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Article - 'Luke, I am your Pikamon' by ZD23

An item about Game Design posted on Nov 11, 2004


Tells us how to make an original game, broken down into simple points.


Let's take a moment and think about a magical thing called "originality" it has managed to escape many game makers, so I think we need to remind them what it is.

-Not derived from something else.

- The capacity to act or think independently.

And for all you slow people, those definitions say. If it has anything from any other movie, book, or game, (yes, that includes Pikachu) it's not original.

Now, after you purge all your originality from your game (Or delete your entire game :P) you may be wondering. How do I go about making original things? Well, some people have a problem thinking up original ideas. I can tell you some ways I do it.

1. Listen to music (it helps me)
2. Watch movies, read books (don't rip, get inspired)

Now, you got a bit of an idea. Organize it!

1. Characters

a. Names
Names are a big problem for some people, I just brainstorm random names (no matter how cheesy) and pick the best ones. Then improve on those, and keep going until you have a great name. Or, a name might just pop into your head, but don't steal a name from something else. (I don't see anything bad with basing names off other names though)

b. Personality
Ok, so you got a name for your character, give em a personality. Do they want to destroy the world? How about protect the world? Or maybe just float away on a cloud of craziness and eat a flower with whipped cream. This is by far the easiest part of creating a character. Basically, choose from normal, crazy, really crazy, apocalyptic, obnoxious, lazy, goofoff, anti-hero, and hero.

c. Look
A bit harder than personality. You want your look to match the theme of the game (future, modern, past) and the personality of the character. (Evil people might have dark robes or dark armor, but evil people with bright robes and a halo would look weird)

2. Plot

a. Basic Story
Ah, we now arrive at the hard part. Basically, just go back to the music, books, and movies. When an idea clicks, you have finished this part.

b. Outline
Take a pencil and paper (or a keyboard and notepad) and begin to write an outline. (Intro, Beginning, Middle, End, Misc) Basically just,

Intro :
-Bob eats pie
-Cow dies

c. Script
Now that you have an outline, build a script. (I really hope you can figure out how to do this)

3. Make it
a. Do whatever you do to make it.

Now, if after reading this you still want to go on the path of Montychu and the holy lightvice, you are doomed.


~I can fly and you can't~