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Article - 'MTCIII - Episode 1' by Mateui

An item about Miscellanious posted on Sep 20, 2004


Entitled: Ten Unlikely Strangers...
10 Players start out in a game of deception, lying, and betrayal. One of the them is an elusive Evil Puppet Master, set to sabotage all tasks. One player is evicted from the game..


Making the Cut III: Episode 1
By: Mateui
Episode 1: Ten Unlikely Strangers...
10 People.. one EPM..

Remaining Players:
Illness Illusion
Mr. Y

Blue Text: A Player confessional/private thoughts from Journal.
Courier Font: Assignment/Task info given to the players.

Voice Over: Ten unlikely strangers.. living in a secluded hotel. They will be participating in challenges to raise the game’s pot – Post points. The winner of the game will receive this amount, and it will be added to their GW account. They will also be awarded GW Supporter Status.

However, it’s not as simple as that. One of the ten is secretly a saboteur, a double agent, working with the Host to lower the pot by misleading others and sabotaging the challenges. They are the elusive Evil Puppet Master. (EPM for short).

At the end of each round, the players will take a quiz on the identity of the EPM. The player with the lowest score will be executed, being eliminated from the game. In the end, only 3 will remain, the Loser, the Winner, and of course, the Evil Puppet Master.

You as the reader can also play along, by trying to discern who may be sabotaging the challenges, and deceiving others. Perhaps you can figure out the true identity of the EPM before anyone else.

Let us begin..

*The scene fades, and appears once again – with the Host, Mateui, standing alone in a Hotel, beside a check-in counter*

Mateui: The players have not yet arrived and met each other. In fact, our first challenge will revolve on this.

Challenge 1: Riddles Before Reunions

Every player has been sent a message that they have been accepted into the game, and that they must venture into the Hotel, and Check in.

However, there is a problem. On their way to the Hotel, they will encounter two obstacles – Gates closed by a password mechanism. To open each gate, they must input the correct password, which will be an answer to a riddle.

For each player that successfully checks into the Hotel before the time is up, 5 Points will be added to the pot.

The first gate’s riddle is this:
“What runs around the yard without moving?”

And the second riddle is this:
“You hear it speak, for it has a hard tongue. But it cannot breathe, for it has not a lung. What is it?”

*After some time, a couple of people checked into the hotel.*

Finality: I check into the hotel, bitches.

Chikochamp: woo! *checks in*

Moriason: *Checked in*

Logan: I'm checking in (checkin' checkin' in).

Hooray, solved the (difficult) riddle.

WuJing: I’m checking in.

UPRC: Jesus, I suck at riddles...

*Time passed by, and eventually, the time limit was up.*

Mateui: 6/10 Players Checked into the Hotel. This makes the Current Pot: 30 Points. The other 4 players that have no made it here yet will be escorted in.

*Time passed by, and TheCreeper, OwlStorm, Mr. Y, and Illness Illusion came into the Hotel – each with their own excuse as to why they did not make it in time.*

Mr. Y: I'm in. You should have sent us a PM a day in advance. Just how many hours did you give us? I was away at work the entire day.

Illness Illusion: I'm checkin' in.

Yeah, I couldn't get in yesterday (long story, I wont bore you guys with details). Anyways, I'm here now.

*And so, the Players went upstairs into the Hotel, and divided up into rooms. After getting settled down, many began having discussions and getting to know one another.*

Journals and Early Suspicions

To aid them in their quest, all players received a Journal to write down any suspicions about other players, and any info they find to be important. Every journal is private, and is seen only with the eyes of its owner.

(Any text in Blue is an excerpt from a Journal)

Logan: Hey hey.. journal..

Today I received the Congrats PM from Mateui at GW. I was pleased to get it, as I've never participated in an MTC game before, and wanted the opportunity to. I had always missed the sign-ups.

Anyway, Moriason set up an #MTC channel on IRC, told me to join... So we chatted there for a while after solving the riddle (which was fairly hard and required some thinking.) We didn't talk too much about the identity of the EPM - only that it wasn't Mori or I -. I believe him, as he's been my friend for years, and I trust 'im.

We formed sort of an alliance, but I don't know for how long. I hope for it to stay strong for a while, but who knows.

As for the identity of the EPM - I got no idea, and at this point, I don't care. 4 people did not manage to either solve the riddle or arrive in time, so I haven't had a good opportunity to guess. The four of us in the MTC channel on IRC (WuJing, Chiko, Mori and myself) familiarized ourselves, talking, etc, getting to know each other. They seem like good guys.

Well, that's all for now. I'll probably edit this in a few hours. Cheerio, 'til then.

~Loggie B

Moriason: The game's just started, and already there are problems. 4 people haven't shown up. FOUR, for Christ's sakes. And one of the competitors (Logan) can't get his journal to work. We aren't off to a good start, if you read this Mateui I suggest you keep that in mind.

And already I have suspicions to who the EMP is. Ok, well that Chikochamp dude came to #MTC today, the channel I advertised for this game. He seems like a nice fellow, not too bright but hey. Anyways, he starts talking about questions like "How does the EMP win?" and he keeps asking about things that don't really matter yet. I dunno, maybe he's just nervous but I don't like it. It seems too early for me for him to try and throw us off his tracks, so regardless, gotta keep the guard up.

Anyways, that's all for now. If anything else happens I'll give a shout.

Seacrest out, GW!

Finality: I only know 1 other play who's in the game right now. But, all I know is that the order of people who checked into the hotel will appear on the quiz. So, I'll keep a record of that.

Order of People Checking In:
Mr. Y

30/50 points added to the pot.

For some reason, I think this is going to be helpful.

Oh, and by the way... Chikochamp's the mole. :)

.....i think.

TheCreeper: Ack, I missed the first challenge. Shit! Well, it wasn't my fault. My stepfather's sister invited us over, and I couldn't say no to the invite. Oh well, perhaps I will have to try and make up for it later.

I've noticed that three people have yet to join, and I'm puzzled by this. I mean, I could understand if they were busy, but they should be back by now. Oh well, all I know is that Moriason is in it, so I should keep my eye on him.

Jeff out.

Announcement of Departure

UPRC: Well... I'm going to be gone for another week starting on Monday, so I'll miss another update.

Chikochamp: Aww, too bad, UPRC. Have fun on your vacation.

Logan: That sucks... Well, who is he being replaced with, Mateui?

Mateui: This is my idea now. UPRC is still here today, so he can do the challenge. Tomorrow, there will be NO quiz, except that UPRC will be executed. Everyone else gets a free pass to the next round.

This way, I don't have to replace him - and everyone else who is actually playing can get an extra round without the fear of being eliminated.

Moriason: Hooray! Free pass!

Chikochamp: Wellll.....yeah, that sounds pretty cool. Besides, it will be great if everyone has a little extra time to mingle and get to know one another before we're put to the test about the EPM.

Illness Illusion: Perfect ^^

Challenge 2: Scrambler
(Total Possible: 50 points)

Every player is given one letter through PM, which, when all letters are combined and arranged correctly, will spell out a message. If the message is correctly unscrambled, 50 points are awarded.

Secret Message: EPM is here!

However, every person will also be given a message stating that if they give a wrong letter instead of the one they received, they will get one exemption.

Exemption Letter: You have been randomly selected for an opportunity to win one exemption for yourself. However, this comes at a cost. In order to be eligible to receive it, you must not post the letter you have received earlier, but instead, post any other letter of the alphabet. This will mislead the other players, but in return, you will get an exemption for being the only one to mess up the challenge.

Do not reply to this PM, or tell anybody else about it. Keep it a secret to yourself. You may or may not choose to take the exemption, this is your choice. I will look at what letter you post in the Challenge topic, and that will tell me your decision.

Think hard, as an exemption will allow you to go safely into the next round.

This is what letter/character everyone received:

Chikochamp E
Finality P
Logan S
Moriason I
Mr. Y M
Owlstorm H
TheCreeper R
Illness Illusion E
WuJing !

Illness Illusion: This should be interesting... I'm usually horrible at figuring out things like this, though >.<

Anyway, my letter is: S

Moriason: My letter is: K

TheCreeper: My letter is : R

Finality: I received a chance for exemption, which I'm guessing everybody did. Because TheCreeper posted the letter "P"... which was my letter. But he quickly changed it to "R", which I'm hoping is the correct letter.

I was tempted to give the false letter, but seeing as UPRC is going to drop out the game, it would be stupid to ruin the pot when someone else is forced to leave. We'll see if someone is stupid enough to go for the exemption knowing UPRC is leaving.

Finality: My letter is: P

Chikochamp: My letter is: O

Logan: A. I can't figure out the message =(

Chikochamp: I had a bit of a dilemma with this challenge. I had the option of giving a fake letter, essentially wrecking the challenge, to give myself an exemption in the next round. This would be cool, so I decided to go for it. I still know very little about these people. I feel a little guilty about it, watching everyone try to solve it in the chat. I also think I made a bad move in picking my fake letter. I picked an O, where I should have picked a letter that someone else has. Because, if the word is revealed later, without any O, I'm busted. Having said that, this would mis-lead them all into thinking I'm the EPM, which goes right along with my strategy. So, I'm not so much screwed. But still, it would be nice to solve it and win the 50 points.


TheCreeper: Hmm...

Mr. Y: M


WuJing: So, I've been given an opportunity for immunity - and I took it. I dont want to be out in the first round. Sounds kinda cheap - but you gotta take what you get and be happy you got it. No going back now. The problem I see is that the score is going to go down. Hopefully someone will see past the deception. They are already trying to guess who's letter is false

Gah, I still feel bad. I wanted to just blurt out mine was fake a couple of times... but I gotta keep it strong if I want to keep going.

WuJing: My letter is F

*Some time elapsed, and all letters were collected except OwlStorm’s..*

TheCreeper:Owl needs to be here earlier.

OwlStorm: I'm here! I'm here!! I'm missing my class but I'm here.

My letter was L.

Edit: I have to go now. I'll be back in about 5 or 6 hours when I get home. You may have all gone to bed by then though :/

Finality: There's been a lot of talk in the IRC chat that Finality may be the EPM. He edited a post in the Challenge Topic to change his letter and didn't mark it as edited. Aside from my original suspicions of OwlStorm, which have since been shot down following the revelation that she is actually from Australia. I don't know how she showed up all those times in MTC2, but it definitely makes her "I was sleeping" excuse more plausible.

WuJing: I suspect finality a bit now of being the EPM. Maybe chiko was just being dumb yesterday. Today he CHANGED HIS LETTER in the challenge. I was the one who had the shot at immunity, not him. That means he changed it for some strange reason. Theres three possible reasons

1) He made a mistake
2) He's trying to screw everyone else over
3) he is the EPM.

*The players tried to unscramble the message, but the were unsuccessful.*


Did anyone happen to get this:

Exemption Letter: You have been randomly selected for an opportunity to win one exemption for yourself. However, this comes at a cost. In order to be eligible to receive it, you must not post the letter you have received earlier, but instead, post any other letter of the alphabet. This will mislead the other players, but in return, you will get an exemption for being the only one to mess up the challenge.

Do not reply to this PM, or tell anybody else about it. Keep it a secret to yourself. You may or may not choose to take the exemption, this is your choice. I will look at what letter you post in the Challenge topic, and that will tell me your decision.

Think hard, as an exemption will allow you to go safely into the next round.

Let me tell you something - you ALL received it.

An exemption was offered, but it was basically pointless, as UPRC is being eliminated anyway, and:

“you will get an exemption for being the only one to mess up the challenge.”


Finality: Yeah, that's exactly what I wrote in my journal yesterday. (That everybody got the exemption and I wanted to see who would be dumb enough to ruin the pot even UPRC is leaving).

*The players were angered as most of them lied..*

WuJing: Well, it turns out Mateui is PURE EVIL. He sent EVERYONE the option for immunity. EVERYONE. So only 2 people told the truth, and the rest lied. There was NO WAY we could get it. DARN YOU MATEUI!!!! Oh well, now we know that we would each lie to get ahead. Its alot more cuthroat than I thought.

So me and mori forged an alliance. I know I wanted to. We both did a screenshot of our invites to the game and sent them to each other PROVING neither of us was EPM. Our goal is to get each other to the end of the game. Hopefully he wont double cross, because I dont plan on it.

Great, this game is going to be harder than I thought.

TheCreeper: Alright, this challenge was a bit interesting. We received a letter, and we were not allowed to reveal exactly what it was in the game room, otherwise we wouldn't recieve redemption. However, due to UPRC being eliminated from the game, I figured that we would all have a free pass.

Hopefully, everyone has noticed this and will use their correct letter.

I used the letter, which was R.

Everyone else's "letters" were (updated as of the end of the challenge):


We got fucked over.


Those bastards.

The Evil Puppet Master: Hi guys! I am the person who is trying to thwart you in every challenge, the person you need to figure out from the nine of you... I'm the Puppet Master! And I have got some good and bad news. The good news is that not everyone chose to lie in Challenge 2 (In fact, I think TheCreeper changed his mind halfway through). The bad news is that I'm now going to tell you who exactly lied.

If you did not learn already, the solution to Challenge 2 was "EPM IS HERE!". As you should know, everyone was offered an exemption if they were the only one to mess up the challenge. I say this to every person who turned on their friends- you were too stupid to read the fine print! And besides, the elimination wasn't going to happen anyways, since UPRC was leaving. An exemption would have been pointless. I do not understand why some of you were so oblivious to these obvious facts.

Illness Illusion said S and had an E; Moriason said K and had an I; Chikochamp said O and had an E; Logan said A and had an S; WuJing said F and had a !; OwlStorm said L and had a H...

Six of your own number have turned on you and lied, which may or may not have included me. In a game supposed to have only one sabotaging backstabber, you have all taken my job and screwed each other over. It's actually kind of funny. I hope you have taken a very important lesson from Challenge 2- posts for the Pot aren't the only things put to risk when you take gambles in this game. With such little trust existing amongst you, I cannot imagine you will even take many posts for the Pot at all, especially while I am busily undoing your efforts. I would wish you luck, but it certainly wouldn't suffice. Ha ha ha!

Moriason: Thanks for telling us things we already knew, moron.

TheCreeper: lmfao

Logan: Ha ha, I don't like this EPM post. It takes away the purpose of lying. I was doing so well. This adds an unfair wrinkle. You claim that lying is the purpose of the game, but there is no purpose in lying when the truth comes out ten minutes later.

TheCreeper: He's trying to turn us against each other.

Mr. Y: The Puppet Master is so lame :lol:

Logan: Ha ha, no kidding =P

OwlStorm: Ooh, you're soooo scary..

I felt bad I lied, but now I don't because man, this game is about lying anyway.

TheCreeper: This game is going to be very tricky. I thought I could trust some of the people, such as Mori, but it turns out he was one of the liars. I don't know who to trust, and I dunno what to believe.

For me, in the first few weeks, I want to do what is best for the team. However, after the first three weeks or so, I'm going to lie my way to the victor's spot. I don't care who is hurt and who isn't. I care about numero uno.

This game has already thrown many curveballs at us. I mean, everyone in the mIRC was paranoid it was Finality, but it was revealed that it wasn't. Then, I find out that Logan lied to me. I'm so confused. I thought Logan was dependable...obviously not. I feel betrayed. I dunno what to do now.

Moriason: Anyways, alliances. I've decided first and foremost to align myself with Logan, because Logan and I are best friends in real life. With that kept in mind, we have an enormous advantage over the rest. I trust he is not the EMP, and even so, I'll just read his PMs next time I'm at his place. I'll probably align myself with MrY too, him and I great pals and I trust him a great deal. But hey, it'd be smart to make the niceest guy the EMP wouldn't it? Maybe Mat did.

Logan: I feel terrible about what happened this evening, and for all that lying =(. I lost someone's trust, and that's no good. So, I've decided that from now on, I'm not going to lie anymore. This game is about decepton, but maybe the truth can be used as deception too... Hard to say. We'll see, I guess. I'd just rather lose than go through that again. I lost a lot of sleep over this, and hopefully I'll be able to rest tonight after posting this. Anyway, yeah, sorry...

*The day was ending, and UPRC left the hotel. The other players all waved for him, openly sad at his departure, but joyful at their chance to stay for another 3 days. The EPM was smiling, for soon he would have his first real victim..*

- Mateui