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Article - 'Longass Guide to Fitting in GW' by IceSage

An item about Miscellanious posted on Sep 9, 2004


IceSage's longass guide to fitting into GW. Are you new? Check this out.


Greetings people of Gaming World! If you've been around in the community for awhile and you think you're pretty much well accepted into Gaming World... this article is NOT FOR YOU! SO SHOO! Go away!
If you're someone who's been around the community for awhile and has been trying to fit in... but still hasn't... perhaps you should read this! And of course... if you're a newcomer, or you haven't even signed up yet and this is the first thing on GW you've read... you should definatly read this!

So, this is an article on how to intergrate yourself into the Gaming World Community! It's really not that hard if you think about it... but believe it or not, there are idiots out there who just don't get it! So... moving on, let me guide you step by step on how to get started...

1. Registering on the Forums

Ah yes! The GW forums! Full of life and... erm.. posts. Yeah! The Forums! Great, so you've seen them and you want to register? Good for you! Here's how you do such a thing! Go to the forums, click register... fill in the form, with a REAL email address... one you know will accept most mail. Click the submit button and check your email box! OH NO! What's this? You've been banned? Already? Ha ha, if you get this message, don't worry... there seems to be a bug on the forums... just check your email for the validation letter, it should come! If it doesn't arrive within at least 30 minutes, you screwed up and you failed at life! Erm.. I mean, something got screwed up... so... try again! If it still doesn't work after that, try to contact an Administrator by emailing them. When doing this, be POLITE, clear, and consise! This... bring me on to step 2...

2. Participating on the Forums!

A. Welcoming yourself.

So... you managed to register on the forums! How about that! First thing you should do is ditch the DBZ avatar and sig! No! Bad! I mean, of course, you can if you want to... but really, it doesn't give you a good impression. (And people will probably think you're a joke account.) So... you want to make a welcome post? Let everyone know you're here, right? WRONG! Don't make a welcome post! Especially not in the serious forums! The serious forums are all the forums except the Crap Shack... and even there, we don't want to see tons of useless welcome posts... so either way... DON'T DO IT! There used to be a "Welcome and Farewells" forum awhile back... but it was rather pointless and was removed. So... if you want to be a part of the community, just start posting in topics that catch your eye! It's best to post in topics where you can get a chance to "share yourself" with the community, since people don't know you well. (Hey, that sounded kinda sexual.. ) Erm... anyway... go ahead and be yourself... but not if you're doing something stupid or you're breaking the rules... which leads on to the next part...

B. Read the rules bitch!

Yeah... you're just about to post... I just told you to post... but wait! Do you know the rules? You don't? I suggest you read them. They're the forum rules, and there's a link to them at the top of the GW Forums... it's an FDoc. There's also a sticky topic in general which you can read as well... Okay? Read the rules? Cool.. time to post.....

C. Type Correctly!!!!111lololozzlzolzolzzlz :p

STOP! Wait... how good is your typing skills? Before you start typing random non-sense people will probably be confused and pissed off about... you might want to think for a minute and ponder how well you can form sentences, spell words, etc... If you can do a fairly good job at that, and not use cheap "AOL Speech" where most "evrythng is abb g2g nv 4 lif sk8ter!!!!!111omglol"
NO! Don't do that! Type normally! You see how I'm typing? This is normal! You don't have to be perfect, just make some damn sense! Also, learn the words: your, you're; there their they're ; and how to use them correctly.

D. Tolerate People

Sure, there are people who are bound to flame you! Sure, there are people who might think of you as a n00b or something! But hey! You are! Who cares? As long as you don't act like a n00b, and you don't respond with something stupid to their comments... you'll be alright!
Don't start fights with someone, and especially don't start fights with someone if you think you're just joking either! If you've just only got here and you start joking around with people you don't even know, they probably will just get pissed off. You have to at least understand everyone's personalities and sense of humor... a good place for that is...

E. The Crap Shack

Yes, there's this forum down at the bottom called the "Crap Shack." You'll probably notice it's filled with non-sense posts, or totally random posts about various things that will boggle your puny little mind... erm.. I mean.. whatever. Anyways... it's there, take a lesson from some of the people who post there and get good results! In fact, read the sticky topics, I'm sure KermitTHEtoad and Konix have posted a couple of classy examples on how to behave there!

F. Awesome Topics Forum / Pile of Feces Forum

The awesome topics forum is filled with AWESOME topics that mods or admins... mostly Bart.. moved there... because they're awesome! Take a look at 'em and learn! Also, take a look in the "Pile of Feces" forum to learn how NOT to behave!

So... that's just about all I can teach you about the forums... just be yourself, don't be lame, don't flood, don't spam, don't ask stupid questions, and don't try to fit in too fast either... it won't work. But.. if you are trying to make yourself a little bit more well known to the main GW members.. perhaps you should check out the...

2. Gaming World IRC Chat!

Yes! That's right! Gaming World has a chatroom! Wait, not just a chatroom, but it has a whole CHAT SERVER! The chat is the perfect place to make yourself stand out just a bit more in the community! However... it's also a place where you might be picked on a bit if you're not careful!

A. Connecting, choosing a nick, finding a channel...

Well, if you want to go to the IRC chat, then you'll need an IRC client! One of the most used is mIRC... which you can get at ! I'm not going to go over every little detail about how to connect with you, but it's wise to read the IRC Masterpost located in the GENERAL FORUM on the forums!

So, basically if you just type in for a server, you'll be randomly connected to one of the servers. That's good enough... there's not many to choose from now-a-days and it really DOESN'T matter which one you use... you're not cool for picking one over the other... I mean... there's either the server nicknamed after two servers disconnecting accidently... or there's the pope server!
Gwa ha ha! Confused yet? No? You should have been confused when you started reading this article! What's wrong with you!?

Aherm, anyway now... to continue...

To HIP place to be is... #gamemaker. Okay, maybe not... maybe so... but it's the main channel basically for GW.

B. Fitting In

So, you join the channel... you see a whole bunch of people you don't know... and many you might recognize from the forums as well! And... OMG WTF AWESOMENESS! You see the forum admins in the channel and BART! The owner of GW! OMG WOW! ...
Calm the fuck down! It's no big deal! They're not Gods... and even though they probably want to be treated like Gods in real-life.. that doesn't mean they want you sucking up to them every fucking 5 minutes with, "OMG you're Bart?" Nobody cares. Yeah, so what? If you get that excited about meeting an owner of a website, you should just leave now.. you're too obsessive an need a fucking life.

Anyways... getting pass that... You're in the channel! Good! Why not greet yourself? Say hello! Introduce who you are! In the chat, you get more of an opportunity to make yourself noticed then on the forums. (Since welcome posts aren't allowed.)
If there's a topic of conversation, just go with it! If someone asks who you are, just tell 'em who you are, that you're new! Nobody cares either way... but still, if they ask, answer.

But.. OH NOES!

C. Avoiding Fights

Some idiots in the channel who have been here since like... forever... might pick a fight with you if you act like an idiot. So don't act like an idiot, it's not that hard. Like I said, don't try to push yourself into the community so fast making people think you're just "one of the folks." I mean, sure you are... but... argh... you know what I mean. Anyway... if someone makes fun of you during a conversation... instead of getting all pissed off and flaming them back... respond with something CLASSY! Something amusing... or just ignore it... but never, EVER, try to piss them off or fall victim of what they're trying to do to you! If someone in the chat makes fun of you and you're easily offended and you're all like, "Screw you guys! fuck you this place sucks im gonna kill myself" then you've screwed up already. Bye! Thanks for playing! Never come again! Nobody likes a whiney shithead with low self-esteem. It's a chat! Deal with it! If someone is trying to piss you off, then try to outsmart them! Don't get offended! Hell, some people might even be JOKING with you, and if you get easily offended, you've been jabbed in the heart with a spork of doom!!! Erm.. yeah, or something. Even if someone does try to make you angry, and you don't like it... fine, tough, deal with it. That's just 1 person out of many... hell, the person trying to piss you off probably even tries to piss off Bart, or the ops and halfops... or ANYBODY! That's just how they are... don't let 'em get to you!

D. If you're in the wrong, admit it.

Okay, if someone says something and is trying to be serious and tells you to stop or makes fun of you... don't get all pissed off and take offense... there's a reason why they're telling you this... BECAUSE YOU SUCK AND THEY WANT YOU TO STOP AND GROW UP! If you're leaving stupid comments during a topic of conversation, or just plain ol' being an idiot, and someone tells you what you're doing wrong and makes fun of you because of it... they're not being mean because they're bored, (well, they could be, but still) they're being mean because you're pissing them off with something stupid! So stop it! Also, if you make a spelling error, grammar mistake, or your information in a conversation is incorrect and someone prooves you wrong... admit your fault. It doesn't take a fucking rocket scientist to recognize this... saying you're right or trying to make excuses is just n00bish and makes you look like an even bigger dumbass!

E. Don't share your suicide problems with people

NEVER, EVER, come into the channel trying to play the guilt trip with us... it won't work. Coming into the channel saying "Guys, im gonna kill myself, my life sucks" will just piss people off... and in fact, most people will tell you to go ahead and do it! These are people on the internet for fucks sake! Why the hell are you going to trust your fragile soul to them? Especially if you just joined the place? Of course, it is okay to share some personal stuff if you feel like it's okay... some people respond nicely and will probably help you out.. others won't probably give a fuck... but you need to learn that you can start acting like an idiot in the channel and being an attention whore.. and if you're going to be one, don't do it like that!

F. Don't ask for special abilities.

Even if you've been here for like, a year and you've finally fit in... don't go around asking for halfops, ops, or anything else. If someone wants to give you ops, they'll do it... If someone wants to give you halfops, they will... but don't ask for them, it's annoying as hell. Also, don't complain if you did get something special for a long awhile, and you get it taken away... then if you complain being negative and shit you're just being a stupid attention whore again, but not in a good way! If you get banned or something is taken away from you... just start trying to re-join tons of times, switching or name, or trying to piss off ops... that makes it worse. If you got banned, you had to have done something wrong. If you're really unsure, nicely PM an op or halfop, and ask them why you were banned. Asking the person who banned you directly is a good idea as well... and whatever reason they give you... fucking accept it... they're not going to change their minds.
So, if you get something taken away from you, don't complain about it... just deal with it. STORYTIME! I used to be halfop in #gamemaker for at least 8 months... then one day they were taken away from me. What did I do? Nothing, I just accepted the fact that they were taken away, and just talked among the people of the chat as usual... of course, the reason for them being taken away was that I wasn't on as much as I used to be... I didn't get upset, I just accepted it... because I really wasn't on enough... I'm not going to argue with someone for 20 minutes about it... who cares? The same should go with you as well, it doesn't matter, just accept what happens.

G. Avoid being the center of an IRC practical joke.

Back in the day, me as well as other of the community liked to play jokes on newcomers to IRC! One of the most famous of them is the #2,000 prank. Of course, I'm warning you of this in this article now, instead of waiting for you to experiance the gag firsthand.. because I think #2,000 is getting old... Okay, maybe not... #2,000 never gets old... but let's put it this way, if you're stupid enough to fall for #2,000 after 2 times of parting all the channels... maybe you're not cut out for staying around GW dumbass!

3. Giving Bart money!

Okay? Want to make nice with good ol' Bart fast? Send him money... and tons of it! Sure, maybe he won't be your best friend.. and perhaps he hates you to death... even after you send him in money! But if you want to make him happy, it's a good start! Plus, you get tons of features that come with being a GW Supporter!

Well, that concludes my longass artcile about fitting in to GW! Most of that article might have just been useful! Or perhaps the whole article was absolute SHIT and will make things WORSE for you while trying to fit in! Or, maybe you don't give a shit anyway, decide to ignore the whole thing, and be a dumbass while roaming the forums posting "my avatar doesn't work someone tell me how to get it to work" about 5 times in Site Feedback!
It doesn't take a lot of brains to fit in to the Gaming World community... and if you SERIOUSLY needed this article to help you fit in, then you're welcome..... idiot.