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Article - 'Gaming World Radio Article' by Congo_Jack

An item about Miscellanious posted on Aug 25, 2004


How to listen to it or host your own shows on the GWRadio


GWR. I don’t think a lot of you know what that stands for. GWR is Gaming World Radio, brainchild of Kermit_The_Toad, which is currently in its third generation and under new management. This radio stream has delivered many different genres of music and information to GW’ers for almost 3 months since its last start, and now that it is back online, it needs your help as music listeners and lovers.

GWRadio started back in 2003, as an experiment by KTT. He wanted to bring his love of music to GW’ers and off site listeners alike. To do this, he turned to Nullsofts™ Shoutcast DJing software – an easy to use, effective broadcast agent using the Winamp media player as its base. Once you start the Shoutcast program and connect to a server, whatever you play in Winamp becomes your broadcast.

Now, where do you step in? That’s easy. We need DJ’s and Listeners. The last of which is easy to do, just go to , or click the link in the “GWRadio” box on the Gaming World mainsite, which will appear if the radio is on-air. You can also do the same thing at the GWRadio homepage –

Yes, I know I said that I said that we need DJ’s as well. That’s more of a job than tuning in though – You need to be dependable, have a large selection of music available so your Playlist won’t get old or boring, and of course, a computer with a Broadband connection. Although we would like to have people using 56k dial up to DJ for us, it just isn’t possible due to the slow connection.

So, you want to be a DJ. How do you do it? Contact Hempknight, Bujiro, or Jeff through forum PM, (Please do not make application topics in our forums) stating the following:

-Name of show

-What time it will be on (In EST) [Note: To see what timeslots are already filled, go to ]


-How many times a week you can Host

-And of course, include why you think you would be a good addition to GWR.

If it seems like you have something to add to the lineup, Jeff or Bujiro will accept your application. Then, once you’ve received the server information and password it’s as easy as getting the software and running it. Links to the software can be found at

Once you do all that, the worst is over. Hosting a show can be a breeze. Take it from me, a former host, that all you have to do is sit back and play music. If you have a microphone, you can add your own commentary in between songs, or even pre-record your show.

Some tips for DJing would mostly be common sense. Don’t overplay a song, keep your Playlist fresh, and always be on air when you are scheduled. Simple, huh? Well, some other things might be to find out information on the songs you are playing, and give a small history before each song. Maybe you could tell a short story, or have a rotating show theme. All of those are suggestions that other DJ’s have tried, and who knows? Maybe you’ll come up with your own formula for success.

So, that about wraps up this article. If you don’t want to be a DJ, but like music, tune in – We have shows with genres ranging from Techno to Oldies. If you want to help out a little more, help spread the GWR word. If you want to help out AND have some fun, sign up to be a DJ. All are good choices, and all help GWR out, no matter how miniscule your part seems. One listener can make or break a DJ’s spirit, and determine if he wants to keep going. And remember, you have total control over your show, so you really can just sit back and have fun while entertaining other people.