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Article - 'MTCIII - Episode 5' by Mateui

An item about Miscellanious posted on Nov 30, 2004


Entitled: Mischievous Mayhem The remaining 6 players participate in 2 challenges that anger many, and cause tension between the group. One player makes a decision that benefits another, which causes the rest of the players to fear elimination.


Making the Cut III: Episode 5
By: Mateui
Episode 5: Mischievous Mayhem
6 People.. one EPM..

Remaining Players:
Mr. Y

Executed Players:
Illness Illusion

Current Pot:
250 Points

Blue Text: A Player confessional/private thoughts from Journal.
Courier Font: Assignment/Task info given to the players.

Voice Over: Ten unlikely strangers.. living in a secluded hotel. They will be participating in challenges to raise the game’s pot – Post points. The winner of the game will receive this amount, and it will be added to their GW account. They will also be awarded GW Supporter Status.

However, it’s not as simple as that. One of the ten is secretly a saboteur, a double agent, working with the Host to lower the pot by misleading others and sabotaging the challenges. They are the elusive Evil Puppet Master. (EPM for short).

At the end of each round, the players will take a quiz on the identity of the EPM. The player with the lowest score will be executed, being eliminated from the game. In the end, only 3 will remain, the Loser, the Winner, and of course, the Evil Puppet Master.

You as the reader can also play along, by trying to discern who may be sabotaging the challenges, and deceiving others. Perhaps you can figure out the true identity of the EPM before anyone else.

Let us begin..

*The players assembled in the Lounge, as usual after an execution night, and awaited their next instructions.*

Mateui: Here is the task info.

Challenge 9: Assassinations All Around
(Total Possible: 50 points)

You remaining 6 will be playing a classic “who-done-it” game. Randomly, an “Assassin” and an “Angel” will be chosen. The 4 other players will be regular “Townspeople”. This game will be played in short rounds, and this is how it will work:

The “Assassin” will select any of the other 5 players, and choose to assassinate them. The “Angel” will also select any of the other 5 players, but they will protect that player. The player that the “Assassin” chooses will be eliminated from the game. If the “Angel” chose to protect that player, then they will not be eliminated. (The “Angel” cannot choose to protect himself) (This will be done through PMs)

After this first round, everyone in the game will vote on who to eliminate. (This will be done openly) If the players choose to execute the “Assassin” then 15 points will be added to the pot. If the players choose to execute the “Angel”, then 15 points will be deducted from the pot.

The rounds will continue in an alternating manner, like so:

Round1: Assassin chooses to eliminate a player/Angel chooses to protect a player (6 people)
Round2: Everyone votes on who to eliminate (5 people)
Round3: Everyone votes on who to eliminate (4 people)
Round4: Everyone votes on who to eliminate (3 people)
Round5: Results

- If the “Assassin” and somebody else is left, then the “Assassin” receives +2 on their quiz, and no points are added to the pot.
- If the “Angel” and somebody else are left, the players will receive 25 points.
- If the “Angel” and the “Assassin” are left, then the Angel receives +1 on his quiz, and the “Assassin” receives -1 on his quiz.

This game will be played twice – in the same day, so your activity will be much appreciated.

*The players read the instructions, and then the game commenced. Each player was sent into a separate room. In each room, there was a computer with access to a messenger program. Everyone logged on, and 2 people were sent messages telling them of their special statuses.*

Mateui: Welcome to the game everyone. Our first round has commenced, and this is the result:


OwlStorm is eliminated.

Players Left:
Mr. Y

You may start voting each other out.

WuJing: I vote logan.

He seems like the only one active at the time, so I'm hoping that he is the assassin.

Chikochamp: Then...I guess I vote Logan too!

TheCreeper: I vote for Logan.

Logan: Aw frig. You realize at the time of the assassination I was eating dinner...

But I guess I'm out anyway. =(

Chikochamp: Well, I guess that's that then. Next round!

Mateui: These are the players still left in the game:

- Mr. Y
- WuJing
- TheCreeper
- Chikochamp

TheCreeper: I vote for Chiko.

Chikochamp: I vote TheCreeper.

Mr. Y: I vote TheCreeper too. (COUNTER)

OwlStorm: *Angered*

So you think I don't participate but you don't even give me the fucking chance.

TheCreeper: You idiots.


Mateui: TheCreeper is eliminated.

- Mr. Y
- ChikoChamp
- WuJing

TheCreeper: Fucking idiots.

I was the Angel.

Chiko's probably the Assassin.

WuJing: Chiko for this round.

Mr. Y: I’ll vote for Chiko then as well.

Mateui: Mr. Y and WuJing are left.

The Angel - TheCreeper
The Assassin - ChikoChamp

0 Points are added to the pot.

Second Round starts now. I have sent 2 people with instructions on which role they now play (Angel/Assassin).

Mr. Y: This game seems harder than we had thought :o.

Chikochamp: *shrug* Oh well, I tried :P


ANGEL: Protects TheCreeper
ASSASSIN: Kills Chikochamp

Players left in the game:
- Mr. Y
- Logan
- WuJing.
- OwlStorm
- TheCreeper

TheCreeper: Hm.

I'll go with whatever the group does.

Logan: I vote Owl because.. well, randomness. I just picked a random name. Coulda been my own, even, but meh. So yes, I vote Owl.

TheCreeper: I, too, vote Owl.

WuJing: Might as well go with owl... though I doubt she is either or

Mr. Y: I vote for WuJing because his name starts with a W and I really hate that.

Owl should play in a challenge for once :(

TheCreeper: Yo.

- Mr. Y
- Logan
- WuJing.
- TheCreeper

Vote off once again!

TheCreeper: I vote WuJing.

Logan: Uh, I guess so do I. Sorry Wu =(.

Mr. Y: I vote TheCreeper.

Mateui: No need for a tie: WuJing is out!

- Mr. Y
- Logan
- TheCreeper


TheCreeper: I vote for Y.

Logan: Um... Okay. I'm going to have to flip a coin. Heads = MrY Tails = Creeper.

Aaaaand the results...

Heads. I vote for Mr. Y then. Sorry Mr. Y, it was honestly just a random choice.

Mateui: Here are the results.

Players Left: Logan, TheCreeper.

ASSASSIN: TheCreeper

TheCreeper: Mateui, since I'm the Assassin, and I just won...

Is there anyway I could grant my 2 points to Logan?

Mateui: Alright - no points have been added to the pot. Logan gets +2 on his Quiz.

*The players logged off the computers – some content, and other dissatisfied with the results. Logan was really happy that TheCreeper granted him 2 points instead of selfishly taking them.. But did TheCreeper really need the points in the first place?*

Logan: I've lost count of where I am in the challenges and everything again, along with the alliances I have got going. I'm in some sort of tangled web of a quasi-alliance with WuJing, an alliance with Mr. Y, and some sort of pseudo-alliance with The Creeper. I think, at least.

I just help out whoever asks for help, generally, and hope that that converts into trust later on, or something. Because of last night's challenge, though, Creeper owes me a favour, so I can call that in later. That'd be good, too, because he's a strong player - a favour could really come in handy. As for the EPM... I don't know what to believe. I'm just confused and convoluted now...

A while back I came up with the suspicion that there may not be an EPM at all, and that Mat is just a psychopath. It seems more and more likely that both of these are true with every challenge we face. Well.. the latter we already all knew.

Sorry this post ain't much, but I'm physically drained right now. So long.

WuJing: Well, so far everyone’s on good terms. There was a little bit of a conflict when we first got each others journals, but nothing too major. This game is getting harder and harder to play. I'm wondering how long I'm going to last, personally. I hope I can make it to the end... I don’t have to win, just far enough to find out who the EPM really is.

Mr. Y: So anyways, up starts Round 5, and Mateui makes some intricate little game called Assassins All Around for Round 9. We played two games of it, and I even had the opportunity to play the role of Angel in game two. We did awful, though- we gained no points in game 1 (Angel and Assassin both eliminated), and in game 2 I the Angel was eliminated while TheCreeper the Assassin survived. Creeper won +2 on the Round 5 quiz, but chose to give it to Logan. Why?

*The players, having rested from the previous challenge, appeared in the Lounge, greeted by Mateui, who was just about to give them a new task.*

Mateui: I want you to choose someone to be the “most trusted person” and someone to be the “least trusted person”.

*The players voted one by one*

Mr. Y: Most trusted: OwlStorm
Least trusted: Chikochamp

Logan: Uh... Alright...

Most trusted - Mr. Y
Least trusted - Mr. Malibus. He's always there but never seems to say much...

Or if that doesn't count, then Chiko I guess.

WuJing: Most trusted: Logan
Least trusted: TheCreeper

Chikochamp: Most Trusted: OwlStorm
Least Trusted: TheCreeper

TheCreeper: Aw.

Most Trusted - TheCreeper
Least Trusted - TheCreeper

Mateui: These are the results.

OwlStorm: ||
Mr. Y: |
Logan: |
TheCreeper: |

ChikoChamp: ||
Mr. Y:
TheCreeper: |||

Well - Owl may not show up in time to vote. So I will consider this the official results:


I'll set up the challenge in just a sec.

*Mateui left the room.*

OwlStorm: Yay, I think...

*Minutes later, the players received the challenge info*

Challenge 10: Guard Your Post
(Total Possible: 50 points)

You guys voted on the Most Trusted, and the Least Trusted player. The most trusted person, who is OwlStorm will become the “Leader”, while the least trusted person, TheCreeper, will become the “Attacker”.

I will set up a topic, with the name “Battle Grounds”. The attacker can post a message every 30 minutes at any time between the times of 6 PM (eastern time), and 6 AM (eastern time). The leader has to assign other contestants times to watch the topic during the night.

If the attacker posts, a contestant (including the leader) can neutralize the attack by posting a message right after that within 15 minutes of the attacker's post. The same contestant cannot neutralize the Attacker’s post twice in a row.

If all the attacks from the Attacker are neutralized, then 50 points will be added to the pot.

This is how scoring will work:
If the Attacker successfully attacks 0 times:
- He will get -1 on his Quiz
- The Leader wins an exemption
- 50 points are added to the pot
If the Attacker successfully attacks 1 time:
- He will win +1 on his Quiz,
- 30 Points are added to the pot.
If the Attacker successfully attacks 2 times:
- He will win +2 on his Quiz.
- 15 Points are added to the pot
If the Attacker successfully attacks 5 or more times:
- He will win an exemption.
- 0 Points are added to the pot

Good luck to the Defenders, as well as the attacker, TheCreeper.

TheCreeper: I have to wait until 6 PM?

Geez. Now would be a perfect time.

*A few minutes elapsed.*

...I would've won exemption by now, lol.

35 more minutes.

*And finally, the time arrived*

*TheCreeper attempted to make an attack, but then was neutralized by WuJing. He waited a few minutes..*

TheCreeper: Excellent.

Now that WuJing has gone, I have to wait til 6/7 to post and WuJing can't neutrilize it.

Mr. Y: We might be screwed in this one.

Hey, TC... don't those free posts look tempting?! I sure think they do!

TheCreeper: Exemption corrupts people's minds.

*TheCreeper attempted to block 8 other times, but was denied every single one by various people. OwlStorm even neutralized one of his attacks.*

*TheCreeper waited about an hour, and then, made 4 attacks, each 15 minutes after each other, and they all went through.*

Chikochamp: Well, I guess this challenge is over. 4 successful attacks, meaning Creeper gets +2 on his quiz and we get 15 points.

TheCreeper: Chiko, learn to count.

That'd be 5 sucessful attacks.


Chikochamp: Mat said: “Three successful so far.” And you only have one more after that.

TheCreeper: I had five.

Stop arguing, you can't win Chiko.

Mateui: TheCreeper is right. He has been awarded an exemption.

*The players left the challenge, all exhausted from trying to keep awake and block TheCreeper’s attacks. So questions entered into peoples’ minds.. Why would he give his 2 points away to Logan.. and how weird is it that he won an exemption? Why did he vote for himself as the least trusted? He’s the EPM.. But no, he’s way too obvious! Or is he purposely playing obviously so that I think that it’s not him? Argh! This is way too confusing..*

Mr. Y: So, let's start off with the Journal swap that had occured. I got Illness Illusion's, but it's been pretty useless. There wasn't much of use in it. I must admit, it was pretty fun to read B).

Moriason gave me the password to TheCreeper's Journal, and I gave him the password to mine. My password for TC's Journal didn't work, however. I wonder if Mori had tried to trick me :(.

So anyways, Illness got out that very round! So my new information was all rendered useless. If anything, the Journal swap hurt me. WuJing knew about my big elaborate lies, and we haven't been talking... heh heh. Oh well, no point in crying over spilled milk.

Some guys have been wanting to get rid of Creeper really really badly. I dunno, I think I do too. He's "playing the game" as he describes it, but it's not like being honest and loyal isn't playing too. Being a nice guy has its own set of benefits, and can be better for the long run. In Creep's case, a bunch of guys have been talking about getting him eliminated just because he acts so selfishly. Creeper hasn't bragged as much nowadays, but he still really throws off the game in Challenges, like he just did in Round 5.

In C10, Guard Your Post, OwlStorm had to assign everyone to guard this topic at specific times, while TheCreeper tried to attack it. I knew the defenders were in a tight spot from the get-go, but it got worse! TheCreeper announced happily in IRC that, since he was going to be too ill to go to school the next day, he'd just stay awake however long it took to win the challenge and gain an exemption for himself. Well, I certainly couldn't do that- I had to wake up early the next morning for football practice! And so I blocked Creeper once, and went to bed. Creeper won hands-down, so no points were added to the Pot, and Creeper got yet another exemption. But get this! Logan made a DEAL with Creeper to not interfere with his attacks. Regardless, Owl defended Creeper for awhile, but Creeper came out ahead. And this is why TC gave his Quiz +2 to Logan. (Mat Note: During this round, both challenges were being played at the same time.) What's interesting is that Logan messaged me on IRC beforehand, telling me that he made the deal but that I could interfere with Creeper's attacks if I wanted.

I also got a PM on IRC from Creep, where I think he was telling me to back off. I'm glad I didn't though, I was doing the smart things after all, even if I failed.

WuJing: Anyways, look like thecreeper got exemption AGAIN. I'm starting to get REALLY TIRED of the way he keeps getting it. More that that, it was incredibly sucky on how he keeps getting put in the position to gain exemption. He voted for HIMSELF on the vote that lead to him being the attacker. Whatever. We'll see if I get eliminated this turn or not.

Chikochamp: So, this round has been the most eye-opening round yet. I don’t know where to begin…

Well, first of all, I think I should point out that Owl was supposedly going to throw the last quiz by answering her questions to suggest that Logan was the EPM – and yet, she still came through. I guess it might just be that she didn’t know enough about Logan, but still…this makes me very suspicious of him now.

So, anyway, all my alliances have essentially crumbled over the past two days. I honestly thought I had something going with Logan and his friends. However, my confidence in this alliance started to dwindle when my biggest ally, Illness Illusion, got executed in the last round. So, after this, as I said before, I thought the plan was for everyone to gang up on TheCreeper and conspire to prevent him from doing well in the challenges. But…this just didn’t work out. Over the past days, I have learned that this game has become way more cutthroat than I ever thought and I have completely been left behind.

The first thing that happened in this round is that Creeper started asking me for my journal password, saying that he wanted to clarify some things. He offered me his password in exchange. I refused to hand over my password, telling him that I kept information in there like quiz answers that I didn’t want anyone to have – the truth was, of course, that I just didn’t want him to see what I had been saying about him. He seemed okay about it at first, but eventually he started getting pissy about it and clued in to the real reason I didn't want him looking into it. He then declared the end of our alliance - oh, yeah, I'm seeking counselling after that break-up.

But then something happened that pissed me off - TheCreeper showed me excerpts from MY journal - my old one, that Logan now possesses. So, in other words, Logan, who is supposed to be my ally, let him into my journal. I later learned that far more journal swapping than this had gone on. And none of the people who are supposed to be working with me thought to share this information with me. So, yeah, I'm not so much with at alliance anymore. And I'm not with Creeper anymore, which leaves me with...oh, that's right, nobody. Great. To be blunt - everybody has lied to me in this game. This has really driven home the message that I just cannot trust anybody. The one person I would consider an alliance with is OwlStorm, but I doubt she would be crazy about an alliance with the guy who spread lies about her to try to save himself in MTC2 - even if she DID take it way too seriously. I mean, I was just...oh, never mind. Wrong game.

Now, I know it's easy to say this after Mateui has voiced his anger at the journal swapping, but I hated the idea while it was going on. Sure, it was strategy, but if you wanted to know what was going on in someone's journal you should just ask its new owner and trust them. With everyone peeking into everyone else's journals, what good are they? Did people honestly expect all journals to be 100% truthful if the author knew someone besides Mateui was looking at it? My point is - journals are supposed to be a place where you can tell the truth. The articles are ruined if they're full of lies.

Anyway, I'm not going to confront Logan or anyone else about knowing that he saw my journal. I'm just going to go on, letting them believe that they're manipulating and controlling me, and that they've got me under their thumbs, until I get the opportunity to take advantage of that. From now on, I'm on my own. No alliances, no working together, no nothing. If people trust me and actually want to work with me, then cool. But they shouldn't.

I did look at WuJing's journal after I got the password - I don't like it, but if Creeper was dumb enough to hand out the password before gettng anything in return, I'm not going to pass up the opportunity, especially since other people will doubtlessly be looking even if I'm not. The stuff Creeper told me from the Journal was true. WuJing did think Y was the EPM, Y did tell him he was now the EPM's right hand man, and so on. WuJing does actually make some good arguments about why MrY could be the EPM, like an acceptance PM with an incorrect date, but...I'm not convinced beyond all doubt that it's MrY. I think there's a good chance MrY could have been playing him, trying to get him to act like the EPM. If Wu sabotaged some challenges and everyone mistakenly believed he was the EPM it would give MrY an advantage in quizzes, right?

And, finally, my new least favourite topic - TheCreeper. MrY said in one topic that this is just a game and people shouldn't be calling each other fuckers and bastards just over this, and I completely agree. BUT - I think TheCreeper is a dumbass, and that has nothing to do with the game. Even when I was working with him, I didn't like him. He is incredibly arrogant and annoying. When he is winning, it's all we hear about. And when he's losing? It's even worse, because we have to listen to him whine. Example: When he lost the first part of the challenge, he complained to Moriason that he got "screwed." Um, no. You didn't lose through no fault of your own, moron, you made the incredibly dumb move of announcing that you were the Angel to me and WuJing. I was the Assassin, so I got you out. And it was all your own damn fault.

Well, anyway, that's that. I'm not too confident about the upcoming quiz - One person has exemption, another has +2, which means it's just me and 4 other people. And if one of them is the EPM, it's just me and three other people. So...oh, well.

Whew! Longest. Journal. Entry. Ever.

*The players were summoned into the Lounge, for an emergency meeting.*

Mateui: Alright. I am very angry at this moment.

I have found out that people have not only been sharing their journals with each other, but collecting passwords, and gaining access into other peoples' journals.

Not only is this dishonest and unfair, but I have been notified that an Executed player, Moriason, has taken part in sharing info gotten from one person to another.

I am saddened by the fact that some people cannot control themselves and face that fact that they are no longer in the game. If you're executed, then you're dead. STOP PLAYING!! That's all their is to it. Don't go collecting info to help other people - that's just stupid and hurts the game.

I'm extremely disappointed, especially at Moriason if my info is correct. Just <_<.

I have taken down the Journals for the moment, and will get new passwords for them in a while.

If I receive any more info afterwards about people accessing other journals than their own, they will receive -10 on their quiz. (Which is basically a disqualification.)

Man.. I just feel so annoyed..

Moriason: WHAT? I'm not allowed to do any of that o-o? It's not like I've been selective, I've helped pretty much everybody out at one point or another.

Bah..sorry, lemme rephrase this. I didn't intend to make this game any less fun or enjoyable for anybody, I was just helpin' out my friends. If you wish, I will discontinue this from here on out. I am sorry if I hurt the game at all, but I did not mean to.

TheCreeper: For shame, Mori.

OwlStorm: :(

I didn't want 90% of the players to view my own journal, Mori. They even know my plans, now.

WuJing: Mateui, you should have informed us EARLY ON that the sharing of journals was not allowed. When the journals were switched up most of us wanted to get our info back. Mori aided in one journal, but I'm not going to let him take the wrap for it. All the journals I collected I did on MY OWN. I traded access to my own for theirs, and so on. I figured it was an element of the game that I could manipulate to aid myself.

Mori did not act on his own. He did not just say "hey guys, heres what I want to do." I said "mori, help me with this" and "mori, what about that" and mori helped because he thought it wouldn't be a problem.

You're upset with us, but most of us were JUST PLAYING THE GAME like we thought it should be played. We wanted our info back, and after realizing it was that easy, we wanted more info. If you want to get upset at anyone, get upset at me because the whole thing was my idea.

Logan: Heh.. Most of us were at fault. It was a big crazy mess. I know I was involved, too, so I apologize for that also.

Chikochamp: Good. I didn't like this journal swapping much, anyway.

TheCreeper: Yeah, that's why you told Mateui.

Chikochamp: I did not tell Mateui about this. There are several ways he could have found out - most likely, by some of you talking about having access to other people's journals in your own journals.

Mateui: Exactly.

And remember - I do have an informant. (Gotta love the EPM. :D)

TheCreeper: In other words, gotta love Chiko.

None of us would've ratted ourselves in.

Chiko's the only one who didn't do it.

Thus, he told you.

Moriason: Were you not listening at all yesterday? We KNOW what happened.

Wu, quite geniously, posted not only that he could read your JOURNAL in the lounge, but also posted it all in his journal.

TheCreeper: I still blame Chiko. :P

*As a consequence, Mateui took away the Journals, and then handed the players new copies.*

Mateui: Well, I’m glad that’s over. You have a quiz to write now. Head on up and prepare for it. Someone’s going to be executed.


1) What is the EPM’s first name?
A) Natalie
B) Jon
C) Logan
D) James
E) Jeff
F) Yolindo

2) What is the EPM’s favourite desert?
A) Pizza Cake (From DQ)
B) Pudding Cup
C) Carrot Cake
D) Any sweet baked goods
E) Banana Split
F) Ice cream of any kind

3) What is the EPM’s current browser?
A) Internet Explorer
B) Mozilla Suite
C) FireFox
D) Opera
E) Netscape

4) Does the EPM have any pets?
A) Yes
B) No

5) What kind of a pet(s) does the EPM have?
A) Dog, Poodle
B) Dog, Cockerspaniel
C) Two cats, one black and one white
D) Ferret
E) One (evil) cat
F) The EPM does not have any pets

6) When asked about any good qualities the EPM has, they responded:
A) Yes, I try to always get my point across. I'm very determined
B) Intelligence and personability
C) King, hardworking
D) Once I get on track, I always try to do the best job I am capable of, no matter what the job is.
E) I am loyal to those I trust. As seen by MTC2.
F) Friendly with pretty much anyone who isn't a dick to me

7) Who is the EPM’s favourite GW mod?
A) Moriason
B) Mateui
C) SteelPaladin
D) Mr. Y
E) Krinsdeath
G) DragonSlayer

8) Who is the EPM’s least favourite GW mod?
A) Omega
B) Sion Barzahd
C) Mekesss
D) DeathJester
E) Aww, man these are tough. I will go for anthonytw because I have no idea who he is.
F) Grindie
G) Not too sure, sorry

9) What is the EPM’s favourite author?
A) Marion Bradley
B) Ray Bradbury
C) J.D. Salinger
D) J. R. R. Tolkien
E) J.K. Rowling
F) None

10) Is the EPM high or low maintenance?
A) High
B) Low

11) Which is better according to the EPM: FF7/FF8/FF9?
A) FF7
B) FF8
C) FF9
D) The EPM hate FFs

12) Who is the EPM?
A) TheCreeper
B) Mr. Y
C) Logan
D) Chikochamp
E) WuJing
F) OwlStorm

*The players had already written their quizzes, and were now assembled in the Execution Chamber.*

Welcome to the fifth execution of the game.

One by one, I will type your name into my computer, and shortly thereafter, an image will appear. If it is a GREEN thumbprint, this means that you have survived onto the next round. If it is a RED thumbprint, this means that you have been executed by the Evil Puppet Master, since you scored lowest on your quiz.

Before we get to the actual execution, I would like to make a note. When and if you are executed do NOT discuss what you wrote on your quiz to the remaining players, or who you thought the EPM was. This just gives someone else a better advantage, and is not fair to everyone else. So please, remain quiet after you have been executed. (You're supposed to be dead anyway.)

Now that that is out of the way, we can begin.

*Mateui begins to type a name.*



I am sorry OwlStorm, but you have been executed by the Evil Puppet Master. Please state any parting words, and write down anything you want as a closing to your Journal.

(Remember, please don't give any information to the other players to help them or hinder them. Let them figure out things on their own.)

Thanks for playing. (You can still hang around #MTC if you want, as a ghost, watching the other players..)

May you rest in peace...

Mr. Y: Well... bye Owly. It's been rough :/

Moriason: Hah....sorta odd there. Too bad, when you were HERE you played well.

Well, sorry to see you go, Owl.

TheCreeper: This doesn't help me at all.


Chikochamp: Well, sorry to see you go Owl. You just had a really rough time of it this time round, which is too bad. :(

OwlStorm: Ah, it's all good. I had a lot on my plate which all seemed to dump itself on me about a week ago.

*OwlStorm picked up her bags, and left the Hotel, leaving 5 players still in the game. Her game might be over, but for the rest of the players, there is still a lot to come.*

- Mat