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Article - 'Winter' by Marcus

An item about Miscellanious posted on Feb 3, 2005


It's a game... yep.


Preview by: Justen "Marcus" Brown
Game: Winter
Developer: Xeno-Soft
Website/Topic: None that I know of

Preview: Okay, I'm like... 2 weeks passed the deadline but it's been a difficult two weeks for me. I don't want to go into the details so
enjoy the preview.

Winter is a game I've been following on and off for almost 2 years. It started off as an oriental-style adventure/rpg type of game (kind of like Zelda)
that really stood out from the graphics and the fact that it had a WORKING ABS ON RM2k3 OMEG. I was stunned and angered when Xeno-Soft said he was cancelling
it because he lost all of his resources or something like that, but thankfully he found someone who had an old tech demo and decided to remake some things
ultimately making it better.

Anyways, I honestly don't know much info on the project but I was able to beta the battle system. While I didn't find any bugs after about 2 hours of on and
off playing (although Mr. MASTER-OF-THE-ABS (Taylor Kaz) found some), I happened to enjoy it and it ran quite smoothely. While the graphics are showing a
little age now that the chipsets are widely used in a lot of games, the custom menus and icons still have a nice look to them and I appreciate the oriental

Anyways, here is the game's story according to Xeno-Soft himself:
For many years the country of Izen has been at war with each other. Dynasties have formed by engulfing smaller governments. The Shing and Tazudei Dynasty have become quite large. Knowing that they cannot overtake each other with out a third dynasty waiting for the right moment to attack the victor, they have been in a stalemate for 67 years.

It wasn’t long before the Tirant Shoguns of the war had died off; a new era of peace had come to the country of Izen, but only lasted for twenty years before a foreign power had come to inhabit Izen. As a unified nation Izen tried to combat the new comers but to no avail. The new comer’s weapons were far to advanced for them to combat.

It was then that the Winter Squad was formed, a squad formed by all the best men and women in the country. The winter squad performed assassinations and stole enemy information for the Shing Dynasty. Soon Shing developed small yet powerful bombs which they used to protect their borders.

Tazudei was not fairing the same fate, they were being over run by the enemy, that is when the winter squad was dispatched to Tazudei Dynasty to aid their new ally or so they thought....(plot killer) Ashura and a small batallion from the winter sqaud were given Orders from Tazudei to take over a small enemy fort; but it was an ambush, ever last winter memeber was killed, and Tazudei signed an armistic with The New Comers, Ashura being the best of the best was the last to fall...she took at arrow to the chest and fell int othe abyss of a Snowy Canyon....only to awake several months later with no memory of her past life, and had been taken care of a local peasant family. Now she must go on a quest to to regain her memories...all she had to go on was the armor she wore that had a symbol on it meaning Winter.

Now, I shall entertain you with an interview:

jmbthisman (me)
XenoSoft0 (Xeno-Soft DUH)

JMB thisMAN: Question 1: What inspired you to make Winter?

XenoSoft0: What inspired me the most would have to be Rowen. Before the project was created we use to have long nights of just brain storming stories and we settled on one which became winter, but do to some life issue Rowen has left the sense for a while, but may come back when his life is in order again.

JMB thisMAN: Question 2: In your opinion, what makes Winter unique from other rpg maker games?

XenoSoft0: What set Winter apart is that the story isn't linear, it is locked in the missions, meaning your not oblogated to follow the story line, you can go and explore the entire World map and do alot of side quest with their own stories.

JMB thisMAN: Question 3: What's a big important lesson or idea you learned while developing this game?

XenoSoft0: Always be open minded, always except critz and look into them, wether the crit came from a person who hates you or likes you, always take them into consideration.

JMB thisMAN: Question 4: How far are you into the game and when can we EXPECT A RELEASE DATE ARGH I HATED IT WHEN YOU CANCELED THIS PERIODICALLY (half question okay)?

XenoSoft0: I would say...70%...I recently got alot of insperation from a friend and it really been pushing me on. I would expect a demo after Febuary break, I plan to use my week off to work on this alot more, the full first chapter in march I would hope.

JMB thisMAN: FINAL QUESTION THAT I ASK EVERYONE: If you had something to say to someone who's trying to make a game, what would it be from a developers stand point?

XenoSoft0: be open minded to suggestion, definantly.

Alright, here are some screenshots. I had a trailer available but unfortunately my ftp program is messing up so I couldn't upload it. Oh well...