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Article - 'Princess Alanadale' by Marcus

An item about Miscellanious posted on Dec 23, 2004


An RMXP game that's completely custom? Nah...


Gaming World Preview #2 by Justen "Marcus" Brown

Princess Alanadale
Developer: Maladroit Him
Developer's Website: The World of Metropolis

In my never ending search for really impressive games one in particular hath caught mine eye.
Maladroithim, creator of Tyrant God Saga: Altered Perception (never played it but I heard
good things about it), has lately begun a project for RMXP called Princess Alanadale. Now,
it's still in it's early stages but the unique and bold mix of colors and simple artistic
style caught my eye (that, and everything is supposedly custom right down to the music). There's
not much information that exists on the game other than that it's an old-school style rpg
with a handful of side-scrolling environments (that look really nice). Maladroit pretty much
sumed up his entire project for me in a few paragraphs so I'll directly quote him on that. Unfortunately,
I didn't have any time to write up any review questions (Christmas time is friggin hectic at my house
complete with family members I've never seen EVER and it includes me making dinner every day). The developer's
email address is up on his website so feel free to drop him an email if you're interested.

Princess Alanadale as told by Maladroit Him:
Princess Alanadale is an RPG being done in RPG Maker XP. What I am trying to do with the game is capture the spirit of children's literature in a workable, enjoyable RPG. I draw upon writers like CS Lewis for inspiration.

A key draw with Princess Alandale is in that 100% of the resources -- that is, every graphic, every piece of music, everything -- is done by me. This makes for a very uniform and consistent style, and I feel that it makes the games thousands of times better than it would be otherwise. These resources are highly stylized as well, which has made for mixed criticism from various groups.

I'm really excited about the presentation I'm using in every area for Princess Alanadale. Cutscenes, for example, are drawn out in comic-book style. I do not pretend I was not inspired by Ninja Gaiden in this. The actual game is an attempt to blend non-linearity and solid cinematic storytelling into one, also, which is something that is turning out to be a pleasant challenge. Even though these kinds of ideas are somewhat atypical in the old-school RPG archetype, I still am striving to make Princess Alanadale very much a classic-type RPG, in the vein of Dragon Warrior or Final Fantasy.

I am trying to draw the player into this world. It is interactive. You can do a bit of jumping and a bit of swimming, and enemies aren't randomly encountered. NPCs will each have a purpose. During battle, your opponents will utilize rudimentary AI (though I will not pretend that it is very basic, it at least makes combat more interesting than usual). There are tons of areas to explore, and tons of things to collect. I really hope that Princess Alanadale's world will turn out to be deep enough to intrigue fans.

I have no idea when this will be done. Drawing all of these graphics and composing all of this music is a lot of work, and I have very little free time besides. But I have sworn to finish this project, one way or another, and it will come out. I've come too far to back out now. smile.gif I may or may not be releasing a demo sometime, but I haven't decided whether or not to simply wait for a full version.

Screenshots YAY:
Intro thingy

Sidescrolling game portions

Well, that wraps up this preview session. See you all next week with hot new toys and a fresh
new preview.