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Article - 'Interview with Winkler' by kermit the toad

An item about Interviews posted on Jan 24, 2005


This week, I chat with popular GW Radio host Winkler about the popularity of his radio show, his co-host B, and the intricacies of pumpkin growing.


Well friends, it’s time for another interview. This week, I chatted with popular GW Radio host Winkler about the popularity of his radio show, his co-host B, and the intricacies of pumpkin growing.

[18:05] kermit the toad: Hello Winkler.
[18:06] Winkler: It is an honor to be with the great GW legend, KTT
[18:06] kermit the toad: Well, thanks for the flattery. But, the buzz around is that you're a legend in your own right.
[18:07] Winkler: In my own mind, perhaps. Anything I am here, is because of the great members and community here.

Having gotten the obviously insincere flattery out of the way, it was time to get down to business: first up, Winks’ role at GW Radio.

[18:07] kermit the toad: Your GW Radio Show, Tiddly Winks, is probably the most popular one on the air at the moment. What do you think is the appeal?
[18:12] Winkler: It is? Ha...there really is no accounting for taste is there? My guess would be people like to listen because we do more than just play music. We like to give the listeners a little window into our lives. Whether it's broadcasting live from the Republican National Convention. Hosting a Telethon to Save GW. Or just playing songs with the word pickle in them. We try to offer more.
[18:13] kermit the toad: I notice you're saying "we." For those who have never heard the show, you have a mysterious co-host named "B." Tell us a bit about him.
[18:15] Winkler: B? Ha... that's actually Bujiro. Or that's how it all started. (sorry long story) B is my co-host. He tries to ground me when I get too out of hand. He likes metal. Was dating Jenna Bush. Has lived in Rebekah's sister's closet, and has been gunned down and crashed a helicopter. That's about all I know about him. Except that he keeps threatening to leave our show and go solo. I could only hope. Ha!
[18:17] kermit the toad: Is it true that B has a secret love of gangsta rap?
[18:18] Winkler: Yes... in fact he wishes you would play more on your own show! He keeps tuning into Babylon Burning hoping to hear you slap your bitch around, and is quite confused by the political slant of most of the hip hop you play.
[18:19] kermit the toad: Well, maybe when I'm a bitter old man who has never found love, he'll be able to hear some hoes getting slapped. Until then, no such luck. But, this interview is about you. You mentioned a bit about it earlier, but for those who haven't heard it before, give us a quick run down of what your show is all about.
[18:23] Winkler: Hmm...On a week I have time, it is usually a radio drama of sorts. With tunes mixed in. On other weeks, we pick a theme. Love Songs. Hate Songs. Whether Songs. Holiday Specials. Or songs related to a new story of that week, whether here or nationally. For instance, this week we did a whole show based on Jeff's leaving GWradio.
[18:25] kermit the toad: So, sort of a pseudo-news program, with no shortage of entertainment.
[18:26] Winkler: And music that sucks, yes
[18:27] kermit the toad: Speaking of music that sucks, rumour has it you've recorded a debut with Gwen Stefani. Should listeners look forward to similar karaoke versions of popular songs on Tiddly Winks?
[18:28] Winkler: Yeah...I did "Spider Webs" with Gwen and I've sung with Sinead O Connor as well. If I am particularly hooked on a song, and sing it a lot in the car, I consider doing it for the show.

In addition to his karaoke duets, Winks is a musician in his own right, with a solo project on the horizon.

[18:28] Winkler: I also plan to do some originals...
[18:29] kermit the toad: Originals? Any hints about what that might sound like?
[18:30] Winkler: I was inspired by Skyrider, who did some acoustic work for his show. Sadly, I don't play an instrument. But i can play with a Casio keyboard and use music loops. Once I find the time, I will put together a song about Gaming World. Or the station.

Winkler’s mention of a song about GW gets me a bit nostalgic, and I mention Alexander’s one day of imperial rule over Gaming World.

[18:31] kermit the toad: I wonder if the lyrics to Alexander's "GW Anthem" are still hanging around.
[18:32] Winkler: Never got to hear that. But I did hear RPGoddess sing an aria once.

Quickly recovering from thoughts of the past, we get on with the interview.

[18:32] kermit the toad: Now, aside from GW Radio, how do you fill your spare time? [18:33] Winkler: School takes up most of my time. Then playing games that get submitted here. And then, of course, listening to music. And watching music videos. In the summer, I have a vegetable garden.
[18:34] kermit the toad: A vegetable garden? Is that a code word?
[18:34] Winkler: Tehehe...I wish. No, too many people around for that.

So, if he isn’t growing weed in that garden, what is he growing? Apparently, he’s growing everyone’s favourite gourd.

[18:35] Winkler: …real vegetables...and pumpkins.
[18:35] kermit the toad: Pumpkins? Do you make a few extra dollars when Halloween rolls around?
[18:36] Winkler: No…just give them away to family and friends. This year was a bumper year…probably about 40 pumpkins...some large, mostly minis.
[18:36] kermit the toad: No prize winners?
[18:38] Winkler: No…I actually don't grow the giant pumpkins. Too much effort for only one giant, gross looking blob.
[18:38] kermit the toad: But they make for a lot of pumpkin pie after the weigh-in…
[18:39] Winkler: Yeah...if you have a crane big enough to get it out of the pumpkin patch in one piece!
[18:43] kermit the toad: This is true, but you need to break it open to make the pie anyway; you could just smash into it and carry what you need into the kitchen. Pumpkin pie: guerrilla style.
[18:44] Winkler: One of my co-gardeners had to do this...cut the pumpkin in quarters to get it out of the plot.
[18:44] kermit the toad: But, enough talk of pumpkins. What else do you grow in your garden?
[18:46] Winkler: Tomatoes, peppers, squash, gourds and cucumbers. With one patch of just pumpkins.

Hmm, this sounds like a rather large garden. My hippie detector goes into high gear.

[18:48] kermit the toad: How big is this garden? It sounds like it must be quite sprawling. Are you living on a hippie commune?
[18:49] Winkler:'s a community garden. So there's like a half acre devoted to plots. Fun hobby.

Sure, a “community” garden. Sounds like a hippie commune to me. But, in an effort to keep the interview from getting political, I decide to change the subject.

[18:49] kermit the toad: Any hints for a successful garden?
[18:51] Winkler: Test the soil in spring, get a pH test, and then use lime accordingly. Till in some fish carcasses too. Then use Miracle Grow. And pray. But nothing can save you from acts of god. I had a whole patch wiped out by a hail storm a year or two back. Actually posted pictures of the devestation here at GW. Ha ha!
[18:52] kermit the toad: Fish carcasses? Sounds like witchcraft to me. But, I suppose you're the expert.
[18:52] Winkler: Harvest Moon for tips
[18:53] kermit the toad: Ha. I see.

Video games for gardening tips? Maybe ol’ Winks is growing drugs in that garden after all.

[18:54] kermit the toad: Do you have anything else you'd like to say to the people out there before we finish things up here?
[18:56] Winkler: Heh, I’d really like to know why more members here don't listen to GW Radio...or do their own shows here. It's a great way to get to know others. And it's a great creative outlet. So, if anything comes from this interview I hope it gets someone interested in tuning in. Check us out in the Music Forums. And take a listen
[18:57] kermit the toad: Alright. Thanks for your time Winks.

Wednesday Night Tiddly with Winks airs every Wednesday from 10PM to 11PM eastern standard time on GW Radio.