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Article - 'The Legend of White Whale' by Marcus

An item about Miscellanious posted on Jan 6, 2005


A new preview WHAHAY!


Preview #3 by Justen "Marcus" Brown
January 6, 2005

The Legend of White Whale
Developer: Animdude
Website: None that I know of
Gamingw topic: Click Here

It's getting harder and harder choosing really unique games to preview but thankfully one
in particular has caught my eye. The Legend of White Whale, created by the same dude who
made the online Flan series, is another look at the old school style of adventure and
exploring that pioneered the market in the late nes and snes days.

At first glance, the colorful graphics will enthrall you and the game has a captivating
look that, although cutesy, really goes well together. Personally, I think some of the
graphics are a bit inconsistent, but it's nothing one can really be bothered with.

The story is quite simple; the village of Mushnail is drying up and it is said that the
legendary White Whale can restore it. Frup-Foo (the hero) goes on a quest with his friends
to discover the legend and stop the monsters that are appearing due to the weakening of a
magical barrier. The game promises strategic turn based battling and one can only assume
plenty of fun and quirky charm. Animdude is a guy who always finishes his projects (or atleast
the ones he advertises) so I can fully expect to see this game and it's following chapters
in the future.


Interview with Animdude:
Q: What program or language are you using for this game?

Multimedia Fusion

Q: Where did you get the idea for a game based around mushrooms? The Smurf's was pretty outrageous, but basing a game around cute little mushrooms seems weirder.

I made my first 3D games using flans. They were really easy to model and animate. I wanted to go for something more complex this time, but not so complex that it would bog me down for years. A mushroom seemed like the next step up.

Q: What was your main inspiration for your colorful graphics and what did you use to make them?

Im not sure how everything I make ends up being so colorful. I guess I just really like colors. I use 3ds max and Photoshop for my graphics.

Q: You said that there are three other characters. Could you describe their jobs/role in the game?

Chup is the fighter of the group, he is also the only one who can get everyone out of battle by running.

Frup is the item user. He is the slowest, but has a powerful special attack and is the only one who can use the cool gadgets you find during the game.

Priss is the healer. She has the only healing spell (although there are also healing items) and can charm enemies into losing a turn.

Q: Is there a main or reacurring villain or force out to stop the heroes?

The enemy force at work is not immediatly clear when playing the game at first. The villain is revealed towards the end. It won't disapoint!

Q: What do you feel makes your game unique when compared to the mass of other rpg's?

I think my games' simplicity help them stand out. Some rpgs get bogged down in too many stats and too many items. I let my games focus on old fashioned leveling up and some fun items. Plus, I never use human characters in my rpgs. Gotta make 'em weird.

Q: How long do you think a typical chapter would last?

Typical chapters may last 15 to 30 minutes depending on leveling up and finding your goal quickly. My games usually aren't terribly long. A few good hours by a skilled player can take you pretty far.

Q: You tend to complete projects that you start, so if there's something you can say to everyone about motivation or setting goals, what would it be?

Pick a project because its a story you want to tell, not because you think other people would like it. If you work on a project for other people, you will never believe in it enough to make it good.