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Article - 'MTCIII - Episode 8' by Mateui

An item about Miscellanious posted on Feb 2, 2005


Entitled: Revelation
The final three participates in the last two challenges. After a very lengthy quiz, a winner emerges, and the Evil Puppet Master is finally revealed.


Making the Cut III: Episode 8
By: Mateui
Episode 8: Revelation
3 People.. one EPM..

Remaining Players:
Mr. Y

Executed Players:
Illness Illusion

Current Pot:
390 Points

Blue Text: A Player confessional/private thoughts from Journal.
Courier Font: Assignment/Task info given to the players.

Voice Over: Ten unlikely strangers.. living in a secluded hotel. They will be participating in challenges to raise the game’s pot – Post points. The winner of the game will receive this amount, and it will be added to their GW account. They will also be awarded GW Supporter Status.

However, it’s not as simple as that. One of the ten is secretly a saboteur, a double agent, working with the Host to lower the pot by misleading others and sabotaging the challenges. They are the elusive Evil Puppet Master. (EPM for short).

At the end of each round, the players will take a quiz on the identity of the EPM. The player with the lowest score will be executed, being eliminated from the game. In the end, only 3 will remain, the Loser, the Winner, and of course, the Evil Puppet Master.

You as the reader can also play along, by trying to discern who may be sabotaging the challenges, and deceiving others. Perhaps you can figure out the true identity of the EPM before anyone else.

Let us begin..

*The final 3 sat in the Execution Chamber, happy that they have made it to the end of the game. They patiently awaited further instructions.*

TheCreeper: So, with the game in the final round, I thought it's time to reflect on the past two or three weeks.

I've had fun, I dunno about you guys. I feel like I've gained a few more friendships by playing this game, and I dunno what it's gonna be like when it's over.

Logan: I've gotten to know a lot more people through this game, and that's good. Made some friends, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Did some things I'm not proud of, but hey, it's all worked out I think. I'm surprised I made it this far, really... But I'm happy about it!

Mr. Y: This is the end, my only friend, the end~~... Sorry, listening to the Doors. ;)

*Mateui allowed the players a moment of reflection, and them began to speak.*

Mateui: Even though you are now in the final three, and the game is almost over, you still have a chance to increase the game pot. There are 2 more challenges left, and one is going to happen right now.

Hidden Prizes:
The three last remaining players will have to search around the GW Forums, The GW Mainsite, as well as the MTCIII Journal Forum, for prizes. These prizes are hidden somewhere in these places.

Every player has been given a strength of 10 for this challenge. What this means is that some prizes are larger than others, and take away more of your strength than lesser prizes.

For instance, one prize may take away 1 Strength Point (SP), while something else may take away 5 SP. It will be up to you to whether to take a prize or not once you find one.

This is how you will identify if you have found a prize. Every single prize will start like so:

“MTC3-C15: _________ (__SP)”

So do not get confused, it must state that to be official.

Once you have found a prize you would like to claim, post the link in this topic. You need this link, so that I can verify that you have found it.

So, get searching!

(HINT: There are 13 Prizes in total)

*The players headed upstairs and logged on their computers to search for the prizes.*

Logan: Mat's Personal Title

Anywhere it's stated in yer title, Mat.

10-3 = 7 SP left.

Mat's Profile

In yer interests, Mat. 7-2 = 5 SP left. (I said signature, woops.)

Mat's comment in that post

Another some amount of points. I have 1 SP left.

Mateui: LOGAN: (1 SP Left)
30 + 20 + 30 = 80 POINTS


I will not be tricked :P

10 points

Mateui: THECREEPER: (2 SP Left)
+2 On Quiz

Mr. Y: Ahaha. BEST prize.


(Check his interests field)

Four points on my quiz. It pays off to keep your PM Buddies list up-to-date \m/>_<\m/

And yeah, that used all of my remaining SP. Sorry, gotta look out for #1 at this point. You'd do it too if you were in my shoes, anyways.

Logan: Jeffo. What an obscure reference.

Well congrats Mr. Y! It'll be hard to measure up to that on the final quiz...

Mateui: Mr. Y - Congrats. I was wondering if anyone would remember who my brother is. He joined a couple of months ago, but shortly after the database was hacked, so he had to join again, and basically no one remembered. Well, kudos to you.

The Challenge is Over!

+ 90 Points to the Pot
TheCreeper (+2)
Mr. Y (+4)

Don't worry about these advantages though - the final quiz is extremely long, way up in the double digit range.

TheCreeper: Still, Logan's gonna have to do the best he's ever done. (Unless he's the EPM, of course.)

*The players logged off their computers, and began to write in their journals.*

Logan: The End...

Excellent song.

Well, Creeper got +2 to his final quiz from Challenge 15, even though I spent way more time on this challenge. Yeah - it was on his first try, too. Real suspicious. So I think it's him still. That's what I'm going to be voting on Quiz 8. It has to be Creeper. If there's one at all... It just has to be.

I hope I'm right, and hope I know more about him than Mr. Y. I would like to win, even though it's not terribly likely.

Only 1 more challenge to face, then the last quiz... Wish me luck, I'm going to need it. =/

Mr. Y: In this round, we the three remaining players have a couple final challenges, and then sit and wait for Mateui to write up the entire article series. It's good to at least be in the final three, but being the winner'd be even better! And if it's between me and Logan, I think I can do it. Maybe.

Fortunately, I'm gonna have an advantage, thanks to Challenge 15. We were scouring the forums and looking for these little easter cookies Mateui left everywhere. Logan and Creeper got started way before me, and used up all their Strength Points. Creeper actually got a +2 for his next quiz, but that's no big surprise. What's awesome is that I got a +4 for the final quiz! Not so long ago, Mateui's little bro Jeffo had pestered me about RM2k. I helped him out for awhile, but when I got to be too much work answering him, I sent him a final apologetic PM and then blocked him from sending me PMs. If only I knew then how useful that'd be! I remembered having blocked Mateui's brother, so I looked up the name in my PMB/B list, checked out Jeffo's profile, and found the prize! And what a prize! I expect these 4 points to be very useful... a four point lead on Logan may be the deciding factor, after all. Oh yeah, and Logan and Creep put together 90 points for the Pot. Yippee.

*The players finished writing in their journals, and climbed into their beds. They fell asleep, and many hours later, in the morning, they awoke, and headed to the Lounge. Mateui was already waiting for them.*

Mateui: You will now have an opportunity to win 60 more points for the pot. And it’s fairly simple. All you have to know if how everyone else thinks.

The three remaining players are given a three question quiz. The quiz is the following:

1) Which of the other two remaining players would you rather have as a roommate?
2) Which of the other two remaining players have better replies in most topics?
3) Which of the other two remaining players do you admire more?

(Please PM me your answers - and DO NOT giveaway your answers to anyone. Keep it trustworthy).

This game will be played 3 times.

Two players will be playing this at a time, answering the questions about the other, third absent player - who is locked up somewhere behind a door. Each answer points in a direction, so getting one of these wrong will cause you not to find the person hiding.

If the player is found, then 20 points are added to the pot. If they are not found, nothing is awarded.

Mateui: We’ll start with Logan being locked up. Logan, please head on upstairs, where a cameraman will lead you to a specified room. You will wait in there until either Mr. Y & TheCreeper find you, or until you’re called out.

*Logan went upstairs, and minutes later, the first round commenced. TheCreeper, Logan, and Mateui climbed up the stairs and stood in a hallway.*

Mateui: Question 1: If Logan had to choose one of you as a roommate, who would he choose? If you say Mr. Y, then we’ll head to the left, and if you say TheCreeper, we’ll head to the right.

*TheCreeper and Mr. Y discussed it, and choose an answer.*

TheCreeper: We’ll go with ‘TheCreeper’ as our answer.

*The three turned to the right and walked forward.*

Mateui: Question 2: Between the two of you, who does Logan think has better replies in most topics in GW? If you say Mr. Y, we’ll go the left, and if you say TheCreeper, then we’ll go the right again.

Mr. Y: Definitely me.

TheCreeper: Hey! .. But I have to agree. Let’s go with that.

*The three moved to the left.*

Mateui: Final question: Who does Logan admire more? TheCreeper, or Mr. Y? If you choose TheCreeper, we’ll open that door on the left, and if you choose Mr. Y, then we’ll open that other door on the right.

TheCreeper: >_>.. We should go with Mr. Y as the answer.

Mr. Y: Agreed.

*TheCreeper went to the door on the right, and knocked on it... and waited*

*Out came a maid.*

Mateui: Sorry – that means that you have failed.

TheCreeper: Damn!

*The game commenced again, this time with Mr. Y being hidden behind a closed door.*

Mateui: First question: If Mr. Y had to choose one of you as a roommate, who would he choose? If you say Logan, then we’ll head to the left, and if you say TheCreeper, we’ll head to the right.

Logan: No offense, Creeper, but I think that Mr. Y would rather have me as a roommate.

TheCreeper: How can you be so sure?! .. Fine, let’s go with that answer.

*Everyone headed to the left.*

Mateui: Question two: Who does Mr. Y think makes better replies in topics on GW? (Logan: Left, TheCreeper: Right)

TheCreeper: Whatever.. Logan.

Logan: I couldn’t agree more :P

*The three turned to the left again*

Mateui: Final question: Who does Mr. Y admire more? If you choose Logan, you’ll open that door on the left, and if you should choose TheCreeper, the you’ll open that door on the right.

Logan: You know that he choose me.

TheCreeper: I’m not so sure. He wouldn’t choose you for every answer. This has to be me!

Logan: No it doesn’t. I’m confident that he choose me for this answer.

TheCreeper: Screw you – he admires me more than you.

Logan: *Sigh* Whatever, I don’t want to get into an argument. Fine, let’s go with ‘TheCreeper’ as our final answer.

*Logan walked up to the door on the right, and knocked.*

*The door opened. It was just a janitor in the broom closet.*

Mateui: Sorry – you have failed.

*TheCreeper now ventured upstairs and locked himself in a room, leaving Mr. Y and Logan to find him.*

Mateui: You guys now the drill. Who would TheCreeper prefer as a roommate? If you choose Mr. Y, go the left, and if you choose Logan, go to the right.

Mr. Y: Well, to tell you the truth, I have this feeling that TheCreeper is annoyed with me. I don’t think that he would like to have to share a room with me.. at all.

Logan: Really? Well, I don’t feel that he has any negative feelings toward me, so lets go with ‘Logan’ as our answer.

Mr. Y: That’s fine with me.

*Everyone turned and headed to the right.*

Mateui: Question 2: Who has better replies in topics? If you choose Mr. Y, then head to the left, and if you choose Logan, head to the right.

Logan: Well, it would make sense that if he choose me as a roommate, that he would think that I have better replies.

Mr. Y Hmm.. I guess so. Let’s choose ‘Logan’ again.

*The three turned to the right again, and moved on to the end of the hallway.*

Mateui: Last question: Who does TheCreeper admire more? If you choose Logan, knock on that door on the left. If you choose Mr. Y, knock on that door on the right.

Mr. Y: You know, I do think that the answer could be me. TheCreeper is a bizarre kind of person.

Logan: Agreed.. but I’m not so sure. But I trust your instincts enough – let’s go with ‘Mr. Y’ this time.

*Mr. Y stood in front of the door on the right, and knocked loudly.*

*The door opened, revealing a message written on the wall.*

You have failed.. Enjoy your misery – The EPM

*Logan and Mr. Y gasped.*

Mateui: Well, as you can see by the writing, you have failed. TheCreeper should be here any moment.

*A few seconds later, TheCreeper arrived at the scene, having ran from the opposite direction of the upstairs floor of the hotel. He looked at the message*

TheCreeper: WTF?

Mateui: Well, no points have been added this round. This makes our total pot for the game worth 480 points. Please head back to your rooms, write in your journal, and then you will be called down for the final, lengthy quiz.

*The final 3 left for their rooms.*

TheCreeper: For tonight’s quiz I'm gonna go with my gut and base my answers on Logan.

Hopefully, all goes well.

Mr. Y: I’m definitely going to base my answers on TheCreeper. I’m confident that with my added bonus that I can edge out Logan and win the game.

Logan: I'm basing all my answers around Creeper - no doubt about that. I really really think he is the EPM, so that's who I point to, despite knowing almost nothing about him.

So that's where I stand.

The Final Pot
480 Points

The Final Quiz

In this Final Quiz, the questions will be a little different. There will be 2 parts to this quiz.

In the first part, you will be trying to fill out the application form – with the answers that the EPM wrote. (DO NOT FILL THIS OUT WITH YOUR OWN INFO – FILL IT WITH THE EPM’S!!)

In part two, you will be answering questions about the EPM’s activities throughout the duration of the game.


1) User Name: (GW Name)
A) Mr. Y
B) TheCreeper
C) Logan

2) Real Name: (First and Last)
A) Jeff Bond
B) Yolindo Yammer
C) Logan Bright

3) Age:
A) 15
B) 16
C) 17

4) Sex:
A) Male
B) Female

5) Hair Color:
A) Strawberry-Blonde
B) Brown
C) Blonde

6) Eye Color:
A) Green
B) Hazel
C) Blue

7) Skin Color:
A) Pale-tan white, kinda...
B) White
C) Light Tan

8) Height:
A) 5'11"
B) Five feet, ten inches
C) 6 feet or so

9) Weight:
A) 145 lbs or so
B) Between one hundred, ninety and two hundred, twenty.
C) 175 lb

10) Continent Presently Living on:
A) North America
B) Europe
C) Australia

11) Hometown:
A) Pace
B) Hamilton Ontario
C) Mercedes

12) Country:
A) Canada
C) Ireland

13) Favorite color:
A) Blue
B) Green
C) Orange

14) Lucky number:
A) 12
B) 2
C) 14

15) Birthplace:
A) Des Moines, Iowa
B) Honolulu, Hawaii
C) Burlington Ontario

16) Favorite actor:
A) Harrison Ford
B) Tom Cruise
C) Christopher Walken or Conan O'Brien

17) Favorite actress:
A) Kim Cattrall
B) Salma Hayek
C) Uma Thurman

18) Favorite singer/group:
A) Warren Zevon
B) Led Zeppelin
C) Disturbed

19) Most influential person in your life:
A) Father
B) Christ, or my father.
C) My friend Moriason or Jerelle

20) Any pets? If so, what kind?:
A) Dog, Cockerspaniel
B) One, a poodle
C) Two cats, one black and one white

21) Favorite food:
A) Chicken sandwich.
B) Hamburger
C) Steak

22) Favorite drink:
A) Pepsi Vanilla
B) 2% Milk.
C) Coke

23) Favorite book:
A) Hamlet
B) The Catcher in the Rye
C) Left Behind

24) Favorite movie:
A) Office Space
B) Scarface
C) Monty Python and the Holy Grail

25) Favorite author:
A) J. R. R. Tolkien
B) J.K. Rowling
C) J.D. Salinger

26) Favorite artist:
A) da Vinci
B) Moriason
C) Mateui

27) Favorite dessert:
A) Pudding Cup
B) Carrot cake
C) Pizza cake dealie from DQ

28) Favorite Videogame:
A) Counterstrike
B) Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance
C) Not sure. Chrono Cross, StarCraft or Legend of Mana

29) Favorite Console:
A) Playstation 2
B) Gamecube

30) Current Internet Browser:
A) Internet Explorer
B) Firefox
C) Mozilla Suite

31) Favorite GW Member: (NOTE: A and C are NOT the same answer.)
A) Kezay or all the people I argue with (they make things interesting)
B) Mister Y or Rowain
C) Kezay

32) Least Favorite GW Member:
A) DrFunk
B) Omega
C) tterb

33) Favorite Mod in GW:
A) Mateui
B) Moriason
C) Mr. Y

34) Least Favorite Mod in GW:
A) Omega
B) Not too sure, sorry
C) DeathJester

35) Favorite Admin in GW:
A) Bart
B) Faust
C) Mr Y (if he's an admin, if not, DP)

36) Least Favorite Admin in GW:
A) Legacy (I know him the least of them :x)
B) Faust (nothing against gays, I just don't know him too well)
C) Not sure

37) Describe yourself in ONE word:
B) Hippie
C) Earnest

38) Do you smoke?
A) Yes
B) No

39) Do you have glasses?
A) Yes
B) No

40) Do you wear contacts?
A) Yes
B) No

41) Do you have any bad habits? (if so, name)
A) Sure.. Uh, I bite my fingernails (and toenails occassionally) and have an unhealthy obsession with Coca-Cola
B) I crack my knuckles and sometimes act compulsively.
C) No.

42) Do you have any bad qualities? (if so, name)
A) Yes, I seem to make people angry with my stereotypical comments.
B) No. I am perfect in every way! (Actually, sometimes I interrupt people when they're speaking, and try to correct people too often)
C) Naive

43) Do you have any good qualities? (if so, name)
A) Yes, I try to always get my point across. I'm very determined.
B) Intelligence and personability (..?)
C) Kind, hardworking

44) Are you high or low maintenance?
A) High
B) Low
C) Average

45) If I could sleep to any time, I'd sleep at: _____ (fill in with time)
A) 4:00-11:00 A.M
B) 8:00 AM (not much of a day person)
C) Night, what do you take me for?

46) Have you ever broken a bone? If so, what bone?
A) Yes, my left pinky
B) No
C) Never, despite my moronic stunts.

47) Did you ever get into a car accident?
A) Yes
B) Yes, as a small child
C) No

48) Do you have any allergies?
A) Yes (Grass).
B) No

49) Which is better: FFVII/FFVIII/FFIX (Choose One)
D) I hate FFs

50) If I could have one thing, I'd have a:
A) Mitsubishi 3000GT
B) library and study
C) real relationship with my best friend Jerelle (she used to be my girlfriend, but I screwed it up...)


51) When did the EPM arrive in the first challenge, “Riddles before Reunions”?
A) 1st
B) 2nd
C) 3rd
D) 4th
E) 5th
F) 6th
G) 7th
H) 8th
I) 9th
J) 10th
K) The EPM did not arrive in time for the challenge.

52) Did the EPM tell the truth in the “Scrambler” challenge?
A) Yes
B) No

53) When did the EPM enter the compound?
A) 1st
B) 2nd
C) 3rd
D) 4th
E) 5th
F) 6th
G) 7th
H) 8th
I) The EPM was a Hostage

54) Which group was the EPM part of?
A) Old Skool
B) Bully Co

55) What number did the EPM have for the challenge, “Riddle Chain”?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4
E) 5
F) 6
G) 7

56) Did the EPM make it to the Second Round in the challenge, “Lucky Sevens”?
A) Yes
B) No

57) What was the EPM’s Round One total?
A) 77
B) 71
C) 66
D) 75
E) The EPM went over 77
F) The EPM was not present for this challenge

58) In Challenge 9, Assassinations All Around, what role did the EPM play? (Round1/Round2)
A) Townsperson/Townsperson
B) Assassin/Townsperson
C) Angel/Townsperson
D) Townsperson/Angel
E) Townsperson/Assassin
F) Angel/Assassin
G) Something not listed here.

59) In Challenge 10, Guard Your Post, what role did the EPM play?
A) A Defender
B) An Attacker

60) In Challenge 10, Guard Your Post, how many times did the EPM defend?
A) 0 times
B) 1 time
C) 2 times
D) 3 times
E) 4 times
F) 5+ times
G) The EPM was the Attacker

61) In Challenge 11, what number did the EPM submit?
A) 12
B) 282
C) 2
D) 666
E) 719

62) What group was the EPM part of in Challenge 12, Group Riddles?
A) The Good Group
B) The Bad Group
C) The EPM did not show up

63) How many times was the EPM exempt throughout the whole game?
A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3
E) 4
F) 5
G) 6
H) 7
I) 8

64) How many times has the EPM won additional points on the Quiz?
A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3
E) 4
F) 5
G) 6
H) 7
I) 8
J) Something not listed here.

65) Whose Journal did the EPM receive?
A) TheCreeper
B) Chikochamp
C) OwlStorm
D) Illness Illusion
E) Logan
F) Moriason
G) WuJing

66) How many topics has the EPM made in the “Lounge Forum”? (This also includes his GW Username)
A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3
E) 4
F) 5
G) 6
H) 7+

67) How many times has the EPM been listed first during Executions?
A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3
E) 4
F) 5+

68) When the GW usernames of all the players are put in alphabetical order, the EPM’s name is in what position?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4
E) 5
F) 6
G) 7
H) 8
I) 9
J) 10

69) Who does the EPM think is going to win “Making the Cut III: The Evil Puppet Master”?
A) Mr. Y
B) Logan
C) TheCreeper

70) Who is the EPM?
A) TheCreeper
B) Logan
C) Mr. Y
D) No one

*The players took their quizzes, and when they were finished, the gathered at the execution chamber for the game’s results. When they entered the room, they were greeted with the game’s executed players, who sat in the chairs around the room.*

Mateui: Mr. Y, Logan, and TheCreeper have just taken their final quiz and the results will soon begin. Before we get to that however, the final 3 will have the opportunity to say their final words.

*The three of the players nodded, and Mr. Y began.*

Mr. Y: I really enjoyed this game, and hopefully winning it will make this experience even more spectacular. I learned a lot about my fellow GWers and how suspicious they can act at times. :D

I can’t wait to see how this game plays out at the end.

Logan: When I found I was chosen for MTC3, I was overjoyed. I rarely got the chance to take part in GW-related activities, and I had been looking forward to this since I saw the Sign Up Thread posted. Lucky me I still had a chance to submit! As the game got set up, and we began playing, it was an exciting experience that I still look back on fondly. It was a hot topic of discussion for quite a while with me.. it was great, overall. I have to admit, I thought it would be easy to tell who the Evil Puppet Master was... boy was I wrong. It had me guessing again and again, right up until the end. I'm still not 100% sure on who it is, so I suppose we'll see soon! I don't think I'll win, honestly, but I also didn't think I'd make it to the end game, considering I didn't know much about anyone really. So, I just wanted to thank everyone that I played with, including Mateui (the sneaky creep ;D), and all those who supported not only me, but all the players of the game. Thanks for the opportunity!

TheCreeper: The game's been fun. I'm pretty sure I can tell the truth on that one, even though it seems I couldn't at all during the game. I just want to let the players know that I hold no grudges as to what happened during the game, and I hope niether of them do either...afterall it was just a game. I hope to participate in future MTC contests, but if I win, I think I can't. Here's hoping (I know you all are) that I lose, right?

I've felt like the underdog all throughout this experience, and I think that's what has pushed me. It's made me want to prove I can do this and can win this, or come close to winning this. That's why I tried to win every exemption, to outlast the opposing players. I guess it worked, in a way

Oh, and by the way, most of the stuff I said was just to mess with your heads.

Mateui: Alright. Thank you.

Behind me are three doors, with a small room behind each of them. You will each go into separate rooms, where you will be locked. Mr. Y, you head into that room, TheCreeper, into that other room, and Logan, finally, the remaining room.

*Mateui pointed to the doors, delegating them, and then the three players went inside their rooms and closed their door.*

Mateui: With them away from us, and out of hearing range, we can discuss your experience with this game and who you suspect, who you think you will win, etc.

We’ll start with you Chikochamp, and we’ll go around the room.

Chikochamp: Well, I think I had more fun playing MTCIII than I did playing MTCII. The game constantly changed, and early assumptions about the identity of the EPM were quickly shattered. The players were definitely kept on our toes, and I doubt there was ever a time when a person went into the quiz without an exemption or a bonus feeling safe. Just about everyone got into the game - there was nobody who never showed up, so that was a positive factor. The twists helped liven things, and all the alliances made the game really enjoyable. All in all, a good experience, although I'm still utterly clueless about the EPM, heh.

WuJing: Well, its been quite the rollercoaster, that’s for sure. The game was played quite well by some and it was amazing to see how emotional some of the players got right off the bat. Myself included. Its so easy to get carried away when the paranoia sets in. That was the theme of this whole game, looking back. Paranoia, and who will react in what way.

At this point I am going to have to wonder if Logan was the EPM. Is it possible that the "ally to the key players" was really the enemy of us all? At this point, I don’t know who to say would win. Its too much of a toss up.

Being an online game I thought it would just be a quaint little time passer but I really learned some things from playing and I dont think I will ever forget what went on in MTCIII.

Moriason: Well, for myself the game was a great time (Up until I got eliminated anyways, and even after that for a bit). The competitions were, though sometimes a bit one-sided (Read: Very one-sided), often well-thought out and made for interesting challenges. More working together in this game came than anybody really expected I think, as pretty much everybody was in like 6 alliances at once, and the secretive excitement of it all added a lot. Hell, I'd remember days when Logan and I (Know each other off the internet) would sit about and try to figure out who the EPM was, though all the while we'd sit and try and figure out if even it was one of US who was it (Suffice to say, I was not). And all the while, that master question which drove everyone the entire game kept things fresh, along with the occasional (Read: Constant) game-twists.

Good times overall, and if you haven't been in a MTC game thus far, I recommend strongly you try. Congratulations to Mat for making such a strong game and getting the following that it has in it.

Mateui: Thank you everyone. The time has come.

*Mateui picked up a radio device, and began to speak into it.*

Mateui: To the three of you behind the doors: To your right there should be two keys hanging on the wall – one gold key, and one silver key. Pick up the gold key, and put it into the lock in your door.

*The players complied and placed their key into their lock*

Mateui: Now, try to open your door. The player that opens their door and comes out is the winner of Making the Cut III. Good luck to everyone.

*TheCreeper, and Logan, Mr. Y tried to open their doors. The executed players watched on as one of the door handles turned. The door opened...*

*LOGAN stepped out of his room to the applause of everyone in the Execution Chamber.*

Mateui: Congratulations Logan! You are the winner of Making the Cut III.

Logan:I am quite happy :D. GW Supporter status has taunted me for months, but I didn't have the credit card to donate with. So, that's a plus. But I think the honour of winning such a popular event is really the ultimate prize. The recognition in winning is a warm thought in its' own.

Mateui: Well, I’m pretty sure that everyone wants to know who the EPM is, so let’s get to that.

*Mateui picked up the radio device again.*

Mateui: Please pick up the Silver Key now, and try to open your door. The person that comes out is the Evil Puppet Master.

*Mr. Y and TheCreeper both took their remaining key and tried to open their own door. One of the door handles began to turn.. until the door opened..*

*Everyone gasped!*

OwlStorm: Who is it?

*MR. Y came out of the room.*

Mateui: Congratulations Mr. Y for playing the role of the EPM during this entire game. Do you have anything to say?

*Mr. Y nodded.*

Mateui: Before that however, I’ll let TheCreeper out of his room.

*Mateui went to TheCreeper’s door and opened it. TheCreeper came outside, slightly disappointed. Mr. Y began to speak.*

Mr. Y: Phew... MTC3 was a blast, but it was tough to be the Evil Puppet Master! See, I got Mateui to hire me specifically as the EPM when I convinced him about all that REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY business- people would think I'm NOT the EPM, because I'd be such an obvious choice, because I'm so innocent! Alas, that didn't work, and although the players were fair to me, I guess a lot of folks suspected me, at least until towards the end of the game when Logan, Creeper, and WuJing started acting up more. That log with WuJing was a humongous screw-up, and nearly cost the entire game! Here I was, thinking I was Mister Clever having some fake entry PM, and all Wu did was check the date on the screenshot to find out it was sent later. So, I made up a humongous elaborate story about how I was a late entry to the game... I even tried to make it more authentic for the readers by acting like a big goof trying to fool WuJing into getting eliminated. But I made another mistake there too, because the list of fake answers I gave WuJing was filled with answers from other players, not made-up answers. I was going to get him out, but I stopped supplying fake answers when I realized that it'd be cheating and unfair for Wu. Still, if Wu had compared my fake answers with the choices on the multiple choice quizzes, I think it would have become very obvious that I had some access to everybody's MTC3 applications.

Anywho, I blundered my way through, and I guess I did an okay job at Puppet Master. Really, too often I didn't have to do my job when guys like Creeper were mean enough to get everyone angry, stealing all the immunities and such. But really, I think Creeper was too political at times to be the EPM, what with treating Logan with special gifts. But with him screwing up so many challenges for the team, I only had to step in every now and then and contribute a little. And it wasn't too hard avoiding you all, since I did have access to all of your Journals. Really, you players ought to have pressed Matey more about what specific things the EPM could do to sabotage the game, heegle.

Off course, I'm the one who ratted everyone out in that whole Journal conspiracy, as Mateui hinted. Sorry Mori, but really, I don't think Mateui was THAT mad. He just had to get mad at everybody so nobody'd do it again. And thanks for the tip too, Moriason. After I wrote that mean letter making fun of everybody with the EPM account, you pointed out in your Journal that you kinda suspected me because the EPM sounded just like me! After that, I never wrote another EPM letter, ha ha. I think Mateui wrote one once after that, but I can't remember.

Ah well, that's about everything. MTC3 was a blast, and while it suffered from a couple design flaws, I really enjoyed participating. Thanks for letting me be the Evil Puppet Master, Matey, it was a lot of fun everybody.

Mateui: And TheCreeper, do you have anything to say?

TheCreeper: Well, I knew everything couldn't go my way. Congrats to Logan on the victory. You fooled me enough to make me think it was the other person, and that must've been hard to do. It was hard picking between you two, and I chose the wrong person, I guess. Good luck.

Mateui: Actually, of interesting note, Logan answered TheCreeper as the EPM on his final quiz, and TheCreeper answered Logan as the EPM. Out of 70 points, TheCreeper scored 21, and Logan scored 28.

Mr. Y: Wow.

Mateui: Well, it truly was a wonderful experience. As a prize for winning the game, Logan will receive an extra 480 posts on his GW Forum Account, and more importantly, will receive GW Supporter Status.

Before we leave, I will list some statistics on how everyone did on all the Quizzes.

The Archive:
The number represents how many questions the person got right, and the person in brackets is who they thought the EPM was on that Quiz.

Quiz 2:
Moriason – 6/10 (Mr. Y)
Logan – 6/10 (Mr. Y)
OwlStorm – 5/10 (TheCreeper)
TheCreeper – 5/10 (WuJing)
WuJing – 5/10 (Mr. Y)
Illness Illusion – 2/10 (WuJing)
Chikochamp – 1/10 (Moriason)
Finality – 1/10 (Chikochamp)

Quiz 3:
Chikochamp – EXEMPTION
TheCreeper – EXEMPTION
Illness Illusion - EXEMPTION
WuJing – 7/12 (Mr. Y)
OwlStorm – 6/12 (TheCreeper)
Logan – 5/12 (WuJing)
Moriason – 5/12 (WuJing)

Quiz 4:
TheCreeper - EXEMPTION
Chikochamp – 4/13 (TheCreeper)
WuJing – 4/13 (TheCreeper)
Logan – 2/13 (TheCreeper)
OwlStorm – 1/13 (Logan)
Illness Illusion – 1/13 (WuJing)

Quiz 5:
OwlStorm bowed out of the competition..

Quiz 6:
Logan – 3/10 (TheCreeper)
TheCreeper – 3/10 (WuJing)
Chikochamp – 2/10 (Mr. Y)

Quiz 7:
Logan – 7/12 (TheCreeper)
TheCreeper – 5/12 (WuJing)
WuJing – 2/12 (TheCreeper)

And that’s it! I hope you all enjoyed playing the game, or reading about it on GW. Congrats to Logan for winning, Mr. Y for being an awesome EPM, and for TheCreeper for being such a controversial and interesting character. As well, I’d like to thank the executed players that made this game the way it was, because truly, it was all about interaction.

Well, that’s it. Until a next time, this is Mateui, signing out.

*The screen faded and showed the hotel for the last time..*

- Mat