nowhere NEAR as powerful as a wizards, but it can be a big surprise in combat!

Here is a simple example of a skill that I made for a melee class character

True Strike

Truestrike is a melee attack using the physical attribute, it does around normal damage for the character, but never fails or misses, it is good against Monsters that are very agile and like to dodge attacks.

Damage: Normal Melee

Special: Never misses or fails.

Classes: Any character that uses mainly physical attacks.

MP Usage: Small

Combat Messages:

If you were just bitten by a giant snake, I'm sure you'ld have something to say about it, you should try to add messages to most battles, ESPECIALLY BOSS BATTLES. Using the monster groups, and battle events you can make it so characters will say things depending on if a trigger is switched. I'll use a simple example for this section.


Trigger: If Hero ---- Uses battle command Attack
Message: ----:
Take That!

Thats a VERY simple example but you can easily extend upon that =) Thats it for this very short section, now onto...


Equipment is another prime example of how to balance your game, and add originality at the same time. all you have to do is google up weapons from your games timezone (More than likely medival weapons) And you'll see loads of pictures and names of weapons. if you're making your game based on another planet, or another time frame, than you'll probably have to make up your own weapons.

Armor is the exact same thing.

You should probably make it so that heavy weapons may do more damage but have larger set backs, and that faster, lighter weapons raise speed, but do less damage. Ranged weapons should also raise Speed (To show that you're hitting your opponent before they get a chance to hit you. I'll give you 4 sample weapons:

Short Sword
+3 Attack
+6 Speed

A light weapon, fast but weak.

+30 Attack
-4 Speed

A wicked looking two-handed sword.

+5 Attack
+3 Speed

Special: Pre-empetive strike.

A wooden bow that allows you to strike first in a fight.

+2 Attack
+5 Intelligence
-2 Speed
+1 Defense

(Note: Staves are flying through the air quickly and have a small chance of parrying attacks, so they add very tiny amounts of defense.)
A large Wooden stick, increases Magic damage.

This sums up my really long drawn out tutorial, I hope you like it =) And i hope you've learned something from it! If you have any Questions/Comments, feel free to ask!