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Article - 'Machine Scolding' by Stevester

An item about Miscellanious posted on Aug 8, 2003


Now that my article is being added at long last, I might as well tell you a little more about it… This is my first article about ignorant fools! This has nothing to do with gaming, but I just needed to write my Ideas down. ************************************************* That was Stevesters thoughts. Basically, he hates machines. I'm suprised he didnt attack the dreadful "WEDGE!" or "PULLEY OF DOOM!" or dare crossing the "WHEEL OF DOOM!", but I guess he left the simple machines to me. Enjoy his article, it may be crude but hey, its his first time, give him some respect.


My inspiration for this article was from R. A. Salvator’s The Icewind dale trilogy. Not one part is directly from the book.

Time to scold you for using machines!

People truly believe that that creating nuclear weapons and heavy artillery will help them. This, I believe, is why there are so many murders today. When you learn to use a weapon, let’s say for now a sword, even though today hardly anyone uses them. This is because of guns and other weapons that make killing literally as easy as a flick of a finger.
When you learn to use a weapon of skill, during that time your training, you learn not only how to use a weapon, but also the right times to use a weapon. Anyone can pick up a gun and shoot some ones life out, and I think that is wrong. Some people think that weapon technology helps us, but it actually works against us.

Sure, shooting someone or bombing someone grants them a short, painless death. But when it’s out of reason, like is usually the case with murders, is when guns are wrong and do the world bad. In war, killing thousands of people with the push of a button is wrong. That is without reason, and this is what I’m trying to get out of this article.

What I wonder is how people think that weapon technology will help us. Will they keep on designing weapons until they themselves are destroyed with one of their own weapons? I believe that they think that everything can be fixed with machines. They think that there will be no more problems when they figure out how to replace the last thing that separates us from mindless machines.

They will never stop. They, themselves, are dooming the world. They won’t stop until they figure out how to change oneself into a heartless killing machine. They won’t stop until the approximate age of living will become around 15.
I’m not against technology,(If I was, I wouldn’t use computers, and that would suck!) but weapon technology is useless to mankind. Especially auto guns, but I’m trying to keep this short, so I’ll just skip over that.
Well, that’s a gloomy subject, but I had to get it out. I’m not completely against guns, however. I think it’s fine to use guns for hunting, for survival. I also know that It does take some skill to use a gun, but in this article I’m talking about picking up a handgun and just shooting away.

I hope I made a point to you! Well, goodbye, for now.