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Article - 'Creating a Style I' by Craze

An item about Game Design posted on Oct 14, 2004


Craze begins a new series, this one covering different styles in


Creating a style
By Craze

Craze is back, and with another article series! Let's hope this one follows through.

Creating a Style I is about Items, Weapons and other stuff like that. Later parts will go over mapping, NPCs, cults, etc....


Items are a subtle part of a game. Potions, elixirs, and apples are just overlooked. Lately, I have seen many people looking for new item names- Red Bull, Adrenaline Rush, etc. But they stay the same; Healing Items.

Healing Items are just what they sound like; they give you HP, Mana, and heal status effects like Poison and Sleep. They are the basic items that almost all RPGs have. They also reflect the mood and feel of the game; such as a +50 HP item could be Potion in a Final Fantasy game, Bug Juice in a silly game, or Tonic of Health in a serious game. Mana items are the same way- they might be Elixirs, Mana Waters, Refocus Stones, whatever.

A basic list of Healing Item ideas:

Health Recover Items

-Double Potion
--Full Potion
---Mega Potion
----MegaSuperGreat Potion
-Blue Herb
---Blue Leaf
-Red Fizz
---Purple Froth
----Jumbo Soda
Bug Juice
-Fly Wings
--Orange Powder
---Squashed Maggots
----Bug Juice Ultra
-Witch Brew
--Clerical Brew
---Necromancer Brew
----Godly Brew

Mana Recover Items

-Double Elixir
--Full Elixir
---Mega Elixir
----MegaSuperGreat Elixir
--Carrot Shavings
---Potato Eyes
----Magic Apple
----Thunderous Vial
Mana Water
-Blessed Water
--Magic Water
---Mana Sap
----Blessed Sap

Status Effects:

To rid of:

Jacob's Tonic
Echo Screen
Shield Tablet
Recover Pill

To add good ones:

Sarah's Draught
Magic Brew
Tree Bark
Magic Stone

The list goes on and on and on....


This section is NOT about a list of different weapons. See Angroth's articles for that. This is how to use weapons in your game...just read, dammit.
A. Fitting a weapon into a character's mold

Not all characters can have all weapons. It is as simple as that. A warrior won't have a Dragon Wand of +2 Fireburst, and a mage wouldn't have The Great Big Sword of DOOOOOOM! Of course, exceptions can be made...but read below for a simple, basic list of different character molds (by Class Type and Attributes).

Fighter Mold

Healer Mold

Mage Mold

Archer Mold
-Throwing Dagger

Rouge/Thief Mold
-Sword (not all)
-Throwing Daggers

Strong Characters

Fast Characters
-All Ranged

Magical Characters

B. Making Weapons Unique

This section is about ways to use weapons as a fun tool, not just a way to better bash stuff.

---Expendable Items
Stuff like arrows are expendable! You know, like in Ara Fell, where you can run out of arrows. Also, stuff like Rocks, Potions, Dolls, etc. can be used as expendable items. This can add a fun minigame or system in your game- carving rocks, mixing deadly potions, making dolls, hunting down rare herbs, etc. . Think about stuff like this...if you can pull it off, your game will be that much funner!

---Random Effects
Weapons that are 'chaotic' , 'lightning' or 'wind' may be fine and dandy versus their own foes, but can be even more exciting if used properly. If someone is chaotic, then they are somewhat random and spastic. If people can be that way, why not weapons? Make it so a chaotic weapon might randomly heal an enemy, a lightning weapon calls a lightning spell, and a wind weapon might blow a bunch of leaves, adding earth damage. Think about it, and have some thought put into stuff like this.

---Outside Combat
Have you played Legacy's game? The one that nobody can spell (Naufrugar, I think...) right? Well, let's explore something: Using weapons outside combat/ You used slings, swords, and other things to cut down bushes and icicles. Maybe you could add it so you can chop down a tree? Or stab fish for healing use? Or maybe even creating foothold to climb up a cliff...the possibilities are endless.