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Article - 'MTCIII - Episode 4' by Mateui

An item about Miscellanious posted on Nov 9, 2004


Entitled: Rival Companies
The remaining 7 players must work together in one challenge, and then against each other competitively for another. A plan is struck to cause someone's demise, but when a twist occurs will it be put in compromise?


Making the Cut III: Episode 4
By: Mateui

Episode 4: Twisty Turns
7 People.. one EPM..

Remaining Players:
Illness Illusion
Mr. Y

Executed Players:

Current Pot:
130 Points

Blue Text: A Player confessional/private thoughts from Journal.
Courier Font: Assignment/Task info given to the players.

Voice Over: Ten unlikely strangers.. living in a secluded hotel. They will be participating in challenges to raise the game’s pot – Post points. The winner of the game will receive this amount, and it will be added to their GW account. They will also be awarded GW Supporter Status.

However, it’s not as simple as that. One of the ten is secretly a saboteur, a double agent, working with the Host to lower the pot by misleading others and sabotaging the challenges. They are the elusive Evil Puppet Master. (EPM for short).

At the end of each round, the players will take a quiz on the identity of the EPM. The player with the lowest score will be executed, being eliminated from the game. In the end, only 3 will remain, the Loser, the Winner, and of course, the Evil Puppet Master.

You as the reader can also play along, by trying to discern who may be sabotaging the challenges, and deceiving others. Perhaps you can figure out the true identity of the EPM before anyone else.

Let us begin..

*The players all awoke and gathered in the Lounge to receive their next assignment.*

Mateui: Alright. There are now seven of you left in the game.

Each of you must choose a number between 1 and 7. If somebody already has chosen a number, you cannot choose that number. Everyone will either have 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7.

*The players all chose a number for themselves.*

Now that that’s done, you will be choosing something else.

Choose another player who "you would like to get to know a lot better." Again, if someone has already been picked, you cannot pick that person. Also, you cannot pick yourself.

*Once again, the players chose.*

That’s it. I’ll now repeat both lists.

1 - OwlStorm
2 - ChikoChamp
3 - Logan
4 - Illness Illusion
5 - TheCreeper
6 - Mr. Y
7 - WuJing

TheCreeper - ChikoChamp
WuJing - TheCreeper
Logan - OwlStorm
Illness Illusion - Mr. Y
Mr. Y - Illness Illusion
OwlStorm - Logan
ChikoChamp - WuJing

Thank you. That is all for the moment. You may all now head back to your rooms.

*Mateui left, and soon after the players went upstairs and into their separate rooms, all left with the mystery of what would soon happen.*

Chikochamp: Well, Moriason's gone...which is good, because it would have been pretty unpleasant to sit through another one of his sermon's after he lost his exemption. The opening to this round's challenges was interesting, where we each had to pick a number and a player we want to know more about. I chose 2 for no reason, and TheCreeper, because...well, because I'm not so sure I trust him as much as I used to. He's just been going around acting like a prick to people, enjoying Mori's execution a little too much for most people's liking, and so on.

Logan: Well, last night, Moriason was executed to the surprise of myself and a few others. We had all waited for ages, and Mat posted the results just after I had left. No one noticed until I returned, though, and we weree surprised - Mori was the one who found them, too.

Creeper convinced Chiko to eliminate Mori's exemption, because Creeper wanted him gone bad. To his luck, Moriason was the one executed. Luckily, myself, Mr Y and Mori had forged an alliance earlier today. No one knows about that, though - Mr Y and I are still allies. Apparently, also, WuJing and I are allied since Mori was killed.

Everyone wants Creeper gone now, and I think that's exactly what's going to happen. But, for now, no more updates until I get some more information on this first Challenge. All I know so far is that Owl has picked me, for whatever reason, and I've picked the number 3.

Mr. Y: Oh, wow. Moriason is gone. That just leaves Logan and me. I hope I'm not in too deep. Fortunately Moriason can still hang around the MTC forums and chat, so maybe he'll be able to help us?

TheCreeper: First, last night, WuJing asked me to side with him. After a few minutes of talking, he claimed that he had three of the other player's applications. Moriason's, Mr.Y's, and Logan's. After some question asking, Moriason's application proved to be true. The same goes for Logan.

Then, he began to claim that Logan was the EPM. Now, I asked Moriason a few things and whether or not the claims that he gave WuJing his application are true. He said that WuJing tried to do the same to him, only using Mr.Y instead of Logan.

WuJing and myself formed an alliance, but I'm looking to backstab him whenever I can. That being said...

*The following is an IRC Log of the conversation between TheCreeper and WuJing.*

I know, without reason for a doubt, who the EPM is. For a fact. However, you've decided to be a liar and a cheater
I can be honest.
So I don’t know if I want to use my knowledge as a bartering chip
I didn't start lying till that last one.
or what
I only did it because I needed exemption.
I needed it.
Well, what would you want in return?
For me to throw the next challenge?
Or what?
I'm not sure
Maybe insurance that YOU wont screw me over next chance you get
You have my word.
I just want this information to be true.
If it's not, I swear.
You are on the chopping board.
How about this then. I can get you their entire information form they filled out
you know.. the stuff thats on the test?
How the hell do you have that?
because I am trixy
how do you think I passed both tests?
I dunno.
How come you think I wasn't even INCLUDED in the drawing for the first one
Maybe because you're the EPM.
I dunno.
This is odd.
because I aced the test
I would like to know how you have that.
I have a couple
and the EPM's
How the fuck?
I'll prove it
Show me mine.
You got mine
I dont have yours
I got mine through talking
Well, how can I trust it?
Well... MrY was born in Kilkenny
his favourite book is "Needful things"
That's just it.
How can I trust this?
I can't compare the evidence with something.
I dunno whether or not you're making things up.
Ask him. Say "MrY, is it true your favourite book is blah blah blah"
I have nothing to hide
Give me something about Mori.
I'll ask him,
Ok, let me find THE FILE. I have files on everyone
He was born in burlington
need more?
He is 16... though thats easy to find out
his favourite dessert is popcorn :D
but Mori and MrY isn't what you need
You need to know who the EPM is, and his info
but I need to know that you wont turn coat on me
Fine, I won't.
However, I dunno if I can trust you true and true, though.
Give me the EPM's and their name.
I'll ask them some questions.
If they say the same thing, then yeah.
We got a deal.
Ha ha
because they'll just tell you
especially if they are EPM
Who is the EPM then?
You have the protection of Chiko and myself.
We won't turn on you.
you can't share this info
otherwise you'll tip your advantage
and mine
PM me it.
One more question.
There's a billion of
What was his favorite actor or actress?
Elizabeth Hurley
I'm trying to find somehting that there's a lot of.
A lot of people like popcorn.
There's over a thousand actors and actresses.
Christopher walkin is mori's favorite actor, according to his information
now do we have a deal?
So, did you PM me the stuff?
Why dont we do it here?
I can just copy and paste
Is that ok?
I'd prefer a PM.
But, alright.
Logan is EPM. I found out THROUGH mori
Mori gave me all the information, because they know each other in real life... and me and Mori were allied

*totally fake info*

You have my word.
alright. This info will get you to the finals, and I know I'm not going anywhere soon. So dont tell anyone, otherwise it'll screw the whole process up. See ya in the finals
I'm a little shocked.
I was hellbent into believing it was you.
ha ha, no.
Dont worry though... I was trying to make people think it was me
Tell me.
How the hell did you get Logan's application?
I told you
How did Mori get it?
They live like... 10 minutes from each other
Holy shit.
This thing is just falling apart.
I don't know who to believe.
This whole time, Logan has been my ally.
He has?
This deal is off.
I've been talking to Mori.
Apparently not very GOOD decisions
Because now I am dead
He had me thinking it was MrY with his 'facts' which turned out not real.
I don't trust you.
Bottom line.
I thought it was MrY
Why do you think I went throught the hardship of getting it?
How'd you get Y's?
Ah, MrY was trying to convince me he wasn't EPM
so in the spirit of trust he sent me his
Remember when I said I was going to vote no on the puzzle challenge unless someone sent me their invite?
Yet you still tried to trick Mori into believing it was Y.
No, more like mori was trying to trick me
Mori was the one who TOLD me logan was EPM
until then, I was convinced it was MrY
so I kept drawing conclusions and Mori, as my ally, got told all of it
Tell him from me personally
Fuck you
I'm so confused.
Well... I'm the only one who will tell you this. Go with your gut
I gain nothing from this except the POSSIBILITY that you won’t turn on me. Logan stands to gain the option to hide his identity... and mori was rather upset when he lost. You saw his leaving post in the execution chamber, right?
I suppose.
Mori claims that you showed him Y's application.
Just like you did to em.
Yeah. Like I said, I thought Y was EPM
and me and mori were allies
How do you know Logan's it?
I told you
Mori told me
I then confronted logan
He denied
It took a while
He made a mistake though
we showed each other our invites
his looked fine
until I looked at the date
Do you have a copy of his invite?
it was dated for 2 days ago when I found out, and not when the invites came out!
I would really like to see that.
No, we talked in AIM
direct IM
How does the date affect anything?
I see.
So, he must've asked Mateui for a fake one.
The only problem is this
he admitted it
How do i know you aren't lying?
Well, I guess you dont.
Then again
how do I know you wont double cross me?
Because, when I give my word.
Not some silly "I won't do anything, I promise kthxbai"
But my “word”, I never break it.
We gave promises not the spend points in challenge 2
If I recall, I kept my promise, and you didn't
It was a promise.
It wasn't my word.
well, then you have my word
I can't trust you.
Fucking a.
Well, I went out on a limb and gave you the information. I've lost my ally. The ONLY ONE I had.
And seeing as how you were out to MESS ME UP the only option is to clear my name and get someone new
So I've given you the information
You screwed over your ally with false info.
I thought it was right info!
How do you know Logan's not it. I mean yeah the whole date thing.
What if he asked Mateui to resend it.
What if you are lying about the date.
I cannot trust you.
I can't trust you. Your "Word" doesn't mean jack. I'm the one going out on a limb here.
How the fuck are you the only one?
If I trust you, I'm going out on a limb.
Rather than go with my gut, I'm going with someone else's info that may or may not be false.
No ones asking you to take any info. I'm just giving you what I know and letting you do what you want with it. I confronted logan with the info, and it turned out he was. Mori, his best friend, gave me that info. His test info made me pass.
So whats it going to be
I'll trust you.
Great. Now I dont have to worry about everyone killing me
Chiko and I are done.
WuJing and Creeper are in.
I don't want to have two partners at once.
Well, ok.
This next challenge, we need to try and make Chiko get eliminated.

*After some waiting, all the players received a message in their e-mail about the challenge.*

The following are the questions and their answers.

1) This country has a population of 126,635,626 (according to (Nigeria)
2) ____ is located in what continent?: (Africa)
3) How many countries are in ___?: (54)
4) ___ is the name of a movie released in what year? (1998)
5) ___ was named the “International Year of the: ___” (Ocean)
6) The percentage of the world’s water that is in _____s: (97%)
7) ____ is the amount of what religion in Iraq?: (Muslim)

*Finally, about an hour after the challenge began, WuJing answered the final question. This answer would either win the team 30 points, or do nothing at all.*

WuJing: The final answer is “Muslim.”

Mateui: CORRECT! 30 points have been added to the pot.


Logan: Hooray! We got it right 100%. I'm surprised the EPM didn't screw it up on purpose.

Chikochamp: The challenge started out with a little difficulty, but once the section with myself and Owl was over, we got our act together and completed the next few sections with ease.

Just now, I decided I'd had enough of TheCreeper, so I decided to jump ship and make an alliance with Illness Illusion. It would have been Logan, but he wasn't on. Anyway, as soon as I get the chance, I intend to backstab TheCreeper as much as you possibly can backstab someone in this game.

*The players were summoned to the Lounge, and they all made their way there. As soon as they arrived they were told to go to the Game Room. Once there, they noticed a number of slot machines, and card tables.*

Mateui: You are all going to be gambling for points. Everyone starts out with 5 points, and they will be able to gamble it to increase the pot. The gambling game will be like blackjack, and the special number will be 77.

At their own discretion, and choice, each player may post up to 3 times, adding up the seconds values of each post, and trying to get as close to 77 as possible.

(Ex: Post1: 02:03:05 PM
Post2: 02:03:45 PM
Post3: 02:04:20 PM

5 + 45 + 20 = 70)

After a player stops, or if they have already posted their third time, in another post, in large bold letters, their total must be posted.

If their total is below 77, (or 77) that player moves onto the second round. If the player’s total is above 77, their money is lost, and they can no longer participate.

In the second round, players may challenge each other, in an attempt to steal more money from the players. To challenge another player, the challenger must state who they are challenging, and then proceed to post up to 3 times, adding up the seconds values of each post, and trying to get as close to 77 as possible, once again. If the challenger gets a higher number that what the other player originally got in the first round, without going above 77, that the challenged player is eliminated, and the challenger receives all of the eliminated player’s points. (If the two people tie, then the Attacker wins).

In the end, when there is only one player remaining, or two or more players decide to call it truce, the game will end. The player(s) with points will be getting an option to trade a number of those points for a certain reward(s) of his choosing. He may choose to do that, or may choose to pass up the opportunity. Points that are not used up in the Point Shop will be doubled, then added to the pot, for a total possible amount of 70 points.

*TheCreeper began first, and ended with a total of 77.*

*Everyone gasped.*

*The challenge continued..*

Current Values:ROUND 1
TheCreeper - 77
ChikoChamp - 66
Mr. Y - 75
Illness Illusion - 71
OwlStorm – n/a

*TheCreeper challenged Illness Illusion, and then defeated him. Though he had made an agreement with Mr. Y not to attack him, he still did, and won.*

Mateui: Alright TheCreeper, you now have the option to buy whatever you want from the following.

Points Shop: (Item / Cost)
Exemption – 25 Points
-1 on any Player’s Quiz – 20 Points
+2 on Quiz – 15 Points
+1 on Quiz – 10 Points

TheCreeper: I’ll take the exemption. Anyhow, if I can..

I would like to give 2 points to Mr. Y on his quiz.

(I <3 you, Y. Don't be angry with me. :D)

Mateui: Alright I will accept that.

25 Points for an Exemption for TheCreeper
15 Points for +2 on Mr. Y's Quiz.

This leaves us with Owl's 5 points - which will be added to the pot. Since she did not even arrive, they will not be doubled.

Mr. Y: Whoah... um... shame on you Creeper... and yet, thank you! You gave me something I couldn't even afford before. Thanks.

TheCreeper: Yeah. I felt bad. :D

*Minutes later..*

OwlStorm: Crud.
At least my 5 points were added?

I guess it will probably be a relief to everyone when I am executed. I wonder when that will be...

Logan: Trust me, there are other *ahem* people that most want gone a lot more than you, Owl =P.

TheCreeper: Like moi. (Too bad I keep winning exemption.)

*The players went back to their rooms to prepare for the night’s quiz. Little did they know that they were not yet done with the round..*

*The players were all summoned into the Meeting Room. There, they all sat down in chairs around a large wooden oak table. Mateui arrived, and he stood at the end of the table.*

Mateui: First, I have a message from the EPM.

“Welcome fellow players. It is I, the elusive Evil Puppet Master. Some of you may think that I am rude, others that I lame, well, the truth is that I am insane.

I like to lie
I like to cheat
I like to steal points
And cause your defeat

You think that you can run from me
But that is not the truth
I like to hide behind identities
Harder for you to sleuth

Enough of my ramblings. I’ll tell you what I’m here for. Yesterday, you all answered a question posed to you. The results of this are about to be made manifest. Everyone wants to get to know someone a lot better.. so that’s what will happen – but not without my having a hand in messing this up.

Oh yes.. you can’t always get what you ask for. Sometimes, you’ll be taken advantage of, just like I’m doing this to you now.

Hee hee..

Let’s start. This is the list:

TheCreeper - ChikoChamp
WuJing - TheCreeper
Logan - OwlStorm
Illness Illusion - Mr. Y
Mr. Y - Illness Illusion
OwlStorm - Logan
ChikoChamp - WuJing

As you may have noticed, this last challenge, Lucky Sevens, was all about numbers. What number is special – other than the obvious 7? Let me ask you – how many people won something from the shop? That’s right 2.

So, I’m going to be shuffling this list around a bit, keeping TheCreeper and Mr. Y safely secured – for they were the winners, and should not be needless disturbed... for the moment. I’m going to move every name 2 spots down on the list.

These are the results:

TheCreeper - OwlStorm
WuJing – TheCreeper
Logan - Illness Illusion
Illness Illusion - Mr. Y
Mr. Y - WuJing
OwlStorm - ChikoChamp
ChikoChamp – Logan

Well, what does this all mean?

I have already stolen everyone’s Journals, and now I will redistribute them. Oh, isn’t this so fun! I love it! The person on the right of the list is who will receive the journal, from the person on the left of them.

Enjoy! Now you get to know a lot about what someone else has been thinking since the beginning of the game.

Goodbye, till we meet again. Oh wait.. we always see each other. ;)

With misplaced love,

- The Evil Puppet Master

*Mateui handed out the journals to the people specified. A few were angry, while others seemed to enjoy this twist.*

WuJing: Mateui... you ARE as evil as they say. I'm willing to bet you made SURE certain people got certain other peoples journals.

Logan: He must have. The more inconvienient for the person, the better chance you'll be matched =P.

OwlStorm: Oh, fuck.

So, the EPM still could be any one of us, and one of the journals is bogus right?

Chikochamp: Um...hello, Logan. Uh, have fun in my journal.

Mr. Y: Oh... well, er, hi Wu :)

I wish me and Creep could've repicked the people we chose, or something.

TheCreeper: Thanks Mr. EPM.

I enjoy reading WuJing's journal.

Mateui: Alright. That’s all for now. Please head back to your rooms, and read to your heart’s content – the new journal you received should aid you in the quiz tonight. Remember though, one of you does have the EPM’s journal.. but obviously, just like his player-persona, it is totally fake.

*The players went back to their rooms..*

Logan: Oh wonderful! Ha ha ha. Well, that killed one of my EPM suspicions =P

Mr. Y: So, let's start off with the Journal swap that had occurred. I got Illness Illusion's, but it's been pretty useless. There wasn't much of use in it. I must admit, it was pretty fun to read.

WuJing: Thanks Mateui, you are a real great guy. I love you so much I could almost smother you in soft punches to the face.

I am almost embarrassed. My journal was FILLED with anti-TheCreeper stuff... and who gets my journal? He does. I have a feeling it was Mateui pulling the strings in order for that to happen. All my plans, IRC convos, secret thoughts... all open for TheCreeper. He's going to be ticked when he finds out what went on... moreover, he's not going to have anyone to turn to.

I hope to use this twist to my advantage. After this, TheCreeper is going to be angry and he's going to be off balance. If we can take him down at any time in this game, its going to be now.

That is, of course, if he's not EPM.

On IRC we had a discussion. Logan, myself, and mori think that there is a HIGH probability TheCreeper is EPM. This is NOT good. Not only that, MrY suspected him of the same. If he is, all our efforts to rid ourselves of that jerk will flush down the tube.

Me and logan traded forum passwords and I got his and he gots mine. I read what was going on with Chiko. I'm glad I confused him as well as I did. I'll keep it up! Oh yeah... he ALSO suspects TheCreeper of being EPM.

Well, tomorrows the test. I guess MrY ISN'T epm. Now I have nothing to go off of... at all. Heres hoping I last another round to sock it to'em.

oh yeah, Mateui... your twists are not twists... they are TOURMENT.

OwlStorm: This journal is jam-packed with juicy stuff.

HA, HA to TheCreeper who thinks I am never here. I was in IRC with Logan, Mori and WuJing and it is apparent that they have done a LOT of work to try and get TC outta here. Unfortunately, TC is exempt, and now has WuJing's journal. Everything they worked so hard for is about to come crashing down like a house of cards :(

Having thoroughly traversed TheCreeper's journal, I now have doubt about his status as EPM. But, if he isn't the EPM, how come I have not been eliminated yet?

I have also been busy letting those guys know what TC has been writing in here. Because Mori has been executed I gave him the password to this journal.

Now, the question remains: who will I go for in the quiz?

I've been thinking it might be better if I were eliminated. I obviously will not win due to my inactivity, and if I were executed I could still watch yet not have to play- and that's a pretty good position for me. But the only way I could really 'throw' the quiz is to give the answers that belong to myself. However I don't want to be that blatant. I want my departure to be due to luck, but with the odds stacked against me. So, since going for TheCreeper in the last two rounds has kept me in the game, I think I will go for somebody else. They were trying to get TC to go for Logan to get him voted out, so maybe I will go for Logan this time and see what happens.

No I'm not quitting! I want to bow out just like the others who have been executed.

Chikochamp: Well, well. Mateui the Twistaholic strikes again. This is a very cool new element to the game, even if I did end up with a Journal thats not exactly overflowing with juicy info. However, Owl's journal does contain one interesting piece of information. It's a little form about himself that TheCreeper filled out on GW for some reason or another. This could come in handy if I ever want to answer my quiz to suggest that he's the EPM. Which I might. Actually, that's what Owl has been doing up until now, and she's been getting through okay, so...who knows?

But anyway, Owl has decided that she's had enough of these time zone difficulties, and she's dropping out. What a shame, I was starting to like her again. Well, she's not exactly dropping out - she's taking her quiz, she's just going to throw it. She's going to answer Logan's info to all the questions. Who knows? Maybe Logan is the EPM and she'll bust him.

So, anyway, strategy. The whole thing has basically turned into Operation Fuck You Creeper. Everyone is conspiring to get rid of TheCreeper, including me. However, to the best of my knowledge he still thinks I'm his ally. This is our last trump card against him, because the previous plan to confuse him was busted by the twist. Allow me to explain. Moriason, WuJing and Logan were all trying to baffle him, and succeeding, by feeding him false information about their application forms and pretending WuJing had access to their forms. I didn't go into the exact details with them, but basically they managed to confuse him and continually make him believe the EPM was a different person. Until, that is, this twist came along and gave TheCreeper access to WuJing's journal, in which the plan was explained in great detail.

After learning all this from Logan and the rest, I played dumb and went and asked Creeper about it to see what he would tell me. I asked him what WuJing was talking about on the forums, and he said "Nothing." I asked him about the chat log, and he said it was nothing important. He seems confused to me.

*A few minutes later..*

Okay, so I had a conversation with TheCreeper again, in which he basically talked a whole lot of bullshit. First of all, he tells me he thinks MrY is the EPM. Thats not necessarily bullshit, thats just what he said. He "backs this up" with a comment about how all WuJing talks about in his journal is how MrY is the EPM. He says that WuJing even has MrY's application, which he then gave to me. Now, I don't know if MrY fed him a false application form, or if he just made this up (I'm guessing the latter) but the form is bullshit. Why? Because some of the stuff is my info.

So, anyway, I play along and thank him profusely. I quiz him about how WuJing could possibly have all this, and he comes out with this gem: "Apparently, WuJing found out [that Y is the EPM] and Mateui made him the EPM's right hand man." Um, no.

I just don't believe this guy anymore. Those were all so obviously lies.

Of course, having said that, I can't assume Logan and co. have completely forgotten about me backstabbing them and that everything they're telling me is the truth. I've got to be careful.

*Everyone took the Quiz later that night.*


1) What is the EPM’s skin color?
A) White
B) Light/Pale tan
C) Tan

2) What is the EPM’s eye color?
A) Green
B) Blue
C) Brown
D) Grey-Blue

3) What is the EPM’s favourite actor?
A) Harrison Ford
B) Christopher Walken
C) Jackie Chan
D) Edward Norton
E) Tom Cruise
F) Ben Stiller
G) Mel Gibson
H) The EPM does not have a favourite actor.

4) What is the EPM’s favourite movie?
A) The Shawshank Redemption
B) Fight Club
C) Legend of Drunken Master
D) Monty Python and the Holy Grail
E) Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
F) Scarface
G) Office Space

5) What number did the EPM have for the challenge, “Riddle Chain”?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4
E) 5
F) 6
G) 7

6) Did the EPM make it to the Second Round in the challenge, “Lucky Sevens”?
A) Yes
B) No

7) What was the EPM’s Round One total?
A) 77
B) 71
C) 66
D) 75
E) The EPM went over 77
F) The EPM was not present for this challenge

8) How many people did the EPM challenge in Round 2?
A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3

9) Did the EPM win anything at all this round?
A) Yes – an exemption
B) Yes - +2 on their Quiz
C) No

10) Who now has the EPM’s Journal?
A) TheCreeper
B) Chikochamp
C) WuJing
D) Illness Illusion
E) OwlStorm
F) Mr. Y
G) Logan

11) Who is the EPM’s least favourite GW Member?
A) DrFunk
B) Omega
C) The Truth
D) tterb
F) Grindie

12) When asked about having any bad qualities, what did the EPM respond?
A) Yes, I seem to make people angry with my stereotypical comments.
B) Procrastination
C) No. I am perfect in every way! (Actually, sometimes I interrupt people when they're speaking, and try to correct people too often)
D) Naive
E) I get really really really lazy really really really fast really really really often
F) I am irritable at times.
G) I’m easily distracted
H) Rushing into things without thinking, short temper
G) The EPM refused to answer this question

13) Who is the EPM?
A) TheCreeper
B) Mr. Y
C) Logan
D) Chikochamp
E) WuJing
F) OwlStorm
G) Illness Illusion

Mateui: Welcome to the fourth execution of the game.

One by one, I will type your name into my computer, and shortly thereafter, an image will appear. If it is a GREEN thumbprint, this means that you have survived onto the next round. If it is a RED thumbprint, this means that you have been executed by the Evil Puppet Master, since you scored lowest on your quiz.

Before we get to the actual execution, I would like to make a note. When and if you are executed do [b]NOT[/b] discuss what you wrote on your quiz to the remaining players, or who you thought the EPM was. This just gives someone else a better advantage, and is not fair to everyone else. So please, remain quiet after you have been executed. (You're supposed to be dead anyway.)

Now that that is out of the way, we can begin. And to make things more tense, I'd like to say that a tie has occurred for the lowest score..) Yes - it's happened once again! Tense, tense, tense!

*Mateui begins to type a name.*


Mr. Y



Illness Illusion

I am sorry Illness Illusion, but you have been executed by the Evil Puppet Master. Please state any parting words, and write down anything you want as a closing to your Journal.

(Remember, please don't give any information to the other players to help them or hinder them. Let them figure out things on their own.)

Thanks for playing.

May you rest in peace...

Logan: Aw... That sucks... Sorry to see you go, buddy =(.

TheCreeper: Shit!

Illness Illusion: Looks like I'm gone. Bah, I was hoping I'd make it through ;_;

Mr. Y: That sucks, you were really innocent according to your Journal

Illness Illusion: XD Too bad my innocence didnt help me much XP

Chikochamp: Awww, Wolfie :(

*And with that, Illness Illusion picked up his bags, and left the hotel.*

- Mat