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Article - 'An Interview with Will Wright' by GaZZwa

An item about Humour posted on Aug 8, 2003


GaZZwa goes behind the looking glass with The Sims' Will Wright in this exclusive interview. Ok, so it's not real but that's besides the point!!


Please note: This is not a real interview with Will Wright, it is completely fiction. This never took place so please do not email me asking me about it.

Gareth Watts: And here I am interviewing one of the computer game industry’s most successful man, Will Wright – creator of the hugely popular Sim City and The Sims games. Welcome Will.

Will Wright: Thankyou Gareth.

GW: So, let’s talk about Sim City and the Sims.

Will Wright: Yes, let’s.

GW: Your success seems to have depended on the Sim games, which have been hugely popular.

Will Wright: Yeah. Boy do I owe it to my sims.

GW: Why do you think this is?

Will Wright: Probably because of the freedom and control. In other games you rarely have the freedom to do so much as in here. In real-time strategy games with a similar theme such as Roller Coaster Tycoon and Theme Hospital there is a lot to do, but there is more freedom in my games – especially in The Sims.

GW: Ah yes, The Sims. How would you best describe it?

Will Wright: My love child.

GW: No, no…

Will Wright: A messiah. A godsend.

GW: I think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick there Will.

Will Wright: Before The Sims, my career was going down the pan. And not one of those clean pans you get at hotel. Oh no, I’m talking about one of those public pans – the really horrible ones that don’t flush. The ones you only use in a case of explosive diarrhoea, or if you’ve taken an overdose of laxative.

GW: Right…anyway, moving on. Did you expect The Sims would be such a success?

Will Wright: Expect? I was praying buddy. This was my life as I know it on the line. I needed a success and fast.

GW: Uh-huh. So, you didn’t expect it to be a success?

Will Wright: Well, I was kind of left to twist in the wind a little. The other Sim City games – Sim City 2000 in particular had been very successful, but my latest edition, 3000 had not been the success I had hoped. The Sims is a much more homed in version of my other games, and I thought “well, the others worked well – why not this?” but it was a whole new concept.

GW: But it all worked out well when The Sims became the biggest selling game ever.

Will Wright: Hehe, yeah. Boy did we get drunk that night.

GW: Yeah…and then you released an add-on pack. Then another. Livin’ it up, House Party, Hot Date, Vacation – the list goes on and on. Don’t you think you’re over doing it just a bit?

Will Wright: Listen, Gareth. Yesterday I had a third hot tube installed in to my house Today I’m going out to look at the new Ferrari. Now you tell me if I’m over doing it.

GW: I guess I’d have to put myself in your shoes.

Will Wright: Gucci – top of the line leather. You should get yourself a pair.

GW: Yeah, I should. What do you think to games like Sim Ant?

Will Wright: (belches)

GW: Um…an answer would be nice?

Will Wright: That was my answer.

GW: I see…

(There is a long silence).

GW: Anyway, what are you working on at the moment?

Will Wright: Ah, that’s top secret my friend. EA would shoot me if I released those details.

GW: I’ll give you $5 if you tell us.

Will Wright: Hey hey - $5. It’s worth it. The game I’m working on at the moment is a very advanced sim game, based upon The Sims engine. It involves strategic planning with fun and can be downright unpredictable at times, giving you the freedom to do what you want.

GW: And what’s it called?

Will Wright: Sim Lawn Mower Route Planner 2002

GW: Ok…well, um, it’s original. Explain more.

Will Wright: It can be an add-on pack for The Sims or just a stand alone game. The best playing experience is had when you combine it with the Sims, because then you can plan their lawn mowing route and watch them effectively cut their grass. If you don’t have The Sims – and I will not be giving away any free copies to those of you who don’t – then it can be a stand alone game where you plan the coordinates for the best and most effective grass cut. Depending on how much grass you cut and how tidy it looks afterwards, you are rewarded with credits that you can spend on your Sims.

GW: But you said that was in the stand-alone game, for people who don’t have The Sims.

Will Wright: Are you questioning my authority?

GW: Well, yes. Yes I am.

Will Wright: I get very mad when people like you question my authority. Don’t make me use my strength. I will not control my anger anymore.

GW: Ok, whatever. Have you got any other plans for the future, in terms of games?

Will Wright: Well, since the September 11th attack everyone’s mind has been on airplane security. So I thought why not turn this into a Sims game? If this ever gets the greenlight, you can expect to control an airplane full of Sims. There is a terrorist on the plane. He will attempt to siege control of it, and it is your aim, controlling any of the Sims to stop him.

GW: Ok, I think I know where this is going…

Will Wright: There will also be a number of interactive items. You will be able to kill your terrorist with shot glasses, or running him over with the hostess trolleys. It will all be very fun.

GW: I’ll bet it will be. Now, if you excuse me we’re running out of time so…

Will Wright: You better watch yourself Gareth. I will get you, if not now, later.

GW: This has been my interview with Will Wright…

Will Wright: If I see you on the street I’ll run you down with my car!

GW: Hope you enjoyed it…

Will Wright: I have friends in very high places! I’m sure Bill knows some hit men!

GW: Good night!

Will Wright: Peace out dudes! Buy The Sims! I need your money!

GW: Ok, Will the interviews over. Nobody’s reading anymore.

Will Wright: Well, at least I know for a brief moment the man known as William Wright was loved.

-- GaZZwa