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Article - 'Interview with Senior Behemoth' by kermit the toad

An item about Interviews posted on Jan 16, 2005


Our very own kermit the toad tries to get a glimpse at the inner workings of Senior Behemoth's mind.


Everyone knows and loves Senior Behemoth. But, no one really knows who he is, or exactly what he does at GW. What exactly is this “SB’s Special Admin Group”? How did the tradition of giving SB so many joke warnings that his warn level was probably at 300% at least once in his time at GW? Does he find the Transformers erotica posted in his warning logs to be arousing? In today’s interview, we try to find the answers to these very questions.

As with any interview, we start out with the pleasantries:

[20:28] kermitTHEtoad: Hello SB.

[20:28] Senior_Behemoth: Hello ktt.

[20:29] kermitTHEtoad: I'm going to interview you today, about what you do at and for GW.

[20:30] Senior_Behemoth: This will be a very informative interview!

[20:30] kermitTHEtoad: Oh yes.

After getting the small talk out of the way, it’s time to get to the meat of the thing. First, what is so special about SB’s Special Admin Group?

[20:30] kermitTHEtoad: First, a lot of people have been wondering, why do you have "SB's Special Admin Group"?

[20:32] Senior_Behemoth: Because Steel put me in it.

[20:32] Senior_Behemoth: Who has been wondering.

[20:32] Senior_Behemoth: And how do you know?

[20:32] kermitTHEtoad: I know because it is my job to know these things.

[20:32] kermitTHEtoad: Ok, what is so special about the "special admin group"?

[20:33] Senior_Behemoth: Absolutely nothing.

There is nothing special at all? Well, that doesn’t seem right. There’s got to be more to this. I try to dig deeper and get to the bottom of the mystery of SB’s Special Admin Group:

[20:33] kermitTHEtoad: Do you have full admin powers?

[20:34] Senior_Behemoth: Yeah, of course.

[20:35] kermitTHEtoad: And yet, you can receive warnings. I think that is what makes it "special", wouldn't you say?

[20:37] Senior_Behemoth: Nah, I have the "special" to make me feel better about myself.

Apparently, our dear Senior Behemoth has low self-esteem. This comes as quote a surprise, since he is pretty famous in the community. Next thing you know, we’ll find out that the reason Paris Hilton is such a slut is because she feels like her life is meaningless and she uses sex to try and fill the emptiness.

Any way, let’s move on and press SB for more information:

[20:38] kermitTHEtoad: But, about the warnings. It has been a long running tradition to give you joke warnings. Most normal members don't know this, because they can't see people’s warn logs, but now they know. So, how did this tradition start?

[20:40] Senior_Behemoth: It all happened when I warned myself to see if I could still feel pain.....

[20:41] kermitTHEtoad: Sort of like cops testing pepper spray on themselves to know what it feels like for criminals?

[20:43] Senior_Behemoth: No, it's like....seeing if you are emotionally dead....the warning is symbollic for the emotional pain for what little is left of my soul

[20:44] kermitTHEtoad: Oh, I see. So, it's more like an emo kid who cuts his wrists?

[20:45] Senior_Behemoth: Yes, you get it.

Oh man, I’m so disappointed. SB is emo? This is a shocking piece of information.

[20:46] kermitTHEtoad: Alright. Speaking of emo kids, you don't like the same awful music they do. Instead, you like Viking Space Metal, correct?

[20:48] Senior_Behemoth: Yes, the epic tales they tell of viking conquest are equivalent to the journey of my pain....

[20:48] kermitTHEtoad: Awesome.

[20:49] kermitTHEtoad: Can you recommend any bands for the Space Vikings in the crowd?

At this point, unfortunately, SB had to go eat dinner. I think he just used this as an excuse to avoid admitting that Viking Space Metal is a fake genre. I’ve been trying to connect with him for several days, but we never managed to finish the interview. I guess we’ll never know the whole truth about Senior Behemoth.